Xanxus finally agreed into hiring a new Cloud guardian. Joey Giovanni, recommended by the Ninth, was having a hard time adjusting with his new co-members, maybe because, Joey is really a Josephine? Please Vote on who you want her to end up with :)

"VOIIIIIIII! Everyone! The boss calls for a meeting!" Squalo screamed throughout the mansion

"Ushishishishishi~ what is it this time?" Bel crossed his arms as they neared Xanxus' office

"VOIIIIII! I don't know!" Squalo yelled once more, entering the room

"Quiet trash!" Xanxus threw a bottle of booze at the long haired male

Squalo dodged it and the bottle hit Fran on the head

"Sempai, why did you dodge it? Now my head hurts" He said in his usual monotonous voice

"Everybody listen up, we have a new cloud guardian starting today. Come out trash" He looked to another door.

The door opened and a petite boy came in

He had the same body as Fran but slimmer and slightly taller, and his shoulder length, scruffy mauve hair flying out to his face. He wore a loose black shirt with a purple checkered scarf around his neck and white skinny jeans

"I'm Joey Giovanni…" He said in a bored tone, his icy blue eyes penetrating to each and every one in the room

"We-Welcome, Joey!" Lussuria greeted, extending his arm to him

Joey stared at his hand and softly smiled "Thanks"

"…" Lussuria's cheeks burned pink

"Awwww~ you're such a cute boy!" Lussuria pulled him into a hug

"Boy? This should be interesting…" Joey silently laughed

"Get out, trash" Xanxus scoffed, turning his chair around

Once everyone got out of the room, except Levi, who served around Xanxus, they went back to their usual business

"Joey-kun, I'll show you to your room!" Lussuria dragged the 25 year old boy near the stairs

"Uh… okay…" He murmured, trying to keep up with the cheery guy holding his arm

"Ushishishishi~" A knife flew out of nowhere, stabbing Joey's forearm

"Bel! What do you think you're doing to our new member?" Lussuria stopped in his tracks, seeing the blood drip down Joey's arm

"Ushishishi~ I'm just seeing how strong our new member is" The proclaimed prince drew out a couple more knives

"Forgive the fake prince, Joey-sempai" Fran stood beside Bel

"…" Joey frowned, staring at the giant frog hat

"Ah, Bel-sempai forced me to wear this thing because it represents the old illusionist they had" Fran patted the hat on his head

"…That's a stupid reason" Joey told Bel, who threw another knife after hearing her

"Ushishishi~" Bel enjoyed watching the blood drip down the floor

"Bel stop it! Joey-kun, I'll get the first aid kit" Lussuria ran away, frantically trying to remember where he placed it

"Ushishishi~ Now, what's your weapon of choice, peasant?" Bel played with one of his knives, tossing it up in the air and catching it with a finger

"Whatever I feel like using" Joey shrugged, eyeing the blond prince in front of him

"What do you feel like using then?" Bel threw another knife, but to his surprise, he was able to catch it, inches away from his face

"Your knives" Joey slyly smiled at him

"Ushishishi~" Bel laughed "Let's begin" He prepared to lunge at him

"I don't feel like fighting" Joey bluntly stated, removing the two other knives from his arm

"Ushishishi~ scared?" He taunted, raising an eyebrow as if they can see it

"No, tired. I flew from England, right after a personal mission. So maybe we can continue some other time" Joey wiped the blood off the knives with his shirt and threw them back at him, handle first

Bel frowned, catching the clean knives

Joey sighed and walked upstairs

"Bel-sempai, you got rejected" Fran inserted, poking the prince

As a vein popped on Bel's forehead, he stabbed Fran's hat

"Shut up, froggy" He grumbled, walking away

"Joey-kun! I found the first aid kit!" Lussuria ran up to the injured boy who just reached the top of the stairs

"Ah, thank you, Lussuria" He took the small white box from him

"Don't worry, I'll help you and it's Luss-nee" He tapped his nose

"Uhm, it's okay, I want to sleep for awhile…" Joey assured him

"Very well, dinner will be served in an hour, okay?" Lussuria ruffled his hair "That's your room, by the way" He pointed to the door nearest to them

"Ah, thanks" Joey faked a smile until Lussuria got down to the first floor

Joey sighed deeply and went to his room

It was pretty decent, big enough for him

His bags were set by the king sized bed that's been neatly fixed

"I wonder who will be the first to discover the fact that…" Joey paused, removing his scarf and shirt, and stared at his bandaged chest in the mirror

"The fact that I'm…" He removed the bandage around his chest