Chapter 1

Pairing: Lindsay/Ezekiel

~9:00 p.m.~

Ezekiel was walking back from the pool, wearing nothing but his hat and blue sweat pants(and underwear of course).

He was so tired he could hardly see straight.

"God I'm tired." yawned

He grabbed the knob to what he thought was his room.

However, when he opened the door he saw Lindsay laying on the bed in her nightwear, watching t.v.

He realized it was the wrong room.

Lindsay noticed him.

"Hi Zekey." she said amably

She was wearing a short white tube top and pink shorts.

"Uhh..." Ezekiel responded "this isn't my room."

"Is that how you sleep?" Lindsay asked, gesturing to his shirtless upper body

Zeke gasped quietly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Sorry," Zeke said sheepishly "I was so tired I forgot which room was mine."

"Wanna come sit with me?" Lindsay asked

"N-sure." Zeke replied meekly

He walked over and sat down on the bed next to the blond girl.

"Sorry I'm not wearing a shirt." Zeke said

"It's okay," Lindsay said "sometimes I sit in my room without a shirt too."

That thought made the prarie boy flinch.

Lindsay turned the t.v. over and found that the Kardashians were on.

"Oh boy. Lindsay said

After a while, the position Zeke was laying in made him feel sore.

He sat up and rubbed his neck.

"What's wrong?" Lindsay asked

"Nothing," Ezekiel said "laying like that just made me stiff."

"Ooh," Lindsay replied "I can fix that."

"I-" Ezekiel tried to protest

Lindsay started massaging his bare shoulders, which just felt fantastic.

"Oh my," Lindsay said surprised "you're so tense I feel like I'm rubbing bricks."

"Ohh," Zeke sighed "yeah it gets that way sometimes."

It felt so good, but he tried not to enjoy it too much.

Lindsay didn't mind it either; his pale skin felt so velvety.

"You're skin is so soft." Lindsay said, kneading the back of his neck

"I cover up a lot," Ezekiel said "so the sun doesn't dry out my skin."

"Cool." Lindsay said

She stopped.

"Do you think you could do my shoulders?" she asked

"O-okay." Zeke replied modestly

he put his hands on her exposed shoulders and proceeded to rub them.

"Ooh," Lindsay moaned "that's nice."

She arched her spine.

"A little lower." She requested

He rubbed the center of her bony back.

"That's good," she said "it's been a while since I've had a good massage, back home I have a personal masseuse."

"The only time I had good massage back home is when I fell off the tractor and landed on gravel." Ezekiel said

"Ouch." Lindsay responded in sympathy

"You have no idea." he stated

He finished with her shoulders and they rested back against the headboard of Lindsay's bed.

"Oh wow," Lindsay yawned "that massage made me feel all relaxed and cozy, now I'm tired."

She rolled over and rested her head on Ezkiel's bare chest.

"Sorry," Lindsay said falling asleep "I'm just...gonna...rest...here...for a...minute."

"Lindsay?" Zeke responded quizzically

The blond girl had already fallen asleep.

Zeke lightly put his arm around her and yawned.

"I'm kind of tired too." he mumbled

Then he fell asleep.

I haven't seen a lot of this couple, so I wrote this one-shot, just because.