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Harry's Hero by Silverfawkes

Chapter 1

Harry awoke to birdsong from outside and the rumble of Sheba's purr from a top his chest. He rubbed her head and smiled as her deepened purr vibrated his chest. He wondered what time it was. Since his little "adventure" in India he found himself tiring absurdly easily and sleeping long hours. Winry assured him it was normal and that once his depleted core had recharged he'd be his normal energetic self. He reached up and scratched Sheba's ears. Then it occurred to him today they were going to the Diagon Alley, for his school robes and his "official" wand. He quickly got up and got moving there were only a couple more days before he was supposed to take the Hogwart's Express he really wanted to see the castle that was part of his birth right. He was supposed to meet his pen pals and his cousin Draco at the alley and bring them back later for lunch which meant there was lots to do. Harry laughed as Sheba followed him to the shower, she hadn't left his side from the moment he arrived at the house in England. He had just started to get dressed when he heard a knock on the door.


Beth opened it slightly. "Good you're moving I know you're going to Diagon today, but be as quick as you can I've moved the midday meal to get to know everyone back an hour, because we've been invited to Balmoral Castle for a late supper."

"Wow, I've been in England less than forty-eight hours and I get to meet the Queen. I feel special."

"It's more than just the Royal family, kiddo. You're also going to be meeting key members of both the magical and mundane governments, they want to get a good look at you."

"Beth, did anyone ever tell you you like to push, or are you trying to pretend you're an evil stepmother?"

Beth laughed, then said, "Funny mister, we'll see you in the breakfast room. Ten minutes."


Two hours later Remus opened Diagon Alley for Harry's first view of the famous shopping area of Great Britain. Harry was escorted by Remus, George, and Walter. Also there were Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, and Amelia and Susan Bones. The four kids talked excitedly as Harry shared the photos from the first part of his India trip. Susan and Draco chattered about how exciting getting their wands had been. Harry who had had the thrill of making his own wand smiled happily for his friends but then he noticed Neville didn't seem to share their joy he started the other two into a conversation on quidditch that he knew would keep them occupied and stepped back to talk to his shier, quieter friend. "No story about your own wand, Neville?"

"I'll be using my father's."

"Really? Your Gran, was okay with that?"

"She's been so busy with the restructure that Uncle Algie and Aunt Enid took me to do my shopping. Uncle Algie said as weak as my magic is to spend money on a new wand is a waste of galleons."

"Tell you what mate, I didn't get you anything for your birthday as I was a little busy with finals. You come with me and we'll see about getting you a wand that is yours."

Their first stop was Madam Malkin's, Harry really couldn't help himself he laughed. "Oh man, are you kidding me?"

"Sorry, Harry. That's the uniform." Susan said.

"Okay, but I gotta tell you Sue this really hurts. What are the odds the student body will stage a revolt and succeed in getting something modern brought it."

"With the fuddy duddy's on the Board of Governors, and I include my father in that group, and with Albus Dumbledore, as headmaster, perish the thought chap." Draco added before he dodged the corrective head slap his mother aimed at him.

Harry smirked change wasn't as far as Draco and the others might think. As Earl of Gryffindor Baronet of Hogsmeade, Harry would have the power to change things. While Harry was being fitted he asked, "I've got my schoolbooks but I want to know are there any books about Hogwarts?"

"Yes, Harry it's called Hogwarts: A History." Amelia Bones said with her smile apparent in her voice. "Perhaps Susan and I should go over to Flourish and Blotts and get you a copy while you're here."

"Really? That'd be fabulous."

"Take your time Amelia I intend to see that Harry is kitted out as befits his station," said Narcissa Malfoy.

Amelia got an even broader smile at Harry's hunted expression.

"Cousin Narcissa, can we discuss this before you start ordering robes that I probably won't wear?" Harry almost whined.

An hour later, Harry finally escaped to head to Olivander's with Neville. It hadn't been horrible at Madame Malkin's he'd bantered and talked quidditch with Neville and Draco as the robes were fitted. Harry had come to a couple conclusions about Draco, he was spoiled and he was a bit of a Pureblood bigot but he was smart and he was funny in a snarky sarcastic way. Given the vow between the house of Malfoy and the house of Black Harry understood it would be largely up to him to correct Draco when the boy strayed across the lines, and to bring him around to a more neutral way of thinking. The trick would be doing it in a way that didn't hurt the boy's pride. Harry sighed, he'd have his work cut out for him.


"Listen old man, I used to respect you. But that day has passed, so I'm going to tell you how things are going to be. Harry, isn't going to be your normal first year. He has had private tutors for the last couple years, he's going to be advanced and my advice is don't let him get bored or he'll get creative. He will have tutors coming in for private lessons probably one and a half hours after classes each day, and two hours on weekends."

"I can't allow strangers on Hogwarts grounds."

"The only reason I'm allowing Harry on your precious grounds is because it's Potter tradition, and it's his heritage. You will allow Harry's tutors to come or I will remove him and continue as we have been going, and I will use my influence to have you removed. After which point I will have Harry come to Hogwarts. Oh and I want James' cloak back, that too is Harry's heritage."

Sirius felt slightly bad that he was playing political hardball with Albus, but hell the old man had done his best to get Sirius killed. You couldn't get more hardball than that.

Albus was furious he could feel a vein in his temple throbbing. "Fine." He moved to a cabinet and removed the cloak he had hoped to claim as his own one day. He pulled it out.

Sirius took the cloak, just touching it brought back waves of memory. He examined it carefully most invisibility cloaks were made with demiguise hair James always claimed the Potter invisibility cloak was spun of magic itself. After several minutes he nodded, "Thank you."

"He's coming back, Sirius." Albus tried to reason with the younger man.

"I know he'll try."

"Then why weaken the light?"

"I'm not."

"What do you call destabilizing the whole of Great Britain's Ministry of Magic?"

"Cleaning house and making things better for everyone. Making magical Britain stronger from the inside."

"But to sweep everything away it weakens us all. You must understand we need the older houses to act as a stabilizing influence."

"And they will, but the plan is: we're doing away with their monopoly on power so they have to act as sane rational people, instead of thinking they can do whatever the hell they want. Instead of one house made up of those who have inherited their positions determining the laws there will be two modeled after British parliament one house made of the old families like a House of Lords, a second house made up of duly elected representatives. Jointly they will pick the Minister of Magic, who will have to satisfy the people he rules instead of basically holding the job until he chooses to step down or is removed for gross incompetence.. Beth figures the announcement will go up late November, with elections being held in April. The current issue is how to include all the currently disenfranchised magical population including werewolves, vampires, goblins, and muggleborns. There's also a fair amount of debate over the current laws in place to control them and also the laws that don't exist to protect them from persecution. Not to mention the ones in place to protect muggles, house elves, and other beings. There's a lot more wrong in magical Britain than just a dark lord that has been gone for almost ten years.

"I don't want my son growing up in the same world I did."

"So, Harry is your son now, is he?"

"No, he's my godson and business partner. Hopefully by the time Jamie and his sisters come to Hogwarts you're nothing but a memory old man."


At Olivander's it was just Neville and Harry and the strange old wand maker after George and Walter checked the shop. Harry was amused as the old wand maker greeted both of them by name. Harry felt no remorse at pushing his shy friend forward to 'receive the full treatment' as he stepped back and used his magic to find his official school wand. He had just found the box that he believed held it when Olivander turned his attention to Harry.

"Now for you Mr. Potter."

Harry pulled the dusty box out and handed it to Olivander. "I think we should start with this one." He said with a smile. Out of respect for the man's age he bit back a chuckle at the way the man's eyebrows climbed into his hair.

Olivander opened the box and extended the handle to Harry. Harry calmly picked it up and was unsurprised by the fountain of red and gold sparkles from the end. Neville, who was still inwardly bubbling over his new wand, gave a little cheer.

"Oh, bravo! Yes, indeed, oh very good. Well, well, well...how curious... how very curious.."

He put Harry's wand back into its box and wrapped it in brown paper, still muttering. "Curious...curious..."

Harry's curiousity got the better of him. "Sorry," said Harry, "but what's curious?"

Mr. Olivander fixed Harry with his pale stare.

"I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr. Potter. Every single wand. It so happens that the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another feather—just one other. It is very curious indeed that you should be destined for this wand when its brother- why its brother gave you that scar."

Harry swallowed.

"Yes, thirteen and a half inches. Yew. Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember... I think we must expect great things from you Mr. Potter... After all He-Who-Must- Not-Be-Named did great things, terrible but great."

Harry looked at the old, strange man for a moment before saying curtly. "You and I have a very different definition of great. Has anyone ever told you, you're more than a little creepy? Because I very much doubt if the families or anyone Tom Marvolo Riddle or his followers hurt, consider anything he did great. How much for the wands?"

Mr. Olivander got a shocked look. But he answered, "Fourteen galleons."

"Thank you," Harry paid him. "Good day."

As they left the shop, Harry tried to recapture his earlier chipper mood. To his surprise Neville placed his hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed lightly. "Thank you, Harry." George and Walter resumed shadowing the boys.

"My pleasure, Neville."

"Thanks for what you said about You-know-who and his followers, too."

"Neville Longbottom I never want you to give him power by calling him that ridiculous name. He's Tom Riddle, the ridiculous, using a made up name to increase people's fears. Don't let him. You're braver than he is because you at least have the courage to go by your own name."

The other boy looked a Harry. "Do you mean that?"

"I said it didn't I, I'm not in the habit of saying things I don't mean. Come on let's head to Flourish & Blotts and get the others. I'm in the mood for ice cream."

George and Walter were left wondering what had happened in the wand shop.

That night when Harry returned to Grimmauld after meeting the Royals, He sat down to write Inarra Serra. He knew she would get a laugh about his new wand.

Ms Inarra,

Thought I'd write and give you a laugh. Remember when, you told me that my juniper, ki-lin and pegasus wand was almost as light as a wand could get the only one that would be more so would be holly and phoenix feather. Guess what my official registered English wand is? A holly and phoenix feather! Is that a riot or what?

Also what happens if brother wands are force to duel each other?

Sirius has found Catherine Parker to continue my tutelage in magical theory. Isn't that great? Her partner, Jarrod Morran, is going to be teaching me elemental magic. Sirius had to put a lot of pressure on the Headmaster of Hogwarts for that to happen though. I can't wait. I start school in a week and I'm practically vibrating right now with excitement. Winry still has me on medical restriction for another two weeks though so I'm not supposed to do actual magic for that long, although I'm bending that a bit for my prank on Sirius.

Oh that's right you probably didn't hear what happened when we went to India. Alexis, Rachel and I went with the school trip to India. We went to Bhangarah, anyway we ran into a evil wizard who intended to let a demon like sorceress loose on the world through human sacrifice. Well, the three of us couldn't exactly let that happen we took them on despite being out numbered. We saved the day but at a much higher cost than we were prepared to pay. Alexis died. Rachel got badly hurt she's on medical leave for three more months and I... well, I overextended my magic came fairly close to burning out my core, if I weren't an elemental wizard I would've.

I'll miss Rachel when I go away to school. She's taught me so much. Well, I need to go, I have to plan a prank on Sirius. The Queen knighted him; I don't want him to get a big head. You'd think it's great I'm using an arithmancy equation and a couple runes inscribed on a band aid. A little charge of power once I finish to activate it, and it will feed off Sirius' own magic for as long as it is in contact with his skin.

Sincerely, Harry Potter

Finally the day came for Harry to leave for Hogwarts. Beth smirked as they gathered to see Harry off, because not only was it her and Sirius seeing Harry off it was Remus, her parents, the triplets, and the security team. It was funny how the other parents skirted around them: some trying to avoid them, others staring at them like they were celebrities. Sirius was drawing out this farewell to an absurd degree, trying to embarrass Harry. But Harry was calmly allowing it with only the twinkle in his eye declaring he knew what Sirius was up to. Beth was sure there was some grand prank on Sirius in the offing, otherwise Harry would have been on the train ten minutes ago.

She wasn't disappointed, as Sirius pulled Harry into another hug Harry stuck a band-aid on the back of Sirius' neck with Sirius none the wiser. Seconds after Harry was released from the hug. Sirius' robes morphed into the formal kilt and dinner jacket he'd worn the night the Queen knighted him and he began singing "Henry the Eighth I am" while his hair stood on end in liberty spikes. The shocked look on Sirius' face spoke volumes and Harry chose that moment to make his exit.

"Bye all, I'll see you at Christmas."

Only Jamie and his sisters said "Bye, Harry!" Everyone else was too busy laughing at Sirius to say anything at all.