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Chapter 1


They were innocent words uttered bashfully yet with underlying strength that conveyed determination of a person who wanted to show her care and her willingness to protect the person in front of her.

"I will give you warmth, so tonight let's stay like this – together..." (1)

The shy embrace that accompanied the words from the one and only demon president of Seika High during class hours and secretly a maid after school was a loving and romantic gesture for her who had always shied away from such things.

Thus, found Ayuzawa Misaki hugging the most popular boy in the entire Seika High in the name of Usui Takumi, who was also known as the perverted outer-space alien stalker of the former.

"When I become a third year, I am going to transfer to Miyabigaoka." (1)

Usui's words earlier that day echoed in Misaki's mind. Him studying in Miyabigaoka meant that she would be free of her annoying stalker, free from embarrassing jokes and free from being sexually harassed, free from his unexpected support, free of the security his presence offered though she would never admit it to him, free of the person to walk to and from work, free of an irritatingly good source of advice and surprising insights, and free of the warmth he unwittingly offered. Those things were wrapped around in a single person that selfishly entered her life and invaded her heart and mind, and yet at the same time selflessly and fiercely protected her and gave her wonderful things to cherish upon. She wondered how she would go on without those things that had became part of her life ever since he had discovered her secret part time job.

He would leave her soon. She believed they wouldn't be totally separated because no doubt he would visit the Maid Latte where she could see him. But those visits would give them shorter time to be together unlike when they were both at the same school were he always stuck at her side even when it was annoying her.

Slowly, unwanted thoughts flashed in Misaki's mind.

Who knew what could happen at their separation? Would he find another person that would ease his boredom? A person that he would find fascinating. A person that was not her.

Unconsciously, her grip around him tightened.


Usui's was confused by her action, and got worried when he felt her tensed body. Concerned, he turned in her arms to face her. When she refused to let him move, he gently squeezed her hands around his middle, silently assuring her that it would be alright. She tightened her grip to the point that he was having difficulty breathing, before she let go. He turned and caught her hands that were moving away from him. And then it was his turn to engulf her in his warm embrace.


Misaki didn't know how to tell him her worries. Unwanted as those thoughts were, she knew she had to communicate them to him, because it was only him who could give her the answers, the only one who could ease her sudden fears.

But Misaki didn't need to say anything, because Usui understood her fears, because they were also his fears. He lifted her chin, but regrettably, they could hardly see each other's face due to the darkness of the room.

"It will be hard, but it will be for the best. I won't let you go, remember that. Even if I'm at Miyabigaoka and you're at Seika, you will stay as my girlfriend. There is only one girl in my life, and that's you, Ayuzawa," he said, comforting her fears.

"I…I know…"

She wanted to say the same thing, but something was blocking her throat. Instead of saying it in words, she conveyed it through actions.

He was surprised to feel her lips on his, but he didn't lose a beat as he kissed her back.

When they pulled away from the kiss, she was breathing hard, and her face, even without the light, they both knew that it was red. But even with the embarrassment, she didn't pull away. Instead, she rested her cheek on his chest, and marveled at the warmth that seeped from his skin.

"We'll be third year soon…" she murmured in a voice laced with sadness.

Unconsciously, their grip on each other tightened. They knew time could pass by quickly, and before they knew it, he would have to leave for Miyabigaoka. If only they could stop the time and stay like in their current position forever.

"Let's not waste our time together," they both said at the same time. They paused, amazed that their thoughts were in tuned with each other.

"How do you propose we spend our time together?" He asked huskily, which brought a shiver in her spine.

"Do you…have any suggestion?"

As soon as the last words left her lips, he was kissing her.

'Of course. I should have known.'

Misaki met Usui's passion head on. She kissed him back and pushed herself to him. The unexpected push caused him to step back and lean on the wall.

"Aren't we a little aggressive tonight?" He joked when their lips broke apart, but before she could say a scathing response, his lips were back on hers. He kissed her until she thought she'd die with suffocation. She gripped him hard to let him know she needed air.

"Don't…try…to kill me…idiot Usui," she complained as she tried to catch her breath.

He chuckled and let her be.

As soon as she was breathing normally, they both moved together for another kiss. This time, it was more passionate, hungrier. And this time also, it was him who pulled away first.


They both panted. But she surprised him when she kissed his jaw. He gasped with surprise. Nevertheless, he let her do as she pleased, taking in graciously what she was giving him.

Misaki didn't know what had taken over her. Suddenly, she was the one who was attacking him, initiating more contact, igniting fire between them. She bit his jaw when he remained still. No matter how much satisfaction she was feeling at finally catching him off-guard, she was starting to get embarrassed with her bold action. If he didn't do anything soon, she might just run away again to cover her feelings.

The seductive action snapped Usui out of his shock. With agile movement, he switched their position and trapped her between the wall and his body. Hungrily, he kissed her lips, but this time, he didn't stay there. Repeating what she had done, he kissed her soft jaw, and when he was satisfied, he moved to the base of her ear.

"Don't do something that you might regret, Ayuzawa," he warned before he nibbled on her ear.

His words ignited the competitive and stubborn side of her.

"Who said I would regret it?" She asked courageously as she her hands caressed his bare side. She grinned in triumph when he groaned.

"You're really asking for it."

It was the only warning she got before he pulled her flushed against him. She squeaked when one of his hands moved from her waist downwards until he was cupping her bottom. She gasped when that hand lifted her up to press her even closer to him.

And then Misaki felt it. She turned into stone in his hands with shock. It was the first time they had been pressed together like this. And even more, it was the first time that she felt him, hard against her softness. An involuntary moan escaped her lips. When she heard herself, she became embarrassed and tried to free herself from him, but instead of achieving her objective, the result was the opposite as his grasp on her tightened and a groan left his lips. Comprehension caused her eyes to widen to the size of saucers.


She didn't know what to say. Was that how she could affect him? The knowledge caused a thrill inside her.

When Misaki moved again, it was deliberate. She had the satisfaction to hear him utter sounds that caused her body to tingle with excitement and goose bumps to appear in her skin.

Usui must have reached his limit, because in response to her action, he ground himself to her. It was her turn to utter surprised sounds of pleasure.

For a moment, Misaki became confused when Usui set her down. Under the faint light that entered the room, she saw him reached for a sheet and then spread it on the floor.

"I won't like it if you catch a cold," he answered to her unvoiced question huskily as he pulled a pillow.

Misaki was alarmed when he pulled her down until both of them were kneeling on the sheet, facing each other.

"We don't have to do this if you don't want to," he said gently when she remained silent.

She shook her head, but what she was saying no for, they both didn't know. With a sigh, he made a decision for them as he hugged her tenderly, his fingers combing her hair in soothing motions.

"We could just lie here, and just as you promise, you can keep me warm. Having you beside me is enough. You don't have to push yourself."

As usual, he was being considerate with her. Sometimes, he was forceful. Nevertheless, he had never done anything beyond stealing kisses from her. Or hugging her. Or monopolizing her attention. Despite her accusation of his perverted nature, he hadn't gone over the line with her.

"Of course I'll keep my promise," she scoffed. His words had chased away her hesitation, her fears. It was him after all. If there was a man that she trusted more than anyone, it was him. It was only him. And she intended to give him warmth that he would never forget, warmth that he would never feel from anyone except her, warmth that he would crave, warmth that would burn him, would be embedded in his mind, body and heart.

Usui chuckled at her stubbornness. His laughter was cut off when she held his shoulders and pressed her lips to his. Not one to pass up the opportunity to kiss his beloved girlfriend, he kissed her back and pulled her until she was on his lap. Seeking a comfortable position, she spread her legs on his sides. Their position almost made his head spin. With aggressiveness to her that he was known for, he pulled her until they were flushed against each other, not even a thread could pass between them. One of his hands held her head, while the other held her waist.

Misaki made a noise at the back of her throat, but it wasn't a protest. Her hands on his shoulder didn't stay stationary as she slowly explored, feeling his strong muscles and warming the skin that had become cold due to the cool temperature. She rested her hand on top of his heart and felt the throbbing beat of his heart. She was glad to know that she wasn't the only one whose heartbeat was racing. Her other hand that wasn't on top of his heart moved, feeling his muscles flexed beneath her palms. She paused when she accidentally touched his hard nipple. She thought she had done something wrong when he pulled away and groaned in her ear. Concerned, she pulled away, too. However, he didn't let her. Instead, the hand on her waist moved lower, and when she thought it was going even lower, the hand moved upwards. She jolted when she felt warm skin on the small of her back. His hand had sneaked under his jacket that she was currently wearing.

As if testing Misaki's reaction, Usui didn't move his hand farther. After several heartbeats and she didn't say or do anything, he gently caressed the small of her back, leaving trails of fire in her skin. And then he resumed kissing her sweet lips, and she kissed him back. However, she immediately pulled away because she needed her mouth to breathe. His caressed was taking her breath away.

Misaki gasped when Usui's other hand went to the zipper of the jacket. He paused once more, giving her a chance to stop him. Instead of stopping him though, she placed her hand on top of his and shyly motioned for him to continue. Her hand guided his as he unzipped the jacket. When it was done, he pushed the jacket away, exposing her skin to the cold air since she was only wearing a bra beneath the jacket, having her shirt removed due to the drinks she had spilled on herself. She shivered. But he immediately gave her warmth with his body. Feeling skin against skin, they both moaned at the contact.

And then their lips were locked once more. His hands stayed idle for only a moment, before they were caressing her back and her sides. Hers followed his movements as she went back to caressing his chest. Her stomach clenched when his hand moved on her middle, gently touching her. She tensed when his hand moved upwards and played at her ribcage. Her heart drummed with anticipation. She was surprised when her bra that was tightly wrapped around her slackened. She didn't have to wonder anymore how it happened when she felt his fingers on her back, on the place where the clasp of her bra was previously located. She pulled her hands away from him, but only to let him take off the bra from her.

And then they were locked in an embrace once more. This time, however, there were no more barriers between the upper half of their bodies, and they could feel the skin of each other. Her soft chest pressed against his hard chest. They both groaned at the contact.

"You feel good."

Misaki didn't have time to be embarrassed as she moaned at his words. And any thought in her mind gone out the window as his hand cupped one aching breast. She whimpered when he gently squeezed her, and gasped when his lips left her neck to enclosed one hard nipple.

The feel of his warm hand and of his warm and moist mouth on her caused heat to pool between her legs. And when his tongue joined in the foray, she threw her head back and whimpered his name. Her delicious response encouraged him to give her more, to pleasure her more. He feasted on her chest until she was squirming and whimpering continuously. Knowing that he was driving her crazy already, he finally left her chest to move his lips lower even as he guided her back to the floor. When her head was settled on the pillow, he gave her lips a brief but passionate kiss, before his lips traced her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, her stomach, until his lips met the waistline of her sweatpants. He paused for a beat, before his hands pulled the sweatpants down her legs. Without complaint or feeling embarrassed, probably because she was already dizzy with desire, she lifted her hips to help him pull her sweatpants off. She shivered when he lifted a foot and kissed it, climbing slowly to her ankle, and even higher and higher until his warm lips reached her knee.

Misaki surprised Usui by giggling. She didn't know that she was ticklish in her knees. Having the pleasure of discovering it, he tickled her by peppering kisses on the sensitive spots. He only stopped when she begged him to. His lips finally left her knee to climb higher. And thus, while her other leg was being caressed by his hand, the other was being kissed by his naughty lips. He kissed, licked, and even bit her, while she could only squirm and shudder beneath his ministrations.

When Usui's lips reached the edge of the remaining clothing on Misaki, they both paused. For a tensed moment, neither of them moved. Even if they had already silently agreed upon it, it still caused them a pause, because this would be a big step on their relationship, a really big step.

Just as what they had been doing that evening, their minds arrived with the same decision as they finally both moved. He reached for the waistline of her underwear just as she lifted her hips to help him take it off. She felt his trembling fingers pulled her underwear off, but unlike the slow way he did with her sweatpants, her underwear was off in mere seconds.

Thus, Misaki was totally exposed to Usui for the first time. She was relieved that the light hadn't returned yet. She would be really embarrassed if she was exposed to him in the light. She was already embarrassed as it was. The way she felt his eyes looking at her, it was as if he could see all of her clearly.

Misaki almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the first touch on the most sensitive part of her body.

"It's alright, Ayuzawa. It's just me," he said soothingly, mistaking her reaction as something bad.

Misaki wanted to tell him that it was alright, that she trusted him, but her lips uttered only wordless sounds. Unable to put her thoughts into words, she acted on it instead as she held his head and pulled him towards her, embarrassment be damned. While she couldn't see his face clearly, she knew she made the right decision when he expelled a relieved breath. She trembled as she waited for him to move.

And then she was lost. The second touch was like the first, tentative and gentle. And just like the first time, she jolted. Nevertheless, he understood that it wasn't because she wanted him to stop.

The second touch was followed by third, a fourth, and then he grew bold and hungrier. His lips were only gently touching on the most heated part of her at first, but soon his lips were joined by his tongue. She threw her head at the sensations his loving created.

A particularly loud moan had Misaki clamping a hand on her lips. It wouldn't be good if other people heard her. She tried to look at the door to see if it was close, but his insistent movements left her no room to focus her half-lidded eyes. He was kissing and licking, even lapping at the essence that her body had secreted.

"T-too much…Stop…I can't…Usui…"

Misaki's head shook from side to side as she tried to catch her breath. However, no matter how hard she try, everything was becoming unbearable, the pleasure was becoming too much for her. She felt like she was going to explode if he didn't stop.

Misaki's plead for Usui to stop had the opposite reaction from him. Instead of slowing down, his movements increased, until his tongue was going inside the source of her essence, tasting more of her. It became too much for her. With a strangled moan, the pleasure inside her exploded.



(1) KWMS Manga Chapter 61

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