Hey, guys.
This is painful for me to say, but Inuko hasn't replied since the seventh, and it is now the twelfth. It's been five days already.

Now, I'm the type of person who wants to get a chapter out a week - you know. I enjoy it when people read my stories and I enjoy writing them.

This was meant to be a roleplay but it's been several occasions already that he's failed to reply like this.

I will tell you that our last conversation we had was about how he wasn't sure what to write next in the roleplay. He was finding it increasingly difficult to continue. I suggested that Tom attempt manipulation and getting Harry to prefer the Dark. However, I have no idea if he decided to listen to me or not.

He would probably tell me if he was going on vacation, and proof that he isn't dead is he was favouriting my artwork as of the 10th. / sounds like a creepy stalker

In any case, I have two options.

1. I can sit and wait for him to come back and reply.


2. I can continue this story by myself.

I really don't want to scrap this story like the last one. I enjoy writing it. I also have a somewhat-solid idea of where it's going to go, but I'd prefer that other people choose for me, because I'm not sure if Inuko's the better writer.

So far Inuko has written all of the "Tom" parts and I've written all of the "Harry", "Narcissa", "Draco", and "Lucius" - would you guys mind just giving me a quick vote on whether I should wait or not? Do you guys prefer Inuko's writing? Or mine?

Thank you. I'm sorry if you are disappointed and were expecting a chapter. After I get a few votes I'll delete this.