a/n: A little epilogue, prompted by Leigh-ann, about Sam and Gabriel as a more established relationship. It is very R rated and very NSFW. Consider yourselves warned. on another note, thanks so much for all the lovely comments and reviews, and I hope you like reading my other stories too!

"Shit." Sam grumbled, as he fumbled with umbrella, suit jacket, briefcase and keys as he struggled with the apartment building door. He shot one last, betrayed glare over his shoulder at the smoking, sputtering Thunderbird, and went inside. It had broken down once on the way to his job interview, and twice on the way home. The thing was currently held together with gum and rubber bands. If Sam every got a paying job, he'd have to buy them a new car.

Not that Gabriel would part with Ol' Unfaithful, even if Sam bribed him.

He stumbled up the stairs, still juggling his various possessions, and hoping that the small, white box in his briefcase was still intact. Weeks, he thought to himself, weeks of no responses, no interviews and general unemployment, and when he had finally gotten an appointment for an interview, it just had to be on the day of his and Gabriel's one-year anniversary.

Not many couples would be living together before they'd even had a one-year anniversary, but then, he supposed, they hadn't exactly had the normal couple's experience. And he had wanted to celebrate that with Gabriel so badly, but he just couldn't turn down the job interview. And now he was late.

He had a feeling Gabriel wasn't going to let him live it down.

As he pushed into the apartment, he was surprised at the lack of Jack Russell Terrier around his knees; normally Murdock rushed to greet him, especially if he'd been gone more than a few hours. Aside from the sounds of various things boiling in the kitchen, the apartment was silent. Sam wandered through to the living room, and found Gabriel asleep, sat up on the couch. Smiling to himself, Sam dropped his things on one of the seats and wandered around to stand behind the couch, draping his arms over Gabriel's shoulders and pressing kisses along his neck.

"Mm…" Gabriel stirred, a lazy smile spreading across his lips as he stretched, like a cat, exposing more skin for Sam to kiss. "Hi."


"You're early."

"No." Sam leant back slightly, bending himself over the top of Gabriel's head. He smiled, upside down, at Gabriel's confusion. "I'm late."

Gabriel blinked at him for a moment.

"You fell asleep."

Gabriel blinked for a while longer, before scrambling quickly off of the couch and running to the kitchen.

"Shit… shit, shit… Dammit…"

Sam, knowing he probably wasn't going to like what he saw, followed the sound of his boyfriend's plaintive cries. Sure enough, he found himself wishing he'd looked into the kitchen when he'd first got in; Gabriel was currently assessing the damage of four pans left to boil away to nothing, and a grill tray with what may once have been meat on it.

"Shit." He surmised, dropping a particularly blackened pan into the sink, where it hissed belligerently at him when it hit the cold water.

"You were cooking?" Sam tried, leaning in the doorway. Gabriel scowled at him.

"Shrewd, Sherlock. But that's all ruined, now, and I can't fix anything else because we've got nothing else in the cupboards…"

"Hey." Sam's brow furrowed as he noted the warning signs of one of Gabriel's moods. He stood up straight, taking his boyfriend's hands in his, smiling at him. "We'll get take-out. No big deal, right?"

"Yeah, but…" Gabriel glanced around the kitchen, before shrugging and looking at the floor. Sam squeezed his hand. Gabriel shrugged again, in response to the unasked question. "It was just… I got Pamela to look after Murdock, I was going to have everything ready for you when you got in… It was going to be all romantic."

Sam tried to not coo like a massive girl, but it wasn't often Gabriel was this sweet.

"Shut up, you big dork." Gabriel smirked, raising an eyebrow at Sam's expression. "I was mostly just hoping to get in your pants."

Sam knew better, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Gabriel and surveyed the damage on the counter.

"Ok… so none of this is salvageable?"

"None of the actual food, no. The only stuff that isn't burned to a crisp is the chocolate cream I was going to serve the soufflés with." Gabriel sighed, relaxing into Sam's grip, before straightening up, with a look in his eye that worried Sam.


"Ooh?" Sam repeated, warily watching Gabriel go to the fridge and remove the small container of chocolate cream. His eyes glinted wickedly as he smiled up at Sam.

"We might be able to salvage this evening after all." Gabriel took the saran wrap off of the container, and dipped his finger into the cream, reaching up to spread it across Sam's lips. Sam smiled, leaning in, to allow Gabriel to kiss the cream away. Gabriel hummed quietly at the sugary, chocolaty taste, before putting the cream container down on the table and starting to fumble with Sam's tie.

"Christ, am I good." Gabriel smirked, as Sam lifted him, sat him on the counter and started unbuttoning his shirt, pressing kisses along every inch of exposed flesh. Gabriel gave a deep, rich laugh as he wrapped his legs around Sam's hips, before running a hand through his hair. "You're pretty good too."

"Only pretty good?" Sam grinned, grabbing the pot of chocolate cream and holding it over Gabriel's chest.

"Eh." Gabriel smirked, his eyes shining defiantly. Sam shrugged.

"Well, now I don't feel obligated to warm this up first." And with that, he smeared the cold, straight-from-the-fridge cream down the centre of Gabriel's chest. Gabriel bit back a gasp, before giving Sam a very unimpressed look.

"You can't do stuff like that. That's the sort of stuff I do."

"I guess I learn by example." Sam grinned, before licking the cream up and making Gabriel groan happily.

"How…" Gabriel began, leaning back as Sam lavished kisses over his neck and chest, "have we been living here for six months and not had rampant kitchen sex already?"

"We've been busy." Sam grinned, freeing himself of shirt and tie, letting Gabriel take the pot of cream and starting on his zipper.

"Yeah…" Gabriel watched Sam for a moment, swiping a glob of cream on one finger and thoughtfully licking it. "I guess we have, huh?"

Sam stared at him for a moment, smile gone from his face.

"Really? Now?" Sam stepped back slightly, as much as he could when caught between Gabriel's knees. "You want to do this now?"

"What?" Gabriel tried to look innocent, finger smeared in chocolate cream, shirt discarded in the vegetable peelings on the counter and jeans open. Sam heaved a sigh.

"We've not had a proper evening together for, like, a month and a half. You really want to get all thoughtful and distracted now?"

"I'm not!" Gabriel protested, holding his hand out to Sam, smiling apologetically. "I'm just all… I've been missing you. I don't know how I'm going to cope when you actually get a job."

"Please." Sam took Gabriel's hand. "No more talking about jobs. Not now."

Gabriel opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off as Sam wrapped his mouth around Gabriel's index finger, slowly sucking off every last vestige of chocolate cream. Gabriel smiled the same wicked smile from earlier, before disentangling himself from Sam and hopping down off the counter.

"You. Couch. Now."

"But… kitchen sex…" Sam most certainly didn't whimper, as Gabriel smirked and led him back to the couch.

"I've spent most of the damn day in the kitchen. If we've not got Murdock for the night, I want to make the most of it."

Sam let Gabriel push him down onto the couch. It was a fair point, he supposed; as much as they loved that dog, he was a walking cock-block. Being able to fool around freely and without worrying about the terrier throwing a possessive fit was a rare treat.

Grinning, Gabriel manhandled Sam until he was lying down on the couch, the smaller man stripping him of his jeans and pants before kneeling between his legs. Wordlessly, locking eyes with Sam and still smiling in a way that made Sam's gut burn with excitement, he ran his hand up the inside of Sam's thigh. It made other parts of him fairly excited too, as Gabriel had found out. Scooping the chocolate cream into his hand, he rubbed at Sam's hardened cock, covering it with a thick layer of cream.

Sam beamed at Gabriel like Christmas had come early (Gabriel hoped that was the only thing that came early), closed his eyes and let his head fall back onto the arm of the couch. His hands drifted to the back of Gabriel's head, fisting in his hair as he felt warm, soft wetness envelope his cock.

Sam groaned appreciatively, and Gabriel hummed back, licking at the cream like it was the best thing he'd tasted in years. He felt the wet warmth of Gabriel's tongue lapping, tugging slightly; happy to let the first threads of orgasm train up his spine… then it very suddenly went away.

He felt Gabriel pull away, but the mouth was quickly replaced by a hand. Alright, thought Sam, not what he'd have preferred, but after a month and a half of no action, he was just glad he wasn't doing it to himself. Sam let his hands rest by his sides.


Sam opened his eyes and pushed himself up onto his elbows. Gabriel was on his phone.

"Yeah, I want the set menu for two." He said into the phone, shooting a wink at Sam. Sam tried to ask what the hell Gabriel thought he was doing, but he was silenced by Gabriel gripping his exposed region in just such a way that meant the protesting part of his brain was quickly switched off. Gabriel gave his address, before thanking whoever he was on the phone to and hanging up. Sam, more in control of his synapses, glared at him.

"Did you just order take-out while you were jerking me off?"

"It has been over a month, Sam."Gabriel moved his legs so he was straddling Sam's hips, wrapping his arms around the younger man's neck and staring hungrily into his eyes. "You have been tired and stressed, I have been busy and stressed, and for the first time in over a month, we are able to be together. It's our anniversary, kiddo, and I want to spend the whole evening being mushy and romantic as much as you do. But right now, I need you hard and fast and instantly gratifying. So come on…" He stood, looking down on Sam from above, pulling off his jeans and boxers.

Sam scowled, trying very hard to remain angry, even though he could see that Gabriel still had chocolate cream smeared around his lips and for some reason it was driving him crazy.

"You've got thirty minutes or less."

And it was then that Sam knew that Gabriel had spent too much time lately writing for TV.

Not that he had a chance to complain, though, as Gabriel claimed his mouth with a deep, probing kiss, before resting himself over the head of Sam's dick. Sam thought he was showing marked restraint as he rested his hands on Gabriel's hips and… "encouraged" his lover to sit.

"Easy, easy." Gabriel slapped Sam's hand, chuckling. "Month and a half… got to ease into it…"

Sam bit his lip, trying very hard to just enjoy the aggravatingly slow stretch of feeling as Gabriel sank onto him.

"Oh God, Sam…" Gabriel started rolling his hips, spurring Sam into movement. It didn't take much, the long, fluid movements coming easily to them, and their knowledge of what the other always wanted, meant that each roll of hips took Sam to climax worryingly quickly.

"Gabe…" he panted, very aware he was probably only five minutes into their predicted thirty, "Gabe, I'm gonna… Shit, I can't hold out…"

"Me either. We'll call this a warm up." Gabriel carried on rolling his hips, cheeks flushed with colour. "We can… try for longer… shit, we've got all evening…"



Sam rolled his hips a few more times, no longer afraid of chasing the quick, gratuitous release, gripping his boyfriend's ass and closing his eyes as fire blossomed in his gut.

"I love you."

"Love you… too… Sam…" The name trailed off into a gasp as Gabriel's eyes rolled back in his head, Sam panting with the sudden release which had triggered off the same reaction in Gabriel.

"Jesus…" Gabriel panted, leaning forward to pant and nuzzle into Sam's collar. "I needed that."

"Mm." Sam managed to reply, wrapping his arms around Gabriel and holding him tightly to his chest. "Mmmm."

They lay for a moment, panting, before Gabriel reluctantly climbed off of Sam and went to the bathroom. Sam lay on the couch, catching his breath, before managing to sit up, pull himself over and run his finger around the chocolate cream bowl, licking up the last few vestiges. Then, he spotted his briefcase, and remembered the small white box inside.

"Hey." Sam called, taking the white box out of the briefcase. It was slim and short, and just big enough for Sam to palm it as he followed through to the bathroom.

"I don't think I'm going to let you leave this apartment. Ever. You'll be my housewife slash sex slave, and you'll stay here." Gabriel, freshly cleaned, shrugged into a bathrobe and grinned up at Sam. "I may even consider getting a real job."

"I don't think I could, in good conscience, let you loose on the world."Sam smiled back, kissing Gabriel and pressing the box into his hands. Gabriel raised an eyebrow at him.

"I know we said no presents, but… you've done a lot for me." Sam shrugged. "It's not a big deal, I just wanted you to have something."

Gabriel spun on his heel, leaning back against Sam. Sam knew this was Gabriel's way of requesting a hug, because he couldn't outright ask for one. Sam wrapped Gabriel in his arms and rested his chin on his shoulder, waiting for Gabriel to open the box.

"It's a pen." Sam said, redundantly, as Gabriel examined his gift.

"I can see that. It's a very classy pen." Gabriel examined the silver fountain pen, holding it up to the light. It had a "G" engraved on the body, in neat, curling script.

"I just figured… this way you wouldn't lose your pens."

Gabriel let his head fall back, so he was smiling up at Sam.

"It's lovely. You're lovely. You're a big, girly, mushy dork, who I love."

"Takes one to know one." Sam smiled, brushing a kiss across his boyfriend's lips.

"I'm going to put this somewhere safe. You get cleaned up." Gabriel patted him on the ass and padded out of the bathroom.

And that was how they spent their anniversary. Maybe not the most conventional anniversary, what with the Chinese take-out guy arriving just in time to have the door answered by a sweaty, sex-haired Gabriel, or the decision to see how many rooms of the apartment they could have sex in in one evening, but, as they finally crawled into bed together, exhausted and very happy, they both knew they wouldn't change it for the world.

"Kitchen cleaning tomorrow." Gabriel grumbled, as he wrapped himself in Sam's arms.

"And getting Murdock back from Pamela." Sam agreed. "Sleep now."

"Sleep. Night."

"Night… love you?"

"Love you too, you big girl."

Sam punched Gabriel in the arm, and they both promptly fell asleep.