Author's Notes

The words in I Spy here are in Japanese; I think it's a transliterated version of the hiragana script. I've mentioned what the twins see before they select their object anyway, so it should be easy to follow, but seeing as they're Japanese, I doubted it would be realistic to have them playing I spy in English. As for the words themselves, friends vocabulary list and the internet.

The reality show comment came from Kouji's CD drama.

As for the book comment...don't you ever get that feeling?

Silly light fic, but the idea kind of stuck. So...yeah.



While twin telepathy was cool and all, it did make a game of 'I spy' somewhat pointless. Amongst other things; that was just the first to come to mind.

Kouji M & Kouichi K

Rating: K

Genre/s: Family

'I'm bored,' Kouji groaned, leaning on his brother's shoulder.

Kouichi, who was reading a book, looked up. 'Want to play a game?'

'Like what? I spy?'

'It is the only one I know without any other materials,' the older twin laughed, marking his page and putting it away.

'Boring book?'

'Yeah, but it's a prescribed text.'

'They can never put anything interesting on the reading list, can they?'

'They can't satisfy everyone.'


'So, I spy?'

'Fine. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...' the younger twin's voice trailed a little as he looked out the window at the passing buildings and trees (as he had been doing since they had begun the long ride, only with a different intent), before spying a bank and continuing. 'Something beginning with 'gi'.'

'Ginkou,' the other supplied almost immediately.


'My turn then.' Kouichi followed his brother's line of sight before, after having already passed the shopping complex, seeing nothing of interest save the chestnut trees lining the sidewalk if they really counted. 'I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'ku'.'

'Kuri,' Kouji responded at once. Spotting a raven on a nearby tree, he added.' Ka.'


They went back and forth like that for a little, before Kouichi groaned and gave up. 'This is hopeless.'

'Yeah,' Kouji agreed, leaning back into his seat. 'We know what we're thinking. Like that reality show, twin ESP.'

'Oh?' the elder twin asked curiously, not having heard of this.

'Yeah...' The other then went on to explain the details while Kouichi patiently listened, inputting questions where they arose but otherwise simply absorbing the details.

And when he was done, he only said one thing. One, which Kouji reflected later, was rather out of charcter.

'Do you think it has an 'off' switch? Because it's going to spoil a lot of games...or competitions or debates or anything else of that sort.'

The younger twin just blinked. That was a rather Takuya thing to say.

'Have you being hanging around Takuya too much?'

'Less than you,' the elder pointed out, pulling the book out again. 'Might as well get this finished.'

It didn't take all that long for Kouji to be bored again. A couple more seconds, and he determined the book his brother was skimming through to be the source.

'Ni-san, do you have to read that book?'

'Unfortunately, yes.'