It was lunch, and Sasuke found himself outside on the courtyard rather than inside the cafeteria with the rest of his friends, who were doing who-know's-what. He was sure that if he went in there, his blonde best friend would attack him with chips, the pink-haired girl would cling on to him to no end, and the dark-haired boy would just mumble on and on at how Naruto had a small dick. He knew that his friends loved him, but at the same time, it was nice to just escape for a little while and just have you own time, you know? Escape from reality after you realize that reality is a lot more than what you think it is.

Which is how he ended up here, the school courtyard, looking down at a girl his age who was staring at the sky.

"What are you doing?" Hands shoved into the pockets of his school uniform, the Uchiha boy quirked a brow as he saw the girl's head turn only slightly to spare him a glance, focusing her attention up to the sky once more as her back laid comfortably against the grass, legs crossed over one another.


A small silence was shared between them as Sasuke was finding himself turning away, only to be stopped by the soft, thoughtful voice ringing through his ears once more.

"Why don't you join me?"

The tall boy stopped, digesting the words that came from the pale-eyed girl on the ground before him, her eyes drifting closed. They were about to close if it wasn't for the sound of fabric rubbing against one another that she felt his body near hers, him also staring up at the sky, his arms rested behind his head. Her hands were laying on her stomach as they both looked up at the white clouds, the white fluffs gliding across the sky.

Sasuke's vision seemed to sharpen as he fully took in his surroundings, the light of the sun reflecting it's rays on the objects on the earth with him.

Once he actually stopped to admire what was around him, Sasuke found the trees to be more vibrant, the sky to be more blue, the clouds to be more white. Everything was exceptionally beautiful once you took the time to just stop, and see.

He moved his hands to his sides as his gaze shifted to look at his partner, only to find her eyes being closed now, her breathing slow and soft.

The smoothness of her skin was shown by the light, no blemishes to be found anywhere in his sight. Her dark, wavy locks were fanned out across the ground, almost like a cape that was to shield her from the soil. Her eyelashes looked like black feathers on a snowy field as they softly laid across her cheeks, a faint blush staining them. He saw how her lips slowly open slightly, only to find itself in it's place again as she took in oxygen, her chest following the patterns as well. She was as beautiful as nature itself, even better, actually.

Coal eyes looked back at the sky as the boy felt his own eyes starting to drift closed, a soft breeze kissing his cheeks as the warmness of the star so far away hugged him warmly, a mother hugging her son with such love. Suddenly, he felt a soft hand placed over his own as he instinctively intertwined it with his, a long breath coming from his lips.

"Can you feel the earth move beneath your body, Sasuke?"

A/N: Short one-shot! :DD loool, sorry, i was just inspired by a song o_o :D teeeheeee

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