Eternal Silence

And she sits.

Alone in a field of darkness

Silently crying out for someone.

Someone who can save her from the tragedy awaking within her.

But as she finds it is only the wind singing it's chilling lullaby,

She walks.

Although it is dark,

She finds a way.

Tripping and falling to her forsaken knees.

Silence fills the air,

And as she tries to whisper, " Forever I stand. Never shall I fall again to my knees. Never shall darkness overpower me. Alone I stand in this world of anger and hate. I am, and always will be, alone for this eternity."


The feverish, yet chilling silence drowns the whispers in a sea of hope and dreams.

Never able to breathe again.

A longing sigh fills her lungs, but is suddenly suppressed.

The wings that once spread wide are now and forever broken.

As the last piece breaks, you can barely, but only hear her last and longing tear stream down her face,

As she knows she's regretfully awaken to an Eternal Silence.

An Eternal Silence that will always be known as how she became broken.

Now looked upon as a title for her tragedy.

The Eternal Silence.