A/n. This is a story that can only happen in an alternative universe,so please remember its only fiction,it may contain some graphic sexual acts between men,so if it is going to offend you,please don't read further and thank you for your interest.

Tim McGee was spitting angry,for the first time in his life he was literally seeing red before his eyes,his partner once again played one of his hurtful pranks on him. Lying on his desk was the newest insult agent Anthony DiNozzo,directed at him.

Tony was sniggering where he sat behind his desk,it always was so much fun to tease his sexually-repressed probie."Come on McAngry show Ziva what I got you!" ,he didn't even realise how hurt his partner was by his simple act. It was a total surprise when the stapler hit him in the head ,he was so shocked that he didn't even feel the pain of the impact.

Ziva was shocked at the totally unexpected act of her usually meek and calm team member,she also had to suppress the gleeful laughter that wanted to bubble out of her treacherous mouth. Tony got what he deserved according to her opinion,but to throw more fuel on the current explosive situation would be bad. She was relieved and apprehensive when her boss materialised ,like a ghost silently,just when he was needed. Gibbs had a six sense and always appeared when their was danger or when one of his agents messed up,but in this case she wasn't really sure who was the culprit,she was still siding with their youngest team-member,but his actions were inappropriate.

Gibbs stood in the bullpen,watching the explosive situation,secretly he was proud of his youngest agent,but it wasn't good that he let his his partner get him so riled. Everyone watched in fascination as Tim grabbed the offending object and stamped vigorously on its cover with his foot,the object split apart with a loud crack into several pieces,Tim stood next to it with his arms folded and his lips pouting,he was sulking like a toddler. Tony was rubbing his smarting head,thinking that maybe for once he pushed Probie to far.

"DiNozzo explain what happened here!",Gibbs's voice whipped through the air ,with a menacing crack.

"Ah,look Boss,I just played an innocent prank on our sensitive,little Probie!",Tony tried to look as innocent as possible,using his puppy-dog eyes to try and deflate the tense situation.

Tim was still out of his usual meek role and almost shouted in anger,"He gave me a DVD that demonstrates the 'joys of homosexual love'!"

If there ever was a moment that it would have been better for Anthony DiNozzo to keep his sarcastic comments to himself,it would be now,but alas he failed to see the warning signs and smirked,"Your sex life could do with all the help it could get,McVirgin!"

Ziva knew the moment the words slipped out of her idiotic partner's mouth,that it was a very,very bad idea,to proof the point, was the alarming colour of red her youngest team-mate turned. Gibbs knew he had to defuse this increasingly explosive situation as soon as possible. He barked,"That could be considered as sexual harassment,DiNozzo!"

Ziva didn't know what prompted her to say,"It is big,flashing red light behaviour,yes!" She was almost proud of herself remembering the term from one of their ,seldom attended, lectures on sexual harassment.

"I'm sorry Probie,it was just a joke ,I thought it was funny.",Tony tried to save himself from further harmful reactions.

Tim spat back,almost hugging himself with his folded arms,"I'm not laughing,Tony!" He sat down dejected at his desk,his insecurities once again proven right,he was never going to have the respect of the team,he was always going to be the meek Geek,whom everyone could make jokes about.

Gibbs could see the hurt in his youngest agents eyes,the big green orbs reflected every emotion that he felt like a mirror. "DiNozzo you will write a detailed apology on why your actions were inappropriate,towards your fellow team-mate and then you both will clean and restock the truck!"


"But Boss...!"

"I don't want to discuss this any further and pick up that mess on the floor,DiNozzo!",Gibbs barked,everyone realised it was the last words he was going to say on the subject and if they should disobey the order,they would be head-slapped into the next life.

Unnoticed by them,CIA agent Trent Kort watched the whole situation play out ,from a secluded corner in the squad room. He smirked to himself,the cocky Anthony DiNozzo got what he deserved,it was delightful to see him taken down a peg. The pouting younger agent with the big,beautiful green eyes attracted his attention,there was an air of innocence around him and he had to agree with DiNozzo,he probably was still a virgin. Trent looked the offended agent over with his predatory eyes, he sure as hell wouldn't mind initiating the innocent agent in the pleasures of homosexual love,in fact he was sure it would be quite enjoyable. The excited twinges he felt in his groin agreed with the statement.

He could imagine how the full,pouting lips would feel under his demanding lips and around his hard cock,he saw in his mind's eye the all debauched positions he could take the lanky figure in and could almost hear the surprised gasps and screams as he taught the beautiful young man how to not only receive sexual pleasure,but how to give it back. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation,this was one conquest he was looking forward to and the reason why he was here at NCIS,provided him with the opportunity to indulge in his fantasy.

Tony chided himself,the reason he put the DVD on his Probie's desk,was anything but a joke. He was trying to get a feel on his team-mates sexual preferences and have been for a while been hinting that he was gay,to gauge his reaction. He had hoped by now ,that his Probie would have broken down and confessed that he was gay. Tony needed him to be gay,because the many cold showers he had to take due to his delectable Probie ,was getting hazardous to his health. He couldn't stop fantasying about him,but the problem was he didn't know how Tim was going to react to his advances and if he could get to know ,if his probie would be open to a relationship with another man,it would be safer. He didn't want to spoil their friendship and camaraderie or hurt his sensitive team-mate,by making him think he was yet the butt of another cruel joke. Tony felt frustrated,he had no idea on how to win his younger team-mate over and by the amount of time and effort he spend on it,he knew what he felt for Tim was more than just a fleeting attraction.

Trent swaggered into the bullpen,stopping in front of Gibbs's desk,leaning provocatively and smug against the lead agent's desk. Tony watched him with hateful eyes,since the incident where his treasured car was blown up, when he was working undercover to catch the arms-dealer,The Frog,he couldn't stand to breath the same air as the other agent. He listened interested when Gibbs asked,"To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from the CIA?"

Trent answered in his usual English drawl ,"Director Vance,gave me permission to lone one of your agents."

Gibbs jumped up,like a jack-in-a-box ,"Over my dead body!"

Trent smirked," I don't think you have a choice in the matter,Gibbs!" He watched as the other man stormed towards the Director's office,his steel-blue eyes blazing.

Tony watched as Trent leaned relaxed against his boss's desk,if looks could kill,Trent would be lying cold on the floor. He snidely said,"You stink up the place,Kort!"

Trent charmingly retorted ,"Shouldn't you get busy on that apology ,you owe your team-mate?"

Tony huffed defensively and Ziva fingered her sharpest knife,making sure that it was in reach ,if she was going to need it to defend her partner,she would need to get to it fast. She was trained as a assassin by MOSSAD and she could recognised the signs that Trent Kort was a dangerous and lethal man. His cold and charismatic personality,raised the hair on the back of her neck and she knew he could kill without the blink of an eye. There was a pure raw sexual magnetism to him,that drove shivers up her spine and if you knew her well,you would realise that she didn't scare easily. She feared for the team-member that was lone to him and hoped to God that Gibbs could change the Director's orders,she fingered her necklace ,stroking the symbol for courage and protection.

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