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Wishing for a friend Chapter 27

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The following chapters until we get to Halloween are trying to describe a magical world free of the bigotry and barriers of Dumbledore and the Pure-blood supremacist who had used the 'Statue of Secrecy' as a wall to keep Magical Britain in the Victorian age, and to keep out those witches and wizards they deemed not worthy to know magic but also as a barrier to separate and block off 75% of the magical world that they deem full of vile creatures. The new magical world is full of beauty and wonder and it is amazing to think what could have been.

As peace comes after a time of trouble, people look to the future and celebrate with a baby boom.

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Chapter 27. Sharing the Joy of Quidditch.

Monday 16th of September 1991

Hedwig's Weather report: Miserable at first as it is Monday, but with clearing gloom and a beautiful afternoon.

Hedwig flew over Black Lake as part of her morning flight to gather information for today's weather report. Even with the wonders of Hogwarts, Monday morning is still a drag. She circle back to the grounds of Hogwarts and flew over the James Potter Quidditch Pitch. There she saw the remains of all the weird and wonderful logic and creation of wizards and witches imagine for accommodation, as many had slept on the pitch after a long night celebrating the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. The pitch was filled with tents of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Hedwig agreed with Moon Eyes; wizards were crazy. With so many sleeping out, Lady Hogwarts had canceled the 2:00 am shower, and the morning fog was clearing.

Hedwig saw the procession of wizards, witches and the parents of first generation students, making their way to the Portal Station. The mood was positive for a Monday after a great weekend, and everyone was looking forward to next Saturday where they would get together for a good old fashion castle moving. To shrink and move Lancelot's fortress 'Joyous Guard' to the Magical Gathering for the British Magical theme display. It was built as a copy of Camelot, and though over a thousand years old, was is still in good shape.

Many of the parents of first generation students took up the option of staying Sunday night at the castle as they knew they could sleep in, have a nice breakfast with their children then with the Portal Station still be in central London before 8:00 am.

There was Dean's mother walking with little Timmy who was giggling with glee. He had just managed to turn his new mother's hair hot pink. Little Timmy is Elizabeth Thomas' new 3 year old adopted son whom Dean and Sally-Anne had chosen for her. Timmy was an abandon first generation who Madam Rookwood's Pink Fairy Godmothers had rescued from a mundane orphanage. With Dean at Hogwarts, it was very quiet at home, Elizabeth welcomed the company, and little Timmy needed the love. Plus the magical children package that came with little Timmy, especially with the charmed emergency medallion to call for a Pink Fairy Godmother. Elizabeth also had a reason the see more of Dean as little Timmy will go to playgroup at Hogwarts every Thursday until he started his free scholarship to the Junior Hogwarts School, a pre-Hogwarts school for the underage, which ran with the Hogwarts Lily Potter Magical Orphanage for magical orphans.

With Elizabeth was Regina and Thomas David Perks with the new additions to their family, a seven year old first generation wizard named Brendan and his six year old sister Allison. The Pink Fairy Godmothers had rescued them after Dumbledore's draining rune was removed, and their atheist parents could not accept the magical world. Brendan and Allison would be coming home for a week then commuting to Junior Hogwarts each day on the new Magical Yellow with Purple GT stripes Anthropomorphic Triple Decker Type M School Bus.

The Type M school bus had hard wooden bench seats as beds would be inappropriate in a school bus, and the first charm they would learn is the cushion charm. The chandelier was replaced with climbing ropes for exercise if they got bored. But the coolest part was the look of envy they got from the other school children who were stuck waiting for their boring old mundane US-style yellow school buses, and the way the magical school bus would roar off into the distance after picking up the students. Finding a way through the narrowest of gaps, the tightest of turns with always green lights and somehow, never getting stuck in traffic.

- Wishing for a friend -

Hedwig flew into the wing of the hospital ward that was the entrance of the Tempus Room, and landed on the shoulder of her favourite Hufflepuff. Tonks, who was waiting near the stone door of the Tempus Room with her mother, and the other slightly green expecting witches, for a morning Harry hug. On the other side of the wing was a large group of witches and some wizards from the extended Potter family with some Pink Fairy Godmothers waiting their turn to go into the Tempus Room for the day session of the Intensive English Literacy Course.

Near the entrance of the wing was Headmistress McGonagall, and Hagrid's family waiting with the Delacours, and the contingent from Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning, led by their new Headmaster Professor Ima Nickingoff along with the Krum family. Viktor was restlessly standing there with his new Nimbus 2000X that was presented to him by Nimbus as a marketing opportunity to show off the new broom at Durmstrang. Marie-Antoinette was standing next to her sister holding the Nimbus 2000X broom presented to Fleur for Beauxbatons.

With the success of The Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament yesterday, Headmistress McGonagall with Headmistress Maxime and Headmaster Nickingoff decided to make a formal presentation at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning to invite those schools to the next Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament to be held in November.

They were waiting for the previous evening session of the Intensive English Literacy Course to finish at 8:00 am. So they could take Harry, Hermione and Luna with Fleur and Gabrielle and the other first years with them for the presentation.

Hedwig rubbed her head against Tonks pink hair. "Oh good morning Hedwig." Tonks said. "I have saved some bacon for your breakfast." She unwrap some deep fried bacon from the Hufflepuff table. Hedwig loved it when Harry, Hermione and Luna had breakfast on the Hufflepuff table as their secret recipe for deep fried crispy bacon with 11 herbs and spices gave it a delicious flavour, and was her favourite breakfast food. Hedwig quickly ate it all up.

- Wishing for a friend -

The runes next to the Tempus Room door slowly ticked away to 8:00 am when a loud 'ding' sounded that reminded Tonks of her mother's mundane microwave oven. Then a loud click, clunk boom as the locks released, a grinding sound as the heavy stone door slowly opened, and some mist came out.

The Trophy trio were first to walk out followed by Weatherby and Draco with his friend Willow, the younger sister of one of the Trophy trio. Weatherby had earnt his name and position for standing up for the Pure-Blood Agenda in the epic arguments with the magical portraits in the library. As the Tempus Room had been closed for three hundred years. The newly awakened portraits were very interested in the state of the Magical World, and what had happened during that time. Percy proudly spoke of the fine traditions maintained under the guidance of great wizards like Dumbledore, and the terrible backward steps the Wizengamot had made because of Harry. Draco had joined in support as that was what his father had drummed into him. But the portraits had seen through all the smoke and mirrors, and had ripped apart Weatherby's arguments. Even Draco could see the unmitigating disaster the Pure-Blood Agenda had become to destroy the Magical world. Even just considering the magical population. In 1650 AD, there were about 100,000 witches and wizards with a mundane population of 7 million for England, Scotland and Ireland. But instead of growing three times to 300,000 in 300 years. The Pure-blood agenda and blood wars had reduced the magical population to 30,000. Which meant that 90% of the expected magical population was either dead, never born or had left. All the great magical families that had been murdered and died out.

Fergus joined in with the portrait to destroyed Weatherby's arguments on Blood Purity with the two most powerful wizards in the last century were half-bloods and Tom Riddle mother was an inbred squib with a mundane love potioned father. Then they destroyed the myth of the muggle-born. Magical blood begets magical blood. You had to have magical blood in your heritage, be it witch, wizard or squib, to be magical. Tom Riddle proved that with his mother a squib. Hermione was found to be a half-blood. As was her mother Emma. So one of Emma's parents had magical blood.

Percy lived up to his "Prewett Heritage" of loudly arguing. That lasted a week before even he was ashamed of what had happened. Now he quietly followed behind the Trophy Trio carrying their bags while Draco carried Willow's. Weatherby and Draco placed the bags in the corner for the house-elves to collect, Weatherby picked up their text books for the day, and followed the Trophy trio to their respective classes. While Draco and Willow waited with the rest of the first years to go on their excursion.

- Wishing for a friend -

Next out of the Tempus Room was Vinny and Millie, Gman and Pansy followed by the other old-magic children. They walked out very pleased with themselves as the first session of the Intensive English Literacy Course had been a big help to them. Madam Pomfrey had discovered that both Vinny and Gman had a mild case of astigmatism of the eyes which made it hard for them to see clearly, and made reading difficult. In the library Madam Pomfrey had found a book of modern healing (for 1650) which had charms to detect eye problems, and enchantments to heal them that she had never seen before. Being able to see clearly almost seemed to double Vinny and Gman's IQ, and they quickly learnt to read and write. Vinny and Gman received hugs and kisses of encouragement from Millie and Pansy for how well their reading had improved over the 14 days of the time compressed session. The smile of Vinny's face as he wrote his own name in legible copperplate, that even Gman could read brought joy to everyone.

Madam Pomfrey, Professors Krystle Kerrigan and Griselda Marchbanks, CDMG, APMO, Governor of the Wizarding Examinations Authority that ran the O.W.L., N.E.W.T. and W.O.M.B.A.T. Examinations. Carefully examined and asses each child for any medical issues, learning difficulties, and education level. To ensure the individual weaknesses and specific needs of each student are addressed. The children were then put into groups of from one to as many as five to learn English starting with reading and writing to develop reading, listening, speaking, and presentation skills, English Grammar and Academic Writing. The morning session was for theory, and the afternoons for practicals with the evening for presentations and drama. They worked on the pantomime Cinderella for the ball, and finished the evening with a fireside chat, and a story by Fergus while drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows.

- Wishing for a friend -

After the old-magic children came Harry, Hermione and Fleur with Luna, Gabrielle and Daphne. Over the 14 day session Fleur had confirmed her position as Harry and Hermione's big sister, and added a degree of maturity. Fleur and Gabrielle had spent a lot of time on their English pronunciation with Professor Kerrigan, and had developed her Oxford accent. Which Hermione was so proud of, and Harry, Luna and Daphne found to be very amusing as Fleur and Gabrielle looked so French.

The level of the maturity that Fleur brought to the group was a boon for Luna as she hooked up with her fellow chasers from array alpha; Gabrielle and Daphne, to enjoy the fun of her childhood that she missed with the death of her mother. Together, Luna, Gabrielle and Daphne formed the Three Musketeers, inseparable friends who live by the motto "all for one, one for all" and were the instigators of, and in the middle of any fun, mischief or mayhem that happened. Who would have imagine the blonde witch with the angelic smile of a sunrise could be such a mischievous little imp. James, Sirius and Remus would have been so proud. It was amazing to see Luna's bright smile melt Daphne's Ice Queen mask of protection, and get her to have fun. A lot of fun with style and class to complement Gabrielle's touch of beauty, and balance Luna's sheer joy of life.

As physical stamina had shown to be lacking in the children from the performance of the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. It was decided to add exercise periods. With the size of the pool in the bathroom it was decided to have swimming before lunch, and dancing in the ballroom before dinner. But it was quickly discovered that the old-magic children could not swim. So the swimming session became learn to swim sessions. As the children could not swim neither did they have any swimsuits. That problem was solved by Luna, who you may remember was in charge of buying swimsuits for Harry at Harrods. She claimed that a Blibbering Humdinger had told her that it was cheaper to buy by the dozen. So she did. She had bought dozens of boardshorts and Speedo swimsuits in red, white, blue and black plus dozens of one piece swimsuits and bikinis for Hermione, Emma and herself made of this magical mundane material call Lycra. Luna became the Trophy Trio's heroine when they found in Luna's bag, swimsuits in one piece or bikinis styles from Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Gaultier and Prada.

By the end of the 14 day session, the only person who still could not swim the length of the pool was Weatherby. He had developed this habit of making a strange face, choking and sinking to the bottom of the pool every time he saw what little the Trophy Trio were wearing for swimming.

With the dancing before dinner; Professor Marchbanks and Madam Rookwood with her Pink Fairy Godmothers led the teaching of the traditional wizarding dances. While Harry Fred Astaire Potter and Hermione Ginger Potter with Luna Rogers Lovegood using their bond to Harry's memories, were able to put on breath taking displays of tap dancing, tango, waltz and other ballroom dances. With such skilled teachers Vinny and Gman were soon guiding Millie and Pansy slowly around the ballroom without treading on anyone's toes. Gracefulness would come with practice.

Then Luna taught them the Fairy Ribbon dance. It is a very energetic dance for three or more. Simply put you just held hands and ran, following the leader where ever they went. For those watching, the dancers became a colourful ribbon moving gracefully around the room and other dancers. With so many extra witches, it was a fun simple yet beautiful and exhausting dance that saved from them just sitting on the sideline waiting. Of course when the fairies did the ribbon dance they were flying.

To make exercising more fun, Luna led the Three Musketeers on early morning pillow fight raids on the other dormitories. That is how Luna earnt her call sign; the blonde M&M. M&M for Mischief and Mayhem. Luna would just claim that it was the Jaguarundies who made her do it, and who could doubt that beautiful radiant smile. Sometimes the Three Musketeers would have bitten more than they could hit, and Luna would shift Gabrielle and Daphne back to their bed in the Library. Leaving big brother Harry to go all Scarlet Pimpernel and with his League of Hermione and Fleur, to go and rescue the virtue of the clothes the Three Musketeers left behind.

- Wishing for a friend -

Then there was the Library in the Tempus Room. Besides all the old mundane books the library had kept safe from the Pure-blood correction purges and a manipulative Headmaster's sticky fingers. It had thousands of magical books. Even some overdue books from the Royal Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. Hermione and Professors Kerrigan and Marchbanks, thought that they had found paradise. But they found that the books could not be removed from the library. So they moved their beds into the library to save reading time. With the bond, Harry, Hermione and Luna discovered that they could each read different books, and then share picture perfect memories the books, which made Hermione love Harry and Luna even more.

Hermione's Lady Potter ring taught her how to make a Grimoire. So she could compile copies of her favourite books from the library. She taught this enchantment to everyone so they could make copies of their favourite books. As all the books were from before 1709 and the Statute of Anne, copyright was not an issue. Hermione had brought her copy of the Great Red Book of Westmarch for some light reading. Professors Kerrigan, McKinnon, and surprisingly Marchbanks made their own Grimoire with a copy of Hermione's Great Red Book of Westmarch. They were fans of Lord of the Rings.

Draco found a copy of the book; 'Grooming Charms for the Modern Dandy' by Ebenezer Lockhart published 1675. It had charms that focused on the importance of physical appearance, and a guide to refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of Self. The most useful charms were for cleaning teeth to a bright white sparkle and a gold glint, pure scented breath, hair styles, and body refreshment charms with in various scents. It had charms for bright eyes but gave a warning to charms that made the eyes twinkle. As twinkling eyes charms were used by untrustworthy manipulators of ill intent to deceive and compel the unwary to do things against their own good. It also had cleaning, alteration and repair charms and enchantments for clothes to ensure the clothes fitted, stayed clean, warm and dry. There even was a billowing enchantment for that special entrance. Everyone made a copy of that book, and practiced the charms until they mastered them. It made a positive impression when they walked out of the Tempus Room, bright eye, sparkling glinting smile and billowing robes.

Hermione found a book on the mind arts including Occlumency to train and protect the mind from a witch or wizard possessing a skill called Legilimency that allowed them to read minds. Occlumency taught the user to clear the mind and calm themselves in very stressful situations. It showed how to compartmentalize the mind and one's emotions, so it would work easier, quicker and think more clearly. The last chapter was on the beginning of Legilimency, and taught the user how to detect lies and deceit in another person. Harry, Hermione and Luna quickly mastered these skills so they could read and share more books, and to avoid being pranked by Sirius and Remus. The others saw how it helped them, and learnt Occlumency to help with their education. Adding the book to their own Grimoire.

Harry found a book on Magical Transportation that included the usual methods of apparition, Portkeys, and Portals, and added shifting, fading, flaming, jumping, popping, slipping, sliding, and walking through shadows, lights, mirrors, reflective surfaces, and trees. There was a section on flying with brooms and magic carpets plus freestyle as in flying without an aid. You could fly freestyle with or without trailing sparks, stars, smoke of different colours and even a rainbow. Luna could not wait to try freestyle with a trailing rainbow, but they had to focus on learning shifting first.

With the book, it took a day for Harry, Hermione and Luna to master shifting with their clothes. Though Luna would still, sometimes when she was just a little bit naughty, shift the Three Musketeers, and accidentally left their clothes behind. Much to Daphne's embarrassment.

Harry also found a book on Animagi transformations. It had three different methods to achieve Animagi transformations plus how to make a potion impregnated parchment which uses three drops of blood, and would list all the different animals someone could transform into. But the potion took a week to brew, and they did not have all the ingredients. So they decided to collect the ingredients, and brew the potion next session. Luna was really excited to find a chapter in the book of animal communications, and it included an enchantment that would allow the user to communicate with the animals. So they could blend in when they transformed. She thought Hermione was pulling her leg when she called it the Dolittle Enchantment. Luna could not wait to try it out.

Dan found a book on Family Heritage that had the instructions on how to make a potion impregnated parchment which uses five drops of blood, and will draw up your family tree back ten generations. But like the Animagi transformations book, the potion took a week to brew, and they did not have all the ingredients. So they decided to collect the ingredients, and brew the potion next session. Hermione and Emma were very interested to find out their magical heritage.

But it was Luna who found the book that everyone agreed was the best find in the library. A book called 'Sentient Magical Creatures and Where To Find Them', by Myrddin Emrys. Luna and Hermione quickly worked out the authors name, and it was detail account of all Sentient Magical Creatures from wizards and witches to Veelas, Goblins, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Hags, Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, Acromantulas, Basilisks, Centaurs, Demiguises, Fairies, Ghouls, Griffins, Hippogriffs, Kelpies, Kneazles, Leprechauns, Lethifolds, Merpeople, Mooncalfs, Nifflers, Nundus, Owls, Pixies, Runespoors, Sphinxes, Trolls, Unicorns, Winged Horses including Abraxan and Thestral, Yetis, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Boggarts, House-elves, Dementors, Wood Nymphs and Zombies. It even had a special section on Blibbering Humdingers, Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Gulping Plimpies, Heliopaths, Jaguarundies, Nargles, Wrackspurts, Drop Bears, and Bunyips.

The book had detail maps to show where to find the creatures. Weatherby cast doubt on the book's accuracy as a map showed the fable Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.

"These maps are obviously wrong." Weatherby said pompously. "Everyone knows the island of Atlantis floated too close to the edge of the world and fell off."

"What? Floating island? Fell off?" Hermione questioned. "Do you really believe that the world is flat?"

"Of course it is. My father and sister are on a world cruise to the four corners of the Earth." Weatherby said with the pride of knowledge and the look of disparagement on the ignorant.

Hermione rolled her eyes as did the Trophy Trio who stood up, went to where Weatherby was sitting, and whacked him hard up the back of the head. "The Earth is a sphere silly, just like the Moon and the Sun." The Trophy Trio said.

"Yes dear. Of course you are correct. Silly me. My apologizes Milady." Weatherby said as he picked himself up from where he fell on the floor.

'Hermione?' Luna asked over the link. 'Atlantis is a floating island. Daddy and I went there the summer before last, looking for Heliopaths, and Jaguarundies.'

'Is it really?' Hermione answered over the link. 'The position shown for Atlantis is in what the Mundanes call the Bermuda Triangle, and the rest of the map showed a very accurate, and detail presentation of North and Central America. From the publication date, the map was five hundred years before Columbus.'

'The Mundanes would never find the island of Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle.' Harry added.

Emma noticed Harry, Hermione and Luna talking over their bond. "Care to share?"

"Oh sorry. Hermione was just restoring my faith in the book and maps, when she pointed out that the position shown for Atlantis was in the Bermuda Triangle, and the rest of the map showed a very accurate, and detail presentation of North and Central America. From the publication date, the map was five hundred years before Columbus." Luna replied.

"That is very interesting as this map looks like the South Pacific." Dan said. "And shows a good presentation of Australia and New Zealand called Terra Australis and Middle Earth."

"Terra Australis was named by Aristotle." Emma said. "Did the ancients like Ptolemy travel there?"

"Well that raised the interesting question of how much information, and knowledge was lost with the fall of the Roman Empire, and the dark ages?" Fergus asked.

Hermione found a book on Magical law. 'The Code Merlin and its practical application.' Written by Arthur Potter and Harfang Longbottom 1599. Harfang must be a traditional family name for the Longbottoms. It gave detail explanations, and examples of the laws, and how they worked with the Wizengamot to promote care, respect and consideration of others. Harry, Hermione, Luna, Fleur, Daphne, Susan and Hannah, copied the book to their Grimoires, and studied it in depth as Arthur and Harfang were distant relations of Harry and Neville.

Emma found a book called; Love, Souls and Magic by I. M. Dreamer. It went into great details of true love, souls, magic cores and the relationships. With details of Soul bonds and Soul mates. Both the good points. Sharing everything, magic, love, joy, pain and sorrow. The sad part. 'Either must live for the other for neither can die while the other survives.'

And a section at the back covering the abuse of the soul to flee from death. Evil dark things call Horcruxes, anchors of the soul. With vague references to the ritual human sacrifice of an innocent needed for a soul could be torn in half. It also included how to detect and find them. Plus some methods of how to destroy a Horcrux and the remaining soul as they are all anchored together. Some methods destroyed the container while others were able to release the anchor, and reattach it to another container. Emma showed this information to Harry and Hermione, and they copied the book to their restricted section of their Grimoires. The book also explained how personality and humanity is lost when their soul is ripped in half, but as a murder of an innocent is required in the ritual. They would have to be a sociopath even to think about it. Also a Horcrux did not give true immortality as it did not stop the aging process. They just begged for death in the end.

Emma found another book called "How to make your Love Life Magical". Emma thought it was odd that it had a plain brown paper cover until she read the first chapter. Then she stopped and copied it to her Grimoire. She carefully put the book back on the highest shelf. She decided to have Dan and herself do the homework exercises in bed tonight and hoped they would be finish before morning.

Not all the discoveries in the library were happy. The Professors found copies of text books from before 1690 on subjects they never knew had been taught at Hogwarts like Elemental Magic, Dueling, Warding, Healing, Spell Crafting, Animagus Training, Self-defense and Swordsmanship beside the usual Mundane subjects of the three Rs. (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.) While the subject matter for other current standard courses had been watered down. What was required for Owls in 1650 was now regarded as advance NEWTs. This meant that to hide the dumbing down of the Pure-bloods because of inbreeding they lowered the educational standards. They resolved to reverse that, and update all the current text books. Professor Marchbanks let them know that the ICW was always critical of Dumbledore, and the Hogwarts Curriculum and syllabus.

Vinny and Gman found some colour storybooks (comics) on King Arthur, Merlin and the Adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. They really enjoyed reading them to Millie and Pansy.

- Wishing for a friend -

It was towards the end of the 14 day session that Harry and Hermione noticed that their big sister Fleur was becoming a little apprehensive. Luna said it was a Wrackspurt, and Harry switched to mage sight but could not see anything. Luna just giggled, and said this particular Wrackspurt was in her heart. They surrounded Fleur with a hug, and she confided to them that she loved them very much. But she had this growing crush on a certain tall, dark and handsome seeker who had caught the grand final snitch for her team, and the absence had made it grow fonder. Harry and Hermione comforted, and encouraged their sister.

And now was the moment of truth. As they came out of the Tempus Room, they could see Viktor standing there at the far end of the ward.

The hospital ward was full of people, but Viktor only had eyes for one beautiful witch. When he saw her come out of the Tempus Room his face lit-up with a smile. As did Fleur's. He passed his broom to his sister Anna, and started to walk towards Fleur.

Fleur froze when she saw Viktor but his smile melted her fear. Harry and Hermione gave her a kiss, and pushed her forward. Fleur ran while everyone stopped, and watched this magical moment unfolded.

Fleur leap the last few meters into Viktor's arms, and they spun around as he caught her in full flight. Once. Twice they turned as Viktor slowly pulled her closer. On the third turn Fleur was close enough to wrap her arms around Viktor's neck as they stopped turning, and slowly their lips came together for true love's first kiss.

All the witches were sighing as Hermione and Luna melted into Harry's sides with Gabrielle and Daphne melting into Hermione and Luna. Their Fleur was all grown up now. It only seems to be last week that their Fleur was this shy little thing. But now, that run, launch and catch was so romantically perfect, and Fleur remembered to point her toes as she flew, and twirled around like the princess she is.

Fleur was standing on tippy toes to reach Viktor when her left foot kicked up to indicate that out of ten, that kiss was a twelve plus. Her shoe was flicked off, and Neville caught it, earning a kiss from Susan and Hannah.

Anna gave Viktor his broom and Fleur sat on the back behind him. Headmistress McGonagall opened a large window, and the new couple flew out into the morning sunshine of a new day. Soon followed by Marie-Antoinette and Brigitte riding on Fleur's broom.

- Wishing for a friend -

Then the romantic moment was over after brightening everyone's day. Harry started to give the slightly green expecting witches their morning Harry hugs as the house-elves quickly prepared, and restocked the Tempus Room for the next session. Madam Rookwood and her Pink Fairy Godmothers led the adult witches and wizards into the Tempus Room for the day session of the Intensive English Literacy Course with Professors Kerrigan, McKinnon and Marchbanks. They planned to follow the same program as the children including the swimming and dancing but the for drama they were going to study Gilbert and Sullivan. Madam Pomfrey volunteering to stay for another session to carry out checkups for any problems that might hinder their education. Madam Pomfrey was very happy to stay as she had not finished going through that library looking for old healing books.

Fergus and Fawkes went with first years on their excursion to Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Fergus loved to travel to exciting places, meet interesting people and talk to them about all the exciting interesting people he as met that their parents and grandparents would know.

- Wishing for a friend -

Viceroy Ragnok was waiting for the Hogwarts Contingent at the International Portkey station. The Goblins had been busy extending their Portal Network. The Paris Branch of Gringotts had built a Portal Station next to their bank, and had set up a portal to the International Portkey station. In a brilliant move to get the French Ministry of Magic approval and support. They had asked for the wife of the French Minister of Magic to cut the gold ribbon across the entrance portal between the International Portkey station and the Paris Portal Station. With much pomp and speeches in French that Harry understood, the ribbon was cut, and they walked to Paris through the portal.

In Paris the Goblins were ready to open the portal to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and asked Headmistress Olympe Maxime to cut the gold ribbon. Which she did with style and class. They walked through the portal to the school, and into pandemonium. The whole school was waiting outside the Beauxbatons Portal station for the heroes of the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. They had listen to the Tournament being broadcast on the Wizard Wireless Network yesterday, and this morning the French Daily Prophet La Gazette du Sorcier Française, had a bumper edition with full colour moving picture of the matches. The front page had the head line Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament Champions. With a full page picture of Fleur and Gabrielle with the Beauxbatons Angels, and all the other players on their lap of victory. Page two had a full page picture of the Parents verse Professors match with Headmistress Olympe Maxime leading her array of chasers Professors Simone de Beauvoir and Aurora Lupin with Remus Lupin and Jean-Paul de Beauvoir as beaters, in a Hawkshead Attacking Formation, reliving their Quidditch Glory.

The Beauxbatons students were cheering their fellow students and headmistress who had done them proud. Some students tried to grab Fleur to put her on their shoulders but she was sitting behind Viktor having flown on the broom through the portal. Viktor saw them coming, and quickly climbed up away from them. As did Marie-Antoinette and Brigitte riding on Fleur's broom. So they tried to grab Gabrielle but Hagrid picked her up, and put her on his shoulder. That just left their Headmistress Olympe Maxime. So they got more of their friends, and put her on the shoulders, and carried her triumphant into the Dining Chamber of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Hagrid could not help her as his hands were full. That and he was laughing too much watching as the students struggled to carry her carefully without dropping.

Once in the Dining Chamber the student put on a display of ballroom dancing starting with a Waltz that looked like the waltz they had done at Hogwarts. Then they did the Can Can, and yes, it was hilarious to watch Hagrid dancing the Can Can.

To thank the students for their warm welcome, Fergus decided to sing a song, and gathered together Harry, Hermione and Luna with Fleur, Gabrielle and Daphne. "With Beauxbatons situated on the Mediterranean coast of France, near Marseilles. It would be appropriate to sing a song about the sea. Who here knows the song 'La Mer', and can sing it in French?"

"I know it, so will Harry and Luna." Hermione said as she shared the memory over the bond.

"We of course know it." Said Fleur as Gabrielle nodded.

"My mother taught it to me during our holidays on the coast in the south of France." Daphne said as being from a neutral old magic family who did a lot of business in Europe, and was taught French and German.

"Excellent. Follow my lead. Hit it Fawkes and a one, and a two. Showtime." Fergus said and Fawkes started to sing the tune for 'La Mer' as Fergus sung in French with his beautiful, smooth rich baritone voice. Harry and the witches joining in to sing backing voices and the chorus. Harry, Hermione and Luna were moved to dance in syn with the passion of the word of the song. Then the whole of Beauxbatons joined in to sing the finale, and go for the big finish. Everyone clapped and cheered themselves.

Olympe, Minerva, Augusta and Amelia were so glad Fergus had sung that song so beautifully in French as they hoped it would break the ice, and melt the usual negative French attitude to all thing English. By sing in French the ball was in their court to see if they could rise to the challenge to show how well the French students could speak English and just be friends. The goal was share more than just the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. It was to share classes, knowledge, friendship and hopefully the future.

Meanwhile Sirius and Remus setup the giant screen in the hall to show the highlights of the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. The students had only heard it broadcast but it was played in a new exciting way, and they wanted to see what it looked like. A seventh year Veela student named Marie Skłodowska was very interested in the giant screen, and how it worked. Remus was very happy to show her how it could play recorded crystals, and they were going to try to see if it could link to the broadcasts from Hogwarts. After some tweaking Marie was able to link it to the Hogwarts broadcasts.

Now the students were exhausted from dancing and singing. Headmistress Maxime had them sit down, and she introduced Headmistress McGonagall who announced the next Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament to be held in November. She also invited teams from Beauxbatons to come, and practice at Hogwarts if they wished to use the new Hogwarts Nimbus 2000X brooms. She got a standing ovation for that, and with the new Goblin Portal Network; it only took twenty minutes to walk from the Dining Chamber of Beauxbatons to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Before Fergus could sing another song, the Beauxbatons' house-elves served refreshments as Remus introduced the new giant screen. First they played highlights from the Parents verses Professor match, showing it in great detail, and with many camera angles. The students cheered to see Headmistress Olympe Maxime leading her array of chasers, Professors Simone de Beauvoir and Aurora Lupin with Remus Lupin and Jean-Paul de Beauvoir as beaters. She got a standing ovation when she led the Hawkshead Attacking Formation at the end of their session, reliving their Quidditch Glory.

Then the students screamed as they watched an over the shoulder view of Bagman's Flop, all the way from when he spotted the snitch, and went into his vertical drive straight down, gaining speed with the pitch getting closer. The broom glowing red with the warning then the screen going black as he hit the pitch.

After the Parents verse Professors match, Remus had Marie play the whole senior league Quidditch grand final match. Even though the match only lasted 59 minutes, with the extra camera angles the replay lasted 124 minutes. The Beauxbatons students were amazed to see the stacked arrays with the quick change overs, and how smoothly and fast the match was played. They cheered when Neville led in the cavalry to save a forfeit, and almost cheer the roof off when Viktor caught the snitch.

They had lunch and then it was time to go to Durmstrang while the Beauxbatons students wanted Marie to replay the senior league matches.

- Wishing for a friend -

While they were showing the highlights on the giant screen. Fleur wanted a quiet moment away from the cheering hall, and to show Viktor, Harry, Hermione and Luna with the other first years around her school with Fergus and Fawkes as the responsible adults supervisors. (Yeah Fergus thought that was funny too.)

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is on the Mediterranean coast of France near Marseilles, and has a beautiful warm Mediterranean climate. The school uniforms are robes of fine pale blue silk with a Coat of Arms showing two crossed golden wands on a powder-blue field, each emitting three stars. The school is not divided into houses like Hogwarts but has dormitories for each year plus private rooms if requested. The Academy's building is called the Palace of Beauxbatons. It is constructed in the contemporary French Baroque architecture in three stories with a warm sandstone façade, and ornately painted plaster walls and ceilings with a lot of gold leaf, and parquet floor. The dormitories and private rooms are on the top floor, with the classrooms on the middle floor, and the halls, library, and Dining Chamber on the ground floor. The palace is surrounded by immaculate lawns and gardens.

Fleur led them through a long wide hall that had large mirrors lining the walls, and beautiful painted ceiling of scenes important to French magical history. While Fergus started to tell them funny stories of what happen the last time he was there. Everywhere they went they saw beautiful painted scenes, and lots of gold leaf. The hardest part was trying to get Hermione to continue the tour after seeing the library. The dormitories and private rooms were light, large, and airy.

Behind the lawns and gardens was the blue Mediterranean Sea. Everyone was surprised when Harry told them that that was the first time he had seen the sea. Hermione ensured Harry that they would travel to see the seven seas and the four corners of the Earth.

- Wishing for a friend -

In another part Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Headmistress Olympe Maxime was introducing Hagrid to the magical creatures who lived on the grounds surrounding the school. Hagrid was very excited to see the Abraxan, a breed of winged horse; the Abraxan is a gigantic, extremely powerful Palomino that Madame Maxime breeds, and the winged horses that pull her carriage. They drink only single malt whiskey, and require "forceful handling". So after a morning tea of single malt whiskey, Hagrid is riding the stallion with his Olympe behind holding on tight as they led the herd of Abraxan out over the Mediterranean Sea for their morning flight followed by their run along the beach, and a swim in the sea.

All too soon a very wet, and happy Hagrid and Olympe had to return to the Dining Chamber for lunch. Where they served "bouillabaisse", a fish soup that is a local specialty. Fergus sat with Hagrid on the head table with the professors, keeping them entertained. While Fawkes sat on Harry's shoulder enjoying the French cuisine.

- Wishing for a friend -

After lunch our goodbyes were said, and Durmstrang Headmaster Professor Ima Nickingoff led Headmistress McGonagall and the Hogwarts' Contingent back through the portal to Paris where the European Goblins were ready for the wife of the Germany Minister of Magic to cut the gold ribbon across the portal from Paris to Berlin with the usual German efficiency. Crossing to Berlin, Professor Nickingoff asked Headmistress McGonagall to cut the gold ribbon across the portal from Berlin to Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning.

Professor Nickingoff led Headmistress McGonagall and the Hogwarts' Contingent through the portal to Durmstrang, and into bedlam. The Durmstrang students had been waiting all day to welcome home their hero Viktor Krum, and they were all more Quidditch mad then Oliver Wood. They had listen to the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament being broadcast on the Wizard Wireless Network yesterday, and this morning the German Daily Prophet Die Deutsche Tagespropheten, had a bumper edition with full colour moving picture of the matches. The front page had the head line 'KRUM'. With a full page picture of Viktor catching the snitch. Page two had a full page picture of Viktor with Cedric leading all the other players on their lap of victory. Page three had a full page picture of Parents verses Professors match with Headmaster Professor Nickingoff leading his array of chasers with the Bulgarian foreign minister Igor Krum and his wife Gala as beaters, in a Hawkshead Attacking Formation, reliving their Quidditch Glory.

The Durmstrang students were cheering their fellow students and headmaster who had done them proud. Some student tried to grab Viktor to put him on their shoulders but he was ready for them, and with Fleur sitting behind, Viktor put on a display of precision flying excellence on his Nimbus 2000X, that left them wanting more. The students then grabbed their headmaster, put him on their shoulders, and carried him triumphant into the Great Hall of Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning.

To welcome the Hogwarts Contingent, the Durmstrang students put on a very energetic gymnastic display with staffs that shot out sparks when they hit the ground. Headmistress McGonagall looked at Fergus to sing another song to thank the students for their welcome. Fergus led Harry and the girls to sing the song "Danke Schoen" in German with a high tenor voice that reminded Emma of an American singer Wayne Newton. The Durmstrang students gave them a warm applause, and as Sirius and Remus were not finished setting up the giant screen, Fergus seized the day launched into a very rock and roll version of "Twist and Shout". Dan thought he had a copy of that by the Beatles, but Fergus version sounded like it had a brass marching band in it. All the Durmstrang students were up singing and dancing along. Even one group of students were doing a separate thrilling dance bit on the side staircase. Everyone clapped and cheered themselves with the big finish.

Sirius and Remus had finished setting up the giant screen with the help of a Durmstrang student by the name of Nikola Tesla. They were surprised how quickly Nikola understood how the screen worked, and even helped fine tune the connection back to Hogwarts.

Now the students were really exhausted from dancing and singing. Headmaster Nickingoff had them sit down, and he introduced Headmistress McGonagall who announced the next Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament to be held in November. She also invited teams from Durmstrang to come, and practice at Hogwarts if they wished to use the new Hogwarts Nimbus 2000X brooms. She got a standing ovation for that, and with the new Goblin Portal Network; it only took twenty-five minutes to walk from the Great Hall of Durmstrang to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Headmaster Nickingoff knowing how Quidditch mad his students were, acted immediately. "Thank you very much Headmistress McGonagall, for your kind generous offer. On behalf of Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning, I would like to book the Hogwarts' brooms, and Quidditch pitches for next Saturday. I am sure my student would love to visit your illustrious school, and try playing a massed array Quidditch Tournament."

Headmistress McGonagall smiled, and tried to say "You are welcome." But whatever she said was drowned out by the cheers of the Durmstrang students. Headmaster Nickingoff had read the mood of his students, and knew once they saw the way Quidditch was play. There would be no stopping them.

Headmistress Olympe Maxime saw she had to move quickly, caught Headmistress McGonagall ear, and booked the Hogwarts' brooms and Quidditch pitches for next Sunday for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. At least Olympe got her priorities straight. First the serious business of shopping then playing. She would be taking her students to the Magical Gathering on Saturday.

Remus introduced the new giant screen, and first they played highlights from the Parents verses Professor match, showing in great high definition detail, and with many camera angles. The students cheered to see Headmaster Professor Nickingoff leading his array of chasers with the Bulgarian foreign minister Igor Krum and his wife Gala as beaters, in a Hawkshead Attacking Formation, reliving their Quidditch Glory.

Then they all cheered as they watched an over the shoulder view of Bagman's Flop all the way from when he spotted the snitch, and went into his vertical drive straight down, gaining speed with the pitch getting closer. The broom glowing red with the warning. Then the screen going black as he hit the pitch. They enjoyed that so much that they demanded an instant replay.

After the Parents verse Professors match highlights, Remus had Nikola play all the matches played by the Viktor Krum's Durmstrang Allstars Quidditch team in the Senior League of the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. They cheered loudly as the Allstars proved to be too talented for their first match against the Slytherin Angels when Viktor caught the snitch after thirty minutes.

They watched in awe as the captain of the Gryffindor Lions had invited players from Ravenclaw Eagles, and the Slytherin Angels to play reserves for the Gryffindor Lions. They drooled to see the mass array for the first time. That and the possibility of the thought of, win or lose, they could play Quidditch all day.

The captain of the Gryffindor Lions had combined three Quidditch teams to have quick change reserves with four beauties of chasers. Plus two bashers of beaters, a snitch of three seekers and a stonewall of three keepers. Oliver had his reserves on brooms, stacked in a vertical array behind the Gryffindor Lions' goal ready to be swapped without delaying the match. The constant quick change over of the reserves kept the Gryffindor Lions fresh, and the match played at a blistering rate. Soon the Gryffindor Lions were leading the points over the tiring Allstars. The Gryffindor Lions won by ten points when Viktor pulled the plug in the fortieth minute by catching the snitch in a unbelievable dive that made the Durmstrang students think their Viktor was a Quidditch god. They cheered for their Viktor even though the Gryffindor Lions had won, as they thoroughly enjoyed the match, and noted the way all the players worked together.

While the student were raving over that match, Nikola play the Grand Final of the Senior League of the Tri-Wizard Quidditch Tournament. They could not believe the massed array facing their Viktor's Allstars supporting Fleur's Beauxbatons Angels. The Gryffindor Lions had grown to include Tonks' Terrors, Cedric's Angels and the Hufflepuff Badgers. They had an air force of quick change reserves with seven beauties of chasers. Plus five bashers of beaters, a snitch of five seekers and a stonewall of six keepers. It was game on.

Even though the actual match only lasted 59 minutes, with the extra camera angles the replay of the highlights ran for 124 minutes. But the demand for instant replays of classical plays, kept Nikola very busy, stopping, rewinding, replaying in slow motion that added another 35 minutes. The Durmstrang students were amazed to see how well Captain Wood was able to marshal the stacked arrays with the quick change overs, and how smoothly and fast the match was played. It made Quidditch look like a massed army played by Generals. They cheered when Neville led in the cavalry to save a forfeit, and when Harry bent the bludger around the redhead beater. They made Nikola replay that footage three times in super slow motion. Trying to see how Harry did that by spinning the bludger when he hit it. They almost cheer the roof off when their Viktor caught the snitch. Nikola would replay that match many times. Plus all the other matches played so they could see how the game evolved into that amazing grand final. They could not wait for Saturday.

- Wishing for a friend -

While they were showing the highlights on the giant screen. Viktor wanted a quiet moment away from the cheering hall, and to show Fleur, Harry, Hermione and Luna with the other first years around his school with Fergus and Fawkes still trying to pass as the responsible adults supervisors.

Luna spotted a strange shape carved into the wall made up of a triangle enclosing a circle with a line down the center. "That is the symbol for the Deathly Hallows." She said. "It is the same symbol carved into the black stone on your ring Harry."

"No, that is the filthy Grindelvald's sign." Viktor hissed. Not happy see the first thing they notice is that evil triangular, fin like shape.

"Grindelwald… the Dark wizard Dumbledore defeated?"


Krum's jaw muscles worked as if he were chewing, then he said, "Grindelvald killed many people, my grandfather, for instance. Of course, he vos never powerful in England, they said he feared Dumbledore – and rightly, seeing how he vos finished. But this" – he pointed a finger at the wall – "this is his symbol. Grindelvald carved it into the vall ver he vos a pupil there. Some idiots copied it onto their books and clothes thinking to shock, make themselves impressive – until those of us who had lost family members to Grindelvald taught them better."

Krum cracked his knuckles menacingly and glowered at the sad memory. DH

"Grindelwald used the symbol for the Deathly Hallows as his sign?" Luna asked.

"Vot is the Deathly Hallows?"

Luna and Fergus switched into teaching mode, and gave a short explanation of the Deathly Hallows, and how Dumbledore and Grindelwald were very good friends before the war. Harry showed Viktor his ring.

"So Grindelvald stole that sign and turned it into something evil."

"Yes. Both Dumbledore and Grindelwald were planning for something they called their Greater Good. While looking for the Deathly Hallows, and in-particularly the wand."

"If this sign has many sad memories, Viktor, have they tried to remove it?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. They have tried many times to remove it but it keeps coming back." Viktor answered.

"Harry could you switch to mage sight, and examine it?" Fergus asked.

Harry, Hermione and Luna all switched to mage sight, and had a closer look at the sign. They could see dark lines of power tied the sign, and leading to other dark shadows on the walls of the hall. Harry pulled out his wand, and tried the Specialis Revelio charm but it reveals nothing.

"They tried that charm too, and got nothing." Viktor said at their disappointment.

"Try it in parseltongue Harry?" Fergus asked.

"You are a parselmouth?" Viktor said impressed.

"Yes." Harry replied and then focused for a moment. "ssssSpecialis Reveliossss". The sign, the dark lines and shadows lit up like a Yule tree. The group gasped as they could now see the magic linked to the sign as it lit up around the hall.

"Grindelwald must have been a parselmouth, and somehow related to Salazar Slytherin." Hermione said. "Try Finite Incantatem Harry." She wondered if the old dark lord's curse could be defeated by another parselmouth.

Harry focused again on the sign. "ssssFinite Incantatemssss". The glowing sign of the Deathly Hallows, the dark lines of power and shadows, disappeared with a pop fizz pop pop pop like fireworks. Leaving a clean unmarked wall, and even to mood seemed to brighten in the hall. But the popping and fizzing continued as the hexes and curses Grindelwald had put around the school to manipulate and control were removed. Taking with it the dread of doom and gloom, leaving a strange new positive feeling of hope and light.

"I wonder how long before someone notices the sign is gone?" Luna asked.

"I not sure Luna but thank you Harry for removing that sad reminder for the lost in my family." Viktor said. Wondering at this strange new feeling of hope as his Fleur wrapped him in her arms of love.

"You're welcome Viktor. Just happy to help."

Viktor led them outside to clear the air of that sad part of the history of Durmstrang. He was glad the sign was gone, and soon forgotten. The Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning is a magic school somewhere in Scandinavia. It is a dark stone castle with very functional lines, and not much beauty. The snow covered hill surrounding gives it a wintery feeling. The co-ed school has existed for at least 700 years, and did not have houses like Hogwarts but large dormitories for each year. Durmstrang students wear heavy furs with blood-red robes. Durmstrang is known for placing an emphasis on the study of all magic but stopped at the darkest Dark Arts that involved human sacrifice. While other schools of magic limit the study to Defense Against the Dark Arts, Durmstrang students actually learnt them but added the responsibility of care to others, and doing the right thing, after what was discovered following the last war.

Going back inside Hermione was impressed how modern the classrooms and the equipment were. Viktor explained a lot of the school was damaged during the war. The new library had a lot of windows to give a warm welcome feeling, and Viktor said the books were copies from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Salem Academy in America. Viktor showed them the school swimming pool which had ice bergs floating in it to keep the water cool during the summer.

They returned to the Great Hall for dinner. Then at 7:15 pm the Hogwarts Contingent said goodbye to their new friends, and walked back through the Goblin Portals to Berlin, Paris, the International Portkey Station, and finally back to Hogwarts.

While Hagrid went back to Beauxbatons with his Olympe and family, to go on a twilight flight on their favourite stallion. It was a beautiful twilight flying over the Mediterranean Sea, watching the stars slowly come out to shine. It may have not been romantic to have his family flying the other horses but Hagrid could not be happier. He was so proud how his granddaughters could handle their mighty steeds.

Fleur had invited Viktor to come to the evening session of the Intensive English Literacy Course, and Viktor had brought his sister Anna along. They were very impressed how Fleur and Gabrielle's English speaking had improved, and being able to speak English well would help their future careers. Well that was the reason they gave their Durmstrang year masters. But fortunately Viktor's parents were there, and gave their permission to go.

- Wishing for a friend -

Back in the hall of the Tempus Room, the students and professors were relaxing drinking hot chocolate, and roasting marshmallows as Fergus was telling another story.

Luna noticed something odd. Written on the wall above the fireplace were the famous words of Ravenclaw.

"'Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure'." Luna said.

"Yes they are the famous words of Rowena Ravenclaw." Hermione said.

"But look at the 'T' in 'Wit'."

Hermione got up to have a closer look, and the others followed her.

"That 'T' looks more like a 'F'"

"Yes it does, but what does 'Wif' mean."

"Wif is old German for woman or wife." Viktor said.

"And that would have come across into old English." Hermione said excitedly. "So Rowena Ravenclaw originally said 'A Wife beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure'"

"Well, she is right about that." Harry said as he wrapped his arms around Hermione, and pulled her into a hug and kiss. He was not silly. And the Three Musketeers snuggled into them to share the love. While Susan and Hannah cuddled into their Neville, only to be joined in a family hug with his dad and mom.

"Here, here Harry." Dan said. "That is so true." And gave his greatest treasure a hug and a very passionate kiss. While Viktor pulled Fleur into a suitable age appropriate hug and kiss that had the witches sighing.

Draco wrapped his arms around his Willow, and the Trophy Trio surrounded them with a hug. While Weatherby tried to hug himself. All alone until Vinny's older sister, Vivien, decided to make her move on the redhead. The Trophy Trio had ground down his pride and arrogance. All Vivien had to do was to put him back together her way, and he could make an adoring dutiful husband. She wrapped her arms around the sad boy. His eyes brighten with the warm arms that held him firm, and did not try to suffocate him with her boobies. He could get use to this.

Professor Robert McKinnon thought this was a golden opportunity, and seized his chance. He took out the little box he had in his pocket, went down on one knee before the love of his life, and looked into her gorgeous blue eyes. "My dear Professor Krystle Kerrigan?" Robert said as he opened the little box with a flourish revealing the beautiful gold ring with an enormous diamond. "Would you do me the great honour of marrying me, and becoming my greatest treasure?"

Krystle could only say. "Oh sweet Merlin. YES!" Before the loud squeal from all the witches drown her out. As they moved as one to enfold the newly engaged couple in a mass glomp of joy.

Leaving Harry, Neville, Frank, Dan, Viktor, Draco, Weatherby and the other young wizards, all alone, and wondering what just happened. What is it with Girls, chocolate, gold rings with big diamonds and Weddings?

'Diamonds are a girl's best friend.' Hermione said over the bond.

'Oh you heard that?'

Very late that night, after they were finally able to settle the children. Emma pointed out to Krystle, a certain brown paper covered book that she and Dan highly recommended. She copied it to her Grimoire, and Krystle and Robert disappeared into their four poster bed, and sealed the curtains closed. They were not seen until late the next day. But their bed was rocking, and walked itself across the room. Thankfully it had been silenced, and nobody took any notice.

- Wishing for a friend -

The Powers-that-be smiled. It was a beautiful day to watch the white horses of Beauxbatons go flying and swimming. The joy in Hagrid and Olympe's smile was a sight to behold.

She was surprised how much information had been kept safe the library of the Tempus Room, and how much had been lost, ignored, forgotten or rewritten to suit an agenda. These children had to opportunity to rediscover the Magical World afresh.

She sent Hermes to obtain her own copy of that brown paper covered book.