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"So Izuna's been buried…" Tobirama whispered to his brother as they sat in Hashirama's hospital room together a few weeks later. "…It's so lonely…"

Hashirama lay with his head in his brother's lap, listening in silence. As Kayuzi had suspected, Hashirama didn't remember much about his episodes. It seemed that Madara was his trigger, but whatever was wrong with him, no one had any idea. All they knew was that he had no control when he slipped into the fits.

"How's the village faring?" Hashirama whispered back after moments of silence. "I miss it…"

Tobirama bit his lip. As far as he knew, Hashirama had no knowledge of attacking his precious village. The news that something had happened to it would have destroyed him inside.

"…The village is great…" Tobirama lied, running his hand through the chocolate-coloured hair. "…Yeah…"

Hashirama nuzzled in closer to his brother. "I'm glad… I know that it'll be in excellent hands with you having taken over… I still don't understand why I'm here… No one will tell me anything… Tobi, they… just keep shoving pills down my throat…"

Tobirama's eyes shined with unshed tears. "…I told you, aniki… You're sick…"

"But why…? What did I do to deserve this…?'

Tobirama let out a loud sob and hugged his brother. "…I don't know… I just don't know…"

"…When can I come home...?"

Burying his face in his brother's hair, Tobirama tried to hide the tears of agony that streamed down his face. "…I don't know, aniki…"

Hashirama just didn't seem to understand anything.


Weeks later, Madara's hatred and anger had grown to unbearable levels. He refused to let anyone near him and all he would do was try and get out of the hospital bed he had been confined to, screaming that he was going to get his revenge on anyone and everyone.

Everybody had become so frightened of the Uchiha that they had gone to Tobirama, asking for permission to give Madara a dose and send him to the afterlife.

Unfortunately, Tobirama had been with Hashirama when this had occurred. His brother had had a panic attack at these words. After having calmed Hashirama back down, he went with the villagers to discuss matters outside of the room. The only reason he had said no was because he knew that Izuna would have hated for him to say yes – no matter the situation.

So here Madara was, thrashing in his confines. Cuts were etched deep into his skin as his bindings rubbed against it constantly. No one wanted to go near him and because of this, he wasn't being fed or taken care of.

Madara was skinny and malnourished, and his clothes were filthy, covered in his own waste. This, of course, only added to the confusion and anger that he was in.


Months had passed back with Hashirama. The older Senju was missing both his brother and the Uchiha. He had been admitted to an insane asylum, but he had been told good news this morning – he had done so well that if he kept taking his medications, he could go home soon. Though Hashirama was overjoyed to hear the news, what he didn't know was that the village was terrified of him.

So when Tobirama came back to visit him that night after helping repair the village and mourn for Izuna, Hashirama didn't understand why he seemed so sullen at the news. …Did Tobirama hate him, too?


"I left your room just the way it was." Tobirama smiled at his brother as they stepped past the front door of their home. Unknown to the elder Senju, it had taken so long for him to be released from the hospital because an emergency meeting had to have been called to accept the newly-alienated Hashirama back into society.

Hashirama smiled back weakly, stepping into his home. Tobirama could sense the depression wafting from him.

"Is something wrong, nii-san?" Tobirama asked, reaching out and putting a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"…" Hashirama nodded. "…I… Miss Madara…"

Tobirama grabbed at his heart as his grieving for Izuna rose once more. "…I know…"

"…How did Izuna-kun die again?"

"…He…" Tobirama wiped at freshly-falling tears. "…He was trying to protect Madara…"

"…I'm sorry…" Hashirama whispered, lowering his head. "I have no recollection…"

Tobirama wiped at his eyes. "It's okay… I know it wasn't your fault…"

Hashirama hugged his brother, knowing that no matter what he had done, he was still responsible for Izuna's death, even if it were because of a mental illness.

Tobirama clung to his brother. While he was able to keep his tears at bay, his brother couldn't. The younger Senju couldn't begin to fathom just how much Hashirama was hurting inside.

"I want to see Madara…!" Hashirama sobbed. "Please…!"

As his brother begged, Tobirama knew that he would bend to the elder's wishes as he always did.


Madara panted heavily, worn out from fighting to get free. When the door to his confinement room opened, he snarled. He looked over and was terrified to see Hashirama standing there. Was the Senju coming back to hurt him again…? All of the previous anger and hatred he had been feeling disappeared and was replaced by dread.

"Fucker!" Madara screamed. His eyes were wet and fearful, and his voice was laced with terror. "Rapist! I'm going to kill you!"

To Madara's honest shock, Hashirama only bowed his head to him.

"…I wish you would…" Hashirama whispered. "…Oh, god – how I wish you would…"

Madara blinked – was this some kind of trick…? "…"

"Oh, Madara…" Hashirama burst into tears as he collapsed beside the Uchiha. "Madara…! I'm so sorry! So sorry! I was… I was so sick! Please, forgive me!"

Before Madara had a chance to reply, the door opened and Tobirama entered, sparing only a quick glance at the raven. He made his way quickly to Hashirama's side, placing a gentle hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Aniki, let's go…" The spiky-haired male whispered, trying to soothe the elder. "It's okay… C'mon…"

Hashirama only nodded, being led away by his brother. He was unable to look back at the Uchiha as they left.

Madara, for the first time since he had been hospitalised, slept peacefully – he had fallen into such deep shock, even his dreams didn't bother him.


Hashirama returned the next day and surprisingly, Madara didn't act out – though he didn't say anything, either. He stayed by the Uchiha's side, talking about everything, while the raven just laid there and listened in silence.

Tobirama had been hanging around, needing to be there in case Hashirama had another episode.

Days later, Madara showed his first sign of emotion – sadness. He had broken down, not wanting anything other than his brother.

It was just like the doctors had said – the anger had been an attempt at protecting himself, self-defence of sorts, and it was not his fault.


A week had passed. Madara seemed to have settled down, though he was very wary and mistrusting of the Senju. No matter what Hashirama did, the Uchiha was terrified of him.

Hashirama himself had broken down in front of Madara again during one of his daily visits, having to have been removed by Tobirama.

But, just a month after Hashirama's first visit to Madara in the hospital, the Uchiha gave the older man a weak smile – the first positive emotion he had shown towards the Senju in such a long time.


It had taken a year, but Madara was eventually released from the hospital and Hashirama was well enough to be left alone with him – a surgeon had operated on Hashirama's brain, removing a tumour that the Mokuton had caused, which had led to everything that had happened.

Now, as Madara stepped back into his home for the first time in over a year, he could only break down into hysterics – everything reminded him of Izuna.

"Madara, are you okay?" Hashirama knelt beside the Uchiha and rubbed his back.

It didn't do much – Madara only cried harder at the soothing action.

"…Izu…!" Madara sobbed, falling onto the ground. "…Why…?"

Hashirama felt his heart breaking at Madara's cries. He pulled the Uchiha into a tight hug, allowing him to cry himself to sleep.

When Madara awoke hours later, he found that he had been placed into his own bed with the blankets pulled up over him.

The Uchiha had realised something very important from this simple action – the Senju had not assaulted him in any way. The Senju truly was better, so maybe – just maybe – they could start over and become somewhat of friends once more.