Harry Potter Wishing for a friend.

Chapter 1

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Harry could not find the entrance to Platform 9 ¾. What if Harry wished for a friend with all of his heart and the powers-that-be granted that wish. As Harry was so thankful, She gave Harry more good friends than he could imagine.

Come along with Harry and Hermione on one amazing ride through the magical world, and discover just how magical it could be with the power of Harry's love for His Hermione.

Meet all their friends. All the other wonderful characters we read too little of plus a whole host more. They are all given a chance to help Harry save his Hermione, and do the right thing. And they do, helping Harry and Hermione change the magical world for their Greatest Good.

Dumbledore is his usual Manipulative Old Fool puppet master, who believes he alone knows what is best for everyone in His greater good. Draco, Lucius, Molly and Ronald are just being themselves. Getting very loud and angry if they don't get their way. But after chapter 2, you will not need to worry about them.

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Chapter 1 Platform 9 ¾. A wish.

Harry Potter was early to Kings Cross station, but it did not help him. He could not find out how to get onto platform 9 ¾. No one he asked seemed to take him seriously.

"Platform 9 ¾ !" They laughed.

So there Harry was. Sitting on his trunk looking completely lost, and miserable. If he missed the train he did not know what to do. His uncle Vernon had gotten so enraged on the trip to Kings Cross Station that he ordered Harry never to darken their door step again. His uncle blamed him for all this freakishness. But Harry had only just discovered he was a wizard so how could he make every single traffic light green, so they did not have to stop once. Then there was that huge black rusty tanker truck that had freaked out his uncle, and had chased them all the way to the station.

The last final draw for his uncle was to find a parking place right next to the station entrance. Harry rushed to get his trunk and Hedwig out of the car, and onto a waiting trolley before his uncle drove off. But he slipped and dropped the cage. His beautiful owl burst out as it hit the ground. Then uncle Vernon ran over it as he drove off like a bat out of hell with a shower of sparks from the crushed cage trapped under the car.

Hedwig circled around the entrance of Kings Cross Station, and came to land on Harry's shoulder. She loved the freedom and hated that cage. Harry tickled his owl, glad she was safe, and told her how sorry he was for dropping the cage. Then as he turned to go into the station, he saw another one of those large bill boards with happy smiling children that they had passed on the way. He was able to read it now. It was advertising for a children foundation asking for donations so they could continue to grant wishes to very sick children. Harry liked the happy smiling faces of the children, and thought he could donate some galleons, particularly for the little girl who wished to fly like someone called Peter Pan. Harry wished he could fly like the boy in green with the little girl in the poster. Then he could go flying with his owl.

So there Harry was, 10:40am sitting on his trunk with Hedwig on his shoulder waiting on platform 9 and 10. With everything that has happened in his short painful life, Harry thought discovering that he was a wizard, would be a new start for him. And all those strange things that happen to him, the same strange things that the Dursleys had beaten him for, and called him a freak, were actually perfectly normal. For a wizard.

Harry had met Hagrid, who had taken him to Diagon Alley, and introduced him to the magical world. But it seemed odd that he was so sorry that he could not tell him much about it.

Hagrid had also given Harry his ticket for the Hogwarts Express. But somehow had forgotten to tell him one important tiny little detail.

How to get onto platform 9 ¾.

So there he sat with his owl.

All alone in the world.

On the crowded Kings Cross Station platform 9 and 10.

All he wanted was a friend.

Just one friend.

Harry turned to his beautiful snowy owl, sitting on his shoulder.

"What am I going to do Hedwig? If we miss the train we are doomed."

Hedwig gave him that look, and pointed with her wing to a poster on the wall behind them.

Harry looked where Hedwig was pointing. It was another copy of the poster with smiling children. Harry realized the foundation helped children. All they had to do was. The penny dropped.

"You want me to make a wish?"

Hedwig nodded.

"What would I wish for? A friend like you? Kind, caring, wise?"

Hedwig nodded again.


Hedwig whacked him over the back of his head with her wing.

"Okay. Okay not bossy. Encouragingly?" Harry laughed for the first time this morning.

Hedwig nodded and pointed to the clock with her wing.

"Okay. Here goes."

It was the best idea they had, and something Harry could do. But he needed to do it quickly. He decided to follow the advice of his wise owl, and wish for a friend.

Harry closed his eyes, and wished for a friend with all of his heart.

Then Harry felt the need to turn his head to the left, lift it up, and open his eyes.


Not yet, wait for it.

Right about...


Harry open his eyes, and saw her.

Right across the crowded platform.

And he felt something he had never felt before, and did not understand what it was.

He saw the most beautiful little angel with wild bushy hair walking purposely down the platform with her small family. His eyes followed her has she was walking in front holding her mother's hand, while dear old dad was pushing a trolley that groaned under the weight of her trunk. She was talking, and looking around. She glanced at Harry, and gave him a shy smile. Then she stopped suddenly as she felt something. Her mother had to jump out of the way of the trolley. Emma Granger turn to see her daughter was looking at a boy, lost in these beautiful emerald green eyes.

Emma cough, Hermione shook her head, and with a growing blush said. "I am sorry. I did not mean to stare but, are you Harry Potter?" Harry nodded. "Well I have read all about you. You're in all these books. You're in..."

Emma coughed again.

"Sorry. Err. What are you doing here?"

"Wishing for a friend?" Harry said shyly.

Her world stopped.

"Well, could I be your friend?" Hermione asked hopefully.

Harry smiled and nodded. He did not trust his voice to say 'yes'.

Hermione reached down, lifted Harry up by the hand, and hugged him. Harry was surprised by the sudden movement, and Hedwig jumped off his shoulder. He was a little stiff at first then relaxed into the hug from this beautiful little angel while her parents watched, just as surprised as he was. Harry whispered 'thank you' from the bottom of his heart, and snuggled into his first hug, it felt warm and nice. Harry did not want to let go of the first human being to show him love.

"Oh, my name is Hermione Granger." She whispered. Then turning, Hermione released one arm, and introduced her parents, "This is my mother, and father, Emma, and Daniel Granger."

Harry tried to shake their hands. Daniel picked up Harry's trunk to put on the trolley, and found it to be a lot lighter than Hermione's.

Hedwig was surprised by Hermione's sudden movement, so she flew a slow circuit of the platform. In the distance her perfect magical owl eye sight spotted something flaming and red in the sunlight. She knew anything flaming red meant danger. She landed on top of Harry's trunk, barked to him, and gestured with her wings that they needed to go.

"Oh, this is my owl Hedwig." Harry said.

"She is beautiful Harry." Hermione said.

"Thank you. She is very wise. Hedwig this is my new best friend Hermione and her parents Emma and Daniel Granger."

Hedwig nodded and waved her wing to greet them. Then barked to Harry and gestured with her wings that they needed to go now.

"Hedwig said we need to go now." Harry explained.

"Wow, clever owl." Emma said.

"Yeah, and a little bossy." Daniel said.

Hedwig turned to face Daniel. He was too far away to correct with her wing so she blew him a raspberry. Harry, Hermione and Emma laughed. They did not think an Owl could blow raspberries.

"Ixnay onway ethay upidstay." Emma stage whispered to Dan. Hedwig nodded in agreement with her.

"Eatgray, away agicalmay owlway atthay ancay understandway Englishway andway Igpay Atinlay." Daniel stage whispered back to Emma as he started to push the trolley in the direction the owl pointed, and followed Hermione and Harry.

Hermione was still holding Harry's hand as she led them through the barrier together. They were amazed at the sight of the beautiful steam engine, and old fashion carriages. They walked past some cold empty compartments until they came to a warm one that seemed to be calling them. They found it was occupied by a quiet, shy boy named Neville. Who was talking to Trevor, his toad, about the importance of not running away. Trevor seemed to understand or at least blinked or croaked at the right times. Neville was happy to share his compartment. He had had a lonely childhood, and was hoping to make some good friends at Hogwarts.

Harry was carrying his trunk, and put it up into the rack as Hedwig flew up, and made herself comfortable on top. While Dan was struggling with Hermione's trunk, and slid it under the seat. Emma reached down, gave Hermione a big hug, some last minute instructions about flossing, clean hankies, underwear, and to write every day.

Then Harry was surprised when Emma gave him a hug. So he whispered "I will take good care of Hermione. Hedwig would love to deliver letters for you." And Emma hugged him even tighter. It felt warm and good. Harry did not want to let go of the second human being that has hugged him. He wanted to get use to this.

Dan gave his little princess a big hug, and then shook Harry's hand, asking him to take good care of Hermione.

"Yes sir." Harry said. "She is my first best friend."

Dan smiled, and felt he could trust this boy. There just was something special about him.

Turning to Neville. "Nice to meet you Neville." Dan said as Neville just shyly nodded a reply.

Then looking up to Hedwig, "Please look after these three Hedwig." Dan asked as Hedwig saluted them with her wing. As Harry, Hermione and Neville laughed at Hedwig's antics.

Dan and Emma smiled and returned to the platform. They walked along the carriage until they could see Harry and Hermione through the window.

A few minutes later, two first year girls named Susan and Hannah, with a handsome third year boy call Cedric, asked if they could share. They had walked passed a number of cold empty compartments but this warm one just seemed to be calling them. Cedric had been asked to watch over the two girls, and help them meet some new friends.

Neville felt his wish had come true, and that he would not be lonely at Hogwarts. He was very happy to have a full compartment, and looked forward to getting to know each other over the long trip. He blush a little when Susan sat next to him with Hannah. Cedric sat next to Harry, with Hermione sitting next to the window as she did not want to miss a thing.

The train started to pull out, Hermione turned to wave goodbye to her parents, and Harry waved as well. They both had the biggest smiles on their faces as they waved together still holding hands.

- Wishing for a friend -

Standing on the platform behind the Grangers was Susan's aunt Amelia, Neville's grandmother Augusta, Hannah's parents, and at the back was Cedric's father, who was telling another friend what great things Cedric had done over the summer.

Amelia spoke to Augusta. "Is that boy holding hands with the girl next to the window, Harry Potter?"

"Yes I believe it is Harry Potter." Augusta replied. "He is the image of his father James. Do you recognize the girl he was with?"

"That is our daughter Hermione. Harry is her best friend." Daniel said overhearing the two witches. "I am sorry, I did not mean to be rude and overhear, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Granger and this is my wife Emma." Getting Emma's attention.

"Oh, good morning Daniel and Emma, my name is Amelia Bones, and this is Augusta Longbottom." Amelia said. "Please forgive me, but are you muggles?"

"Yes." Emma said. "Professor McGonagall explained what muggles are, and Hermione would be what you would call a muggleborn."

"That is interesting." Augusta said. "Harry's mother Lily was also a muggleborn. She was a brilliant powerful witch." And Amelia nodded in agreement.

"Well, this must be all, very new to you?" Amelia asked.

"Yes it is, we only found out a month ago." Emma replied.

"Well here is my card. If you would like to send me an owl, we could get together for a cup of tea, and have a talk." Amelia offered. Emma thanked Amelia. She thought that they had made a friend in the magical world with someone who had accepted them, and knew Harry's parents. Augusta also gave the Grangers her card, and the two witches left. Leaving Daniel and Emma to watch the train as it disappears into the distance.

- Wishing for a friend -

When the trolley lady came, Harry was excited to see all the different magical foods, and sweets. Neville and Susan explained what they were, and Harry bought enough for all to share. They tasted delicious with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Cedric showed them the Summoning Charm to find Neville's toad, who had disappeared while the door was open. They tried the charm but found it hard to do, so Cedric explain for them to picture in their mind what they wanted their magic to do. In this case picture the toad coming to you. They tried that, and soon Harry was able to summon the toad.

"Very good, Harry." Cedric said. "You have all done well. You just need to practice. Here, have some more chocolate." Which made everyone happy.

Harry asked Cedric about some boys he had seen fighting. Their uniforms had green and silver, and scarlet and gold trims. Cedric explained the green and silver were from Slytherin house, and the scarlet and gold were from Gryffindor house. Those two houses were bitter rivals, and have hated each other for centuries. It was a standing joke for the other two houses to watch them make idiots of themselves. Harry and Hermione decided no more bullies. They had had enough of bullies from their old schools, and did not want to be in either of those houses.

Cedric explained the other two houses were Hufflepuff that values hard work, tolerance, loyalty, and fair play, and Ravenclaw that values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit. Harry and Hermione thought it would be good to be in one of those houses, and decided on Ravenclaw when Cedric said the Ravenclaw tower was next to the library.

- Wishing for a friend -

After lunch Cedric decided to teach them some more magic, and as the other houses tended to pull pranks on Hufflepuff, he showed some useful charms. The first was Lumos, which creates a light at the tip of their wand. They all were able to do that on the first try with differing results. So Cedric showed them a bit of wandless magic by having them hold out their hand, picture in their minds a ball of light over their palm, and say the magic word, Lumos. The children were so excited to create the ball of light. It gave them a feeling of hope.

The second was the Reparo, used to repair broken or damaged objects. Hermione had read about it, and used that charm to repair Harry's glasses. Neville tried it to repair the box he was using to hold Trevor, but after a little while the charm failed, and the box reverted back to its the damaged state. So Cedric tried, and the box never broke again. Cedric explained that the amount of magic that is put into a spell will determine how long the charm will last.

The third spell was Specialis Revelio, which causes an object to reveal its hidden secrets or magical properties. The Hufflepuffs used this on their food and drinks to reveal any pranks. Cedric asked them to try it wandless after they had mastered it with their wand. For fun Hermione tried it on Harry, and got a surprising result. She wrote down the list of charms that were on Harry, so she could research them in the library.

The next one was Episkey, which was used to heal relatively minor injuries. Cedric used this on Harry's hand as he had noticed one of Harry's fingers were out of joint. It hurt for a moment but the pain went away. Hermione made a note of that too.

The next two spells were shown together. The Relevo Pondus charm was used to reduce the weight of something to feather light, and the Reducio charm was used to shrink the size of something. Cedric explained that these two charms were often used together on bags and school trunks. He demonstrated them on Harry's trunk, and it shrank to the size of a box of matches that was small, and light enough for Harry to fit into his pocket. They tried the same two charms on Hermione's trunk but the weight went from very heavy to not so heavy, and it only shrank down to the size of a bread box.

The next charm was Finite Incantatem, which is used to cancel or negates many charms or their effects. Cedric transfigured all the paper wrappings from the chocolates, and sweets into a neat pile of blocks. They each took a turn to try, and cancel Cedric's transfiguration charm. Harry and Hermione did it on their first attempt while the others on their fourth or fifth attempt.

Cedric then negated the charms on Harry and Hermione's trunks with a Finite Incantatem, and explained that the trunks had to be full size when they got to Hogwarts so they could be moved to the dormitories.

The last spell was the notice-me-not charm which stopped others from noticing you. A very good charm for avoiding attention, and trouble. Cedric had to stop Neville from doing the charm on Trevor as they would never find the toad. They were amazed how well Harry and Hermione could use that charm as they seemed to disappear from the compartment. It was just as well they did as a blond hair boy that Cedric knew as Draco Malfoy came to the compartment, asking for Harry Potter, and sneered at them when he didn't notice Harry.

Harry and Hermione decided to stay incognito with the notice-me-not charm just in case the blond boy came back. He did not. But a redhead boy came along muttering something about his mother, and howlers. He loudly yanked opened the door, and rudely asked if they had seen his best mate, Harry Potter. They said no because they have not seen Harry for the last half hour. The boy left, leaving the door open. Trevor tried to escape again but Harry was quicker.

Using the method, that Cedric's mother had taught him, of picturing in their mind what they wanted their magic to do made it easy for them to learn these spells and charms in the afternoon, but they needed to practice to be able master them.

- Wishing for a friend -

When they were practicing the Lumos charm, Hermione noticed something odd with Neville. When Neville used his wand, the light was not that strong, and it looked like he was trying very hard. But when they had tried the Lumos spell wandlessly, Neville's ball of light was just as bright as the others.

"Neville," Hermione asked, "How many wands did you try before that one chose you?"

"I didn't try any." Neville replied. "This is my father's wand."

"Oh, I tried about 50 wands, and completely destroyed the shop before Mr. Ollivander found this one that chose me." Harry said. "Mr. Ollivander said that the wand chooses the wizard. Your father's wand may not be a good match for you. Here have a try with this one."

Neville tried the Lumos spell with Harry's wand, and the light was a lot brighter. He handed the wand back, and tried the same spell with Hermione's wand. It also was brighter. He tried the spell with the other wands, and got mixed results with some bright while others were not so bright.

"Neville, I know you love your father, but his old wand is not a good match for you. You need to write a letter to your parents, and asked them if you could get your own wand. I could help you write it if you like." Hermione offered.

Neville almost cried at the mention of his parents, and Susan went to hug him. As Cedric turned to Hermione, and explained. "Neville's parents were attacked around the same time as Harry's, and they are unable to care for him. Neville lives with his grandmother."

"Oh, Neville," Hermione apologized "I am so sorry. I did not know."

After a moment Neville said. "Thank you Hermione. It happen a long time ago but it still hurts."

Neville turned to look Harry in the eye. Hermione could see the hurt in Harry's eyes, and she wrapped him in his biggest hug yet. Harry hugged her back as he was really hoping he could keep her. Cedric wrapped his arms around Hannah as she looked like she needed a hug.

Seeing the mixed results that Neville got using their wands they each tried each other's wands, and found that they had got the best results with their own wands that had chosen them.

- Wishing for a friend -

The wandless Lumos charm was very handy when they got to Hogsmeade Station. Cedric said goodbye, and went with the other years to the carriages that took them to Hogwarts. While Harry led his friends over to Hagrid.

Hedwig was sitting on Harry's shoulder when she barked to Harry, and took flight. Hermione looked at Harry and he explained. "Hedwig has gone to case the joint, and will find us after the feast. She asked for some bacon and chicken to be saved for her."

The path down to the boats was dark, and slippery. So Harry started to create light balls wandlessly, and set them to hover over the path. As it was slippery, and Harry was holding her hand, Hermione took hold of Neville's hand. So he held Susan's hand, and so on as each first year got to the slippery section.

Then they heard a loud angry voice. "I am not going to hold some dumb girl's hand."

The rude redhead boy slipped over onto his back, and flew passed them as they jump to the side. All the way down to the Black Lake he went, and into one of the boats.

Hermione sat on Harry's lap so the five of them could fit in the one boat. They used the notice-me-not charm so no one would notice her. Their first sight of the castle from the boats was amazing, as they rounded the bend.

So was the entrance to the great hall for sorting. Harry and Hermione were happy to get into Ravenclaw together, while Neville, Susan and Hannah were very happy to get into Hufflepuff. The only surprises were when the blond boy got put in Gryffindor, and made a big fuss about when his father hears about it. The other surprise was when the rude redhead boy was put in Slytherin, and refused to go point blank. He changed his mind when he saw all the food. Then when he had finally finished eating, he started to complain again, and ended up being sent to the headmaster's office. His mother was called to the school, and she was louder than him. They had all gone with the headmaster loudly complaining all at once.

- Wishing for a friend -

Harry and Hermione waved goodbye to Neville, Susan, Hannah and Cedric, and followed the other first year Ravenclaws, with Penny their prefect to the Ravenclaw tower. She explained they need to answer a riddle to gain entry into the common room, and showed them where their dormitories were.

Hermione gave Harry a big hug, and went to bed. She was almost too excited to sleep as it had been a very good day. She had hoped to find a friend to share this adventure into this strange new world she found herself in. And she had found a friend who just so happened to be a boy who loved books, was cute, kind, caring, helpful, cute, shared his sweets and chocolates, and those gorgeous emerald green eyes, and smile. It was a big bonus that even her parents liked him. She held his hand all day, so he would not get nervous or worse disappear, and he had started hug her back. All big pluses in her book.

She just wondered what that feeling was that made her look around this morning as she walked with her mother along the platform. She would have never notice him sitting over against the wall. But he was looking straight at her with those gorgeous emerald green eyes so full of hope. Those eyes gave her the courage to walk up to a complete stranger, say hello, and to ask if she could be his friend. Hugging Harry for the first time was the bravest and most romantic thing she had ever done. Brave because she had hugged Harry in front of her dad, and romantic for hugging him in front of her mum. Who loved all those Mills and Boons books. And yet holding his hand felt like he completed her.

Hermione finally fell asleep dreaming of a certain green eyed boy, and hoped when she woke up in the morning. That today had not been just a dream.

- Wishing for a friend -

Hedwig was waiting for Harry, sitting on the back of the chair next to his bed. She ate the chicken, and saved the bacon for a midnight snack. Harry patted her, and told her what had happened during the sorting and feast. Hedwig told Harry she was glad Harry had got into Ravenclaw and hoped he would use his head, listen to her and Hermione, and not rush into trouble like those headless Gryffindors. Harry said he would try.

As Harry lay in his bed, he thought about his day. He had been so afraid that they would be be late for the train. His uncle had stalled and delayed, finally leaving the house at 10:05 am. Probably thinking to just abandon the freaking boy at Kings Cross Station after the train had left. His Aunt Petunia had been getting edgy, encouraging them to go, fearful that the big hairy ogre would show up on their proper doorstep to take Harry directly to school. What would her neighbours think?

Then Harry's uncle Vernon had gotten so enraged on the trip to Kings Cross Station that he ordered Harry never to darken their door step again. His uncle blamed him for all this freakishness. But Harry had only just discovered he was a wizard, so how could he make every single traffic light green, so they did not have to stop once. Then when his uncle tried to slow down, this huge black rusty tanker truck with an evil looking black rusty hood, black windows and two small headlights that glowed red instead of white, appeared in the rear vision mirror with its air horns blasting, and the engine roaring pumping out clouds of black smoke that smelt of brimstone. Uncle Vernon said he recognized the truck from his favourite movie but now it was not so funny chasing him. That really freaked him out so much that he put his foot down, and drove like a bat out of hell. The normal one hour and ten minutes trip to London only took thirty minutes today.

Three times along the A3, Harry had spotted a parked highway patrol police car having morning tea while hiding behind these large bill boards with happy smiling children on them. Uncle Vernon was traveling way too fast for Harry to read them but he did smile for the camera that was mounted on the highway patrol car. Now his uncle would finally have a picture of him plus some more reasons to hate him in a month's time.

The last final draw for his uncle was to find a parking place right next to the station entrance. Harry had rushed to get his trunk and Hedwig out of the car, and onto a waiting trolley before his uncle drove off. But he had slipped and dropped the cage. His beautiful owl burst out as it hit the ground. Then uncle Vernon ran over it as he drove off like a bat out of hell with a shower of sparks from the crushed cage trapped under the car.

Then the huge black rusty tanker truck cruised past, the handsome smiling driver gave Harry a cool wave with the thumbs up signal, and blew the air horns. Harry thought it was odd that the truck was so old, black, rusty, left hand drive and no one else seem to notice it cruise pass. It then roared off to have some more fun with uncle Vernon.

Then he could not find the platform 9 ¾, and had sat down on his trunk. He did as his wise owl had told him, and wished for a friend with all of his heart. Then he felt he had to look to a certain spot, and saw this beautiful little angel who asked if she could be his friend. When he nodded yes, she hugged him. Oh, how he had grown to love those hugs. It was a new experience for him.

So he held her hand all day so she would not be afraid or nervous. Hermione walked into his life, and became his very first best friend. She was shy and cute with those honey eyes, and wild bushy hair like a fox tail. Foxy might be a nice nickname for her. She loved hugs, books, sharing her knowledge, hugs, and helping others. He had spent the day making four more friends, and learnt a lot of magic. It had been the best day of his short life.

He was really looking forward to tomorrow to learn more magic with his girlfriend. Girlfriend? Harry smiled to himself. It sounded just right. He decided to ask her in the morning, and hug her until she said yes. He fell asleep dreaming of his beautiful little angel. The shy, cute girl with honey eyes, and wild bushy hair that had rocked his world.

- Wishing for a friend -

The powers-that-be had granted that request when she heard Harry wish with all of his heart. She gave Harry, his soul mate. Fate had told her, it was their destiny, and united together, they will change the magical world. All they had to do was to get their paths to cross, encourage Harry and Hermione to look in the right direction at the right moment, and then let their magic do the rest.

As Harry was so thankful, and not greedy. He had only asked for one true friend. The powers-that-be decided. "What the hell, you are going to need all the friends you can get Harry Potter. And they will need you. Take good care of them." And She gave Harry; Hermione, and her parents, Neville, Susan, Hannah and Cedric.

The added benefit that it will totally screw up all the MoF puppet master's plans was a really big bonus.

She was pleased that Chaos had done a brilliant job with the green traffic lights all the way to the station. While grid locking London for everyone else. Strangely delaying for even longer, a family a redheads that had for some reason, decided to traveled to Kings Cross Station in their father's new car. An old sky blue Ford Anglia 105E that he subsequently decided to enchant to fly, and avoid all the London traffic. Of course the mother did not remember the number of the platform as they usually just took the Floo network directly to the only magical platform at Kings Cross Station, like all the other good proper pure-blood families.

Best of all, it took Vernon six hours to drive home with that truck behind him all the way.

Hades really loved to drive that truck.

One wish was going to change everything.




"Ixnay onway ethay upidstay." Pig Latin for "Nix on the stupid"

"Eatgray, away agicalmay owlway atthay ancay understandway Englishway andway Igpay Atinlay." Pig Latin for "Great, a magical owl that can understand English and Pig Latin."