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Story's name after Katy Perry's song Teenage Dream.

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Santana Lopez wouldn't be called as you would say, popular. In fact she was far from it, she was academically gifted with an amazing singing voice, not to mention she was exceptionally talented with a guitar.

She wasn't the most popular girl in the school, in fact she was invisible. The other students only knew her as a geek, nerd or loser, no one ever really knew her name except for one student, Puck.

The two were from different worlds, Puck was a football jock who could have any girl or woman in his bed and was considered a legend amongst the other jocks. Santana on the other hands was a nobody who excelled in all her classes, loved video games and loved to sing and play guitar, to the other students that made her a loser.

No one would have guessed Puck and Santana to be such good friends but they'd grown up with each other meeting when they were 5 years old. Both their mothers adored the two together so naturally they assumed the two would end up dating as they got older. However, to their surprise the two were never romantically involved mainly due to the two sharing a brother sister type relationship and that Santana was in fact a lesbian. For Puck it made Santana the perfect girl friend, they could play video games and talk about how much they want to get into certain girls' pants.

Neither mother was bothered that the Latina had a preference for the ladies. They saw it as a positive, for Mrs. Lopez it meant that her daughter wouldn't accidently be impregnated by some boy at school or Noah and for Mrs. Puckerman, it meant one less girl her provocative son might get impregnate.

Although both Santana and Puck were as close as two people could get without actually dating, no one knew about their friendship. Santana wanted to fly under the radar at school so that meant she'd have to hide her friendship with Puck. Puck had to admit his Latina friend was pretty damn good-looking, but she hid that under her black thick rimmed glasses and slightly baggy hoodies. He knew that if the school had known about their friendship, more attention would be directed towards the Latina due to his popularity and it would make it difficult for him to protect his friend from the perverted jocks.

They both agreed to not talk to each other whilst on school grounds, instead meeting up at either's house after school. They had decided this during middle school when people started to separate into their different cliques. It was because they were neighbours, that it was possible visit each other's house anytime.


It was a Wednesday morning when one test set off a chain of events that would eventually cause Santana's plans to stay invisible to crumble. It was because of one test that managed to change the course of her high school career, she would soon no longer be invisible, instead all eyes would be on her all because she had fallen in love with her, with Brittany S. Pierce.

Brittany Pierce was a Cheerio with impeccable dancing abilities, hell, she was one of the best dancers in Ohio. Her sheer talent as a dancer awarded her the nickname 'Dancing Blondie' from her cheerleading Coach Sue Sylvester. She was second in command behind her best friend Quinn who was the head cheerleader of the squad.

Both girls' ruled the school with everyone pining for their attention, all the guys and some girls wanted to be with them and all the girls wanted to be them. They were at the top of the social hierarchy, top dogs of the school. Quinn was fierce and commanding the HBIC of the school, whereas Brittany was sweet and kind to everyone, even the gleeks.

They were both easily one of the most beautiful girls' in the school, both sporting light long flowing blonde hair and captivating eyes. Quinn was the shorter of the two but regardless of her petite frame she was still more intimidating than the dancer.

It wasn't a secret that Brittany struggled with her academics, sure she excelled at socialising but when it came to the textbooks she failed miserably. No matter how much she tried she just could not grasp the concepts discussed in class, the teachers never really had the patience to go through the coursework slowly enough for her to understand. Eventually she gave up at trying, letting her grades drop figuring she could depend on her cheerleading and dancing to help get her out of Lima, Ohio.

However, it seemed like fate had another path in store for her. It happened on a Wednesday morning, when everything started to change for her, because of one test she failed it paved way for a series of events that would lead to her falling for someone no one would have guessed, Santana Lopez.


Santana was sitting in her usual seat in the middle row of the classroom waiting for her maths class to commence. She straightened her textbooks and pencils on her table, glancing up every now and then watching the students trickle in. The Latina never really liked to sit in the front as she disliked answering the teacher's questions and she avoided the back because even though she wore glasses, she had trouble seeing the board in the front.

Eventually her maths teacher strolled into the classroom his hands holding the maths tests they had just sat the previous week.

"Alright, I've graded your tests from last week. All I can say is some of you really need to study. Open your books to page 97 and begin exercises 6B and 6C. What you don't finish in this class I want you to do for homework. I'm going to hand your tests out as you finish the exercises" said the maths teacher as he started to pass the papers to the students.

The class was filled with 45minutes worth of silence, Santana didn't mind, she loved the silence it helped her finish her work earlier. She had finished both exercises with 20minutes to spare, so she decided to proceed onto the next exercise realising it was relatively easy for her.

As the bell rang students started to pack their textbooks and stationary away before rushing out the door. Before anyone could leave the maths teacher had called out towards Santana and Brittany.

"Santana and Brittany could I ask you two to stay back for 5 minutes?" he said sitting down at the desk waiting for the other students to leave.

Both Santana and Brittany approached the desk waiting for their teacher to speak.

"There's a reason why I asked you two to stay back. Santana" he addressed the Latina pulling out a book that had their scores recorded, "You see here, these have been your scores throughout this year so far. You've managed to keep the highest grade in your class. You regularly achieve scores in the high 90's, even a few 100%'s. Congratulations. Now, Brittany' said the maths teacher turning the book and his attention to the dancer, "These are your scores so far this year. You're at the bottom of your class and I'm a little worried about your grades. See here, the highest grade you've manage to pull is a 53%. You've failed other tests and I've tried to help you to understand the concepts but it seems like you're not retaining the information. The recent test you've just sat has been your lowest score yet, 5%. " The maths teacher stated turning his attention to both of the girls, "So this brings me here, to why you two are standing in front of me. I think it would helpful to you Brittany if you got some extra tutoring. Believe it or not I care whether or not my students pass. Santana, I know that you're a very bright student and I was hoping you could spend some time with Brittany to help tutor her in maths. I understand that you're busy with the extra classes you're taking but I'm hoping you could take the time to help Brittany" he said as Brittany nodded in agreement.

Santana turned her focus to Brittany who had her head down biting her lower lip. Sensing someone was looking at her the dancer lifted her head and turned to the Latina effectively locking eyes with her.

When the Brittany stared into Santana's eyes the Latina gulped trying to rid her throat of the lump that had formed. She had never noticed the beautiful, light shade of blue that were the dancer's eyes. She had to force herself to return her gaze to the maths teacher who was waiting on an answer.

"Y-yes" stuttered the Latina, feeling a little flustered.

"Well, great. You may leave now, that's all I needed to say. Good luck with the studying" said the maths teacher as he packed his desk and left the room.

"So…want to begin studying tomorrow after school?" asked Santana trying to avoid eye contact.

"I have Cheerios practise after school until 5" Brittany answered quietly, noticing the Latina's deep chocolate brown eyes behind her black thick rimmed glasses.

"Um, the library will be closed by then. Hm." pondered the Latina, "How about you come over my place after practise? Here's my number and address in case you need to text me" she said as she wrote down her address and number before handing it to the dancer.

Reading the paper she copied the number and address into her phone before realising the street name, "Hey, you live only 3 houses down from me. Wow, I never knew that" Brittany commented.

"Really? Well I guess it'll make this tutoring thing much easier I guess" the Latina replied sheepishly, fiddling with her glasses, a habit she does when she's nervous.

"Yeah. Well I'll see you tomorrow for our study session. Thank you Santana" said Brittany with genuine sincerity in her voice. She smiled sweetly at the Latina before walking out the door, her Cheerios skirt swinging side to side.

" Sine of pi on two is one, sine pi on two is one" recited the Latina as her eyes dropped down to the dancer's skirt.

She prayed looking up at the ceiling, "Lord, please help me"

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