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Big Time Sickness Part II. Was anybody expecting that? I certainly wasn't! But alas, I missed the whumpage, fluff that it was able to force upon the boys. Of course, part II is a bit different.

Here's the deal, I have decided that Big Time Sickness (which started out as a Logan story, If you haven't read it, it is not necessary to understand this story. But if you do like sick!Big Time Rush go read it!) is now going to be a FOUR part series. First was Logan, the second is Carlos! And so on… when I get around to it. (That's pretty self explanatory right? Although, any and all questions will be answered in reviews) While I do have another story that I am loving writing at the moment('Make Me Feel Like Someone Else' is about to get epic good so you should read it ;) please? Lol) I do miss the plain fluff I was able to do with BTS. So here it is!

It seems as if everyone at the moment is making poor Carlos the target of illness, but I like to think this is a tad different. But oh well, who doesn't enjoy a bit (okay a lot) of fluff

I do not own Big Time Rush or there would for sure be an episode where one of the boys gets sick.

When Carlos woke up this morning he knew something was wrong. Instead of waking up and being his usual happy go lucky self, that morning he just couldn't force himself to smile. Maybe it was the way his head was pounding unnaturally or the wave of nausea he felt every few minutes. Or maybe he was just having an off day. Either way, something was defiantly wrong… and it didn't improve as the day went on.

Of course this was Carlos we were talking about, so he didn't think it was necessary to tell anyone about the queasiness he was experiencing. It would pass right?


After a very quick breakfast they had 3 hours of dance rehearsal. Carlos was still unsure as to how he even managed to get through that one. Every time he spun around he felt dizzy and every so often the extreme urge to throw up.

Luckily they passed. Unluckily his head was still pounding.

Now a few hours later he found himself sitting on a chair beside the pool. His head was hurting worse than ever, he was extremely nauseous and he was pretty sure his chest was becoming congested, which was just not a good thing considering he knew his friends were already becoming suspicious.

He didn't think telling his three best friends that he was feeling off was necessary. He didn't want them to worry them and frankly he didn't want to be confined to a bed. If Logan found out he'd go straight into 'doctor mode' something Carlos found funny when it was being forced upon anyone but him and Kendall would be pissed that he didn't tell them earlier.

He loved his friends dearly, but the last thing he wanted was for them to treat him like a baby. Sure Carlos loved mucking around and acting silly all the time, but they didn't mean he enjoyed being babied. Who does?

If Carlos fell down he got straight back up again. If Carlos hit his head a little too hard, he had his helmet protecting him. He didn't have time to rest or be looked after, there were too many things to do and so little time to get them all done. He knew the moment they found out, he'd be forced to rest. He didn't even want to imagine the limits his friends would go to, to ensure he rested.

Not only were James, Kendall and Logan bad, Mama Knight would go into 'mother over drive'. He had seen her when she was taking care of Kendall when he had the chicken pox and Logan when he was sick. He didn't need nor want that. Being sick would simply ruin his fun loving, non caring about consequences , fearless reputation he had made for himself. Simple.

However, he was pretty sure his friends were catching on. They were probably suspicious the moment he entered the kitchen and him barely eating anything for breakfast probably just confirmed it.

Logan had asked him 6 times since leaving this morning if he was okay, and James had suggested they sit down four times to rest during dance rehearsal. He'd also caught Kendall staring at him intensely throughout the day. It was intimidating because when Carlos caught him staring Kendall wouldn't look away like a normal person. No, he would continue to stare and give him 'the look' making Carlos force a weak smile and break eye contact sheepishly.

He sighed as he shifted trying to find a more comfortable position on the pool chair and closed his eyes. He was so sore, like everywhere was starting to hurt. The only thing he wanted to do was go to his nice warm bed in Minnesota and have his mom make him her famous chicken noodle soup.

Clearly though, being in Los Angles was going to restrict him from that. So perhaps if he closed his eyes for a bit he'd feel better in a few hours and nobody would be any wiser.


Perhaps not.

Carlos opened his eyes and squinted at the sun that made his head pound even more. Camille and Jo were standing in front of him looking concerned.

"Hey," He said trying to sound as normal as possible but even a moron could tell he sounded tired.

"Are you okay?" Jo asked worried.

"I'm fine," Carlos laughed awkwardly, trying to break any and all tension.

Both girls gave him a disbelieving look. "Are you sure?" Jo asked again.

"Usually you're the first one in the pool and the last one out," Camille stated.

Carlos shrugged and avoided there gazes, "I'm just tired is all."

Jo and Camille shared a disappointed look, "Okay if you're sure," Camille said.

Carlos smiled weakly and watched both girls walk away. It was then he realized they were walking over to the other end of the pool where James, Kendall and Logan were sitting intensely starring at him. No doubt, waiting for the girls to report back to them on his condition.

So they had sent Camille and Jo to talk to him, Carlos thought. He groaned and closed his eyes again, typical boys. Send over the girls first before they pounced on him. Try to weaken him with their cute girl smiles. Disgusting, below the belt tactics.

It would now be a matter of moments before his three best friends charged over to him determinately demanding for answers. Truthful answers, unlike the ones he had been feeding them all day. Carlos had lost count of the amount of times he had said "I'm fine," and "Just tired," He felt like such a hypocrite considering the amount of times he had told Logan to tell the truth about his health because they were best friends and that's what best friends did. Although now he understood why he lied all those times.

It wasn't such a crime to want your own personal space and not be bothered when you already feel like crap. The moment they knew the truth he would be forced to endure whatever they wanted because he was sick, and they were looking after him. Of course they're his best friends, they only want what's best for him… but that didn't make it any easier.


For the second time in less then a few minutes Carlos was forced to open his eyes to the blaring sun to find someone towering over his pool chair. Only last time he was met with the faces of two concerned, but pretty girls. This time his three best friends with disapproving looks greeted him.

"Hey guys," Carlos faked cheeriness. There was no backing out now, he wasn't going down without a fight. They only way out of this was to deny, deny, deny.

"You're sick," Logan said bluntly and straight to the point.

Carlos wasn't expecting such forwardness, maybe from Kendall. But not Logan, the one who usually liked to ease people into it.

"Pssh, what makes you say that?" Carlos asked.

"Because you are," James said obviously.

"You hardly ate any breakfast, you didn't eat lunch, you keep zoning out during rehearsals and getting really tired, and now we're at the pool and you have yet to even touch the water. Either you've decided to try a new calmer approach on life, which I find very unlikely or you're sick," Logan said.

Carlos frowned, no beating around the bush with these boys today was there? "You're all being ridiculous mother hens, so I'm not hungry today. That's no big deal."

"Your never not hungry, ever," Kendall stated.

Carlos rolled his eyes, "I appreciate the concern guys, but really I'm fine,"

With that statement Carlos may have been able to subside the boys worry for a while, it was convincing and final. It was a shame the moment he finished the sentence he started to cough violently.

Logan was quickly by his side rubbing soothing circles on his back and James on the other side of him with a comforting hand on his shoulder. When Carlos finally stopped coughing he smiled sheepishly at his friends.

Kendall knelt in front of Carlos and put his hands on the boys knee, "I think your sick mate,"

Carlos sighed, the jig was up.

"Just a little bit," He sighed avoiding eye contact.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Kendall asked almost desperately.

Carlos shrugged embarrassed, "I wasn't that bad this morning, you guys didn't need to worry."

"We always worry about you Carlos," Kendall laughed.

"I know," Carlos said, "And I didn't want you to worry more."

Kendall rolled his eyes, "How about we get you up to bed and then we talk about this?"

Carlos frowned childishly, "I don't want to go to bed,"

"Carlos your sick, resting is none negotiable," Logan said firmly while still rubbing circles on Carlos's back.

"But I don't want to," He whined.

James and Logan rolled their eyes. James then stood up, grabbing Carlos hands and dragging him up with him, "Look Carlos, I know you don't want to. Believe me, I get that. But you don't have a choice. Now you can either walk up to 2J without any trouble, and let us look after you. Or I can carry you kicking and screaming if I have too. Either way it's your choice."

Carlos glared at James. James was supposed to be on his side, they always did crazy things together!

"Fine," Carlos muttered and was escorted to 2J by his friends.

I really wanted to do Carlos because while there are so many great stories about Carlos at the moment that's not how I picture him when his sick (not that those stories aren't great, because they are awesome!) Personally I just think he'd be different. Reluctant like Logan to be sick but more willing to except it, and more pitiable. So here is how I would picture Carlos when his sick.

The first chapter was pretty crappy, but I have massive plans for this story. So give me a go, if you liked Logan's story I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this. Also go check out my other story "Make Me Feel Like Someone Else" (Totally plugging my own story. Deal with it :D)

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