AN: I Dunhamed out another short Chapter, but then I just couldn't control myself, I just have a empty house and nothing better to do much write and giggle while listening to Kiss...

Chapter six
5pm EST

Olivia exhaled lifting her head up too quickly looking around her bedroom, pulling her hair out of a towel she remembered she was home. Safe and sound in her bed, she took calming breathes touching her face, with a quick glance over her reflection she remembered she was meant to be getting ready.

The longest she'd been in her old apartment, she never liked staying too long. Even if the pain had turned into a dull ache, she still hated the idea of being in the same place her alternate version stayed, pretended to be her. Olivia glanced over her body wrapped in a towel; she only laid on the bed to close her eyes for a few moments, but turned out to have fallen a sleep.

Calming down from the nightmare Olivia reached over to see she had two missed calls, looking over Peter's number she quickly listened to the messages. Part of Olivia was still adapting to the relationship she thought she'd never be able to have with him. Her hand reaching around to touch the back of her neck, where she'd feel the tattoo, it didn't fill her with the sick sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

rapidly dialling Peter's number she listened to the three rings before a reply, "For a second I thought you'd died…" Peter's voice mocking, Olivia was used to his dark sense of humour; it was something she always loved about Peter. He never took much seriously.

"I got out the shower, and I guess I just passed out." Olivia smiled to herself, her fingers playing through her hair to detangle it.

Peter's soft chuckle on the other end of the phone, "Did I keep you up that much last night?" Olivia knew Peter had that unmistakable grin on his face, the way his eyes would look alluring and teasing at the same time.

Olivia's face flushed over with a quick blush, her hand meeting her cheek. "Well, I'm not complaining about it." She tried to sound together, but it was hard for her to keep herself calm.

"So while you was napping, I've gotten most things under control…" Peter getting to the serious again.

Olivia sat up straight on the bed pulling her towel up, "By under control you mean?"

"Rachel come and helped me get everything done better," Peter exhaled sounding defeated, but it only made Olivia cover her mouth stifling her giggled.

"Rachel is there?" Olivia asked trying to stop her laughter falling through the phone, but then she knew that Rachel wouldn't be able to control herself.

Peter now turning around, his eyes focused on Rachel, she was working, Ella sitting on a desk watching Peter intensely. "What can I say, you Dunham women are hell bent on taking control all the time."

"Well I'll just get myself together and I won't be too long," Olivia paused, "Have you heard from Astrid?"

"Last I heard they were making their way home," Peter paused for a second making Olivia worry, she wasn't that good with keeping secrets, she hated the fact this was killing her, but lucky enough it was going to be over soon. "I figure we've got another hour or so," Peter's voice calming her. "Get yourself ready and I'll see you soon."

"Yeah, I won't be too long," Olivia paused biting her lip lightly, "Oh and Peter, I know I keep you up just as much." Her eyes focused on the bedroom wall, she lightly blushed again hearing Peter give out a snicker before hanging up the phone.