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Chapter 2


Misaki's hand clenched the sheets tightly. She didn't know she could loss control, that too much pleasure could make her a quivering mess of flesh. It was the first time that she felt such intense feeling, and Usui, her perverted outer-space alien boyfriend, had given it to her. He made her mind go blank, her body to tingle with pleasure. The novelty of the intense pleasure was a wonder to her.

Lost in the pleasure he had given her, Misaki didn't notice Usui when he took off the rest of his clothes before covering her body with his. The skin to skin contact made all parts of their bodies that were touching buzzed with warmth and excitement.

"Last chance to say no, Ayuzawa," Usui warned with great difficulty, snapping Misaki out of her trance. It was taking all of his might not to plunge to the part of her that his lips and tongue had just feasted on, the part of her that would give what his body was screaming for.


Whatever she was saying please for, it was lost to him. If she was saying that he should stop, then he would, no matter how his body would oppose it. But if she was saying please for him to continue, then with all of his being, he would give her what she wanted. Before he could do anything though, Misaki needed to clarify to him what she meant. His desire-filled mind couldn't mull over and solve the riddle of that one word. He couldn't spend even a single energy to understand what she meant. All of his energy had been devoted to controlling himself from moving forward, from taking the step that once taken, there would be no turning back for the both of them.

When Misaki moved her hips against him, brushing her heated center to his hardness, Usui got his answer loud and clear.

"This is going to hurt," he warned with gritted teeth, his muscles flexing with the effort not to give in to his body's excitement after that pleasant answer.

A shred of coherence had returned to her, so Misaki understood what Usui was trying to tell her dazed mind. But she would never stop him. Her body wouldn't let her. Her heart would stop her from doing so. They were so close to what their mind, heart and body yearned for.

"I know…You'll make up for it, won't you?" She said trustingly, focusing her dazed eyes on his face that the dark night had hidden to her. Compensating for her inability to gaze at his loving face, she lifted her shaky hands and cupped his warm cheeks, feeling him.

"Yes. Of course I will. Always for you," Usui groaned out as his love and need for her increased tenfold. His trusting girlfriend, no matter how much she yelled and denied her feelings for him, was all he would need and all he wanted in his life forever no matter what happened.

"Thank you, Usui," she murmured gratefully, both for his words and the emotions behind them. It was easy for her to accept them. She had let her guard down against him. For this night, she had all her walls down.

Without any more delays, Usui crushed his lips on Misaki's kiss-swollen lips, wanting to take her mind off of the inevitable pain that he would cause her. It was killing him to go slowly, but he would rather endure the agony of holding back than make it more painful for her. He would kill himself if he hurt her more than she should.

Usui and Misaki were locked in a passionate kiss when his hardness prodded at her entrance. She tensed at first, but his lips on hers and his sweet murmurs for her to relax caused her to loosen her tensed muscles. She grabbed on his back as she braced herself.

And then a part of him was in. Not all the way yet, but he was already inside her. He slowly pulled back, and then slowly pushed in, still not all the way in. He was trying to prepare her for more.

After a few repeated movements, it became too much for Usui to kiss her and control himself at the same time. He stopped kissing her and rested his forehead on hers as he focused his attention on going slowly. He was panting and trembling with the effort.

"Do it," Misaki gasped, her lips touching his when she had spoken. The sooner they got over it, the better.

No sooner than the words escaped her lips, he pulled back and then quickly thrust inside her, burying his hardness to the hilt. The painful scream that would have torn her lips was swallowed by his lips. Her fingernails dug on his back as she clung to him. He was sure she had drawn blood, but he didn't feel any pain. All his senses were focused on two things only, on her and the mind-numbing pleasure of finally being inside her. She was so warm and tight, and so soft against his rock hardness. It was taking all his might not to pull himself away only to push back again inside her warmth. He knew that while it was such an unbelievable pleasure for him, it was not for her, at least not yet at their first time.

All movements from both Misaki and Usui had ceased. Except for the movements created by their heavy breathing, they stayed locked in their position.

'It feels like I'm being torn apart.'

A tear escaped Misaki's eye at the pain of finally losing her innocence. But she wasn't the demon president of Seika High for nothing. Her strength, her sheer stubbornness and tenacity, they were all a factor to her ability to tolerate the pain.

"Move," she commanded with gritted teeth.

Usui was reluctant at first. He didn't want to cause her anymore pain. He wanted her to get use to having him inside her first. But she was having none of it when she took the initiative and moved her hips against him. Her moan of pain caused him to freeze even more.


"It…it will be fine…It will be over soon…" she said, trying to sound as calm as possible. He was worrying, and while his concern was touching, she knew they had to continue. She just couldn't leave him hanging like that. The way his muscles were flexing beneath her hands, she knew it was taking all of him not to move. And after noticing that her death grip on him was making him more worried about her, she let go and held the sheets instead.

"You stubborn woman," he muttered as he gave her a brief kiss on the lips. Bracing his hands on the side of her head, he pulled halfway out of her, and then slowly went back in. He repeated the motions for a few times, perspiration rolling off him in waves. Holding back at a time like this was even harder than he thought. The feel of her warm softness surrounding his hardness was so incredible that it was all he could do not to move his body the way it screamed him to.

"Are you…tired already? You're…moving…too slow…I'm falling asleep here," Misaki taunted with heavy breathes, urging him to move faster. The slow pace he was going was prolonging the pain. At first, slow movements were probably necessary. But now…

A burst of amused chuckle escaped Usui's lips at her sassy remark.

"My girlfriend," he said fondly. Then his face turned serious. "Brace yourself."

And then he was moving fast inside her, pulling and pushing, every moment that passed he was gaining speed. He finally let go of his tight leash on his control. No more holding back. Being inside his beloved girlfriend was more than enough to make him lost control. Add to that her adorable stubbornness and he was really lost.

At first, Misaki's hushed moans and whimpers were of pain. She endured them all as she clung to the sheets. She wouldn't let the pain stop her from giving him pleasure as evident by his grunts and murmurs of pleasure. Soon, the pain was combined with pleasure as he once again made her body back to being all tingly and hot. Her sheer stubbornness started to bear fruits when the pain started disappearing, and before she knew it, the feeling she had experience earlier before the pain was quickly approaching, the feeling even stronger than before. Her head rolled from side to side, and her lips let out whimpers and moans of pleasure, of moans of encouragement. Feeling him moving inside her was unlike anything she could have ever imagined. This scenario had never crossed her mind before. It was more than she could ever think of, it was more than her mind could comprehend of.

Misaki started to shake as her insides tightened. She was trembling, and her hands were gripping the sheets so tight that for a fleeting moment, she worried that she would tear them apart. She wanted to hold Usui, but she feared that she would hurt him. He wasn't concerned about her hurting him though, as he pulled her hands and placed them around his shoulders.


"Usui…I'm…I think…I…"

She didn't think she could hold it anymore. She was going to explode, and by the way she was feeling inside, she knew it would be stronger than before.

"Let it go already," Usui groaned out. If she didn't let go yet, he knew he would lost it already. He wanted her to experience the height of pleasure first, if not together. He had promised to himself that her needs and her wants would always come first before his. He wanted to give her everything that she would ever need, more than she would ever want, of everything that he was capable of. Because she had given him more than he thought he could have. He had made her feel alive.

With a curse, Usui snaked a hand between them and pushed on the button that he hoped would hasten her release.

Misaki jolted in surprised pleasure when he touched her between her legs. The surprise made her lost control. She barely managed to clamp her teeth on his shoulders as she felt her insides explode into a million pieces. She was immediately joined by him as a growl escaped his lips and he emptied himself inside her, filling her with unbelievable warmth.

And then there was silence in the room saved the lovers' heavy breathings. Usui was slumped on top of Misaki, his face buried on the crook of her neck. They both let the pleasure washed over them in waves, filling themselves with the heady feel of it.

Eventually, Usui and Misaki's breathings calmed down, though the latter's body continued to shudder every now and then.

Just as the pleasurable tiredness lulled them to sleep, the electricity returned, and even with her eyes closed, the brightness of the light felt blinding. Misaki jerked with shock, causing him to fell off her in surprise.

'Ouch. Stupid Misaki.'

She winced in pain at her sudden movement, which wasn't lost on his observant eyes. He was immediately fretting over her, hovering over her form, his hands holding her shoulders to still her movements.

"Are you in too much pain?"

Misaki felt sore, alright. But in her opinion, her boyfriend, now lover, was overreacting. Besides, she had more pressing concern other than the pain in her body.

"Not if I don't move rashly…Is the door lock?"

"Don't mind the door. No one would come here, at least no one yet," he said dismissively as he looked her over. His worry was immediately mixed with admiration and pride as his bright eyes finally laid their sight on her beautiful form, bared for his eyes to feast on.

Noticing his stare, the redness in Misaki's cheeks caused by their recent activity increased. Feeling self-conscious, she pulled the sheets to cover her body, but since they were on it, she couldn't manage to have an effective cover.

"You're beautiful," he said as if in a trance as he gazed at her tangled hair, her swollen lips, the whiteness of her skin which was covered with sweat, her heaving chest, her delicious curves…

Misaki blushed all the more at Usui's comment, feeling oddly shy. But she was happy that he liked what he saw. She wasn't really insecure with her body, but his approval meant a lot to her. And by the way his hungry eyes were roving over her, she knew that he liked very much what he saw. When his eyes moved to the lower part of her body, however, it was too much for her. With quick reflex, she covered his eyes. She forgot that she shouldn't be moving rashly at the moment, and inwardly cursed herself as she was reminded of the pain.

"Stop looking, you pervert."

"But I was enjoying it," he whined, trying not to burst into happy babbles that was unlike him and would no doubt embarrass her. He could have forced the hands that were covering his eyes away, but he indulged her wishes and didn't attempt to free himself. After all, he had just gotten more than he could have dreamed of having tonight. She had given him a beautiful present that he would cherish forever.

"Of course you were," she muttered, knowing how true it was. "Pervert."

With his eyes covered, it was her turn to finally see him. She felt her cheeks burn, and a warm feeling bubbled inside her. She looked him over. She was even more convinced that his looks could get him any girl he wanted. His soft hair was a mess, making him all the more attractive in the way he only could pull. He had toned body, which was covered in beads of perspiration at the moment. His shoulders were broad and strong, his…

Misaki's perusal stopped when she noticed something at his shoulder. She gasped when she recognized it.

"What's wrong?" Usui asked with concern as he finally decided to take her hands off his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Usui," she apologized as she gazed with mortification on the teeth marks and the blood on his shoulder. She couldn't believe she had hurt him and wasn't even aware of doing it. She lifted a shaky hand to gently touch the wound she had caused, but paused when a thought crossed her mind. She grabbed his arms and tugged at him to move. "Let me see your back."


Usui didn't want her to see. He already knew what she would see in his back and he didn't want her to worry more.


He cupped her fretting girlfriend's, now lover, face and made her look in his eyes.

"Don't mind them. They will heal soon enough. Aliens heal fast, don't you know? Besides, they're nothing compared to your pain."

His teasing eyes softened at the acknowledgement of what she had given to him.

"Thank you for trusting me, Ayuzawa. I promise not to make you regret it," he said with conviction, the love and protectiveness shining in his eyes.

Misaki flushed again at his words.

"I know…And don't worry, the pain was nothing compared to the…w-w-well...you…know…" she said with stutters. She wanted to smack herself for her inability to say what she wanted to say, but he saved her by smiling at her tenderly.

"I'm glad."

He pulled her in a warm hug. Feeling each other, being in each other's embrace, a sense of calmness washed over them. They didn't know what the future held for them, but they were determined to face it together.

"You know what, I think I'll have you warming me every time I'm cold," Usui commented after a long while, a grin playing in his lips.


"I didn't know this is how Ayuzawa gives warmth to an alien," he teased.

"This wasn't what I had in mind when I said that, you idiot Usui," she snapped with embarrassment, her fingers that were resting on his chest digging in his skin.

Usui chuckled and kissed her head.

"Do you regret it?" He asked, back to being serious again.

Misaki pulled away and looked at his eyes. He tried to appear nonchalant, but she knew him better. She glared at him for being unexpectedly and ridiculously insecure.

"Do you?"

"Of course I don't," he answered, incredulous.

"Then don't ask stupid questions," she snapped, slapping his chest before she rested her cheek on said chest.

Usui laughed happily at her response and gesture.

Once again, they were quiet, before he broke the silence once more.

"I think I'm getting cold."

At his comment, Misaki quickly scrambled away, grabbing his jacket along the way to cover herself with it. He chuckled at her reaction.

"Don't you dare get any ideas," she warned.

"But I was just saying that I'm getting cold. Is something wrong with that?" He asked innocently, though the hungry eyes that raked her barely covered form said otherwise.

Misaki felt goose bumps appeared in her skin, though they were not due to the cold. She cursed herself for feeling excited at his words.

"L-liar," she accused, tightening her hold on the jacket, as if it could protect her from him. She tensed when he growled, and a small cry of surprise escaped her lips when he pounced on her.

Knowing she couldn't escape him if he didn't want her to, she resigned herself to the inevitable, and was even anticipating it. But he surprised her once more when he only hugged her then pulled her back on a laying position with her on top of him. And then he did nothing else.


She raised her head to look at his face with slight confusion.

"I'm not that inconsiderate. I know you're sore and tired. And you'll be busy again tomorrow. Besides, this place isn't really safe," he said gently, eyeing the closed door at the end. It was surprising that no one came yet. Probably because it was already late and the need was rare. Nevertheless, it was still not a good idea to stay longer. "Let me hug you for awhile before we go back to our rooms."

At the reminder, her grip on him tightened. Of course, she had responsibilities. They had responsibilities. It was not the time to be fooling around. But what happened between them was something that they both never regretted. It was something that they would cherish, and the beauty of it was something that they would hold onto as they face the hurdles to their future together. For this moment though, they would make use of the opportunity to bask in the warmth that the circumstances had given them.




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