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Kurt's POV

Blaine, who's agreed to drop me off home on that Friday afternoon, opened the door of the passenger side for me. I smiled my thank you and slid in, watching as Blaine walked round and followed suit. He swiftly started the car and pulled out of the drive whilst I placed my rucksack down by my feet.

"Kurt?" The boy next to me said suddenly after a minute of comfortable silence.

"Yeah?" I replied, turning away from the window to look at my boyfriend who was turning onto the motorway.

"I never want to see that…that abomination again." He said, his jaw tense and his tone strangely serious. My brow furrowed in confusion and I leaned over to put a hand on his knee.

"Abomination?" I said, my tone questionable. Blaine sighed and lifted a hand to point down at the rucksack, "What?"

"That cheerleading uniform, Kurt." Blaine breathed. I had quickly changed out of the uniform before leaving Blaine's house as I didn't really fancy the awkward conversation that Blaine had told me he'd had the displeasure to experience with his dad with my dad.

"What? I thought you loved the cheerleading uniform." I said with a wink, receiving a tired and rather irritated look from Blaine.

"That's the point, Kurt. My love for that freaking piece of fabric got me into the most uncomfortable position I've been in for a while. I never want to see it again. It must be cursed or something. It must be."

"Cursed? Really, Blaine? You're insane." I rolled my eyes and shook my head slightly but Blaine was still persistent.

"I don't care! Burn it or something. Or lock it away. I don't want it anywhere near me!" Blaine continued although I could see a small smile creeping onto his face as he realised his own irrationality.

"Well if you hadn't been snooping around in my wardrobe that wouldn't of happened!" I replied smugly, causing Blaine to roll his eyes in return.

"You're the one who put it on and left your bag in the living room." Blaine retorted quickly as if this argument was the most important thing in the world to him.

"You're the one who decided to go down to the basement!" I smirked back, confident in my ability to win the verbal war that was strangely, and scarily domestic-like.

"Well you…uh…you…" Blaine started before hitting the steering wheel in frustration, "Whatever!"

"I win." I said in a singsong voice that made Blaine cringe, but smile nonetheless, "You can argue all you want, Blaine, but I know you'll always love the cheerleading uniform."

"Damn you." Blaine mumbled under his breath as I drew circles on his knee slowly.

"Oh, you love me really." I laughed as Blaine sped a little faster along the empty road.

"Yeah, yeah I do." Blaine smiled before changing the subject to gush over the new Katy Perry single that was playing in the car, prompting us to fall back into our normal flow of conversation.

A couple hours later and we had arrived at my house just as rain began to pour down relentlessly. I gave Blaine a kiss goodbye and whispered "I'll go lock away the uniform now, shall I?" before running out of the car and towards the door which I quickly unlocked, throwing my bag inside carelessly and smoothing down my jeans.

"Dad, I'm home!" I shouted into the house, slipping off my shoes and placing them by the door.

"Kurt! I'm in the living room." The gruff voice of my dad called out. I walked into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa next to Carole who was flipping through a magazine mindlessly.

"Hey, sweetie. Did you have a good time at Blaine's?" She asked as my dad stared intently at the screen where some kind of sports game was being shown.

"Yeah." I breathed, not meeting her eye.

"Anything interesting happen?" She asked, noticing my wish to stay off the subject.

Anything interesting happen? Oh, noooooo. Nothing at all.

"Uh, nope. Not really. No." I said quickly, ignoring Carole's smirk.

"Sure, Kurt. Whatever you say." She called after me as I left the room.

"Cleisiophobia!" Wes announced suddenly, two weeks into the new school year.

Blaine and I looked up from our textbooks and stared at the boy who was holding a book in his hands with his finger pointed to a word. The whole library looked over to him for a moment before returning to their studying.

"Wes, what are you on about?" I asked dully, not really in the mood for Wes' antics.

"Cleisiophobia!" He repeated, ushering David over. David peered over the book and laughed, prompting a smile from Wes.

I looked over to Blaine who just rolled his eyes and turned to speak to the two boys who were still laughing.

"And what is Cleisiophobia, may I ask?" Blaine gave into them. Wes' eye sparkled as he started walking slowly over to the table where Blaine and I were sitting, running his finger over the page as he read:

"Cleisiophobia. Cleisiophobia refers to the irrational, persistent and abnormal fear of being locked in an enclosed space."

"And you felt the need to tell us that because?" Blaine asked, his eyebrows raised, clearly not amused by his friends' pointless discovery.

"Because we're worried about you two." Wes began, sitting down next to Blaine and wrapping an arm around his shoulder. Blaine sighed and looked at me. I rolled my eyes as David sat next to be and did the same.

"And we love you both so much." David continued, putting his hand over my forearm in an action that was so mocking that I had to fight the urge to slap his hand away.

"And we want to help you get over this irrational, persistent, abnormal fear." I could tell Wes was smirking despite not being able to see him as I was staring down at my history book.

"Wes, we do not have cleis-…whatever the hell it's called." Blaine said between gritted teeth.

"Oh really? So why is it that every time we close the doors to the choir room, one of you practically flies over to open them again?" Wes asked knowingly.

"Because it's always hot in there." Blaine replied.

"And why is it then that you leave your dorm-door open just a crack every night if you can get away with it?"

"Because it's hot in there too!" Blaine lied unconvincingly as Wes leaned over him.

" why-"

"Wes! Shut up!" Blaine almost shouted, swatting Wes away from him.

"Guys, seriously?" I moaned as David patted me on the back once more.

"You two can live a lie, that's fine. Just don't come crying to me when you have a panic attack because you have to lock the door of a toilet cubicle." Wes said sharply, his hands on his hips. Blaine's face went from irritated to thoroughly amused as Wes and David stormed out of the library.

"You know what, Kurt?" Blaine said quietly, pushing the Book of Phobias away form him.


"I don't care if we get trapped again." He shrugged.

"Oh really?" I raised an eyebrow as Blaine slowly nodded.

"As long as it's not with them."


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