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Wishing for a friend Chapter 19

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Chapter 19. Showtime.

Late Sunday 8th of September 1991.

- Wishing for a friend -

Severus Snape AKA Potion Master, felt a twinge in his dark mark. He knew what it meant. The Horcruxes of the dark lord were no more. The first step in removing the last dark lord has happened. Soon the Dark Lord Voldemort will only be a sad bad memory. A name no longer to be feared. The twinge reminded Severus that he had to do something for the other dark lord. He called for his guard, and asked to see Lord Ragnok on some very important matter. The guard nodded and went.

While he waited he wrote a brief report, suitable for his former other dark master. Beside teaching potions badly, and abusing non Slytherins, he was also a spy-master for Dumbledore. He gathered information for him, and reported weekly or as needed while Dumbledore was wearing his Supreme Mugwump hat for the International Confederation of Wizards. Severus carefully wrote a report that Dumbledore would be expecting, summarizing how down trodden Harry was and how the school was treating him as a pariah, how arrogant and weak will he was, easy to be manipulated and in need of a certain grandfather figure with twinkling eyes. How the Slytherin bullies had already started to beat him up, and kept him isolated.

Severus smiled to himself when he had finished, and thought back over the last week. He had been trying to free himself from Dumbledore for years but the MoF was too clever, and too crafty to let him go. He hated teaching with a vengeance. But old twinkling blue eyes somehow always managed to get his way. Severus had to swallow his pride, and prepare for yet another year of abusing idiot dunderhead children, and wasting his valuable skills and time.

Then Severus saw the son his childhood nemesis. He was a mini James. But when he tried to read the boy's mind, he saw Lily's eyes looking back at him, and that cut him to his core. He had tried so hard to save Lily from his stupidity but he failed. He cursed the day he was born for loosing Lily, first to Potter, then to one evil manipulative dark lord because of a prophecy he had overheard, and then finally to the other evil manipulative dark lord who set up Lily and her family to be murdered his greater good. He grieved for his first and only true friend. Then he woke up bound, in the Headmaster's office, and was told his first evil dark lord had foolishly attacked the Goblin Nation. He was being handed over to them to avoid another senseless war. Then Lily spoke for him. It was only her memory but, Oh how he longed to hear her voice. After all the stupid things he had done, Lily spoke to the Goblin Lord on his behalf for mercy. To give him a chance to redeem himself.

The Goblins were not what he expected. They respected his potion ability. They saw an opportunity to do something worthwhile and to make gold. A hell of a lot of gold. And they invested. They had Severus checked over by their healers. Severus was very surprised by what they found. Beside the loyalty, compulsion and monitoring charms, they found a strong Confundus Charm. Severus was shocked the old fool had put a Confundus Charm on him, and he taught one of the most dangerous classes. Dumbledore was completely imbecilic that Severus was not allowed to think straight. He could have killed them all, and would be done the wiser because he could not think straight. Once the Goblins had removed the charms, and restored all of his memories that Dumbledore had obliviated, Severus felt like a thick fog had been removed from his mind. He realized why Dumbledore had done it. Dumbledore could not have his spy-master working out what he was really up to for his greater good.

The Goblins showed the potion master to his cell / quarters. It was twice the size of that cold dark office / dog box that Dumbledore had given him. The potion lab was a dream comes true. Twice the size of his old classroom and stocked with everything imaginable. He was given two assistants, Goblin potion mistresses that at first sight did not impress him but he was glad he kept his disappointment to himself as he very quickly found that they spoke the language of Potions with a passion. This was as big of an opportunity for them as it was for him. The first potion to work on was the Wolfsbane Potion. Apparently werewolves bit Goblins too. The brainstorming session with his assistants was amazing, the ideas they came up with together. Severus was in Potion heaven. If they needed something, and they were able to justify it, they got it. Money was not an issue.

His assistants reminded Severus of another potion mistress, that had shared the magic of potions with him at Hogwarts. One project they had worked on together on was improving the standard potion text book. Severus dug out his old potion text books. He opened the front page of his first year book, and there they had written. 'This book belongs to the half blood prince.' and underneath Lily had written, 'As improved by the muggleborn princess.' He had tears in his eyes as he read page after page of his and Lily's hand written corrections, suggestions and improvements. It grieved him that the 6th and 7th year text books only had 'the half blood prince.' He stacked the books together, so he could ask Lord Ragnok to pass them onto Harry.

- Wishing for a friend -

Monday 9th of September 1991.

- Wishing for a friend -

Lord Ragnok came after midnight, and Severus bow low to the Goblin. "Potion Master, I trust your accommodation and lab is to your liking."

"My lord, they are adequate." Severus said with a straight face and solemn tone. His years with the dark lords paid off. "I asked for you, after I felt a twinge in my dark mark. The Horcruxes are destroyed?" Ragnok nodded. "Very good. I am reminded that the other dark lord used me for a spy-master among other duties, and would be expecting a report while he is wearing his Supreme Mugwump hat for the International Confederation of Wizards. I believe he would be looking for something like this report."

Severus handed the false report to Ragnok, who read it carefully and checked for any deception and found none. Ragnok could see if whitebeard's plans were progressing as the MoF had expected that this is what would have happened to Harry.

"If the other dark lord receives this report, he will not have a reason to come, and find out why it is late. If you could call Trippet, he could take it, and attach it to a special spy owl that has been charmed to be disillusioned and untraceable." Ragnok nodded as he thought what to do. "Also, my lord, now I can think clearly. There may be just a little issue with my dark mark. When Quirrellmort is put through the veil, he will try to stay alive by drawing on my magic through my dark mark. Then after he has taken my magic, he will draw out my soul. If you wish to spare me, the dark mark will have to be removed. This will also affect the Grouch's son and the rat, but you will need them to have the dark mark showing for the Grouch and Sirius's trials. As you have their memories, so it does not matter if they are not breathing by then."

Ragnok took out his mirror and said. "H."

"Hi Warrior, was wondering where you got to. You are missing a really great party."

"So I am, but the bat asked for me and has raised some issues with whitebeard. Did you know that whitebeard had used the bat as a spy-master?"

"Yeah, oh right. Right then. Whitebeard will be expecting a report."

"The bat has written something that would report whitebeard's plans for Harry are going to plan."

"Could you read the report to me?" Ragnok read the report to Fergus. "Yeah, that is exactly what whitebeard will be expecting, and will match whitebeard's special edition copy of the daily prophet for today. I will send Trippet to collect the report, and send it using whitebeard's special owl."

"Good. Also the bat has said the dark mark will strip his magic and soul when red-snake-eyes goes through the veil."

"The bat has worked that out. I thought that will be the case. Do you want to be the one to tell Lily?" Ragnok shook his head. "Me either. Would your ancient mystic Goblin be able to transfer the bat's dark mark to the blond vampire?"

"I believe so. I will get him on to it now."

"Good, don't worry about the Grouch's son and the rat. We just need their bodies with the dark mark for the Wizengamot. I will ask Augusta to have the death eaters in Club Azkaban sent for processing tomorrow."

"Thanks H. Good luck tomorrow."

"Good luck to you, warrior, you are center stage tomorrow."

Ragnok turns the mirror off. "Come along potion master, we need to find the blond vampire, and have your dark mark transferred."

"As you wish, my lord. Also would it be possible for Trippet to take these old potion text books, and give them to Lord Potter? They have his mother's notes and suggestions in them, and they may help him."

"I am sure he will enjoy those."

"Indeed." Severus smiled. His new lord was so much more easier to work with. One old dark lord would have him crucioed to death for even thinking of removing the dark mark, while the other dark lord would have just sadly shook his white head, and said that he was afraid that it was not possible to remove the dark mark, and his noble sacrifice was for his greater good. His new lord did not want to disappoint the memory of Lily Potter, so at 2:15 am in the morning, they were off to have it removed. Just like that. His respect for the Goblins was growing, and he may even enjoy his time here.

"How goes the wolfsbane potion?" Ragnok asked as they walked together.

"My lord, it goes well. We have sorted out some issues with the production, and have increased the potency. We will be able to have three different flavours, and even a sugar free one for the weight impaired. The research we are doing might even give us a cure in a couple of months."

Ragnok was please; his potion team was working well together. The report his daughters had given him was similar, and they was enjoying the opportunity to grow their skills as a potion mistresses. And if the potion master tried anything other than potions, his daughters had his permission to demonstrate their warrior skills as well.

Ragnok lead the potion master to a ritual room, and told him to lay down on one of the tables with his left arm bare showing his dark mark.

A moment later the blond vampire was dragged into the room. "Severus! These disgusting little bastards have got you too."

The blond vampire was silenced by a blow to the head by a guard with a grin, and bound on the other table. They stripped the sleeve off the blond vampire's right unmarked arm. The ancient mystic Goblin came in. He looked a little tired as he had been very busy this night, and had brought in his son. He was going to allow his son do the ritual under his supervision. Severus heard the chant, and the ritual start. Then felt the unbelievable burning pain in his arm as they seem to be ripping out the dark mark by pulling each strands one by one that connected it to his soul until they broke. It only took a moment before the bat blacked out unconscious.

- Wishing for a friend -

- Start of a flash forward -

The potion master woke up two days later. His unconscious body had been processed by the Mi5 and Mi6 ID teams along with the Grouches, rat, blond vampire and Quirrellmort that morning. He quickly checked his arm. The hated dark mark was gone. It had hurt like they were ripping his soul out, but now the pain was gone, and his arm felt smooth as a baby's bottom. Severus finally felt free. He may have been deep underground in a Goblin glorified prison cell of a potion lab. But Severus felt free. Free of the murderous dark lord and his manipulating dark overlord master. And he felt happy. The other dark lord was not here so his ruse had fooled the manipulative old bastard.

The last time he felt this free and happy was when Lily had invited him to a Christmas dinner with her family. They had made such a fuss over her being a witch. That her older sister Tunie stormed off to her bedroom cursing something about freaks under her breath. Leaving Lily to entertain her friend by watching the mundane box version of moving pictures with sound. They watched what Lily described as an American Christmas cartoon of a boy with a funny looking dog with a big nose that slept on top of his kennel. When the dog was happy, he would do this funny looking dance. Lily got up and did the dog's funny dance. She made her friend get up a join her. It looked very silly but it was a lot of fun to do together with his friend. Before he realized it the potion master was up, and doing the silly dog's funny dance again. He was dancing for his friend that had giving him a chance to redeem himself.

The door to his quarters opened, and his two assistants came in saw the potion master dancing. "Potion master, good, you are up, what is this dance you are doing?"

"Oh, em. It is something I do to wake up in the morning. To help get the blood flowing, and the mind active." He said thinking quickly.

"Oh in that case we will join you each morning. Anything that will help get the mind active is good, and it looks like fun." They said with a smile, and started to dance with him.

The potion master kept a straight face as he smiled in side. If only Lily could see him now.

- End of a flash forward -

- Wishing for a friend -

Monday 9th of September 1991.

- Wishing for a friend -

Fergus, Fawkes, Filius and Xeno had stayed at the manor after Augusta, Amelia, Minerva, Croaker, Narcissa and the other professors, returned back to Hogwarts. Fergus and Fawkes were having too great a time meeting and greeting old and very old friends, as well as making new friends. Filius had found some of his old dueling friends, and as he did not have any classes until the afternoon wanted to catch up with them.

Xeno was having the best time. After saying goodnight to Luna as she went back to Hogwarts with the other children, Xeno had been very excited meeting everyone, and talking about his favourite magical animals. He knew it was getting late when he saw the dawn approaching but he had found information with positive sighting of his creatures. He had invitations to visit his new friends from around the world, and to find and study his magical creatures. Of course there was a down side. While he had positive sighting for all his current magical creatures, he now had gathered information on twice that number of new magical creatures to find. Xeno was in heaven. Celeste would have loved this.

- Wishing for a friend -

Albus Dumbledore was not having a good night sleep. Something was troubling him but he could not remember what. As Monday was a free day at the ICW, Albus was wondering whether to continue to encourage the delegates to sign, or just pop back to the Ministry to see how Augusta was coping with the acting role of Chief Witch, or pop back to Hogwarts to see how Harry was coming along. He could then start to manipulate Neville to befriend Harry, and guide him to his destiny.

Albus heard a sound that he was waiting for. His spy owl from his spy-master arrived. "You are late." Albus admonished the owl. "I am so disappointed in you, and I am afraid I cannot give you any owl treats." He said as he removed the letter from the owl's leg. The annoyed owl nipped him hard on the finger as to say 'I didn't want to touch your owl treats anyway, you MoF!'. Albus put his bleeding finger in his mouth, he cursed the owl as it flew away. He open the report from his spy-master, and smiled as he read that his plans for Harry were coming to pass. 'Good' he thought. 'No need to visit Hogwarts'.

A second owl arrived carrying his copy of the Daily Prophet. The owl left after nipping hard two more fingers, and did not bother waiting to be paid. Boldly on the front page of the Daily Prophet, was the story of a break in at Gringotts. He smiled as he read how the Goblins were eating humble pie trying to say that Gringotts was still safe as ever, and nothing had been stolen. The vault had been emptied that morning. "Of course it had been emptied that morning. I had instructed that idiot Hagrid to let Harry see him collect the stone when he took Harry to Gringotts. Now Voldemort will have to come to Hogwarts if he wants to live again. I hope he enjoys the smell of garlic that Quirrell is using to mask the smell of decay as Quirrell's body is breaking down with Voldemort possessing him. That would make them Quirrellmort." Albus laughed to himself. "Better not call him that as I need plausible deniability after all."

All his plans were coming along fine. "Well there is no need to visit the Ministry. I will let Augusta stew in the muck of Wizengamot a little longer before I rescue her. She will be so grateful, she will have Neville do anything for the greater good. I think it is time for the new emperor to go and get his new clothes." Albus left the ICW building, and headed for the fashion houses in Paris. Nothing but the best for the new emperor.

- Wishing for a friend -

Emma had gathered with her extend family in the special room off the hospital ward. She was lying on the bed with Dan holding her right hand. Luna was standing next to Dan holding his hand with her other hand on Emma's stomach. Hermione was holding Emma's left hand with Harry standing next to her holding her hand with his other hand on top of Luna's hand on Emma's stomach. They were in that formation to absorb any magical outburst, and protect the babies. Aurora was assisting Poppy to deal with the standard Ministry binding charm. Poppy cast the counter charm, and Emma glowed for a moment and stopped. Poppy cast the detection charm which showed that the binding were still in place. Poppy cast the counter charm again and Emma glowed for a moment and stopped.

"That bastard!" Poppy said under her breath. "Emma we need to roll you over so I can look at the back of your head." They release Emma and she rolled over. Poppy ran her fingers through Emma hair, looking closely at her scalp. And she found it. "There is a draining rune on the back of your head. This is not a standard Ministry magical core binding. I found a similar rune on your cousin Dudley's head, Harry."

"What does that mean?" Asked Dan.

"It means that we will not be able to unbound Emma's magical core today. We need Fergus to go through Emma's memories, and find out who has done what to her and Dudley. My money is on the old goat. Fergus is a little busy today but he should have time tomorrow. There is no danger to Emma or the babies, and we can try again soon."

"Thank you Poppy, we are a little disappointed. We will stay here for a little while, and then go to the Arthur room to watch what happens." Dan said as he and the children comforted Emma with a group hug.

- Wishing for a friend -

Amelia had arrived early to her office, and started to prepare for the day. Dobby with his camera had been carefully following his subject without her noticing. Dobby's camera work was excellent, and sent a sharp clear video feed back to Video Central in the Arthur War room at Hogwarts. The communication link worked fine as Remus was able to stop Dobby from following Amelia into her bathroom but wait outside until she was showered and dressed. The other camera elves were following their respective subjects but Ronican was having a hard time with Moody. The Goblin warriors who protected the camera elves last night during the battles, were also given cameras, and sent to follow the action around Gringotts.

- Wishing for a friend -

Amelia checked her list, and went through it twice. All available good Aurors were roster on today, and she assembled them in the operation room. "If I could have your attention. Great to see you all here. With Harry Potter coming to Hogwarts this year, it was thought to be a good idea to have a surprise training exercise on protecting Hogwarts while Dumbledore is out of the country." Amelia explained. "So I will hand you over to Head Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt who will explain the details." And handed the session over to Kingsley.

"Thank you Madam Bones. This exercise is to be an emergency response. When you get the call you are to drop everything, immediately go to Hogwarts, and report to me or Madam Bones. You are to bring what ever equipment you have and be ready to use it. As this is our first training exercise we will be leaving here in five minutes. You can use the floo to Hogsmeade or apparate to the apparation point south of the Hogwarts main gate. I will meet you at the front doors in 15 minutes. It is 9:30 am, your time starts now." Kingsley said and there was a rush to collect their equipment and go. Kingsley turned to Amelia and saluted her. "Good luck Amelia." And left.

Amelia took out her naughty list, went to the call room and asked the duty officer to call in these Aurors for emergency duty. They should be here for duty by 10:30 am.

- Wishing for a friend -

Meanwhile a very happy Chief Witch was welcoming a large number of old friends. She was surprised now many Moody and Croaker could round up at such short notice. There were some she had not seen for many years while others she was surprised to find that they were still alive. She almost did not recognize Tom – Innkeeper of the Leaky Cauldron as she had never seen him out side of the pub. More tea and scones appeared with sandwiches, finger food and cakes as the old friends settle in for a good long chat. She watches Moody to make sure he did not spike the punch, as she had already done that. There was a positive feeling as they remembered friends, and the good old days when they were young. When things got quiet, Maurice got up, and started to entertain them songs and stories of Harry at Hogwarts. They loved his reenactment of the wedding. Camera elf Trippet caught the whole thing in HD colour, and they did not notice a thing.

- Wishing for a friend -

Arnold Peasegood – Ministry of Magic employee, trained hit-wizard, Obliviator for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and to anyone else with the power or money to command his services. He was also a death eater that Amelia had uncovered with the Fluffy Confessions. He was enjoying his Monday morning with a little muggle hunting, keeping his death eater and obliviating skills in practice. His fellow death eater, Yaxley, who had been sent to gather his team, found him near a muggle holiday camp south of Blackpool, just about to go, and have his fun. Shaking his head, Yaxley said. "Just obliviate the girl, you can come back and finish her off later. We have to go. The old witch has called an emergency exercise, and everyone is on duty today."

"Damn witch. Always spoiling my fun." Arnold grumbled. "See you there." He said as Yaxley disappeared to find another Auror / death eater from his team.

Arnold arrived at the DMLE office, and found it empty as the assistants were busy in the call room calling in the off duty Aurors from the naughty list. He quietly walked into the Director's office. When he saw Madam Bones busy reading a report, and did not look up, he seized his chance to finish his fun with her instead, and then just obliviate her afterwards. It was his signature move. He did it with all the other female Aurors he was partner with. She would not remember a thing but she will be sore and sorry.

"Incarcerous, Silencio."

Ropes flew out of his wand, and bound Amelia. She was silenced by the second curse. Arnold waved his wand to close and lock the door. "You stupid witch, you spoiled my fun this morning so I am going to take it out of you."

To say Amelia was seething would be an understatement. To get caught by this scumbag made her feel sick.

Remus saw what was happening and called 'The Stig' to go to aid Fiery.

Arnold walked menacing toward his captive victim as he undid his belt, and was about to touch her face when he heard the portrait of Fluffy growl at him. "What, you going to release the hounds on me." He laughed. "Bad doggy..ergk"



"Yous shall not harm a friend of the Great Harry Potter!"

Arnold was shocked. He could not believe he could be rammed into the wall so hard, and slid to the floor in enormous pain with broken ribs, arms and legs.

A second snap and the ropes disappeared, and Amelia could speak. "Thank you Dobby." She said as she hugged him. "I will deal with this scumbag now."

She opened her bottom drawer, and took out her favourite pair of red high heel shoes with 4 inch stilettos heels, and put them on. With a wave of her wand the death eater was disarmed, and spread eagle on the floor. Amelia had read the part this vile thing had played in the murder of her brother's family, and what he had done to her female Aurors. She stalked over to the scumbag, and brought her shoe back ready to remove it's excuse to consider itself a male, when the door burst open, and The Stig rushed in. He quickly sized up the situation, and waved his wand to close and lock the door. Always the gentleman, Moody walked over to hold Amelia's arm so she could all her weight behind her 4 inch stilettos.

Moody counted ten hard painful kicks, and Amelia's rage had abated. That just goes to prove, counting to ten really does work to control one's rage, especially if you can kick something. Although, with those stilettos, two kicks would have done but Amelia had to get the rage out of her. Moody stuck the Gringotts post-it-note Portkey on what was left of the Obliviator, and it vanished in a red mist. With a wave of his wand what remained vanished too, as he hugged the crying witch tight.

Moody stayed in the DMLE offices as the other Aurors on the naughty list arrived, and then went into the duty room. Seeing Moody there, they decide to behaved themselves.

Yaxley came in last and looked around at this odd collection of Aurors. He noticed that Peasegood was missing. "Where is Peasegood, he should have been here?"

"He has been sent to Gringotts as something is happening there." Amelia said with satisfaction. "The next patrol of Diagon Alley will be at noon, so please make yourself comfortable. The exercise will take about three hours. You can go home when the other Aurors return. We just need you here in case something comes up."

- Wishing for a friend -

Mi6 arrived at the departure point at 9:00 am. He was early as he used the Portkey rope Ragnok had given him, and skipped the terrible London traffic. He smiled as he saw who had come today. The team in M sections of Military Intelligence had out done themselves. Mi5 and he had asked them to gather 10 teams of ID experts, and equipment suitable to survive a nuclear electromagnetic pulse. It looked like every man and his dog had come with everything they had including the kitchen sink. There were ID teams from Military Intelligence, Royal army, navy and air force, SAS, Scotland Yard, Police and Interpol. The Americans had sent teams and a ton of equipment from the CIA, NSA, FBI, NCSI, CSI and half a dozen other sections that he did not know existed. The Mossad sent two teams as did the KGB, and surprisingly the SHIK, the secret police of Albania, though the officers were still wore their Sigurimi uniforms. It took 5 trips to move them and their equipment to a very large hall underneath Gringotts. Only half the teams were aware of magic but all had been sworn to secrecy. The American mundanes laughed when they saw the rope Portkey so Mi6 took them first, and accidentally forgot to tell them how to land. While Mi6 made a perfect landing, they unfortunately fell heavily all over the floor, and lost their breakfast. The American mundanes started to develop a respect for magic.

The Goblins provided any tables and chairs they needed, and a room for the generator. They ran a cable to the roof to set up a microwave link to the Military Intelligence headquarters. To test the equipment, the Goblins produced for processing, the bat, rat and Quirrellmort plus the Grouch and son, and later the blond vampire after he had done he walk or drag of shame through the hall of Gringotts that so upset the Toad. The Grouch, Bat and Quirrellmort were sent back to their respective cells after being processed once, while all twenty ID teams had a go processing the blond vampire, rat and the Grouch's son, before they were returned to their cells. The test verified that their equipment and systems were working. The information was sent back to MI Headquarters, and passed onto all of the support teams.

The Grouch raised a yellow flag with the Police, who would like to talk to him about the strange case of his late wife's empty unused grave. The Bat raised a red flag with Scotland Yard for an unsolved case from the 70's. The rat and Quirrellmort raised red flags for Scotland Yard, Police and Interpol, FBI, CSI, Mossad, KGB, and not surprisingly the SHIK. The blond vampire and the Grouch's son, hit the jackpot, and raised red flags with everyone. Mi6 smiled. The nuclear electromagnetic pulse shielded computers and equipment operated perfectly in the magical environment. With the processing of so many perpetrators / bad guys, a lot of security people who had devoted their lives to keep others safe, will think all of their Christmases had come at once. Mi6 called out to see if everyone was ready, and got a lot of thumbs up and cheers.

They had set up a big screen for them to watch and follow the events of the day as they happen. They all laughed watching the Toad run screaming back a long Diagon Alley. But even the battle harden professionals were shocked at the hardheartedness of the bigots, and strengthen their resolve to get the job done right.

Ten minutes later a bloody mass arrived by a Post-it-note Portkey. They watched the Goblins create the Life / Evil Deeds books of Arnold Peasegood. Then there was a rush to grab it before everyone agreed to let Mi5's team have the honour of processing the first perpetrator / bad guy. Everyone went with it after it was processed, as it did not have much time left. They followed it through the portal doorway between Gringotts and the Death Chamber in the Department of Mysteries and watched it go through the veil. Arnold Peasegood, death eater, AKA the remember-me-not serial rapist and murderer, raised red flags with Scotland Yard, Police, Interpol, FBI, CSI and KGB.

In the operation room of Scotland Yard, a team of detectives cheered "We finally got you."

Then the death eaters from Club Azkaban arrived by Post-it-note Portkeys. Mi5 immediately recognized the crazy Jill the Ripper just from her laugh, and her sunken cold eyes. The very few witness remembered her cold crazy laugh that chilled you to the bone, and her cold dead eyes. She had suddenly disappeared ten years ago, and now they knew why. She was still alive. Now they will find out who she really is, and what other evil deeds she had done.

- Wishing for a friend -

Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic Dolores Jane Umbridge was one very worried witch as she made her way along Diagon Alley to Gringotts, for her regular 10:00 am, Monday morning inspection of the Ministry Accounts. Her lap dog, Pius Thicknesse trotting beside her. She had been fanatically looking for Lucius Malfoy as the donations he provides through blackmailing Dumbledore that came from the Potter Estate, have suddenly dried up and the Ministry is quickly running out of money. With all the pure-blood bigots to be paid off, there was very little left to pay the actual staff, and fund the Ministry services. She took no notice of the Goblins outside Gringotts in Diagon Alley putting up wards to protect the surrounding building. She did not notice the camera elf Ralph who was following her, and had the job to monitoring Diagon Alley from the Ministry of Magic to Gringotts. Remus asked Ralph to stick with the Toad as there were enough camera warriors to monitor Diagon Alley and Gringotts.

She ran up the steps, and entered the door when she stopped dead as she watched Lucius, beaten and wrapped in chains, dragged across the floor by some Goblin guards. He was then taken through a door and down to be processed.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? RELEASE LUCIUS MALFOY THIS INSTANCE." She screamed with her face turning red.

"No he is a thief. He will suffer Goblin justice." The Goblin warrior in charge said calmly.


"No he is a thief. He will suffer Goblin justice." The Goblin warrior in charge said calmly again.

Umbridge went to take out her wand, and saw the warriors start to pull out their swords. She stopped, and with great difficulty controlled her rage. She turned and ran out of Gringotts yelling "VILE CREATURES!" and "CORNELIUS!" all the way back to the Ministry, through the building and into the Minister's office. Where Cornelius was hosting a morning tea for all his pure-blood bigoted supporters. He thought if the Chief Witch could have a morning tea, so could he.

Ignoring all the other wizards and witches in the Minister's office she shouted. "CORNELIUS! THOSE VILE CREATURES HAVE CAPTURED AND BEATEN LUCIUS MALFOY!"

"Calm down Dolores, what are you shouting about." Cornelius said.


"WHAT!. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" The pure-blood bigots cried out. "DO SOMETHING CORNELIUS!"





"WHAT? Lucius is your friend?"

"Lucius is a fool that has got himself caught by the Goblins. Why risk our necks for him?"

"What do you want?"

"We want our share of the Potter Fortune. That manipulative old fool Dumbledore is going to keep it all for himself. He is not Chief Warlock any more, and he is out of the country. We want our share now."

"But Harry Potter is alive. He is at Hogwarts."

"A mere technicality. Dumbledore is not there, and the boy could have a little accident."

Cornelius was shocked at the cold hardheartedness of these bigots. Umbridge pulled him aside. "Cornelius, the ministry is almost bankrupt. We need the Potter fortune now. Tell them what they want to hear, and we can make sure the Ministry gets the lion share. Leave me to deal with Potter!"

A chill ran down Cornelius's spine. These were monsters. "Very well, an equal share to every wizard or witch who comes to Gringotts with us today." He nodded to Umbridge. "Go and get the Aurors, and we will meet in the Atrium. Be ready to march in 30 minutes."

The pure-bloods cheered as they rushed off. The Minister had said an equal share to every wizard or witch who went to Gringotts. So they quickly called their house elves to order their greedy families and children to come, and get their share. The more that went, the easier to crush the Goblins like they must have done last time. The Potter fortune was still immense, even after what Dumbledore had failed to steal, and had grown to mythical proportions. Even if thousands of pure-blood witches and wizards had a share, they would still get millions of galleons each.

- Wishing for a friend -

Remus and Sirius were monitoring the live video feed, and made some quick changes. They asked the goblin camera warriors to monitor Gringotts and Diagon Alley. That freed up Ralph to stay with the Toad, and they asked Brucey to follow Fudge. An unexpected event had occurred, and they needed to keep a handle on it.

"Bastards!" Fergus said to sum up the mood in the Arthur room. "If they are ready to go in 30 minutes, they will be leaving the Ministry at 11:00 am. An hour early."

"Gringotts is ready for them now." Ragnok said over his mirror. "We need to order the mercenaries to attack at 11:15 am. And have the prank wards set up now."

"I will order the mercenaries now." Narcissa said as she copied Lucius hand writing, and wrote out on the parchment, the instructions to the death eater mercenaries that Lucius had organized. They were ordered to Portkey into the lane next to Gringotts, and be ready to attack a large crowd of wizards and witches at 11:15 am in front of Gringotts.

Sirius sent the two trained Aurors to setup the prank ward outside the Ministry. They called back on their mirror that it was ready, ten minutes later.

"The prank ward across the lane way is ready." Ragnok said. "And the ID teams from Mi5 and Mi6 are here, and ready to go. They have processed the Grouches, blond vampire, bat, rat and Quirrellmort. Oh and Peasegood has arrived and been processed. He was the first to go through the veil. Remind me never to piss off Amelia. There was not much of him left."

"So we are still good to go." Fergus said to encourage everyone as they heard a muffle cheer from Augusta's mirror for the news that Peasegood was gone. "Sirius and Remus, keep a close eye on Fudge, and particularly the Toad."

- Wishing for a friend -

After everyone had left the Minister's office, Brucey followed Fudge into the Minister's bathroom, and watched him, alternating between bring up his breakfast, and just sitting on his gold plated throne. Bemoaning what had he done to deserve this. Twenty-five minutes later he washed his face, tidies his clothes and went to the Atrium. He was shocked to see so many greedy pure-blood witches and wizards.

- Wishing for a friend -

Ralph followed the Toad to the DMLE offices, where the Toad gave Amelia and Moody a disgusting glare. She signaled for Yaxley, Thorfinn Rowle, Tarquin McTavish and Thaddeus Thurkell to follow her to an empty office. She waved her wand to lock the door, and put up silencing ward. Fortunately Ralph was right behind her, and took up a position to see the whole room.

"The vile Goblins have captured Lucius Malfoy. Cornelius is mounting a rescue mission with brave pure-blood witches and wizards, and all these Aurors to leave the Atrium at 11:00 am to march on Gringotts. They will force the Goblins to release Lucius, and to hand over the Potter fortune. Half of the fortune is to go the Ministry, and half to be shared equally with every brave pure-blood witch and wizard who joins Cornelius's noble rescue mission. For the Goblins to hand over the fortune, Harry Potter must be dead. Dumbledore is out of the country, so Hogwarts is unprotected. How many junior death eaters do we have?"

"There is 62 junior death eaters at a training camp in Wales. They have just finished their summer training, and were getting ready for some muggle raids this week. They are ready for some action, and there is five trolls we control from a family near the school." Yaxley said.

"Good, there are 25 Dementors in the Ministry dungeon. Here is the charmed control crystal. Take the Dementors, trolls and junior death eaters and attack Hogwarts. Kill Harry Potter and the filthy Mudbloods, but don't harm any good pure-bloods except for those disgusting blood traitors. Do it now! Do it quickly! Harry Potter must die. Don't fail me!" The Toad ordered.

Yaxley took the Dementor controlling crystal. "Very well, I will bring the Dementors, McTavish and Thurkell, you go and bring the junior death eaters to the north side of Hogwarts away from Hogsmeade. Rowle, you go, and get Walden Macnair then collect our trolls. Macnair knows where they are. Wait for us with the junior death eaters. Go as quickly as you can." The wizards nodded. The Toad releases the wards, and opens the door.

The wizards left to go their way, as the Toad sneered at Amelia and Moody. Then turning to the remaining Aurors from the naughty list. "Gather your equipment, and come with me." She said. Ignoring Amelia and Moody, she led them out to the Atrium.

Sirius asked Ralph to follow Yaxley, and to be very careful. The Dementors will be the last to get to the rendezvous point, and will determine how much time they had.

- Wishing for a friend -

"Bastards!" Fergus said to sum up the darkening mood in the Arthur room. "Why can't they just all go to Gringotts like good little greedy pure-blood bigots? Dude, how many Aurors do you have, and long will it take to get the Dementors here?"

"We have 40 Aurors, and if they use a ministry Portkey, the Dementors would be here in maybe an hour?"


"What are Dementors?" Harry asked.

"They are your worst nightmare, Harry." Sirius said shaking.

"Minerva, we need to lock down the school, and go into battle mode. You know the charm. You have always wanted to use it. Bring all the students into the Great Hall where they can be best protected. Blinky is in the forbidden forest so that side of the castle is protected. That leaves only the main gate for them to attack. Focus our defense there. I hope everyone has been practicing their Patronus charm."

"Yes Fergus." Said Harry, Hermione and Luna together as they held hands, and cast their Patronuses. The shimmering creatures were like a wave of joy, and lifted everyone spirits.

"Good Harry, let's see what you can make happen now."

"Do you think we will win Fergus?" Emma asked.

"Spectacularly. Emma. Never doubt a Harry Happening. It will work out in the end. Somehow."


"Yes Sir Nicholas."

"I request permission to raise the battle standards. There was a large overseas contingent of ghost riders including cavalry regiments to the Headless Hunt this summer. They will rally to our aid."

"Very well Sir Nicholas. Raise the battle standards. Set yourselves in array on the Quidditch pitch."

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington went to collect the very old Hogwarts battle ensign, and raised it on the flagpole on the Astronomy Tower. He then went to see Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore. The bearded ghost; leader of the Headless Hunt.

In an effort to drum up new members, Sir Properly Decapitated-Podmore had arranged for headless hunts for ghost riders who still had their heads but had died in battle. This summer headless hunt had attracted ghost riders from around Britain and the world; including the Light Dragoons, 17th Lancers, and the Hussars, under the command of Major General the Earl of Cardigan. Together with the Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, the 5th Dragoon Guards, the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and the Scots Greys, commanded by Major General James Yorke Scarlett. Also the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade, and the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army.

Unfortunately as Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington had not died in battle, so he still did not fulfill their requirements, and of course, was excluded again. But he valiantly put aside his disappointment as Hogwarts was in danger, and needed all the help she could get.

They heard Ragnok on the mirror, promised to come just as soon as he could. As Minerva's voice echo through the school, instructing the students to immediately go the Great Hall. The students left their classes and dormitories, and walked calmly, along the hallways to the Great Hall. The students in the greenhouses with Professor Sprout and Professor Kettleburn, the Care of Magical Creatures teacher, ran back to the castle as fast as they could.

When most had arrived in the great hall, Professor McGonagall cried out. "Piertotum Locomator!"

And all along the corridor the statues and suits of armor jumped down from their plinths, and from the echoing crashes from the floors above and below, Harry knew that their fellows throughout the castle had done the same.

"Hogwarts is threatened!" shouted Professor McGonagall. "Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!"

Clattering and yelling, the horde of moving statues stampeded past, some of them smaller, others larger than life. There were animals too, and the clanking suits of armor brandished swords and spiked balls on chains. They marched towards the main entrance, and set themselves in array across the stone causeway to the castle. Dude lead his Aurors to the main entrance as they watch the castle go into battle mode, and the air tingled with magic as more wards went up protecting the school. If the Dementors got in the school was doomed.

The main gates closed.

Then there was quiet.

Only the sound of the wind.

While they waited.

- Wishing for a friend -

The Toad proudly led the Aurors from the naughty list into the Atrium, and was hearten by sight of the sheer number of good brave noble pure-blood wizards and witches that will make a stand for everything that is right and proper in the magical world. Every proud pure-blood supremacist bigot was there. Though she was not too sure of the wizard with the golden hair, big smile that sparkled and bright robes. He looked to be more comfortable to be on the cover of Witch Weekly but he was telling stories of the last Goblin rebellion that he had single handedly crushed. For details please buy his books.

The Toad was very happy with the Aurors she had brought with her. She knew that they were all either death eaters or pure-blood supremacist bigots, and would obey her every command. She did not think it strange but was glad she did not have to deal with that goody two shoes Shacklebolt. Oh how she hated him. She ordered five of the Aurors to protect the rear, and encourage everyone to stay together. It would not do for any to chicken out.

Then she led the rest to the Aurors to Fudge, and with a loud voice."To Gringotts and Glory!"

What she really meant was 'To Gringotts and Greed / Money' but the fool greedy bigots cheered anyway as they followed Fudge, the Toad and Aurors out of the Ministry, and into Diagon Alley. Onwards to Gringotts and money and greed and doom, followed closely by Brucey.

As the last of them crossed the prank ward, and walked down Diagon Alley they were quietly joined by two friendly escorts.

"Fluffy and Puffy have joined the parade." Luna called out when she saw them on the big screen.

"The Toad has left the building!" Fergus said as he saw them going down Diagon Alley. That was the signal for Team Spook and Team Stig to start the purge of the Ministry.

"Showtime!" Fergus said.

- Wishing for a friend -

"Very well, that is the signal. We can finally finish this. You all have your list and your partner. Stay together. Watch each other's backs. Purge the filth from this Ministry. Stun anyone you find that is on the list, and give them to your team leader. Team Spook will start in the Department of Mysteries, and work their way up. Team Stig will start on this floor, and work your way down. Make Harry proud. Good luck, and may Merlin be with you." Augusta said to the old Aurors and hit wizards and witches before her. The 'pick-me-potion' she used to spike the punch had made them feel years younger, and put a gleam in their eyes and a spring in their step. They were all revved up to go to finally finish the job. Particularly after hearing what Harry has done to Hogwarts. Maurice was a wonderful story teller, and had kept them entertained.

"For Harry!" They cried. Team Spook used the floo to go to his office, and Team Stig walked out of the Chief Witch's office, eager to get started.

"Charis, you are in charge of the office. Keep the doors locked, and warded. Maurice come with me."Augusta said as Maurice nodded, and Charis and Eileen saluted her. She made her way to the DMLE office, and wrapped Amelia in her arms. "It is okay now, Stig, go to your team." Stig nodded as he handed Amelia over to Augusta.

"This office has been cleared. Keep the door locked, and warded and you will be safe." The Stig said as he left with his camera elf Ronican, and locked the door.

"Take Madam Bones, and go to your family Chief Witch. You have done your duty, and now let us do ours." Said Gawain Robards – Head duty officer of the Auror Office.

Augusta nodded, and Gawain and the other assistants saluted them as she lead Amelia and Maurice to the fireplace in Amelia's office. Augusta threw the floo power into the fireplace. "Headmistresses Office Hogwarts!" But instead of green flames they were red.

"Hogwarts has been locked down." Amelia said and thought for a moment. "Fawkes!"

There was a ball of flames in the room as Maurice moved to hug the two witches with Dobby and Trippet. A moment later and they were gone. Fawkes took them straight to the Arthur Room where they got a heroine's welcome when they flamed through. But Augusta was only looking for one set of eyes, and Neville was cheering the loudest.

"That's my Gran!" He yelled as he fought his way to hug her.

"Way to go aunty!" Susan yelled as ran to hug her. "Love the shoes!"

"You were amazing, Dobby!" Harry yelled as he and Hermione ran to hug him, and Luna hugged Trippet. Sirius and Remus came across to congratulate their camera elves for the incredible job they were doing, and Dobby for going above the call of duty. Then they were off to video the scene, and situation at Hogwarts.

Emmeline and Aurora went to hug Maurice, and thank him. They had watch enthralled on the big screen, as he had reenacted Aurora's wedding to entertain the guests at the Chief Witch's tea party, with Tom the innkeeper, and a blushing Doris Crockford standing in for the bride and groom, and Augusta marring them. Even Remus had a tear in his eye as Maurice had conjured up the same wedding dress, and Tom scrubbed up well and had never looked so handsome.

Aurora asked Maurice as Augusta joined them. "Whose wedding rings did you use? They looked beautiful."

"Well Aurora, that is the thing about magic." Explained Augusta. "It is all about emotion. When two people love each other, and say the wedding vows with all their heart. Magic will do the rest. Those two lost their family in the war against Grindelwald, and have been sweet on each for years but never got around to it."

"What? You married them for real?" Augusta just gave her a wicked grin. "When will they realize that they are married?"

"They did when they tried to take the rings off. Tom rose to the occasion, kissed his bride, and swept her off to the honeymoon suite of the Leaky Cauldron." Augusta said as she made two marks in the air with her finger, and wondered just how protective Moody was of Amelia.

- Wishing for a friend -

Ragnok was watching the parade on his big screen in his office. It was twice as big than he expected. He signaled to his warriors, and they rushed to their positions. Ragnok with a small honour guard went to stand on the steps of Gringotts as the last bystanders were ushered to safety. The anti-Portkey wards were ready to go up. He could see the Toad and Fudge in front of the parade. They will be here very soon. He smiled when he saw Fluffy and Puffy at the back. Things were going to get very interesting.

- Wishing for a friend -

McTavish and Thurkell apparated into the Junior Death Eater camp. An old property Lucius had claimed after the family fell victim to a death eater raid. The junior death eaters were death eaters who were unable to take on the dark mark because the dark lord was missing. So they had a tattoo of the dark mark on their left arm. They were looked down upon by the hard core marked death eaters. This drove them to try harder, and they were ruthless. McTavish and Thurkell called them together, and told them they were going on a raid and the Portkey was leaving in thirty minutes. They quickly got them up, and moving gathering their wands, robes, masks and daggers. They told them not to worry about food as they will be eating lunch in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. McTavish turned a length of rope into a Portkey while he waited.

- Wishing for a friend -

Minerva mirror was vibrating, and calling out "Pussy, Here Pussy".

"Charms? Where are you?"

"I stayed at the manor talking to my old dueling mates, and Harry's champions. We have been watching all this on the big screens. As soon as we realized that Harry was in danger we decided to come to Hogwarts to help protect Harry."

"That is great Filius. How long will you be?"

"We knew Hogwarts would be locked down so we arrived by Portkey just to the south. We should be there in ten minutes. Oh, and we have brought some friends from the manor."

"Great Filius, how many friends?"

"All of them."



"Come as fast as you can Filius and we will open the main gate."

"I can see the turrets of the castle. You will be able to hear us soon."

"Did he say hear?" Fergus asked.

"Yes he did."

A door appeared in the wall of the Arthur Room; Minerva went to opened it, and walked out onto a large balcony. Everyone followed her out with Harry wearing Fergus on his head.

"Shh. Quiet everyone." Minerva said.

Then they heard it. Faint at first. But it was the sound of pipes and drums. Bagpipes playing 'Scotland the brave.' The sound moved Minerva to tears, and stirs her Scottish blood and spirit.

Then they saw Filius marching like the very model of a modern major general, as he came around the bend in the road from Hogsmeade. Following him were ten marching bagpipes and drums playing themselves. Then came Harry's Champions, and the Goblin warriors from the continent, Asia, the Americas wearing their cowboy hats and South Pacific. Following them were the warriors of the Woodland Realm Elves in their bright shiny armour, with the dwarf warriors.

"Open the gates!" Minerva cried as the others started to cheer. The gates opened by themselves to let Filius, and the warriors in. The Aurors on the causeway saw Filius and the warriors, and started to cheer which brought the children out from the Great Hall to join in welcoming them.

And still they came around the bend. Warriors of the Native Magical races, Centaurs, Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Vampires and Werewolves. The whole International Brigade had come to protect Hogwarts, and keep Harry safe. The warriors of the fairies had come to keep their Moon-eyes safe as well. The gates closed as the last of the warriors marched through.

"Harry, we will have to go to have a council of war with the commanders, and set the battle in array. Minerva and Dan. Please hold onto Harry. Fawkes can you please flame us to the end of the causeway." Fergus said. Fawkes jumped onto Harry's shoulder and flamed them to the end of the causeway. Hermione and Luna came too as they would never let Harry go.

The commanders gathered to them. "Fergus, what are we facing here?" Lucian asked.

"The forbidden forest is protected by Blinky, so with the wards up, the only way in is through the main gates. The death eaters have five trolls, 4 death eaters and about 60 junior death eaters plus 25 Dementors."

"25 Dementors? They mean business. What a junior death eater?" Gabriel said.

"With 25 Dementors they really mean to wipe out the school. The junior death eaters are recent recruits who don't have a proper dark mark. To make up for that, they are nasty, viscous and ruthless. They have something to prove. They will use the trolls to break through the gates, and then as shields to protect the death eaters until they can get within spell fire range."

"We can stop the trolls from charging with our spears and arrows. If we raise up two earth barriers either side of this field for cover and protection, and set up a killing zone just inside the gates." Legolas offered.

"Good idea. Legolas. The leading death eater will have a crystal to control the Dementors. Until we get that, we have to use a herd of Patronuses to keep the Dementors at bay."

"Good. Once the trolls are down we focus on taking out the head death eater so they can not order the Dementors to attack." Gimli said.

"I concur." Said Sanguini.

The commanders considered the plan. "Are we in agreement." Fergus asked.

The commanders nodded and cried "For Harry!" And returned to their units. They quickly raised the earth barriers, and took cover to wait for the attack. Fawkes flamed them back to the balcony, and the students returned to the Great Hall.

- Wishing for a friend -

They stood on the balcony, watching the preparations for the defense of Hogwarts. There was Filius proudly keeping their spirits up leading his marching bagpipes and drums band, playing all the great bagpipe marching tunes.

Then quietly Fergus recited.

"Familiar in his mouth as household words-

Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,

Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-

Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.

This story shall the good man teach his son;

And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,

From this day to the ending of the world,

But we in it shall be remembered-

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me.

Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition;

And gentlemen in England now-a-bed

Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,

And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."


"Fergus? You have read Shakespeare?" Hermione asked.

"Read? I have met him. Nice chap. Where do you think he got the idea for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' from? I helped him with some stories of the Battle of Agincourt."

"Don't tell me you were there?" Augusta asked.

"When you have a phoenix as a familiar, the world really is your oyster. That charge was magnificent but such a waste. France was never the same afterwards"

- Wishing for a friend -

Ragnok smiled as the Toad and Fudge crossed the boundary onto Goblin soil. The anti-Portkey and anti-apparition wards went up after the mercenaries arrived in the lane, to stop them from escaping. Ragnok waited as they came closer.

- Wishing for a friend -

Bloodfang was a proud warrior, very happy with his performance last night against the hell hounds. His bravery then now gave him his position to lead his unit of warriors into the lane to block any escape of the mercenaries. Then Bloodfang smelt a familiar burnt brimstone smell, and turned around. Standing next to him was Rudolph with a mischievous grin and Vixen. Rudolph moved ahead, down wind of Bloodfang and made a long loud sound of a V12 jag roaring. It was not silent nor odorless nor colourless, and seems to be heavier than air as the pungent cloud floated slowly towards the entrance of the lane where the mercenaries had arrived by Portkey. Vixen turned up her nose, and clouted Rudolph behind the ear with her paw.

The mercenaries hid in the shadows as the angry mob of witches and wizards marched pass the lane. When the last of the mob past, the mercenaries jumped up, and charged forward firing killing curses into the mob. The mob panicked, and surged forward. The mercenaries reached the entrance of the lane, just as Fluffy and Puffy got there. Puffy filled her lungs, and unleashed her fiery breath down the lane. The mercenaries never had a chance as the flames reached Rudolph's effort.


The lane erupted into a enormous fireball that shook Gringotts, and mushroomed into the sky. Bloodfang and his warriors cast flame shields to protect themselves, the camera warrior and Rudolph and Vixen.

When the fireball was gone, and the lane had cooled a little, Rudolph and Vixen jumped over the bodies of the 50 mercenaries, and joined up with Fluffy and Puffy to block any escape of the mob. Bloodfang lead his warriors forward to stun and disarmed the mercenaries, and stuck the post-it-note Portkeys on them, and started to clear the lane. Bloodfang shook his head; Puffy had taken out 50 heavily armed death eater mercenaries with one blow, and just a little help from her friend Rudolph. It would be very interesting if those two teamed up for final battle.

- Wishing for a friend -

The Power-that-be watched with great interest as the noisy mob of pure-blood supremacist bigots and death eaters came down Diagon Alley, and Hades' pets went into action. Fluffy and Puffy following along behind the mob. Rudolph and Vixen in the lane waiting for the mercenaries. Donner and Blitzen blocking Diagon Alley past Gringotts, cutting off that escape route. Tempestas was still feeling the love as she handed out all the little lightning bolts she had been stockpiling. Then Hades, Death, The Grim Reaper and all the other gods of the male persuasion snigger at Rudolph effort, and laugh and giggle with glee at the fireball. The Power-that-be rolled her eyes, what is it with boys, farts and fire?

Tempestas cried out. "Forget about the silly boys. Girls, it is showtime. Let the bastards have it. For Harry!"

"For Harry!" They cried back and loosed hell. The boys quickly recovered, and started to throw down their lightning bolts. Zapping the greedy bigots, left, right and center. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

The Power-that-be watched as the Toad looked up, and raised her hand with the middle finger.

"The Toad is giving you the finger!" Fate cried out.

"Well I can give her the finger too!" And the Power-that-be made a thrusting move with her finger, and a giant very female finger appeared directly over the Toad who looked up in shock. The finger came down crushing the Toad into the cobblestones with a twist, chipping the nail. "Damn I have chipped a nail. Damn Toad."

They ran out of lightning bolts, and Fudge was the last one to be zapped. "Great, I have finished my list. Thanks for all your help." Tempestas said to the other powers.

"Any time, Tempestas. Thanks for letting us help. It is the most excitement we have had in centuries." Fortuna said, with the three Fates. "It has helped us get our lists up to date too."

The power-that-be watched as Ragnok cried "Respect." And stripped the bigots of their dignity. The Ragnok looked up, and saluted them. She smiled and waved. The magical world had changed for the better. They moved their focus to Hogwarts to watch what happens there.

- Wishing for a friend -

Ragnok saw the killing curses come out of the lane, the mob screamed, and surge forward. Then Puffy blew flames into lane, and ignited that fireball, that shook Gringotts. Then the heavens opened up, and rained hell on the greedy bigots and death eaters. Lightning was zapping the bigots left right and center. They tried to throw down their wands, and surrender but it did not save their greedy hides as the lightning continued to fall.

Then the Toad looked up, raised her hand and middle finger. A shadow of a giant female finger appeared above her, then came down, and crushed her into the cobblestones of Diagon Alley with a twist that chipped a nail. Fudge was the last to be hit by lightning, as he tried to find a place to hide.

"Respect!" Cried Ragnok, and their clothes vanished as they were disarmed and stunned. The Goblin warriors surged out of Gringotts and the building opposite, and started to stick post-it-notes Portkeys on the greedy fools. Ragnok looked up to salute the heavens and thank them for this victory.

With their work here done, the hell hounds and dragon nodded to Ragnok, and flamed out to where they were needed next.

It took half an hour to Portkey the remains away, and another hour to clean up the mess. Except there was no way to get crushed Toad out of the cobblestones. That stain would stay there forever. So Ragnok put a litter bin over it for now, and decided to owl order one of those outdoor street toilet that he had seen in Paris, and charge it to the Toad's vaults.

Two hours later Gringotts was open for business as though nothing had happen.

- Wishing for a friend -

Remus called out. "The Toad and Fudge have just cross over into Goblin soil. The Battle for Gringotts is about to go down." They moved inside and watched the battle on the big screen as Remus and Sirius switched between cameras in real time. All the boys cackled, chortled and chuckled at Rudolph's effort, and awed and giggled with glee at the fireball. While the girls just rolled their eyes. Then the lightning started raining hell on the bigots and death eaters, and they were amazed when the camera showed Ragnok and his honour guard quietly standing resolute on the steps of Gringotts while all hell rained down around them. Everyone cheered when the Toad got squished into the cobblestones, and Fudge was finally zapped with all the other bigots. Then Ragnok voice cried out. "Respect!" And everyone clapped and cheered. The battle for Gringotts was over. The battle had lasted six minutes, the power of the death eaters, and pure-blood supremacist bigots laid down in the dust of the cobblestones of Diagon Alley. They called Warrior on the mirror to congratulate him on the victory, and asked him to come when he is was able.

- Wishing for a friend -

Their attention was drawn back outside to the battlefield when they heard Hagrid call out, and saw six fireballs burst in the middle.

"Fluffy! Look it is Fluffy come again to defend Hogwarts, and she has brought her friends. Oh my. A dragon. Fluffy you brought me a great big beautiful black dragon." Hagrid called out as he ran towards them.

"Quick Fawkes, flame us to Hagrid. We have to get his friends under cover before they are spotted." Fergus said to Fawkes sitting on Harry's shoulder. Fawkes flamed Fergus and Harry with Hermione and Luna in tow, to Hagrid. "Hagrid! Quickly get them under cover. Take Fluffy and Puffy, and put them under cover behind the wall on the left. Rudolph, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen, so glad to see you. Please take cover behind the wall on the right." The hell hounds and dragon moved to take cover behind the earth barrier. Thought Fluffy and Puffy duck their heads behind the barrier, and adopted the 'If I can't see you, you can't see me' principle to hiding. But they were both black, and faded into the background. Fawkes returned them to balcony.

- Wishing for a friend -

McTavish, Thurkell and the Junior Death Eaters traveled by Portkey to the rendezvous point, a mile to the north of Hogwarts. Twenty minutes later they were joined by Rowle, Macnair and their trolls. They had tried to take a short cut through the forbidden forest but the trolls refused point blank, to go anywhere near it so they had to take the long way round.

Five minutes later Yaxley arrive with the Dementors. Using the control crystal protected the death eaters from the Dementors, but the trolls were not happy to see them.

"Yaxley, what took you so long?" McTavish said, getting hungry and frustrated after waiting half an hour.

"The Dementors would not settle, and hold the Portkey." Yaxley said angrily. He hated using Dementors as they would try to pretend to be your best friend, and then kiss you when you got too close. He always wonders why Fudge would have two Dementor as body guards. He thought Fudge had size issues.

"Yaxley, the trolls refuse to go anywhere near the forbidden forest. We will have to use the main gate." Macnair said.


"Yeah, something in the forbidden forest has them really spooked." Rowle said.

"Very well. To the main gate and hurry. We have wasted enough time, and I am getting hungry."

They quickly marched to the main gates to find them locked, and they could feel the wards humming. "Break open the gates!" Yaxley ordered the trolls. They went, and started to pound on the gates.

- Wishing for a friend -

After 15 minutes of heavy pounding on the gates, Fergus said to Minerva. "Pussy, the wards are too strong, and they can't break through. If you don't open the gates we are going to be here all day."

Minerva nodded then asked. "Should we wait for Ragnok?"

"No. He has fought his battle, and we have to fight this one. They have less than 100. We number more than a thousand with 500 of the best warriors in the world plus ghost riders, Aurors, statues, armour, four hell hounds, a Cerberus, a dragon, and Harry. We have more ghost riders rallying to our standard all the time. Even with the Dementors they don't have a snowball chance in hell. We must finish this today. We must finish this now!"

Minerva looked at Augusta who nodded, then Amelia who also nodded with a growing confident smile. "Lady Hogwarts, please release the lock on the main gates but make it look like they have broken through. Closed them after they have entered."

"Well, everyone, ready to cast your Patronuses on three"

"One." Think happy thoughts.

"Two." Think real happy thoughts.

"Three!" Think really real happy thoughts.

"Expecto Patronum." A big silver grim with a huge mischievous smile.

"Expecto Patronum." A large silver Cheshire Cat with a big grin and spectacle markings around her eyes.

"Expecto Patronum." Harry, Hermione and Luna opened their eyes and saw a silver stag, doe and unicorn.

"Expecto Patronum." A large silver wolf and a cute fox.

Encouraged by the joy of the Patronuses around them, the others took out their wands and cried. "Expecto Patronum" And a vulture, badger, coyote, a Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel, four big cats of lethal intent, a big St. Bernard dog with a whiskey barrel, a Common Welsh Green and a whole variety of weird and wonderful silver creatures appeared out of the wands of the witches and wizard including students. Many had never cast a Patronus, but today of all days, anything was possible. Even Hagrid managed to cast a Patronus with his pink umbrella. Have a guest which one it was. He had never been happier.

"Go. Take cover with the hell hounds, and be ready to charge."

The Patronuses moved to their positions on either side of the field. Their present cheered the warriors waiting for the battle to start.

Sir Nicholas returned to the balcony, sitting on his ghost white charger. "The ghost cavalry have responded magnificently, and the Bloody Baron is setting them in array on the Quidditch pitch, Milord."

"Thank you, Sir Nicholas. Be ready to sound 'the advance at a trot' when we open fire. That will move the ghost cavalry into position ready to charge."

Sir Nicholas nodded, and took on the look of grim determination of one who had waited all his life for this moment. Luna went to him to tuck her handkerchief into his gauntlet, and blew him a kiss. Sir Nicholas saluted to her, and gave her a winning grin.

- Wishing for a friend -

The troll started to pound the gates again when the gates flew open.

The trolls led the way in with the junior death eater pushing them, and the Dementors close behind. They did not notice the gates closing themselves.

"Charge! Charge, damn you, charge!" Cried Yaxley pushing the trolls in front.

"Fire!" Cried Fergus.

Sir Nicholas sounded the 'commence fire' call on his bugle, and then 'the advance at a trot'. The call was repeated by six other bugles. The warriors loosed their arrows and spears, and rained hell on the charging trolls, death eaters and Dementors. The sun was blotted out for a moment by the arrows and spears. Volley after volley they fired.

The trolls, death eaters and Dementors, only got 100 feet from the gate when it suddenly went dark as all hell hit them. Two trolls, and the four death eaters who had ran in front of the trolls, were killed instantly, while two more trolls cried out in agony, laid down and surrendered. They were the lucky ones.

The death eaters felt fear. Hogwarts was supposed to be undefended. They could only see a thin line of purple Auror robes across the causeway. Where did hell come from? With the trolls down, their charge was stopped dead. They only had to wait a moment before it got ten times worst.

The last biggest troll looked like a pin cushion, as it cried out in agony, and driven mad with pain, turn and trample Yaxley, smashing the crystal controlling the Dementors. Suddenly free of control, the Dementors smelt the fear of the death eaters. The ministry used the control crystal to slow down, and retard the action of the Dementors. So that the kiss would last for up to a minute. Without the control crystal, and in a blood-lust, a Dementor can very painfully, strip out a soul in under two seconds flat. The arrows hurt them but the scent of fear drove them wild. They swooped down on the death eaters, to kiss them. To kiss them all.

"Cease fire! Charge!" Cried Fergus.

Sir Nicholas sounded the 'cease fire' call. Then with a cheer cried "For Harry!" He sounded the 'charge' on his bugle as he urged his faithful steed forward, leaped off the balcony and charged down the side of the castle. Hoofs striking firelight from the flint stones every stride. Sounding the charge, and never shifted in the saddle. He did not draw the bridle until safe at the bottom of that terrible decent. It was grand to watch that horseman ride.

The call was repeated, and they heard a low rumble as the massed ghost cavalry from the Quidditch pitch charged forward into court yard. The narrow causeway was blocked by the stone warriors but the one hundred foot wide chasm was no barrier for the ghost cavalry as they jumped it and the Aurors with a roar of Yippee ki-yay.

With the death eaters before them, they gave their warhorses their heads, and roared their war cries. Waving their swords, spears, and lances. Sir Nicholas in the lead where the true Gryffindor would be, still sounding the charge, and sword drawn. The Bloody Baron, the Slytherin House ghost screaming blue murder waving his sword, riding beside him with the grey lady's handkerchief tucked into his gauntlet. No upstart mob of death eaters was going to attack Hogwarts on their watch.

The warriors jumped up with the Aurors, statues, suits of armour, and cheered and yelled and roared. They charged forward with the Patronuses, hell hounds and dragon leading in the front. A full Highland Charge. Minerva and the others watched in awe as the ground shook, and the charge thunder down.

The death eaters heard the rumble, the war cries, cheers, a deafening roar, and saw the charging ghost cavalry, all the warriors with their shields, swords, and spears, jump up, and charge with the Aurors, statues, suits of armour, silver Patronuses, hell hounds, and a.

And a big black dragon!

All the death eaters only had one common thought going through their small troll size mind.

'Oh. Shit!'

But their fear was turned into utter dread as their felt the cold chill of the Dementors behind them. Their eyes went black as the Dementors covered their faces, and the last thing they heard was their own scream of agony as their souls were ripped out.

The Patronuses got there first with the ghost cavalry, and forced the Dementors back towards the gates where they were trapped. But they were too late to spare any of the death eaters from their well deserved fate. Only the two trolls who surrendered, lived. The hell hounds, and dragon launched themselves pass the ghost cavalry, and Patronuses, into the Dementors, ripping them to shreds, and eating them. Reminding Hagrid of a certain red hair Slytherin. But even they were not that bad.

By the time the charging warriors had reached the trolls, it was all over, and they cheered their victory with the ghost cavalry.

Then the last Dementor broke free of the Patronuses, and flew for it life. Puffy saw it, and launched herself after it. The Dementor was trapped by Hogwarts' wards. It flew as fast as it could, and dodged and twisted and feigned like a snitch. Puffy showed how a real dragon could fly. The warriors, Aurors, ghosts and everyone including the students watch in awe as the big black dragon chased the Dementor around the castle. Only a truly great seeker could ever hope to out fly a dragon. Soon the Dementor was exhausted, and just fell. Puffy spat out a flame, and ate it, two feet from the ground after a two hundred foot dive. Then did a barrel roll, and flipped over for a perfect reverse four point landing. Everyone clapped and cheered as the last Dementor was gone, and Puffy the showoff, took a bow.

- Wishing for a friend -

Everyone in the Arthur Room was cheering, and congratulating Harry and Fergus, including Merlin, King Arthur, and his knights, and the founders who had come and watch on the big screens.

"Come along Harry, the battle is over, and we have won. But to win the war, we must now win the peace. It looks like three trolls are dead, and two may be wounded. Give the three dead trolls to your champions. They can prepare them for the feast tonight with the help of the werewolves and vampires."

"What? Are they going to eat them?" Hermione asked.

"Yes of course. Those funny little salutations the Goblins greet each other with, about what would happen to their enemies, are actually true. You used to be able to order a troll steak in the wild game restaurants. Though troll has not been on the menu since they became endangered. So they will not be wasted, and they are an acquired taste."

"Taste like walrus which tastes like fatty pork." Luna added, remembering her travels with her father.

"Oh." Said Harry and Hermione and thought they would be careful what they ate tonight. Not that the idea of eating troll bother them but the idea of 'what you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow'. That would explain some of the not so nice people they have met.

"Have the Goblin healers try to heal the two wounded trolls, and remove the controlling charms the death eaters put on them. Then ask Hagrid to could take them back to their family, and if he could ask them to go deeper into the mountains." Harry nodded.

"Pussy, if you could adjust the wards so Dude can Post-it-note Portkey the death eaters away to Gringotts. Now Harry, congratulate your commanders, champions and warriors. Ask after any injured or wounded." Harry nodded. "Okay everyone hold tight, and Fawkes if you will." Fawkes flamed them down to near the gate.

- Wishing for a friend -

They saw the flame of Fawkes, Harry with Fergus standing there with their friends, and gave Harry three deafening cheers. Harry went to his commanders, champions, to thank and congratulate them with their warriors. He asked after their injured and wounded but was very happy no one had died. But only cuts and bruises that would heal quickly. The champions were very happy to get the three trolls, and with the help of the werewolves and vampires, they were able to Portkeyed them back to Ragnok's Manor. Dude managed to Post-it-note Portkey the dead death eaters out, and Minerva had the house elves serve a light lunch with the children mingling, and thanking the warriors from around the world that had come to protect them. The Goblins were able to heal the wounded trolls, and Hagrid took them home the next day.

The ghost cavalry enjoyed their charge so much that they went back to the Quidditch pitch to rerun it. Sir Nicholas looked so proud leading the charge with the Bloody Baron, Lord Cardigan, Major General Scarlett, Custer, and Grant.

The ghost cavalry commanders came to Fergus and Harry. "Well done. Very well done." Fergus said. "You were all magnificent!"

"Thank you Milord. That charge made us feel so alive again. It was far better than any old silly headless hunt. Sir Nicholas. We need to do this again next year." Said Lord Cardigan and the other commanders heartily agreed.

"Certainly Milord." Sir Nicholas said very happily. "I will make all the arrangements."

"You were all really magnificent!" Harry said. "Thank you. Thank you so much for coming to our aid."

"It was an honour, Harry." Lord Cardigan said. "You have no idea what it means to an old cavalry officer to have that last great charge."

- Wishing for a friend -

Fergus got a strange call from Ragnok asking him to open the gates. They had been knocking for ten minutes, and no one had heard them over the cheering. Minerva opened the gates, and Ragnok lead his warriors in to tumultuous rambunctious cheers as they greeted the victors of the battle of Gringotts.

The two groups surged forward catching Harry in the middle and Fluffy quickly and carefully picked up Harry, Hermione and Luna and put them on the back of Puffy with Dan and Emma. Puffy gave them a wink, and launched herself into the air with her precious cargo. Hermione and Luna held onto Harry tightly but Hermione realized how carefully Puffy was flying. They were not bouncing or thrown to one side then the other but just seemed to be stuck on Puffy's back like the roller coaster ride she remembered at Disneyland called Space Mountain. Puffy flew in and around the towers of the castle. The children grew confident, and put their hands into the air. Puffy surprised them all by flying a loop the loop followed by a 300 foot drive, a barrel roll and a perfect four point landing. Everyone cheered them but Dan could not hear as he was deaf from Emma screaming in his ear the whole time. Harry discovered where Hermione inherited her lungs from to be able to talk without taking a breath.

Fluffy and Puffy and the other hell hounds, were mobbed by the children and warriors, wanting to ride and take photos as the afternoon turned into a carnival of celebration of life. Fluffy put Hagrid on Puffy's back for the next flight, and they could hear his whoop of joy all the way to the Black Lake and back. It took weeks for the grin on Hagrid's face to go back to normal. Next was Neville, Susan and Hannah and they dared Augusta and Amelia to go with them. And they did.

Harry, Hermione and Luna greeted, and personally thanked many of the warriors that had come to his aid that day. And they thanked him too. They had come to the Magical Gathering with hope. To have a chance to meet new friends, and may be fight a hell hound. They had been moved to come, and defend Harry at Hogwarts, as warriors of the Goblin nations, Woodland Realm Elves, Native Magical races, Centaurs, Elves, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Vampires and Werewolves. But after that Highland Charge they had become a band of brothers. They had laid a firm foundation for the future based on the important things.

— Respect, and trust, and friendship, and bravery, and above all Love.

- Wishing for a friend -

Later that afternoon, Ragnok came to Harry and said it was time. They gathered the members of the Order of Avalon with the commanders, and traveled by Portkey to Gringotts. There they met up with Mi5 and Mi6 ID teams. Harry thanked them for their efforts, and wished them well at their party tonight. The ID teams thanked Harry for the opportunity to rid the world of so many villains, thugs and murders.

They all went through the portal doorway between Gringotts and the Death Chamber in the Department of Mysteries, where they met and thanked Team Stig and Team Spook. There waiting to go through the veil was the crispy stasis body of Cornelius Fudge with what little they could scrape up of the Toad, Bellatrix, The Grouch and son, the blond vampire in a tray and Quirrellmort. That was the last of them. Only thirty of the children of the bigots not killed by the lightning were sentenced to the Dragon pens for trying to rob Gringotts, the rest had been going through the veil all afternoon.

The Grouch had written out a full confession, and begged to go through the veil with his son taking Voldemort with him. His only consolation was to know Dumbledore will be following soon. With his wife dying, the Grouch had approached Dumbledore for support to have his son released on compassionate grounds. Dumbledore convinced him that would never happen, and suggested an alternative plan which just showed how cruel Dumbledore was. Dumbledore had his personal potion master brew the polyjuice potion that gave the Grouch and his wife their last hour together with their son. He could not even claim his "son's body" after "he" died. Then when Sirius Black came up for review, Dumbledore made him realize that it was either Sirius or him and his son plus Sirius. The Grouch knew there was something very wrong when Sirius Black was not in Club Azkaban, but was kept with the Dementors. He had set up letters to go to the DMLE in the event of his death. That someone might use in a "tell all" book on Dumbledore. There was nothing for him here, and he wanted to be with his wife. They granted him that mercy. They only needed the rat for Sirius's trial. The Grouch will pass with his reputation. His cause of death was noted as a broken heart.

Chief Witch Augusta Longbottom stepped forward with Neville, Croaker, Narcissa Black, Amelia, Susan and Harry with Fergus, Hermione and Luna. Augusta spoke of the evil that Tom Marvolo Riddle had done, all the people, and lives he had destroyed. She spoke of her hopes for the future. To have a Peace Accord with all who made the success of today possible. Then she turned to Harry who gave the signal with a nod, Fudge and his Toad went through the veil followed by Bellatrix with the tray containing Lucius. Finally Quirrellmort. He was pushed through by the Grouches, who walked proud and brave, one following his master and the other, finally finishing the job.

It was done.

Tom Marvolo Riddle.

AKA lord Voldemort, the dark lord.

Was finally really truly dead.

Dead dead!

Deep in a cell in Gringotts, there was a scream that nobody heard, as the soul of the Rat was ripped out of him by his dark mark, and went to join his master through the veil. As did the soul of a certain headmaster, and others who thought they could escape their past by running and hiding.

- Wishing for a friend -

Mi5 and Mi6 Portkeyed their ID teams back to the MI Headquarters where there was a big party happening to celebrate that 85 of the top 200 most wanted in the world, were no longer a threat. It had been a very good day. For Great Britain, it was 140 of the top 200 most wanted, and solved hundreds of recent crimes. Rather than announce this enormous success at once they decided to announce a few each week, and months over the next two years. That way they not have to explain any awkward questions that they did not want to answer. The evil deeds books will take years to process, and close thousands of cold cases, giving some comfort to the victims' family to find and bury their loved ones in peace, knowing the perpetrators will never harm anyone again.

- Wishing for a friend -

Ragnok brought everyone back to his Manor for the celebration feast. Where they celebrated long into the night. Sirius and Remus had been working all afternoon with all of the video that had been recorded, and edited a two hour documentary movie of the day that they showed on the big screens. The highlights were, the Toad's command performance, and hopping down Diagon Alley, the Fudge's tea party, counting to ten with Amelia, Puffy's big blow, Ragnok standing resolute with all hell happening around him, the crushing of the Toad, Filius' marching bagpipe band leading the international brigade, Fluffy and Puffy to trying to hide, the ghost cavalry and Highland Charge, Puffy verses the last Dementor, Harry's cheer and Quirrellmort going through the veil. The witches also loved the wedding re-enactment. With all the different cameras and angles they made the two battles last twenty minutes each, and repeated Puffy's blow, the lightening, the ghost cavalry and the Highland Charge in slow motion. So the warriors could watch themselves charging.

They gave Sirius and Remus and all the camera elves and warriors a standing ovation for doing such a great job in such trying circumstances. Without their effort, they would have never known about the surprise attack on Hogwarts in time to defeat it.

They showed it again after the children returned to Hogwarts as they needed a good night sleep as they had to deal with the Wizengamot tomorrow.

- Wishing for a friend -

Sir Nicholas was waiting for Harry to return to his suite. "A word if you please, Milord, Miladies?"

"Certainly, Sir Nicholas. Please call me Harry. I must say how magnificently you led that charge."

"Thank you Harry. You are most kind. Milady Luna, your kind gesture of giving me your favour gave me the confidence and courage ride to victory. I shall forever be your champion." He bowed and kissed her hand as Luna gave a mischievous giggle. "I have come to thank you all for the opportunity to redeem myself that you gave me today."

"Redeem? How did you end up nearly headless?" Hermione asked.

"Well it is a funny story. Well maybe not that funny. I had caused great offense to the Lady Grieve by accidentally turning her teeth into tusks. She cried off with my head. They used a blunt axe, and gave up chopping my head off after forty-five goes, as I was already dead. I have made up a ballad about it. Would you like me to sing it to you?"

"Yes please." Cried Luna.

"Well here goes." Sir Nicholas said as he cleared his throat.

"The Ballad of Nearly Headless Nick, by Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington."

"It was a mistake any wizard could make

Who was tired and caught on the hop

One piffling error, and then, to my terror,

I found myself facing the chop.

Alas for the eve when I met Lady Grieve

A-strolling the park in the dusk!

She was of the belief I could straighten her teeth

Next moment she'd sprouted a tusk.

I cried through the night that I'd soon put her right

But the process of justice was lax;

They'd brought out the block, though they'd mislaid the rock

Where they usually sharpened the axe.

Next morning at dawn, with a face most forlorn,

The priest said to try not to cry,

"You can come just like that, no, you won't need a hat,"

And I knew that my end must be nigh.

The man in the mask who would have the sad task

Of cleaving my head from my neck,

Said "Nick, if you please, will you get to your knees,"

And I turned to a gibbering wreck.

"This may sting a bit" said the cack-handed twit

As he swung the axe up in the air,

But oh the blunt blade! No difference it made,

My head was still definitely there.

The axeman he hacked and he whacked and he thwacked,

"Won't be too long", he assured me,

But quick it was not, and the bone-headed clot

Took forty-five goes 'til he floored me.

And so I was dead, but my faithful old head

It never saw fit to desert me,

It still lingers on, that's the end of my song,

And now, please applaud, or you'll hurt me."

From the first draft of CoS.

Harry, Hermione and Luna were giggling, and clapping as Sir Nicholas had a nice singing voice.

"Thank you all. You are most kind." He said with a bow. "Before today I was the bunt of all the other ghost's jokes. I would try to join in the 'Headless Hunt', a social club of ghosts who have been beheaded, but had been rejected for membership in the Hunt by its leader, Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore because I did not meet their requirements. But after that charge, I have been made the brigade commander of the Hogwarts' Light Horse brigade, by the other commanders. We are going turn it into an annual event on our social calendar, and I have already started to plan the next charge. I hope you can all come."

"We will love to come." Said Hermione.

"Great. Unfortunately Sir Properly Decapitated-Podmore will not meet our requirements as he lost his head during the charge, and it became an Occupational Health and Safety issue." Sir Nicholas said with a smile, and thought to himself 'that, and I have forgotten where I have hidden his head.'

- Wishing for a friend -

Harry laid there in his bed before he fell asleep, hugging his family around him, and thanked the powers-that-be that answered his wish that none of his friends died today, and for helping with the victory.

- Wishing for a friend -

Maurice was working late with his magic cameras. He had been busy all day taking pictures of everyone who played a part in today's victory. And had taken some aerial pictures of Hogwarts from Puffy's back. He had an idea for a special picture for Harry and Hogwarts that would push the magic photos to its limits.

- Wishing for a friend -

Mi6 was very tired when he got home that night, and was taken by surprise when his daughter jumped into his arms, and hugged him. Dana told him of her day, and how her ex-boyfriend had got expelled for stripping off his clothes as he ran through the assembly screaming about a big black hound with glowing red eyes, and jumped into the fountain. His friends claimed to have seen the big black hound in the boy's toilet, and a certain girl, not mentioning any names, had started the rumor that Sabrina the teenage witch has put a curse on the school. If the boys are not perfect gentlemen, the big black hound would come back. Her new boyfriend is the one she always wanted, and all the boys are perfect gentlemen. She said all that with one breath and not a pause, very fast.

It had been a very good day all round.

- Wishing for a friend -

The powers-that-be were celebrating tonight. That had been the most exciting day that they have had in centuries. Tempestas and the three Fates were up to date with their lists, and a lot of the manipulations of the old goat had been undone and corrected. They were pleased with the love, joy and goodwill as everyone worked together to bring the magical world back to life. It was the way it was meant to be, and gave hope for the future.

Hades was so happy with his pets, and the benefit of the training they have gained with Ragnok's final battle. He made a note not to feed Rudolph, baked beans. Ever! He was particularly glad to have his list up to date with all of Tom Marvolo Riddle's soul and the others that crossed over today.

That just left the last enemy, whose name started with D.

Tempestas had a great time at the party, feeling the love and being very popular.

The Power-that-be heard Harry, and thanked him for being just Harry.