"You didn't know? We're vampires too!" said Gin with his trademark grin. The world came crashing down on the others.

"What!" shouted Kensei as the others all arrived. Shuhei didn't bother standing on the side lines, he ran up to stand by Kensei.

"I wonder. Someone just came up beside you Kensei, it wouldn't happen to be Shuhei would it?" Tosen asked.

"Yes." Shuhei said forcefully.

"I see, well then, I will personally be the one to kill the boy." Tosen said. Kensei grabbed Shuhei and pushed him back.

"That boy is my responsibility. I saved his life and I was supposed to protect him, but I failed. He's like a little brother to me, and for that reason I will never allow you to hurt him again! You want after him, you'll have to kill me first!" Kensei said. Shuhei laid frozen on the ground. 'Kensei thinks of me as his younger brother! And he's going to fight Tosen-sama just to protect me!' Shuhei thought, standing up again. 'I'm not letting him fight this alone. He's like a brother and a hero to me too!' Shuehi thought, pulling out Kazashini. Aizen laughed.

"You think you can take us down? We're vampires too." Aizen said.

"Which makes what your doing much worse. How can you kill your own kind?" Yamamoto asked.

"All three of you are going down!" Shinji said.

"Not all three!" Rangiku shouted. Everyone turned to look at her.

"What do you mean not all three?" asked Yamamoto.

"What she means is I changed sides long ago!" Gin said with his grin, as he slowly walked over to Rangiku. Now everyone was entirely lost. "You see, over a hundred years ago I met Rangiku. We were both human at the time and I saved her life, but Aizen was a vampire and attacked her. In response to the attack, I found who it was and vowed to kill him, so with Rangiku's help I became a vampire as well, assisting Aizen long enough so we can come to this war and I can help kill him." said Gin standing next to Rangiku. She leaned on her friend for support. "Then when we went over to Tosen's I met young Shuhei for the first time. Apparently Shuhei was the son of two people Aizen had killed when he was a young boy after an encounter with Kensei Muguruma. Figuring Kensei might feel some responsibility for the boy, he put the boy in Tosen's care." Gin continued. Shuhei froze, as well as Kensei. Kensei's world came crashing down.

"You used this boy to get to me! You BASTARD! You ruined a poor child's life, because you knew I felt responsible for the boy! I'll kill you both myself!" Kensei shouted. Shuhei's mind was in turmoil. 'So, they killed my parents because of that encounter with Muguruma-sama.' He couldn't fully understand. Immediately, Uryu, Lisa, and Mashiro were behind Kensei. "You three, keep an eye on the kid!" Kensei said. They all nodded. Uryu pulled Shuhei back, and Lisa pulled him into a hug. Shuhei didn't know what to do.

"I…I want to help!" Shuhei said pulling out of Lisa's arms. Uryu, Lisa, nor Mashiro made any attempt to stop him.

"Uryu, stop him!" Ichigo shouted. Uryu shock his head. "WHY?" Ichigo went to grab Shuhei himself, but Kenpachi grabbed him.

"Listen Ichigo, this is Shuhei's battle, probably more than anyone else's. Aizen used him to start this war, so let him finish it. This is more than a battle to protect his life. This is about his pride." said Jushiro. Ichigo didn't know what to say.

"Ichigo, he'll be fine. If it gets too bad, I'll step in." Uryu promised. Ichigo nodded and Kenpachi let go of him. With that, Kensei and Shuhei faced Tosen and Shinji and Yamamoto faced Sosuke Aizen.

Kensei went at Tosen with his hunting knife. Tosen blocked the attack, but Shuhei tossed the spinning weapon of kazashini at him. Tosen jumped back, narrowly missing the weapon completely. Then he went for Shuhei with his katana. Shuhei blocked the attack, and Kensei swung his knife, trying to hit Tosen with it. Tosen jumped back causing Shuhei to toss his weapons at him, pulling back on the chain, hitting Tosen in the leg with one. Then kensei swung his blade, and suddenly blasts of wind hit Tosen, cutting him on his arms and legs.

"What was that?" asked Shuhei in surprise. 'Oh yah, Shuhei still doesn't know that much!' noted Izuru.

"That was my ability, each of us great vampires have one. Mine is the ability to control wind currents and force them into blades by using my own. All the great vampires have an ability that we can relate to our weapons that give us unique advantages." Kensei explained. With that, him and Shuhei attacked Tosen together, but Tosen dodged the attacks, then grabbed Shuhei from behind, putting his katana to Shuhei's neck.

"Good bye, Shuhei Hisagi." Tosen said, but then he was knocked back by Kensei's attack. Kensei grabbed Shuhei and pulled him away. Shuhei glared at him and spun another weapon at Tosen. Tosen knocked it aside so it came back and landed in Shuhei's shoulder. Shuhei bit his lip, as to not shout in pain, and pulled the blade from his shoulder. Kensei looked to make sure Shuhei was alright, then he sent his air blades at Tosen, all cutting him before he could get away from them. Tosen then came at Kensei, cutting him across the chest, but Shuhei then slashed him with Kazashini and forced Tosen away from Kensei. The two clashed against each other again when Kensei came up and stabbed Tosen. Tosen fell down on the ground. Shuhei looked down on him, then started shouting!

"WHY!" shouted Shuhei. Tosen nor Kensei did or said anything, in fact, no one moved or spoke. "WHY! How can you… why would you…" shouted Shuhei, but he lost all words.

"Why would I sentence you to death? Because, you're a useless vampire. Why did we kill your parents? So we could use you to trigger this war! That's the only reason you were in my home. You're usefulness has ran its course, so now I will be the very one to take you down. That's all you were boy, a tool!" Tosen said. Shuhei didn't know what to say, but the same could not be said for Kensei. He punched Tosen in the face.

"He's not a tool! He's my little brother and you won't talk to him like that!" Kensei said. With that, he slashed Tosen down for good.

Aizen didn't move, then Shinji came at him with his katana. Aizen dodged the attack to have Yamamoto come at him with his katana. Aizen jumped back and slashed at the two again with his katana, but Shinji ducked from it, then slashed up, cutting Aizen's arm. Shinji then moved in again to cut Aizen's leg, but Aizen went to bring his katana down on Shinji's neck. Before it connected, Yamamoto's katana blocked it, saving Shini's life. Shnji was able to cut Aizen before he jumped back. Aizen glared at the two when Shinji came at him again. "Hold it!" shouted Yamamoto, Shinji turned to see what he wanted, to nearly be hit with a large inferno! Aizen was completely engulfed and consumed by the fire.

The vampires left the cave. Night was once again falling, as the battle tock all day. Kensei looked over at Shuhei. He looked like a small depressed child who lost their puppy. He exchanged a look with Byakuya, who nodded. "Hey kid, nice job back there!" Renji said, trying to cheer his friend up.

"Yah, you did a wonderful job!" said Izuru.

"You two, beat it, I need to talk to him." Kensei said, causing Shuhei to look up. "So kid… We have to all go back to our homes now. You can chose where you go now, so if you'd like to come back with us, your welcome to." said Kensei said. Shuhei thought about it for a second.

"Muguruma-sama, I'd love nothing more than to come and stay with you and the others, but… I decided I'm going to say with Kuchiki-sama." Shuhei said. Everyone turned to look at Shuhei in surprise. No one expected that! "I want to go back with Kuchiki-sama because I want to stay with my friends. They are the reason I'm a vampire. I really like Abarai-sama and Kira-sama and they continue to challenge me and help me become stronger! I will come to stay with the rest of you, but not until I've gotten stronger! I'm sorry." Shuhei said, looking down at the ground.

"What did I tell you kid? No one's going to hold your decision against you. We're all very proud of you and we all are behind you for your decisions." said Kensei. Shuhei's eyes shone with the praise.

"Thank you!" he said with a smile. Kensei looked over at Byakuya and Rukia. 'Take care of him!' he told Byakuya through his eyes. 'With my life.' Byakuya seemed to say back. With that the others all went their separate ways, leaving Byakuya, Kenpachi, Kensei, and their followers. Kenpachi left first.

"Take care kid, don't do anything dumb!" Ikkaku said with a smile as him, Yumichika, Kenpachi, and Yachiru. Shuhei then went with Byakuya, waving good bye to Kensei, Uryu, Lisa, and Mashiro. Then Renji put an arm around him.

"Hey kid, that sure did surprise us!" Renji said.

"It's Shuhei." Shuhei said slightly annoyed. Ichigo and Izuru gava a soft laugh as Rukia stood beside them.

"Yah whatever. Come on, we still have stuff to do now." Renji said. Shuhei gave him a puzzled look, then Renji pushed him over. When Shuhei went to get up, Renji ran. Shuhei smiled and chased after him, Rukia and Izuru following behind, and Ichigo bringing up the rear. Byakuya shock his head. 'This is an interesting turn of events. The future will probably hold some interesting events. The Quincy's are getting stronger and now seem to be our biggest threat. The boy should be a good ally to help with that, but for now, I'll let them go.'

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