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The Monday after their prom Santana and Brittany were closer than ever. They barely ever separated and it was a rare sight to see the pair without each other by their side. After they spent the night together it was like they woke up completely different people.

Santana could remember the feeling she felt when she first woke up and was met with the sight of the sleeping beauty before her eyes. She could remember the way her breath hitched when she felt her girlfriend's hand ghost around her waist. She remembered the way Brittany scrunched her face as she shifted slightly under the covers, the way their skin on skin contact felt.

Snuggling her body further into Brittany's embrace she kissed the side of the cheerleader's jaw. When her lips made contact with the pale, ivory coloured skin she felt the strong lithe arms on her waist tighten their grip. Eventually Santana placed her hands against Brittany's collarbone as she nuzzled her head under the cheerleader's chin, letting her body fall asleep once more.

When Brittany woke up for the first time that morning she found her arms wrapped tightly around the Latina beauty. She admired the way the way her sun kissed skin shone as the sun's rays spilled through the curtains. She squeezed Santana's body before placing a soft kiss against her girlfriend's beautiful, smooth, silky, black, ebony hair that seemed to shine. Smiling to herself she closed her eyes and let sleep take over once more and fell asleep once more.


When they woke up for the second time that morning it was already 11:30 in the morning and they had only half an hour to check out.

"Morning baby." Santana greeted.

"Mm, great way to wake up. Morning." Brittany answered, placing a soft tender kiss on the Latina's nose who in turn, scrunched her nose when she felt the cheerleader's soft lips touch her skin.

"As much as I want to stay here and cuddle all morning we need to check out."

"Ok." The cheerleader hopped out of bed and grabbed the Latina's favourite hoody from the duffle bag filled with extra clothes.

"Hey that's mine." Santana called out, grabbing the cheerleader by the fabric.

"But it's warm and smells like you." Brittany pouted, damn that pout, there was no way Santana could resist.

"Of course you can wear it baby. You look sexy in my clothes." The Latina then grabbed a change of clothes before pulling them onto her body.

Once dressed the girls walked hand in hand with Santana carrying the duffle bag that contained their prom dresses stuffed in there. Checking out, the Latina proceeded to drive them towards Brittany's house.

On arrival Mr and Mrs. Pierce were seated in the kitchen with an energetic Brianna bouncing in her seat. Taking in the girls' extreme closeness and the subtle touches they gave each other, the parents deduced that the two girls had brought their relationship onto a whole new level.

"How was your night?" Bryce asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Perfect." Brittany said whilst looking into Santana's eyes like a love sick puppy.

The Latina blushed at her girlfriend's gaze, not noticing the knowing looks Bryce and Susan gave each other.

"Tana-tron! Why you don't come over more?" Brianna asked, pulling on Santana's pants and pouted at the teen.

"I'm here now. Tell you what? I'll come back later today and play with you." The Latina suggested, laughing at how fast the pout was replaced by an ecstatic smile.

"Anyway I better get home or else my parents are going to get worried. See you later!" Santana said, leaving the Pierce residence and returning to her own house.

"I'm going to take a shower." Brittany stated with a goofy smile plastered on her face as she walked up the stairs.

"Did you see their faces." Susan pointed out, smirking at her husband.

"Yes I did." Bryce answered and returned the smirk before picking up Brianna from her seat, "You." He said directing it to his youngest, "Are not allowed to date until you're forty."

Brianna just giggled, "Ewy, boys have cooties." She said, poking her tongue out in disgust.

"Yes, they do so don't date them." Mr. Pierce chuckled at his daughter's innocence.

"You know, she could grow up to be like Brittany." Mrs. Pierce added, referring to Brittany's attraction to both females and males.

"Well then Brianna can't have friends." Bryce joked and laughed when his daughter's face dropped.

"What! ? No fair!" The little girl pouted and tried to wiggle out of her father's grip.

"I'm kidding sweetie. Go watch your cartoons." He said placing the little girl rush off to the living room.

The two Pierce adults shared a look of love between each other before continuing on with their breakfast.


Santana opened her front door and was about to step on the first step of the staircase when her father's voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

"How was it mija?" He asked as she entered dining room where both her parents were seated, going through their bills.

"Awesome." The younger Latina replied with a goofy smile plastered on her face. She then made her way up her stairs towards her room.

"Looks like our daughter's finally living the teenage dream." Joseph said quietly, watching with a smile as his daughter ascended the stairs.

"What do you mean?" Maria asked, lifting her head up from the paperwork she was reading through.

"Like you said, she's experienced friendship, trouble, happiness and teenage love."

"I have a feeling it might be more than teenage love." Mrs. Lopez looked at her husband and he just nodded his head before returning his attention back to the paperwork.

Santana ran up her stairs and jumped into a shower for a much needed shower. Stepping out the shower she wrapped her body with a white soft towel and stood there, staring at herself in the mirror. Physically she looked exactly the same as she did the previous day but she could tell there was something different. Sure she was still a little awkward and geeky but she could feel that she had become more confident in herself, thanks to her gorgeous girlfriend Brittany.

Moving back into her room she dried herself before starting on her chores and errands before she left for Brittany's house.


Puck woke up in one of the best moods that he's ever been in, even after sleeping with a hot random girl. Looking to the side Quinn was fast asleep in his bed. Ok, so they didn't go the whole way but Puck couldn't care any less.

He wasn't the type of guy to get all sappy when he's around a girl, but there was something about Quinn Fabray that just made him become a sap every time he was around the head cheerleader. She was fast asleep on his chest and was wearing his McKinley football jersey. The night had been amazing for the mohawked boy. First rocking up to the junior prom with the hottest girl in the school then partying with said girl afterwards, he couldn't believe the luck that he had.

Quinn stirred in her sleep as she nuzzled her face further into Puck's chest before pushing her body up.

"Ugh, I hate mornings." She stated with disgust as she tried to shield her eyes from the sun.

"Morning to you too sunshine. Come on, I better take you home before your mom has a hissy fit." He said helping Quinn to her feet as she went into the bathroom and change back into her dress. There was no way in hell she'd go home dressed only in Puck's football jersey, the last thing she wanted was her mom assuming they had sex.

Once she had her dress back on the two made their way downstairs and before they could jump into the Camaro, Quinn heard her named being called out by Santana.

"Hey you guys. Didn't know Quinn slept over." The Latina smirked and winked at the head cheerleader.

"Hey San. No, I didn't sleep with Puck if that's what you think." Quinn chuckled and Puck just nodded his head as a response.

"I'm kidding you guys. Hope you had a great night, sorry me and Britt didn't come with you to the after party."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure you two had fun doing whatever it was." Now it was Quinn's turn to tease Santana.

"Yeah. What did you guys do?" Puck asked, with a sly grin on his face.

"N-nothing." Santana stuttered out as she looked everywhere but at Quinn and Puck. The pair had already gotten their answer from the way Santana's cheeks turned a bright red as she tried to play aloof.

"Bye Santana. Say hi to Brittany for me." Quinn said to the blushing Latina as she gave her a hug before jumping into the Camaro.

"See you soon, tell me everything." Puck winced in pain as the Latina's fist connected with his shoulder. He just laughed it off before joining Quinn in the car.

Once he reached the Fabray house, Puck happily walked Quinn to her door.

"Just wanted to say thanks for coming to the prom with me." He said sincerely.

"Wow, Puckerman are you going all soft?" Quinn joked as she lightly slapped the mohawked boy's shoulder.

"Nope, I'm going all hard." He smirked at the head cheerleader.

"And you ruined the moment. But I had a great time last night." She said and noticed that Puck had this small shine to his dark eyes. Behind the cocky smirk, sexual innuendos, inappropriate behaviour and all round perviness, there was a gentleman hidden within him.

Puck grinned like a nervous pre-pubescent boy and leant forward, giving Quinn a breath taking kiss that seemed to last forever. She was the first girl he ever kissed and meant everything he had said and felt. This was the first time that he kissed a girl and didn't even push for more. Breaking from the kiss, Puck couldn't help but smile like a fool at the head cheerleader. Quinn bit her lower lip before leaning forwad, pressing her palms against Puck's chest and giving him a small peck on the lips.

"See you later Noah. Thanks for last night." She said quietly before turning to open her door and walked inside her house.

Puck continued to stare into Quinn's eyes as she closed the door. Once he heard the click, he couldn't help but jump up like a little boy and fist bump the air as he yelled out a triumphant, 'Yeah.'

He was living his own teenage dream.


Nationals were right around the corner with only a few weeks left to prepare. The members of the glee club were eagerly preparing for the competition. Deciding that original songs was the way to go, they all huddled together and pooled their ideas together to write a song.

"Any ideas anyone?" Mercedes asked, scratching her head with the pencil as she tried to rack her brain for any particular subject to sing about.

"My headband?" Rachel chimed but was met with a loud response of 'No' coming from everyone in the club, "Fine." She huffed.

"What about a song about ducks." Brittany offered.

"Maybe not." Kurt answered.

"Wait! How about we sing about…wait for it." Rachel said, trying to build up the suspense, "Being an only child!" She exclaimed as her arms shot up in the air.

"Yeah, no." Kurt deadpanned and continued to draw outfits all over his notepad.

"Do you have any other songs you've written Santana?" Tina asked the quiet Latina who was happily cuddling Brittany, who was sitting between her legs in front of her.

After prom when they returned to school, everyone had noticed how much closer Santana and Brittany had become. Usually when they were in class, the pair would just hold hands under the table, but now days; Santana usually had her arm around Brittany's shoulders or waist. Every time the Latina walked Brittany to her classes, instead of innocent hugs they usually shared had changed to a passionate kiss. They also noticed that, although Santana still often wore her glasses her entire wardrobe had changed.

The Latina no longer wore baggy hoodies and loose tees; she now wore figure hugging tops and wore more skirts as the weather temperature rose. What took them by surprise most was how protective she had become over Brittany. Whenever a student would dare call Brittany anything offensive she would shoot them what Puck would call the 'Lopez glare.'

Puck had told Brittany that at their old school, Santana had been infamous for her glare that could cause the largest boy at school to cower in his seat. The biggest change they all noticed was how confident the Latina had become in herself. She spoke up more often during the meetings and had become a more active member of the club.

Lifting her chin from Brittany's shoulder Santana leaned back and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a black and red leathered book. Flipping through the pages until she found what she was looking for.

"I've got this one song, again it's not finished. I've got an intro, pre chorus and chorus down…so yeah. Here wait, let me set up the guitar." Santana pulled herself away from Brittany and kissed her girlfriend tenderly on the cheek, eliciting an array of 'aws' from the members.

She quickly grabbed the guitar and plugged the instrument into its amplifier before starting the song.

Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on dancing in the dark,
it's been tearing me apart, never knowing what we are.
hey-hey-hey you and me keep on tryin' to play it cool,
now it's time to make a move and that's what i'm gonna do.

As she played the intro everyone looked at each other and nodded along with the guitar.

"This is definitely Santana's song. The intro is really similar to 'Loser Like Me'. I can already tell I'm going to like it." Kurt whispered into Mercedes' ear.

lay it all down
got something to say
lay it all down
throw your doubt away
do or die now
step onto the plate
blow the door wide open like up up and away

let's light up the world tonight
you gotta give up the bark and bite
I know that we got the love alright
come on and li-li-light it up, light it up tonight

"So, yeah that's all I've gotten written. You get the idea yeah?" Every in front of her nodded and clapped loudly.

"I vote we do that!" Puck exclaimed proudly as he fist pumped the air, "That's my bro right there. Lyrical genius."

Everyone nodded their head in unison before their attention was diverted to Rachel speaking out, "That was excellent Santana. I have taught you well. I remember before Sectionals when you had trouble with facial expressions and showing your emotions through singing. Dare I say, I'm so proud of you. It brings a tear to my eye." Rachel said dramatically as she wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes.

"Where'd you get these ideas for songs from?" Mike asked curiously.

"Life experiences. I wrote 'Loser Like Me' because yeah, I'm a loser but hey I'm dating the most beautiful girl the universe has to offer, so I'd say I'm a winner now. This song well…" She trailed off as a blush started to creep up her cheeks, "Well…it kind of you know…it's sort of about Brittany."

Brittany's eyes shot up and looked at Santana like a love sick puppy.

"Do elaborate." Kurt asked, suddenly more invested in the conversation as he rested his head on both hands.

Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on dancing in the dark,
it's been tearing me apart, never knowing what we are.
hey-hey-hey you and me keep on tryin to play it cool,
now it's time to make a move and that's what i'm gonna do.

"Well that intro…refers to well um…when me and Brittany started hanging out more, I kind of developed a crush for her. And yeah, every time she kissed me on the cheeks I always wondered if she had a thing for me or it was because of the situation." Santana coughed because she didn't want to mention the times they had gotten drunk and gone on a road trip with Puck and Quinn.

lay it all down
got something to say
lay it all down
throw your doubt away
do or die now
step onto the plate
blow the door wide open like up up and away

"Um, that part…well." Santana continued, "Just kinda refers to the time I confessed to her and when I told her I you know…love her. Like Puck told me, not to think about it and go for it. So yeah…" The Latina looked around and saw the interest that the members had, especially Kurt and Mercedes.

"This is so cute." Mercedes said, clutching her hand over her heart as she grabbed onto Sam's shoulder tightly.

The blonde footballer looked at Mercedes before whispering to Finn, "Man, I'll never get why girls are so into stories like this."

"Who knew you could be quite the romantic Santana." Kurt sighed as he soaked in the information like a sponge, "You got yourself a keeper." He nudged Brittany who was star struck by her girlfriend.

Santana situated her body behind Brittany's and brought the girl in for a cuddle, "So, are we going to use it? Or not really what we're after?" She asked.

"We're definitely using it." Finn said to which everyone agreed.

All the members then started scribbling in their books for more lyrics to add to the short song. Brittany on the other hand had only one thing on her mind, Santana. She could still hear the Latina singing in her head and couldn't help but feel all tingly inside.

"So you wrote that song about me?" Brittany turned her head.

"Yep." The cheerleader then captured her girlfriend's lips with her own.

The kiss went unnoticed by the other members, who were busy scribbling more lyrics in their books. Quinn and Puck gave the two girls a short smile before returning their attention back to their rhyming dictionaries.


The Pierce and Lopez parents had noticed how close their two daughters had become ever since prom night. They were seated around the Lopez lounge room discussing their daughters' relationship.

"Has anyone else noticed how close Brittany and Santana have become?" Joseph asked as he drank his scotch.

"Do you think maybe they…" Susan trailed off, eying the three adults in the room.

"Wouldn't be surprised. They have been pretty serious lately." Maria offered as she grabbed a biscuit from the table.

"Don't you think it's too soon?" Susan asked.

"Well, I'm pretty sure they know the consequences and meanings. We did give Brittany the talk before…numerous times." Bryce answered.

"Yeah, that's only because you confused her by using the birds and the bees metaphor."

"Least she understood in the end." Bryce shrugged as he clinked his glass with Mr. Lopez's.

"We've had the talk with Santana and told her only to go ahead with it if she's sure. I trust they've made the right decision." Mr. Lopez said casually.

Bryce nodded his head, agreeing with everything Joseph was saying. They continued to discuss Brittany and Santana's progressing relationship. The adults then started discussing possible future plans that their daughters may have planned.

"Has Brittany talked about universities with you?" Maria asked the Pierces.

Susan nodded her head as she cooled her coffee, "Yes, she told us she wanted to go to Julliard. She's already started choreographing her pieces for her auditions. How about Santana? What's she interested in?"

"Medicine of course." Joseph chuckled loudly.

"Seems like our daughters were destined to travel to New York together. Ever since she was fourteen Santana's been telling us that after graduation she plans to move to New York. She's express interest in Medicine but that could change next year. Who knows, she may want to go to Julliard for music." Maria said before bringing her cup to her lips. Joseph looked at her with utter shock, pouting at the fact that his daughter may not choose to follow in his footsteps.

"Stop it Joseph. Santana's a big girl, she can make her own decisions." Maria added, noticing her husband giving her puppy dog eyes in her peripheral vision.

"I guess we should discuss the inevitable. If our daughters are to last through senior year and continue their relationship after the summer and end up going to New York together we should prepare." Bryce suggested before continuing, "Most likely they'd want to live together. Would Santana be boarding in a dorm?" He asked the Lopez parents.

"We thought about it and decided that it'd be better if we found her a small apartment, that way she'll learn some independence." Joseph answered as he reclined further into his seat, "What about Brittany?" He added.

"We thought maybe she could just stay in the school's dorms since we're still a little hesitant to let her live by herself in an apartment. Ever since that time she tried to bake a cake…" Bryce trailed off as he remembered the time Brittany tried to bake a cake and ended up causing a small kitchen fire.

"You know, maybe we could get the two girls share the apartment?" Maria offered.

"Would that be wise? Since they're dating and still young. What if the relationship turns sour down the road? That would be awkward. Susan reasoned.

"Well, I think we should keep it an option. We both know Brittany isn't academically inclined but I do believe our daughter does know what she's getting herself into and what she's doing. Sometimes on an emotional level I think Brittany's perception level surpasses everyone's around her. She's a bright girl, have some faith." Bryce said with a smile on his face, placing a warm hand on his wife's shoulder.

"I guess so. She'll always be our little girl. I think it's best we see how their relationship develops during their senior year and the summer after graduating. If all seems well we should get them the apartment." Susan rested her head against her husband's shoulder.

"I think that's fair. If they both do well in their final year and their universities are close enough, I guess we can help them find an apartment together. However, I think it'd be best if we keep this from the girls until next year." Joseph suggested, placing his arm around his wife's shoulders.

"Alright, it's a deal. We'll just let them believe that they'll be boarding at their respective universities." Bryce said, nodding his head.

"They're relationship is one of a kind. I'm glad our daughters found each other." Joseph said happily.

"Yeah. Can't wait to have Santana join the Pierce clan." Susan said as a sly smirk formed on her face.

"More like Brittany will be joining the Lopez clan." Joseph retorted.

"Here we go again." Bryce and Maria said in unison, rolling their eyes at their immature partners.


Meanwhile in the Pierce home, Santana, Brittany and Brianna were in the living room watching 'A Bug's Life'. Santana rested her back against the side of the couch with Brittany resting her back against the Latina's chest as they lay on the couch together. Brianna was sitting on her favourite beanbag situated right in front of the TV.

"Princess, don't sit so close to the TV. You'll go blind." The Latina warned, smiling softly at the little girl as she dragged her beanbag further away from the TV.

"So, Brianna's nap time is soon." Brittany whispered seductively into Santana's ear.

"What? Are you serious?" Santana's eyes widened, her gaze switching frantically from Brittany to Brianna.

The cheerleader bit her lower lip and nodded her head before slowly letting her lips graze the bottom of Santana's ear lobe.

"M-maybe..um..are you sure." Santana bit her lower lip trying not to react to her girlfriend's kisses.

"Remember the weekend?" Brittany whispered quietly into her girlfriend's ears, making sure that her little sister couldn't hear.

"Y-yes." The Latina stuttered as she reminisced about their intimate moments. After prom, not only did they lose their virginities to each other, they also became more confident when it came to being more intimate with each other. They had been sleeping with each other regularly, enjoying every single moment they shared together.

"Would you guys stop talking!" Brianna hushed the two girls before returning her attention back to the TV.

"Sorry Princess." Santana mumbled, desperately trying to rid her face of the bright red blush forming.

"Look what you did. I got in trouble by your little sister." Santana joked to Brittany.

"I'll make it up to you." The cheerleader winked before returning her attention to the movie. Judging by the scene she guessed they had roughly about fifteen minutes until the movie was finished.

Brittany decided to take a nap until the end of the movie. She snuggled her body further into Santana's, trying to find a comfortable position before closing her eyes and letting her body drift into a light sleep.

After what felt like mere seconds she was shaken awake by her girlfriend who pointed to the sleeping little blonde girl on the beanbag.

"Think we should take her up to her room for her nap and probably put you to bed for your nap as well." Santana smiled, prodding the cheerleader in the ribs before moving to cradle the little girl in her arms.

The Latina carried Brianna with her left arm and grabbed Brittany's hand with her right as she brought the two tired Pierce girls upstairs. Placing Brianna on her bed she tucked the little girl and stepped back to let Brittany place a soft kiss on the little girls head before moving towards the cheerleader's room.

Once they stepped into the room Brittany grabbed Santana and placed a long passionate kiss on her girlfriend's lips.

"Mm, tasty." Santana whispered as they parted.

"Definitely." Brittany said in a husky voice.

Before the cheerleader's hands could wander further around her girlfriend's body she found her hands being tightly gripped by tanned hands.

"Later. You're tired boo. Rest." Santana said as she led her girlfriend to her bed and gently placed her under the covers. Tucking the cheerleader in she crawled under the covers and situated her body behind her girlfriend's body.

"Ok." Brittany yawned tiredly, pushing her back against Santana's body.


The members of the New Directions were in their hotel rooms, each fighting for a bed. Mr. Shuester had decided to separate the boys and girls into two separate rooms. The boys couldn't care less where they slept and managed to designate bunking positions in a civilised manner, whereas the loud screams of the girls could be heard down the halls.

"I ain't sleepin' on no floor." Mercedes argued as she fought Rachel for a bed.

"I'm the STAR! I need a bed." Rachel screeched as she tried to push past Mercedes.

"I'm prettier than all of you so I should get a bed." Quinn retorted as she tried to jump onto a bed before being pushed back by Lauren.

"Hold up twiggy. You're going to have to wrestle me if you want this." Lauren threatened as she attempted to fend Quinn off.

Tina tried to sneak past the bickering girls but was called out by Quinn.

"SHE'S TRYING TO SNEAK ONTO THE BED!" Quinn screeched loudly, the three other girls turned to face the Asian girl and ran towards her, preventing her from getting on the bed.

With everyone distracted Santana grabbed Brittany's hand, "Let's go." She whispered and dragged her girlfriend towards the bed and sat down with her legs crossed.

"We calls this." Santana yelled out to Mercedes, Rachel, Quinn, Tina and Lauren.

"Hold up. That's not fair!" Mercedes argued.

"We got this fair and square. Me and San are gonna share this bed." Brittany said innocently, ignoring the shocked faces of her fellow members.

"You better not get it on at night." Quinn muttered as she crossed her arms.

Silence fell upon the room before being broken by the loud fit of laughter.

"How awkward." Tina giggled.

With one bed occupied by both Brittany and Santana, there were only two beds left and five girls left to fight for the coveted beds. Hands were being shoved into faces, legs being used to repel bodies, heads were butting against each other as they all fought valiantly for the beds. Brittany clapped happily as she watched the mass wrestling match in front of her.

Resting her head on the Latina's shoulder Brittany whispered quietly, "I say Quinn is gonna get a bed first."

Just at that moment Quinn stuck her foot out towards Rachel's face which effectively repelled the small diva before face palming Lauren with her hands. The head cheerleader managed to push off the wrestler's face to firmly place her butt on the bed.

"Mine!" Quinn cheered loudly with her arms up high in the air in a 'V' shape.

"Dammit…" Mercedes, Rachel, Tina and Lauren said in unison, staring at each other. The room suddenly fell dead quiet as Brittany, Santana and Quinn watch the four girls intently. They waited patiently, trying to anticipate who would manage to steal the last coveted bed. Gazes darted across the room, the four girls standing in Mexican standoff.

As their eyes shifted from each other suddenly all hell broke loose. Loud screeches and screams could be heard. Mercedes was the first to leap towards the bed. Lauren dived as well as Rachel with Tina leaping in the air. Nearing the bed the top of Lauren and Rachel's heads bumped into each other, eliciting a cry of pain from both girls. Rachel's elbow poked up into the air as she cradled her sore head. As Tina landed near the bed she felt a sharp pang of pain around her abdomen area.

The small diva had unintentionally elbowed Tina in the stomach as she cradled her sore head. The three girls were sprawled on the bed when Mercedes landed on all three. Suddenly the shrill of cries bounced off all the walls of the room and escaped out the room. All that could be heard were loud cries of pain as the four girls lay on the one bed groaning in pain.

"And they're down!" Santana yelled out in a low voice as Brittany mimicked a cheering crowd.

"What's the verdict Quinnie?" Brittany asked as the head cheerleader pondered from her comfy bed.

"It's a draw!" She announced.

"Help." A strangled whispered coming from Rachel was heard from under the bodies. Unfortunately the small diva had been served the short end of the stick and ended up being buried underneath the three other bodies.

"Who touched my butt! ?" Tina called out as she wriggled around, trying to see who touched her.

"I didn't touch no butt." Mercedes said loudly.

"Quinn, share your bed with someone so we don't have four people in one bed." Lauren said, turning the to head cheerleader who had an evil smirk on her face.

"Nope. Enjoy ladies." Quinn said as she unpacked her bags.


Everyone congregated in the boys room where Mr. Shue was waiting for everyone to enter.

"We've only been here for an hour and you guys already managed to make your room smell like old socks and mouldy cheese." Quinn said, scrunching her nose in disgust.

"Ew, smells like rat." Tina added, almost gagging when she entered the room.

The moment Rachel's nose crossed the border of the boys' room she swiftly spun on her heels and raced down towards the girls' room before returning a minute later. Equipped with a can of female deodorant she ran around the room spraying frantically until the can was empty.

"Smells much better." The girls said in unison as they sat on the chairs and floor.

"Ok, I'll be back later but I expect you all to have your final song written. No leaving the rooms." Mr. Shue then left the room, leaving the teens by themselves.

The teens groaned as the continued to scribble lyrics in their books. Santana decided that since she pretty much wrote majority of 'Light up the World' she wasn't obliged to write another song. To be honest, she was just feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered lifting a pen. Instead, she was mindless stroking Brittany's bare thighs with the tips of her fingers as her girlfriend sat in between her legs.

Brittany was thinking deeply about what type of song to write. Looking around the room her eyes fell upon a cup sitting on the table. She started humming a tune, when she suddenly stopped. Her heart started beating rapidly as she felt Santana rest her chin against her shoulder before turning her head to take a nap. While her girlfriend slept she could feel the tanned hands stroking her thighs lightly, suddenly her thoughts went from the cup to Santana. As the stroking continued her thoughts went from Santana to dirty thoughts about Santana.

Suddenly the dirty thoughts of Santana morphed into possible kinky things she'd love to do with Santana. Then it clicked, she had her perfect song.

Everyone was waiting for Brittany to start her song, with Santana lying onto of the bed with her head propped up against the headboard.

I've got you in the palm of my hand
Wanna put something hot in you
So hot that you can't stand
Can't stand

Gonna take you to my lips
Empty out every last drop
So thirsty for what's in you baby
That I can't stop
I can't stop

In the middle of the night, I'm in bed all alone

Santana's eyes widened in shock. Was her girlfriend really singing about sex? Looking around the room, it seemed like she wasn't the only one thinking this. Everyone's eyes were just as wide as the words left Brittany and Artie's mouths. Santana didn't know what was more shocking, the fact that her girlfriend was singing about sexy times or the fact she was singing about sexy times alongside Artie.

Don't care if you're glass, paper, Styrofoam
When I need some water, baby

Coffee or gin
You're the only thing, I wanna put them in
My cup, my cup

Suddenly everybody face palmed themselves. Of course Brittany would be singing about something as ridiculous as a cup. Santana sat there trying her best to stifle her laughter as Brittany continued to sing. She felt extremely foolish for thinking that her girlfriend was talking about sex.

Sayin' "what's up?"
To my cup
More than a friend then a silly pup
My cup
You know what it is
Sayin' "what's up?"
To my cup
Sayin' "what's up?"
To my cup
Sayin' "what's up?"
To my cup

"So…your cup." Finn said slowly once the song came to an end.

"Yes, my cup. What's up?" Brittany said happily, bouncing in her spot.

"Um…awesome." Sam said, looking around the room.

Puck started laughing hysterically, unable to no longer hold his laughter. Throughout the entire performance he had tried to his best to keep his laughing at bay. Brittany glared at the mohawked boy and pouted when he continued to laugh.

"Aw, baby. It was a good song." Santana said, getting up from the bed trying to confront her girlfriend, "Thought it was really sexy. Was pretty dirty at the start." The Latina whispered softly into the cheerleader's ears so no one else could hear.

"Did you like it?" Brittany asked with hope in her voice.

"Of course. 'Gonna take you to my lips' baby." Santana said, quoting the song. The Latina leaned forward and captured Brittany's lips with her own in a passionate open mouth kiss.

"Who else feels awkward when these two make out in front of us?" Mike asked, slowly raising his hand up in the air.

Everyone nodded their heads which caused Brittany and Santana to separate and blush in embarrassment. The cheerleader hid her face against the crook of her girlfriend's neck, biting her lower lip as the members stared at them.

"We're in New York. How are we supposed to get inspiration if we're stuck in this room? Fuck this, let's explore!" Puck yelled out to the room, receiving loud cheers of agreement from the other members.

Kurt grabbed Rachel's hand and raced out the door. The girls all declared that they'd be going on a mass shopping trip with the boys groaning out loud, knowing all too well they'd be stuck carrying the bags.

Brittany grabbed Santana's hand and led them out the room before jumping into the elevator.

"I wanna go park!" The cheerleader said excitedly. Santana couldn't help but giggle at her girlfriend.

"Alright anything you want."


Santana and Brittany were strolling through the streets of New York before stopping at a large park. Noticing there was a large pond, the cheerleader bolted towards it with her girlfriend in tow.

Once they reached the pond, Brittany instantly dropped her girlfriend's hand and sprinted towards the edge of the pond, leaning over to see the ducks.

"Britt. No!" Santana yelled out as her girlfriend leaned further forward on the edge. The Latina ran as fast as her legs could take her as the cheerleader wobbled dangerously forward. Before she could fall forward, Santana managed to pull her girlfriend back causing their bodies to fall back.

Brittany giggled loudly as she landed on her girlfriend, "Thanks San. I would've almost swum with the duckies. Though, I wouldn't mind." Her minded drifted off to thoughts about swimming with the ducks.

"Please don't swim with them baby." Santana chuckled, stroking her girlfriend's golden hair.

Brittany couldn't help but giggle at her girlfriend's concern, "Of course I won't. That would be weird duh." The two girls sighed contently as they lay on the grass, enjoying the feel of their bodies together.

"Do you think we'll win?" Brittany asked in a voice so small that the Latina had almost didn't hear.

"I don't know. But if we don't it's ok, because we've got the Glee club and each other. As long as I've got you everything will be ok." Brittany smiled lovingly at her girlfriend's honest words.

Santana couldn't help but think about the future ahead of them. What would the future hold for them and their relationship? Almost as if Brittany read her mind the cheerleader moved to face her girlfriend.

"Will we still be together after high school?" Brittany asked with the most serious expression etched on her face.

"Well, as long as you don't break up with me, we will. I don't think I could ever break up with you." The Latina chuckled, gripping her girlfriend even more tightly.

"I don't think I'd break up with you either. You're stuck with me." The cheerleader mumbled as she nuzzled her face against the crook of her girlfriend's neck.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way."

"What about universities? Where are you planning to go?" Brittany asked.

"New York. Don't know why, but I just had this pull to the city." Santana answered, looking straight ahead to the pond.

"Good." The cheerleader nodded her head.

"Why's that?" The Latina asked curiously.

"Because I want to go to Julliard. So we'll be close, hopefully."

"Well I guess we better study our butts off next year."

"Yeah, I'll need more tutoring." Brittany winked at her girlfriend, taking her glasses and placing them over her own eyes, "Gotta study hard like you, nerd." She teased.

"Nerd my ass. Who was the one that got eighty per cent on the last math test?" Santana retorted, playfully poking Brittany's rib.

"You're still a nerd. But you're my nerd, my sexy nerd." Brittany giggled and captured her girlfriend's lips with her own. She could never get tired of kissing her girlfriend. She could do it forever.


The night before Nationals Mr. Shue allowed the student to choose where they would eat dinner for the night. They all decided on a quaint little restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel. They all walked towards the restaurant, chatting excitedly about the upcoming competition.

Rachel was speaking extremely fast as she continued to talk about how far they had become and that it was a dream come true to perform at Nationals. Although the way she delivered her speech was strange and hard to follow, the small diva was right. Every member thought back to when they first joined, the club had changed drastically since then.

For one they had more members than when the club started out the year before. Mike made a joke about how Finn's dancing had improved throughout the year and how when he first joined, the Quarterback could barely sway in time. Everyone laughed at the memory of Finn awkwardly dancing to 'Push It' during their sophomore year.

"We finally made it." Rachel announced lifting her glass up for a toast, "To believing. Cheers!" Everyone recited the toast and clinked their glasses together.

As they ate through their meal, Santana couldn't help but notice Puck and Quinn from the corner of her eyes. She saw her bro give the head cheerleader his bacon and extra fries when he thought no one was looking. Things had definitely changed; her once promiscuous best friend had seemed to finally settle down and started respecting women.

She was brought out of her observation by the simple touch of Brittany's hand on her thigh. Turning around her lips were touched by Brittany's soft lips. A quick peck and a smile the cheerleader returned to her food, but kept her hand on the Latina's thigh. Looking down at the elegant hand, Santana grabbed it and interlocked their fingers, caressing the back of Brittany's hand with her thumb. Smiling to herself she started to work through her own food.

The members chatted until it was time to leave and get the rest the needed before competition. They separated into their own rooms before crashing into the bed. Well, unfortunately for Lauren, Rachel, Tina and Mercedes they had trouble trying to fit four onto one bed. Quinn on the other hand was enjoying the feel of having the single bed all to herself. Brittany and Santana couldn't be any happier with their sleeping arrangement. They cuddled against each other, placing small fleeting kisses on each other's faces before falling asleep.


The members were pumped to see the results of their recent performance. Excitedly they ran towards the board that listed the top 10 finalists. Everyone prayed hard that Rachel and Finn's onstage kiss didn't hinder their chances of placing. Mr. Shue broke through the horde to read the board, instantly his shoulders dropped as he turned to the hopeful teens.

"I'm sorry…" He paused. Every member's shoulder instantly dropped at the director's tone, "We came twelfth."

Everyone looked down sadly, after trying so hard they didn't even make it to the finals. They all glared at Rachel and Finn, solely blaming the two for their failure.

"Hey, why's everyone so mad? This is the furthest we've made. In my eyes it's still a win." Kurt said positively, trying to lighten the mood.

"Kurt's right!" Brittany said cheerily, "I think that we all learnt to be a family. We always have next year."

"Yeah Brittany's right." Santana chimed, grabbing her girlfriend proudly by the waist.

"You're only saying that because you're whipped." Teased Puck causing the other members to laugh.

"Hey!" Santana called out.

"It is true honey. You're oh so whipped by her." Mercedes laughed harder.

"Whatevs." Santana feigned hurt, a smile creeping onto her face as she watched every member laugh. Although they were laughing at her expense, it was good to see the mood significantly lighter. Instead of dwelling further in regret they all made their ways back to the hotel, already making plans for the summer.


It was the weekend before the last week of school. Santana and Brittany found themselves sitting on the bleachers onlooking the motocross track. The sky was already a deep black and blue, the stars populating the dark sky. They were leaning against the seats as they looked up at the sky.

Santana had her arm around Brittany's shoulder as the cheerleader rested her head against the Latina's shoulder. Earlier that day Brittany had won yet another motocross competition, pointing to her girlfriend in the stand after every win. After a celebratory dinner with the Lopez and Pierce family, the two girls headed back to Santana's house.

There the two girls showed each other how much they felt for one another. It was slow and sensual as their first time however, it was mixed with intense passion fuelled by the high feeling from the win. It was mind blowing for the two girls, Santana didn't think it was possible to strain her voice to such a volume and Brittany swore that the stars had fallen from the skies and floated around the Latina's room.

After such an experience they already felt addicted to the sensation and opted to feel it for a second time around. It was as if they were addicted to the tingling and world shattering feeling of complete euphoria. Breathing heavily they took in each other's natural musk that came with their love making.

They laid side by side, on their backs, occasionally stealing glances of each other. Finally finding the little strength they had left, they managed to move their bodies closer for a loving embrace. Their breathing still ragged from the over exertion of their bodies and mind. Their bodies lay bare as they held each other, revelling in the feeling of their skin clinching together. Their sweat sliding down their skin and mixed together.

No words were said. Silence enveloped the room, their breathing being the only sound reverberating around the room. They laid there in complete silence, staring into each other's eyes. If one listened carefully they would be able to hear the two hearts beating as one in the silent room.

The softest kiss was placed on Brittany's lips. A small murmur emanated from the Latina's mouth. A soft 'I love you' was declared. Coming down from their emotional and hormonal driven actions the two girls found themselves falling into a blissful sleep.

This was why the two girls found themselves at the motocross track in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars. Looking up at the sky, they counted the stars.

"Why are there so many stars?" Brittany asked, admiring the view.

"Because without them we'd never have light." Santana answered softly.

"I wonder if it's possible to count all the stars." The cheerleader then started counting them one by one in her head.

"Don't think so. There's a new star born every second." Brittany didn't seem to like knowing that it wouldn't be possible to count all the stars. Turning her head to her girlfriend she pouted before attempting to count the stars once more.

"I'm going to count them all." Brittany announced before resuming her counts.

"Tell you what. Once you count all the stars, including the ones that are born, that'll be the day my love for you stops growing." Santana turned to the cheerleader and smiled before placing a soft kiss against her girlfriend's temple.

Brittany seemed content with her girlfriend's answer and ceased her counting. They continued to stare up at the endless sky that seemed to have no end, much like their love.

"What do you think this summer will be like?" Brittany asked.

"I don't know. But all I know is that it'll be one that I'll always remember."


The members of The New Directions were all in the choir room, awaiting the arrival of Mr. Shue. It was their final meeting for the year and they were eager to see what the director had in store for them.

"This is what twelfth place looks like!" He announced happily, holding the small trophy in his hand as they teens cheered.

"You know, I don't even care if we didn't win anymore." Mike said to everyone.

"Yeah, like first I was mad and Rachel and Finn but now I'm not. We're like a family, we may all get pissed at each other at times but ultimately in the end we're always going to forgive each other." Sam said to everyone, receiving nods of agreement from the others.

"It wasn't about winning in the end. I'm just glad I got to experience this with you guys. Before Glee Club people only saw the pretty head cheerleader, with you I'm just plain Quinn Fabray." Quinn admitted.

"She's right. I was just bad ass Noah Puckerman who was a complete sex-god but here in this club I'm – " Before Puck could continue he was cut off by Santana.

"The guy who's whipped." The Latina teased as everyone else burst into laughter.

"Says the girl who's equally whipped by Brittany." Puck retorted, the entire room now laughing even louder.

"Well I'm happy that we're in Glee. Everyone got to see San's awesomeness." Brittany said proudly as she grabbed the Latina's arm.

"I'm just happy we have each other." Sam added, receiving cheers of agreement from everyone.

"Well, I'm ecstatic to hear that you guys haven't lost your passion. Next year we're going to definitely take Nationals. For now enjoy your summers! I expect to see you all back next year ready to go!" Mr. Shue yelled out to the excited teenagers who dragged their director into a massive Gleek group hug. Before the teacher knew, all the teens were racing out the doors, eager to start their summer.


The self-dubbed Awesome Foursome, Puck, Quinn, Santana and Brittany drove up to the beach, ready to enjoy the first day of summer. The sun shone brightly, reflecting its radiating light off the crystal clear waters. They raced to the sand and dropped their boom box and towels on the sand.

Feeling the warm sand under their feet, they stood for a moment next to each other. Puck with Quinn's hand joined with his and Santana squeezing tightly onto Brittany's hand, the four closest friends stared out to the water, admiring the shimmering light reflecting off the surface. They laid out their towels on the sand and turned the boom box on, letting the loud music engulf their ears.

You think I'm pretty without anymake-upon
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down

Puck picked Quinn up from her towel and ran towards the cool water with her still in his arms. She hooked her hands around the mohawked boy's neck as he waded deeper into the clear water until they were standing chest deep. He placed his girlfriend into the water, letting her stand as he placed his hands on her hips. They kissed each other as small minute waves rippled through the water and softly hitting their bodies. He held onto her tightly, making sure she wouldn't drift away.

Before you met me, I was a wreck
But things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life
Now every February you'll be my valentine, valentine

Santana propped herself up on one elbow and watched as Brittany laid still, letting her skin soak up the sun's rays. Admiring the beauty in front of her, she started singing along to the stereo. Using her free hand she stroked the bare skin of her girlfriend as she serenaded her. Under her sunglasses Brittany closed her eyes and memorized the feeling of Santana's fingers dancing across her skin.

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I, we'll be young forever

Brittany lifted up her sunglasses and looked directly into her girlfriend's eyes, relishing in the way they sparkled just for her. She could see all the love within the Latina's soft mocha coloured eyes. A smile found its way on the cheerleader's face as she let her girlfriend's smooth velvet voice flow through her ears and into her heart.

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can't sleep
Let's runaway and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

My heart stops when you look at me
Just one touch, now
babyI believe
This is real, so take a chance
And don't ever look back, don't ever look back

Santana then moved her body so that her free hand was now next to Brittany's head. Now hovering over her girlfriend she steadied herself with one hand and caressed the cheerleader's cheeks with her thumb. Now mere millimetres away, the Latina sang to her girlfriend with their lips grazing each other ever so softly. Brittany felt her heart beating rapidly every time she felt those luscious lips graze her own.

We drove to Cali and got drunk on the beach
Got a
moteland built a floor out of sheets
I finally found you, my missing
I'm complete

Nuzzling her head against the crook of Brittany's neck, Santana continued to sing to her girlfriend. The cheerleader could feel the Latina's warm breath hitting her neck causing her to close her eyes as she relished in the feeling.

Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I, we'll be young forever

Santana then turned her head and sang directly into Brittany's ears, causing the cheerleader to bite her lip as the warm breaths hit her sensitive ears. The cheerleader turned her head so she could feel every breath and hear every word coming from the Latina.

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can't sleep
Let's runaway and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

My heart stops when you look at me
Just one touch, now
babyI believe
This is real, so take a chance
And don't ever look back, don't ever look back

Puck and Quinn broke away from their kiss before Quinn stepped back and splashed her boyfriend. The mohawked boy looked at his girlfriend and instantly started splashing water back at her. The two then broke out into an all-out splash war as they continued to push the water at each other. Finally Quinn ceased her assault and started running as fast as she could through the water. Puck gave chase and ran as fast as his athletic legs could take him. Obviously Sue trained the Cheerios harder because he found it difficult to catch up to his girlfriend. He dived into the water and started swimming towards the retreating head cheerleader before standing up and grabbing her by the arm. Pulling her back towards him, Quinn placed her palms against his chest as their bodies crashed together. Smiling affectionately at his girlfriend, the mohawked boy cupped her cheek and caressed it softly with his thumb. Leaning forward Puck connected his lips with Quinn and kissed her with such raw emotion it had completely robbed the head cheerleader of her breath.

I'ma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can't sleep
Let's runaway and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

Biting her bottom lip, Brittany pushed her girlfriend off her before placing a soft peck on her girlfriend's cheek. Before Santana knew it, the cheerleader was now racing off towards the water yelling back at the Latina, "Catch me if you can San!"

Smiling like a child the Latina pushed herself up and started sprinting towards her girlfriend who continued to run through the shallow waters. Santana found herself chasing after the cheerleader, the water splashing everywhere under their feet. The music continued to play loudly as the two girls ran across the water. Brittany looked back enjoying every minute they were having. Santana ran even faster, determined to reach her girlfriend at any cost. Finally the Latina reached her girlfriend who tackled her to the ground and started placing soft kisses all over her face. With Brittany on top of her, Santana couldn't help but cherish the stunning beauty before her. The two girls giggled as the waves moved up the shore and underneath their bodies.

Soft declarations of love from the two girls could be heard under the sounds of the waves crasing and music.

My heart stops when you look at me
Just one touch, now
babyI believe
This is real, so take a chance

Santana smiled at the girl on top of her, "I love you." She said, a phrase that she would never tire of saying.

"I love you." Brittany said, a phrase that was reserved only for Santana.

And don't ever look back, don't ever look back

I'ma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans

It didn't matter that Santana was a geek or that Brittany was a popular cheerleader. It didn't matter that they were both females. It didn't matter that Santana was Hispanic and Brittany was Dutch. Nothing mattered; all that mattered to them was each other. Who cares if the world saw differently? What they had was rare, a rare gift that many take for granted. Their loving bond was a gift they intended to cherish and hold forever.

I love you. Those simple three words they only reserved for one another. Those words only they would say to each other. That phrase held the promise to be each other's first, only and last love.

Be your teenage dream tonight
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans

This was it, their teenage dream.

Be your teenage dream tonight.

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