Hey there! Finally time for the last chapter, been thinking long and hard who to battle with Garchomp but with what me and my friend Leo have been discussing, the best would really be Venasaur. Why? You'll find out in this chapter, so please enjoy.

It was quiet; it almost felt like an old Mexican standoff. Everyone was waiting for the two trainers to pick their last pokemon. Depending on who won this round would determine the winner of this battle.

Some of the spectators were getting nervous, even though they weren't the ones battling, they could feel how tense the atmosphere was getting.

What started as only something to pass the time had now become a battle that was not only going to determine the respective trainer's strength but also who was the best trainer between their regions.

Both Red and Cynthia had positioned themselves a long distance away from each other, knowing that this last battle was going to devastate the area.

Murmurs in the audience were blocked out by the two trainers. Their hand's slowly reaching out to where they're pokeballs were.

Click! The detaching of a pokeball from a belt was heard and as if a loud drum roll had stopped, two pokeballs flew up in the air.

"C'mon out Garchomp!"

"Let's rock-on Saur!"

BOOM! The ground shook. Two gigantic pokemon faced each other on opposite sides. Growling & glaring at each other, ready for attack.

Wasting no time at all Cynthia made the first move, "garchomp dragon rush."

Fast! Was the first thing Red thought, Cynthia's garchomp rocketed towards venasaur in a blinding blue light.

This however was something Red was hoping Cynthia would do. "Saur, block him!"

Venasaur hardened its feet, took out its vines, buried it on the ground for extra foundation and waited for the attack. SLAM! Garchomp slammed on venasaur's head, venasaur budged for about 10 inches.

"What the!?" Cynthia was flabbergasted

"Nice! Now plant your seeds Saur, leech seed!" Red told it.

From venasaur's flower, small seeds poured out to garchomp, after instantly touching they sprouted thin vines, wrapping around garchomp.

"Garchomp get out of the way!" Cynthia told it.

Too late, when garchomp leaped backward, it flinched; its HP was slowly reducing as venasaur's was restored.

"Great, now let's really get started, Saur razor leaf!" Red told it.

Venasaur fired an array of leaves at high speed, garchomp instantly dodged without its master's order, a sign of a well trained pokemon.

"Flamethrower," Cynthia said.

Airborne, garchomp fired a burst of flames towards venasaur. The grass pokemon managed to dodge but not completely, its left side got singed.

"It knows flame thrower, this might be bad," Red said. Taking out his pokedex he examined garchomp's data quickly.

Cynthia, before Red could devise a strategy against her garchomp, attacked. "Garchomp, dragon claw!"

Taking his eyes off the pokedex, "Saur, vine whip!"

Venasaur reached its vines towards garchomp, however the dragon pokemon was able to swerve and dodge them. SLASH! Venasaur slammed down, creating a small crater on where it stood.

"She isn't gonna let me study her pokemon is she? Fine by me then, I'll just stick with what I know so far." Red smiled, "Saur razor leaf!"

The next few seconds were a blur. Venasaur's razor leaf hit its mark. Garchomp however easily countered. Blasting off into the sky, the dragon pokemon fired a flamethrower upon venasaur, burning a circle on the field before finally hitting the grass pokemon. Venasaur would have been in trouble if it not for the leech seed taking effect and restoring its HP bit by bit.

The two pokemon slammed, cut, attacked and just plain ravaged at each other. But not in a way which was barbaric, the attacks were dodged, countered and blocked in such a calculated way, no movement was too much or too less. As if the trainer's themselves were already readying their next 3 moves every time one move was done.

Garchomp staggered as it was hit by venasaur's poison powder, it had tried hitting it with brick break when it got poison powder straight in the face, coughing the dragon pokemon's odds were looking grim.

His venasaur has been well trained, it's obviously been in many battles where it's been in a type disadvantage. Using status ailments and life leeching to make up for these, Red is a formidable trainer indeed. Cynthia thought.

Venasaur itself wasn't looking too good either, even with the leech seed, getting a direct flamethrower attack was super effective; it was now suffering from burn.

As expected from one of the most revered champion throughout the regions. Red grinned.

Cynthia moved her bangs a bit and narrowed her focus on Red and his venasaur.

In terms of brute strength our pokemon are probably on par with each other. The winner of this battle is going to be decided by who's the more cunning trainer, let's see how well you respond to my tricks Red.

"Garchomp dig!" Cynthia told it.

Garchomp dived underground.

Red sighed, "I hate it when they do that."

Dig is a move which was unavoidable in normal circumstances. Some pokemon, with the proper training, can sense or hear the attacking pokemon coming, in which case they can dodge or launch a counter attack. But to do this a pokemon's speed and evasion stats must be very high, a large pokemon like Saur has only above average speed and evasion stats, it's almost near impossible to properly dodge a dig attack. Even with its high defense and special defense stats, being hit underground, especially in Saur's belly which is very vulnerable, would be quite bad.

But that's where all that training with Green and on Mt. Silver pays off. Red smiled

In his training with Gold on Mt. Silver, pokemon would discreetly attack them from the shadows; this is why sensing an attacker became one of Red's pokemon's many skills. In training with Green, whose pokemon are mostly speed based, a fast reaction time was developed as well.

Saur was now closing its eyes and sensing for any rumbles on the ground, any sound that could very well be garchomp digging underground, then-

"Saur vine whip right there on that spot!" Red quickly told it.

A meter away from its tail, venasaur shot two vine whips, exactly at that time, something came out of the ground and collided with the vines, the collision produced dust.

"What was that!" Red exclaimed.

The dust cleared and what was on venasaur's vines and on the ground was what appeared to be broken pieces of a rock.

"A rock? What happened to, OH SHI-!"

Too late, Red heard a loud rumble underground. Multiple rocks emerged from the ground surrounding venasaur in a circle.

Stone edge? From underground? It's a good bait to lure Saur away from garchomp, but it would've worked if garchomp emerged with the stones. Now it only narrows down garchomp's loca-

Red's line of thought was cut when multiple flames shot out from the holes made by the stones. BOOOOOOOOM! As the flames hit the stones they exploded, venasaur was caught in an inescapable explosion. Red didn't even have time to react; he just shielded his eyes from the searing heat.

In front of Cynthia, garchomp shot out from the ground.

That might have worked better than I expected Cynthia brushed of some of her hair on her shoulders, with that level of fire, even a venasaur of that caliber would be in a dire situation.

Just then garchomp goaned and kneeled down, its hp was being sapped drastically.

Cynthia's eyes widened, Leech seed was still in effect!

BANG! A solor beam cleared the smoke and hit garchomp on the chest. Garchomp flew about 5 meters then slammed into some trees near the road heading to route 211.

The smoke cleared showing Red beside a smoking, badly injured but overall still standing and ready to fight venasaur.

"Whoo, that was really dangerous," Red smiled at Cynthia, his eyes full of admiration, "Rock explosions huh?"

Cynthia blushed a bit, she brushed off her hair again, "That's right, how did you know?"

Red showed the pokedex on his hand, Cynthia smiled deviously.

"You absorbed cold water on the stone edge, before releasing it," Red started explaining what Cynthia did, "Rocks don't normally explode, but when it absorbs cold water and then heated, steam builds up inside creating pressure, then when the rock can't hold it anymore, it explodes."

Red picked up a piece of the exploded rock, "Since were near a pond, rocks with water absorbed inside them can easily be found underground. When used in a stone edge attack, rock explosions would be twice more devastating. What I don't get is how grachomp could travel underground fast enough to do all this without creating any rumbles or sound."

"Sinnoh underground," Cynthia answered, "The whole Sinnoh region has a fine network of tunnels underground, with that any rumbles or magnitudes aren't a problem. Also I've been traveling these tunnels for a long time so garchomp can quickly navigate around it."

Cynthia's though for a bit, "Wait you got all of that from the pokedex?"

Red grinned, "Nah, my pal Green used a move similar to that once, he explained it to me afterwards so that how I understood."

Green? Green Oak? Another Kanto pokedex holder. I believe he was 1st runner up in the Kanto League, using a move like that means his skill level is on par with an elite 4, no probably even a champion like myself. Kanto sure has a lot of skilled trainers. Cynthia's thoughts were ended as garchomp walked beside her.

Garchomp was breathing heavily, the solar beam wasn't too strong due to the dust covering venasaur while it was charging, but it was a direct hit, and on a part ground type like garchomp it was quite effective, plus garchomp was still poisoned and leech seed was doing its toll as well, garchomp was slowly getting weaker as venasaur was regaining energy.

I have to end this quick Cynthia thought.

"Garchomp Draco meteor," Cynthia said.

Garchomp roared, pointing its mouth towards the sky, energy was accumulating, then shot towards the heavens. The sky rumbled, out of the clouds meteors rained down, more than a dozen of hot blazing boulders all speeding towards one target; venasaur.

"Here it comes Saur, brace yourself!" Red told his pokemon.

Saur roared as well, BOOOOOOM! A barrage of meteors hit the area venasaur was standing on. The whole place was torn apart in a matter of seconds. The spectators were backing up to avoid getting hit by the powerful attack.

Cynthia knew as powerful as this attack was, Red was surely expecting it. He had checked her garchomp with his pokedex, being able to know such information on an opponent's pokemon was one of the greatest disadvantages when fighting a dex holder.

Red surely prepared a way to counter draco meteor, I've got to be vigilant. Cynthia thought.

"Garchomp, be on guard, they're not beat yet." Cynthia told her pokemon.

The smoke cleared, Cynthia's eyes widened.

A gigantic cocoon of thorny roots had encased venasaur. The roots broke apart and went back under the ground revealing venasaur and Red, not a scratch from the last attack.

The grass ultimate attack; frenzy plant. I've heard only a few grass type pokemon can actually learn it, and only a handful of trainers have mastered it. Cynthia stared at Red, smiling with confidence, what fearsome power.

Venasaur staggered, Cynthia noticed this. Frenzy plant takes a lot of energy to do, now's my chance to end this.

"Garchomp quick, brick break!" Cynthia exclaimed.

SMACK! Venasaur was knocked down.

Damn it, "Saur get up," Red said.

Venasaur got up but was still staggering, being cautious garchomp backed up a bit, it then flinched.

Leech seed again or poison, whatever the case I can't draw this out any longer! Cynthia thought.

"Garchomp flame thrower!"

Garchomp shot a flame thrower towards venasaur, however it flinched right after it shot the blast. The attack only scraped the top of venasaur's flower. Venasaur's eyes widened, it was being surrounded by a green aura.

Overgrow! Red and Cynthia thought in sync.

It's now or never! "Garchomp giga impact!"

"Saur hurry up! Once more, Frenzy plant!"


Everything was surrounded in white, the impact by the attacks caused some of the audience to get buffeted, the trainer themselves were knocked over. Standing up, examining the area which had been torn apart, the outcome of the battle was now witnessed.

Garchomp was being surrounded by dozens of gigantic thorny roots, its eyes spirals, venasaur was still standing.

It was final

Red won.

The whole world went ape shit.

"Alright! Hahaha, good going Saur." Red said his fist in the air.

Venasaur smiled in approval as it was sent back into its ball for a rest.

Patting its head Cynthia also sent garchomp back to its ball.

"Hey," Cynthia heard, Red was jogging towards her.

"Is your garchomp alright?" Red asked.

"He's fine," Cynthia answered, "Though I think I was scratched during one of your pokemon's attacks."

"Eh!? Really? I'm sorry! Where is it? Is it big?" Red asked frantically.

Cynthia giggled at his reaction, "I'm just joking, congratulations on winning, you're the best trainer I've ever met, no wonder you won the league at such a young age."

"Hahahaha, you're flattering me. But you really pushed me to the edge, if I didn't have the pokedex I probably would've lost." Red scratched his head embarrassedly.

Cynthia put her finger on her lips and gave a disappointed look, "That's true, without it I would have definitely beaten you, are all dex holders that overly dependent on the pokedex?"

DOINK! Red almost fell over, "Oi, oi, seriously?"

Cynthia giggled, "Joking again."

She grabbed Red's hand, "Let's go! Were gonna get caught by the crowd at this rate."

"Huh," Red looked back, the spectators were now stampeding towards them, "Oh arceus no!"

Red forcibly let go of Cynthia's hand he then took out a poke ball.

"Go Aero! Get us out of here!"

Red grabbed Cynthia, princess style, Cynthia blushed. Aerodactyl took off towards route 211.

Cynthia was still blushing as she saw the trainers getting smaller as they were getting higher. She looked at Red, his eyes were looking forward, he was having fun. Cynthia smiled tenderly as she allowed herself to be carried by this person.

Really, what an interesting man.


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