Dating a Wizard

Harper and Zeke are both happy and dating there best friend's. Who happen to be Wizard's , but will they simple mortal's be able compete with there boyfriend / girlfriend Ex's . Who are a vampire and a werewolf. Who knew dating Wizard's could be so complicated. Zustin / Halex and Zarper friendship

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Last Time...

We left with two new couple's. The cute and adorable Zeke and Justin and hot and sexy Harper and Alex.

" Alex we have to tell your parent's if we're going to date. I mean with me living with you and all." said Harper as she looked at the Latina goddess in her arm's. Alex and her have been kissing for two hour's. Right, now they were taking a break.

" Mmm, Why worry about this now. I like staying in your arm's right now." said Alex as she snuggled more into Harper's arm's. She never felt so happy before or at ease in someone's arms. She felt like she was floating on cloud's and those cloud where called Harper D cup boob's. Alex smiled to herself she couldn't wait to get Harper out of her clothes and get down on her sexy body.

" Well, I really don't fancy being kicked out and moving to Pittsburgh with my folk's." said Harper as she poked Alex in her tummy.

" Hehehe, stop you know I'm tickles babe" said Alex as she swatted Harper's poking finger away from her belly. Harper placed her hand's on Alex's waist and tugged her body closer.

"Babe huh, I really like that coming from your mouth" said Harper as she had a huge grin on her face. They were face to face, Alex could feel Harper's hot breath on her face.

" Well then I'll call you babe all the time then" said Alex as she kissed Harper on the lip's. Harper memorized everything about Alex's lip's, the way they moved, how they tasted , how her tongue felt inside her mouth. She loved every part of Alex's mouth against her mouth.

" Hmm, then I should give you a pet nickname too huh, how about sugar lip's or my Latina goddess" said Harper as she smirked.

" Whatever you want but I'm yours" said Alex as she kissed Harper.

( With Zeke and Justin)

" So, first we tell my parents about my awesome boyfriend then we go on our first date." said Justin as he told his plan's to Zeke him new boyfriend.

" Perfect I can't wait to tell our parent's about us" said Zeke as he smiled. Nothing could bring him down at how high he felt. He was the happiest guy on the planet.

"Let's go home , but first we need to get Alex and Harper." said Justin as he stood up and held out his hand for his boyfriend.

" Hehehe think there decent? With the rumor's about your sister going at School I could expect them naked in the bush" said Zeke as he grinned at Justin.

" Hey that's my sister your talking about and we don't know if the rumor's are true or not. I rather not believe them so please don't say something about it" said Justin as he frowned. Zeke had a small frown on his face, he didn't think Justin would be the over protective of Alex's honor but he did yell at the guy's in the locker room's when they talked about her.

" Sorry baby, I should of not said that." said Zeke as he looked into Justin's brown eye's.

" It's okay Zeke I know you didn't mean it in a mean way" said Justin as he gave Zeke a peck on the lip's.

" I love when you kiss me" said Zeke as he blushed from the kiss Justin gave him.

" Then I'll do it all the time." said Justin as he kissed Zeke again.

" Let's go , I want to see what Alex and Harper are up" said Zeke as he smirked. Justin nodded his head and headed towards the bush Alex and Harper where at. As the guy's looked into the bush they saw Harper on her back with Alex on top of her.

" Hey Alex Harper take a breathing break." said Justin as he grinned at them. Alex looked up and glared at Justin.

" I'm busy here" said Alex threw clenched teeth.

" Zeke and I are going to tell mom and dad about us." said Justin as he looked at the two girl's. Alex stood up and helped Harper up.

" We are doing the same thing but you should tell Zeke about you know what. Harper already know's so I don't need to tell her but he should know" said Alex as she nodded her head's towards Zeke. Justin nodded his head and looked at Zeke.

" Alex's let's go and leave the boy's alone." said Harper as she dragged Alex away from the boy's.

Wizard's of Waverly Place WOWP Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP Wizard's of Waverly Place WOWP WOWP

The second part of Harper Finkle Matchmaker !