Hello, everybody. Here's a 4/362 friendship request from McQueen2.0. This wasn't really easy to think of seeing as how I think a friendship between these two would be weird, but you know. Alright, let's go.

It was another boring day on Moonbase Command, for Rachel anyway. The Supreme Leader sat in her quiet office doing her usual paperwork. "Man, I hate to say it, but the GKND Leader had it easy." She said to herself. Just then, she heard her door open and looked to see Numbuh 4 coming in with some papers.

"Numbuh 362! Can you help me with my math homework?"

"Numbuh 4, you can't just barge in here unannounced!"

"But I REALLY need help with this math!"

She sighed. "If it's what I think, then 2+2=4, and NOT pizza!"

"Not THAT one-Wait, really?"

"Yes, really."

"Oh…, but it's not THAT one, it's something else and it's REALLY hard!"

"Well, can't you ask your parents or someone from Sector V to help?"

"No! Mah parents are busy, Numbuh 5's at a family reunion, Numbuh 3's at the toy store, Numbuh 2's at a Yipper card game, Numbuh 1's hanging out with Eva, and Zero knows I ain't asking Numbuh 86!"

"Well, I'm kinda busy, too, so can't you-"

"But I really really REALLY-"



"Alright, show me whatcha got." With that, Numbuh 4 handed her the papers and Rachel studied the first problem. "Is that all? This is easy! Wally, if a number is subtracted by 4, divided by 3, added by 2, and multiplied by 5, and the answer is 50, then what is that number?"

"That's what I wanna know!"

She giggled. "It's easy! All you have to do is work backwards!"


"You start at 50, then divide by 5, then subtract 2, then multiply 3, then you add 4, and there's your answer! To find the original number, you just start at the end number, then work backwards by changing the times to divide and the add to subtract and vice versa! You get it?"

"Hmm…I think so."

"Good! So, what's the answer?" Wally took and studied the paper as he did what Rachel instructed. After a while of thinking, he came up with an answer. "Is it 28?"


"OH! I think I get it now! Thanks, Numbuh 362!"

"Please, call me Rachel. Now that I think about it, Numbuh 362 is a real tongue twister. So, you need any more help?"

"Nah. Ah think ah got it."

"Okay. See ya later, Wally."

"See ya, Rachel!" With that, he walked away, reading the next problem aloud. "Let's see, if a number is added by 1, divided by 362, subtracted by 10, and multiplied by 11 to get 148, what is that number?"

"Well, back to the paperwork." Rachel said as she went back to work. Although, she couldn't help but feel there was something odd about those numbers.

Well, there's some 4/362 friendship for ya. Can YOU guess what was up with those numbers? Let's see if you can. Anyhoo, see ya later.