Carlos - "It sounds like someone is missing his mug,"
Kendall - "Really?"

Big Time Strike :D

Chapter 13

When Kendall entered the apartment next it was quiet. Way too quiet.

With Carlos living in the apartment it was never quiet. Not even when he was sick. Now that he was feeling better Kendall was honestly expecting to find the apartment in complete chaos.

What he found was some kind of eerie silence. He slowly tiptoed around the house, worried he would disturb some kind of unnatural force that was keeping the apartment in its peace. Walking past the kitchen into the lounge room he found it in compete emptiness. In his experience, emptiness was never a good thing.

A little worried now, he continued to tread slowly around the house a bit unsure as to why he felt the need to sneak around his own apartment. Figuring he was being a tad ridiculous, he marched up to Carlos and James's room. About to slam the door open and demand answers as to why everything was so weird he froze when he saw the scene before him.

Upon entering the room he found Carlos and Logan sound asleep on Carlos's bed. Carlos was spread across his pillow, one arm hanging off the side while Logan was curled up in a ball next to him. At their feet sat an unfinished game of monopoly and playing on the TV was the end of Jurassic Park. Kendall breathed a sigh of relief and lent against the door frame, watching his two friends sleeping soundly. He mentally kicked himself at automatically assuming the worst when entering the apartment. If anyone was to find out about how much he freaked out when he found it in silence he knew he would never hear the end of it. Endless teases of 'mother-hen' would continue, once again reminding him of how much he was scared of the very thought of his friends injured.

It wasn't his fault, really. He just couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to them. It was his job to keep them safe, the moment they were harmed he had failed them. Knowing where they were and if they were okay at all times was simply a part of that. The moment something felt weird or off, his heart dropped to his knees.

He smiled at the two boys who slept peacefully and his grin grew when he saw how very calm Carlos seemed to be. There was no evident sign of sweat on his forehead and he wasn't tossing or turning which indicated his nightmares were ceasing. Kendall couldn't believe how much a very sickness was affecting his best friend, his whole family and especially him.

Just as Kendall was about to turn away and leave the two sleeping beauties at rest so he could watch TV a hand grabbed his shoulder, and Kendall screamed like a little girl at the unexpected impact.


"Chill!" James yelled putting his hands up in defense with a smirk on his face.

"You scared the crap out of me!" Kendall hissed furiously trying to savor Carlos and Logan there sleep after his very girly scream. His attempts seemed futile as they slowly stirred.

"I didn't mean to! I thought you heard me come in!" James hissed back defensively.

"If I heard you I would have turned around," Kendall stated.

James rolled his eyes, "Well I'm sorry you have the hearing of an old deaf man and the resilience of a six year old girl!"

"Why do you always insist on sneaking up on people?" Kendall asked.

"I don't sneak up on people!"

"You snuck up on me on purpose and scared me half to death,"

"Maybe you should learn to grow a pair Kendall," James smirked.

"I do not need to grow a pair!"

"And you scream like a girl,"

"I do not scream like a girl!"

"Yes you do,"

"No I don't,"

"Yea, you do."

"You can be so annoying sometimes,"

"Guys?" James and Kendall turned to the bed room where Logan was sitting up at them grinning slightly. Carlos was still lying on his back, slowly waking up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Sorry," They said simultaneously with sheepish grins.

"What was that about?" Logan laughed.

Kendall glared at James, "He scared the crap out of me because he doesn't know how to enter a room. Haven't you ever heard of announcing yourself, cough maybe?" Kendall said dramatically, flinging hand gestures included.

James smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, "Kendall's just a wimp, ignore him,"

Kendall pouted as James sat on his bed across from Logan, "Shut up," he mumbled.

James and Logan decided to ignore the now sulking blonde, "How are you Carlos?" James asked.

Carlos shrugged and looked to Logan sheepishly, "We had a few bumps in the road," Logan answered for him, "But I think his alright now,"

James nodded and Kendall composed himself, "Bumps in the road?" He inquired.

It was Logan's turn to grin sheepishly, "Just a couple. Nothing we couldn't handle."

Kendall glared not happy about being kept out of the loop about his sick friend. However Logan thought it better not to tell the blonde, it would just worry him. Like Kendall needed to be worried any more, the boy was going to go grey at this rate.

"You feeling okay bud?" Kendall asked the smaller boy, resting the back of his hand on his forehead. Carlos didn't bother squirming or pushing his hand away, he knew it was better to just let Kendall get it out of his system.

When Kendall didn't feel heat radiating off the boy, he removed his hand. "I feel better Kendall. Really," He added when Kendall frowned.

"Okay," Kendall said, "So what did you do all day?" He grinned at the monopoly set.

The tips of Logan's ears turned red and his checks tinted pink in embarrassment, Carlos simply grinned, "Logan played monopoly with me because I was bored."

"Did he really?" James smirked.

"Isn't he just the nicest," Kendall grinned pulling Logan by the neck into a hug, causing him to flush more.

"Shut up," He grumbled trying to squirm out of the blondes grip, but Kendall refused to let go.

"Logan never played monopoly with me when I was sick," Kendall teased.

"That's because you're intolerable to be around when you're sick," Logan retorted.

"Hey!" Kendall cried. Within seconds he tackled Logan to the ground and they were just a pile of legs and arms trying to get the upper hand over each other.

James rolled his eyes at his friends and sat on the bed with Carlos, "So you're really feeling better?" James asked skeptic.

Carlos sighed, tired of that question, "Yea I am. Now I am," he added.

"What do you mean now?" James asked.

"Well this morning I thought I was feeling better, but I wasn't because I threw up. But once I threw up I started feeling better. Now I actually am," Carlos said and James laughed.

"Only you Carlitos," James laughed. Carlos grinned and James lightly punched him in the arm. They sat and watched Kendall and Logan play fight for a few more seconds until Kendall finally got the upper hand and had Logan pinned beneath him.

"Say uncle!" Kendall cried.

"Never!" Logan yelled struggling to release himself.

"Say uncle or you'll regret it!" Kendall yelled again.

Logan didn't say anything but just continued to struggle.

"Just say uncle Logie!" Kendall yelled.

Logan continued to struggle and Carlos and James just grinned, "And we're friends with them because?" James asked.

Carlos just shrugged and finally Logan managed to squirm out of the blondes grip. He jumped on the bed hiding behind James and Carlos, hoping they would offer him some protection.

"Wimp," Kendall smirked.

Logan simply poked his tongue out at Kendall, still hiding behind his friends in case the blonde decided to attack again.

"Boys! I brought pizza," The front door slammed shut and Mrs. Knight voice echoed throughout the apartment.

The four boys shared identical grins, "PIZZA!"

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