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Jack walked down the hall after Sarah-Jane, trying not to show on his face his happy anticipation of seeing River again. Sarah-Jane knocked on the door of what Jack remembered as the living-room.

'Mum? Can I come in?' she called out, smiling at Jack.

'Course, honey. Why wouldn't you be able to?' that gorgeous voice sounded slightly amused and Sarah-Jane opened the door, stepping inside.

'We've got another guest, Mum' she smiled and Jack stepped out into the room with his arms out.

'Hey hey, beautiful' he beamed as River jumped up and flung herself at him. He swept her up in a massive bear hug. Amy looked on, slightly confused as to who this man was and why River's face had suddenly lit up.

'Jack!' she squeezed him, planting a kiss on his cheek 'Where have you been, darling? I've missed you!'

'I've missed you too, babe. How are you?' he looked slightly more serious and inspected her wrist where a scar was still visible. River's face became slightly frozen and her lips tightened.

'I'm fine' she answered sharply and Jack rolled his eyes.

'Don't clam up on me now, River. I was just asking how you are because you're my friend' he ruffled her hair and she chuckled slightly.

'Oi! What's going on?' Amy stood up with her arms folded, evidently not pleased at being clueless. River smiled at her, looking the happiest Amy had seen her since they'd arrived.

'Amy, this is my friend Captain Jack Harkness' she looked at Jack 'Don't. Before you start, just don't' he grinned at her and held out his hand to Amy.

'Captain Jack Harkness, pleased to meet you ma'am' she shook his hand, looking only slightly less confused.

'Right. Okay. I'm Amy Pond' she looked from Jack's grinning face to River's suddenly bright-eyed one to Sarah-Jane's smirking one looking knowledgably at her mother 'I see' she raised an eyebrow.

'What do you see?' River smiled at her but before Amy could answer the other remaining members of the party barged into the room.

'Right! What is all this shouting about?' the Doctor swaggered in and caught sight of Jack with his arm round River's waist 'Jack! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you for ages!' he looked at him in surprise, mostly surprised that he was entwined with River and she was looking much happier than before.

'Doctor!' Jack grinned at him and held his hand out to him as well. The Doctor shook it. Rory pushed his way past Sarah-Jane and the Doctor and looked at the funny scene. His face was the most confused out of everyone in the room.

'What's happening? Who's this?' he frowned at Jack, who was still grinning. River sighed.

'Right basically, this is Jack Harkness. He's an old friend and he's come to visit. Jack, you know the Doctor, obviously and this is Amy and Rory Pond. Everybody happy?' she rolled her eyes and Jack squeezed her waist, smiling at her before he let go.

'River, if this isn't a good time I can come back next week or something?' he shrugged but she silenced him with a look.

'I asked you to come because I wanted you to come. So you're staying' she spoke quietly and he saluted.

'Ma'am, yes ma'am' she rolled her eyes and hit him lightly on the arm. Sarah-Jane left the room and climbed the stairs to her bedroom, sick of all of the adult messing around. Why couldn't they just be straightforward? Although it was obvious that her mother wasn't going to want this Doctor to know about the nature of her past relationship with Jack. Sarah smiled. She really wanted her mum to get together with Jack. He'd been so great when her mum had… had been ill. She knew he really cared about her, even if she was a bit of a slut. Actually, that was a bit harsh. As far as she knew her mum had never cheated on anyone and she couldn't help it if she was a bit of a milf.

The Doctor was watching Jack closely.

'So. Jack. River. I didn't know you two were friends?' he spoke coldly. Amy rolled her eyes.

'We've got to go and do stuff, don't we Rory? Important stuff' she tugged his arm and dragged him out of the room, closing the door behind them.

'Why did you do that?' he looked at her, very confused 'What stuff do we need to do?' she sighed.

'We don't. There's obviously a load of sexual tension in that room and I didn't fancy being caught in the middle of it. The Doctor didn't look too happy at that Jack guy being there and River looked way too happy. I wonder if they're going to fight over her' Amy giggled. Rory looked displeased.

'Hmm. Am I going to have to have a word with them?' Amy rolled her eyes.

'Come on, Mr Over-Protective' she kissed his cheek and dragged him upstairs.

As the door closed River smiled at the Doctor.

'Yeah, Jack's probably my best friend in the world. He's really helped me out a few times, when I've been upset or lonely' she turned her smiling face to Jack who squeezed her waist again.

'Oh. I see. Well, that's nice, isn't it?' he glared at Jack who rolled his eyes.

'Maybe I'd better sort myself out' he dis-attached himself from River who smiled at him.

'You're staying, aren't you?' she asked him and he nodded 'You know where your room is' she patted his back and he left the room, smiling at the Doctor.

'So' he folded his arms, lounging against the wall 'Jack has a room in your house. That's interesting'

River smiled and walked over to him 'Interesting, sweetie? It's not really. When Sarah was born and there was no dad around he helped out a lot. And when I was… ill a few months ago he helped me and looked after Sarah. He's a friend, sweetie' she put her hands on his shoulders.

'But you were all' he flailed his arms around 'entwined and stuff' she smiled fondly at him.

'He's a friend' she kissed him gently but firmly enough to reassure him that he was definitely more than a friend.