Little Lady

"Do you think we're going to be okay now?" He looked down at the petite girl who had been through so much due to no fault of herself and smiled. Properly smiled. It'd been a while since he'd been able to properly smile. "Yeah," He said as he rested his head of her wet hair "I think we will."

Alice Brandon, daughter to the multi millionaire Harris Brandon. Alice is the type of girl everyone wants, but not everyone gets. But what happens when the type of people who want Alice won't just take no for an answer? What happens when she's kidnapped and forced to do things she'd never even dreamt about? What happens when she finds herself magically drawn to one of her kidnappers?

Chapter one.

"Now Alice, repeat after me; Je vous aime comme vous êtes, je ne voulais pas vous faire quitter."

Alice took a deep breath and repeated as she was instructed. This was her third French lesson of the week. It was only Tuesday. French was draining Alice emotionally, physically and mentally. Alice hated French. With a passion. She'd been learning it since she was 8. She was almost 17. Even though she'd been studying the tedious language for so long, she still only found herself grasping at the basis of the dialect. Alices French tutor sighed.

"No Alice, you need to properly speak the words. You're repeating the words but you're not feeling the words. Put some effort into it Alice! Feel the words Alice! Feel them! Repeat!" Alice also hated her French tutor. She was pretty sure her teacher, Madam Moreau, was not all there. Mentally, that is. How could she properly speak words? Alice thought that speaking words required minimal effort. And also, Alice did most definitely not want to feel any words, especially French words. Alice sighed and nodded her head and repeated the words, putting more 'feel' into the words she spoke. Alices teacher smiled. "That's better mon chérI! See! You can be good at French when you really put in the effort!" Alice sarcastically smiled behind Madam Moreau back and checked the clock that was upon the wall. She almost had a mini dance attack when she realised that her French lesson was finally over. She jumped up out of the seat she'd been uncomfortably sitting in for the past hour and grabbed her shoulder bag and started half running out the door.

"Bye Madam Moreau! See you tomorrow!" Alice did defiantly not want to see Madam Moreau tomorrow. Everything about her Alice despised. Down to the fact she has been teaching Alice her most hated subject for almost nine years to the fact she has three distinctive long black hairs coming out of the mole that was unfortunately placed on her chin. It made Alice feel sick by just thinking about them. Alice had singing next. Alice did not mind singing, as she was actually decent at it, not too sound too conceited. She'd been singing since she could talk. Alices mother always used to sing with her when they cooked dinner together, her father would stand by and smile and wrap his arms around them both and kiss her mother on the cheek and rest Alice on his hips and say "my two beautiful girls, the most important things in my life.". This was before Alices father got that huge job at a new firm and before he brought over the company. It was also before her mother was murdered.

Alice was there. When she murdered. She was very young, only six or maybe seven. Its kind of a blur to her now. She tried to block out everything that happened that day. Tried. It all happened fairly quick really. Her father sent Alice and her mother out to get some milk from the store down the road. It was pretty late, nineish perhaps. Her father wanted some coffee as he was working on a contract that could get him a promotion. He promised Alice that if he got the promotion he'd buy her brand new toys for Christmas. This was pretty big to Alice. Back when she was young, her family lived in a pretty rough area. They didn't have much money, but they were happy. Alice never found a need for expensive items or toys, she was happy with clothes from the thrift store and toys that other people didn't want. They brought the milk and were on their way home. The snow had just begun to settle quite thick now, 5 inches. Alice remembers running her fingers through the freshly laid snow. She remembers her mother telling her off for doing so as she forgot to wear her gloves. She remembers her mother telling her that her fingers could freeze and fall off. She remembers a gang of youth coming over and demanding money. When her mother explained that she had no money they thought she was lying. They told her that if she didn't give them any money in the next five seconds they'd shoot her. They weren't bluffing. They shot her. Right in the chest. Alice remembers her falling to the ground. She remembers the snow turning red. They ran off, they just left her, dead. Alice didn't know what to do. She was only six. She doesn't remember much after that, she just remembers screaming and crying until someone came out of their flat. She didn't stop crying for days. Not after the police or the ambulance came, not after her father came, nothing. After that day she rarely saw her father. He was always at work. He soon got promoted and they moved out of that area. Alice vowed she'd never ever return to that place.

Alice waited in the first living room for her singing teacher. Her teacher, Hannah, was always late. But Alice didn't mind, Alice liked Hannah. She was only about 25 and she was the only person she was really friends with. Alice was home schooled. After her mothers horrific death her father pulled her out of school and home schooled her instead. Soon enough he was making enough money to hire people to tutor her inside her own home. It was perfect for her father, it was keeping Alice tucked up safe inside her home (or as Alice liked to call it prison) and he didn't even have to keep an eye on her. He employed people to do that. She was closer to her driver than her own father. She never saw him much and when she did he was always too busy to communicate with her. Alice didn't mind that much. She fine on her own, really.

Alices singing lesson came and went as it usually did. She was done for the day, education wise anyway. She only had French and singing on a Tuesday. It was 1pm. Any normal teenage girl would probably meet up with her best friends and go have a coffee together or get her boyfriend to come over and bring her a McDonalds and they'd sit downstairs with a blanket over them watching old movies like Grease or Titanic as she'd snuggle into his arms. He'd smell utterly amazing and he'd let her wear his comfy hoody that was three sizes too big for her. Every time he'd look at her he'd smile. He'd cuddle up to her in bed and they'd just lay there for hours on a Sunday morning saying nothing, doing nothing but being entwined together. And just before they'd have sex he'd whisper in her ear "I love you Alice, I really bloody love you." It'd be perfect. They'd be perfect. But Alice knew that that would never happen. You don't hear about relationships like that. You hear about people cheating on their partners best friends, about secrets and lies and hate spewed around everywhere. You don't come across fairytale romances, no matter how hard you look.

Alice sighed and threw herself onto her four poster bed. She didn't smell the sent of a nice smelling boy, only the smell of freshly cleaned sheets which were changed this morning by the house maid, Rene. Alice rolled over on the bed so she could reach her laptop. Of course, Alice had many online friends. Everyone jumped at the chance to be friends with one of the most richest men in Mississippi's daughter. She did, however, have one friend. Rene, the maid, had a daughter named Bella. They both lived in Alice's house (or mansion) downstairs in the workers quarters. Alice tried to see Bella as much as possible, but she rarely got too see her. Alices father found out about her friendship with Bella and he banished Alice from ever seeing her again. So Alice now snuck down too see her, but it was hard to do so without getting caught due to all the cctv around the house. But Alice had given Bella a mobile phone that they could talk on, so usually late and night they'd speak on the phone. It gave Alice some normality, having a friend. It stopped her thinking "something is really wrong with me. I don't know what." all the time.

Alice jumped off the bed and decided to head out. She had to do something to keep her from cutting all her hair off just too stop herself being so bored. She looked at herself in the mirror. Alice wasn't what you'd call 'shit hot'. She had a pretty face and a pretty decent body, but she never showed it off. She wore nice clothes but she never wore anything deadly tight and never wore anything that would show off her breasts in anyway. One, she never went any place that you'd wear that stuff in and second her father would never allow her to wear such clothes. Alice had amazing hair though, it was ever so long, halfway down her chest. It was coloured maroon with a slight tint of red. Everyone complimented her on her hair, it was easily her best feature. Alice smiled in the mirror and gave her hair a finally brush over and walked out the door. She jogged downstairs into the hallway and grabbed the receiver off the wall and dialled her drivers number.

"Hello, Michael Jells speaking."

Alice smiled. She adored Michael. "Hi Michael, its Alice, I was wondering, if its okay with you, can you drive me to the mall? I'm feeling a little shopping spree!" Alice was always polite. She always said please and she always said thank you. Its how her mother raised her.

Michael chuckled. "Of course dear, in fact I'm right outside now, I've just dropped your father off at a meeting."

"Okay, I'm coming out now!" Alice hung up the phone and checked her bag. Keys, check. Phone, check. Purse, check. Alice opened up her purse and scanned the contents. She always had around fifty to one hundred dollars in cash and two credit cards. Once she was satisfied she had everything she opened the front door and scanned the huge drive looking for Michael. She soon found him opening the backdoor to the Roles Royce. Alice smiled and skipped towards him and got in the back.

"Good afternoon Miss. Brandon."

"Good afternoon to you too Michael." Michael was very old, around sixty. Alice adored him, he was like the grandfather she'd never had, as all of her grandparents had died by the time she was five.

"Did your mornings lessons go well?"

"Eh, French was a bore as usual, but singing was as good as it'll ever be."

Michael smiled warmly, "You really need to realise your talent, Miss. Brandon, you're utterly brilliant at singing."

The compliment made Alice blush. "I'm not, but thank you Michael. Do you know when my father will be back?"

Michael thought for a second or two, "I'm not sure Miss. Brandon, he has a very important meeting today and then he has a lot of papers too go through at the office…"

Alice sighed. "So he'll be home by the time I'm asleep then?"

Michael nodded gravely and smiled sympathetically in Alices direction. "He's a very important man, Miss. Brandon, he has a lot of duties to fulfil."

Alice half smiled. "I know, I just haven't seen him in almost a week. I haven't properly spoken to him in months. Even at dinner he usually has papers in front of him. If he's even at dinner that is."

Michael smiled again as he spoke, "we're here Miss. Brandon. When do you wish for me to collect you?"

Alice deliberated, "mmm in a couple of hours. Ill call you when I want collecting. And call me Alice, Michael." She'd been asking him to call her Alice for years, he never did though.

He chuckled, "goodbye Miss. Brandon."

Alice let herself out of the car as she proceeded towards the big doors of the mall. She didn't know where to go first. She was feeling a Starbucks first, perhaps an iced latte? She took the escalator to the second floor where a Starbucks was located and ordered her latte and sat down. She enjoyed the fact that no one here was watching her. She could do anything she likes. Alice was too involved in her own thoughts until she heard someone sit opposite her. She looked up to find a stunning girl with full red lips and wild blonde hair and big open blue eyes. She pouted slightly as she studied Alice.

"You want to escape." Alice was confused and slightly scared. Was this girl some crazy mind reader or something? "I'm not a mind reader, you're just incredibly easy to read."

"Um, not to be impolite or anything, but who are you?" Alice was slightly offended that she was so easy to read. Alice didn't deem herself readable. The girl smiled and offered Alice her hand.

"Someone you really don't want to know." Alice tilted her head and smiled, shaking the girls hand. She liked this mysterious girl, strangely enough.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Alice."

"I know."

They stayed quite for a minute or two, until Alice broke it. "Why are you sitting here?"

The girl smirked. "You look bored. Come with me." The girl got up and stood there waiting for Alice. She was wearing tight black jeans, high heeled boots, a tight black tank top and a leather jacket. She looked dangerous. Reckless. The complete opposite to Alice in her white tank top, denim jacket and spotted denim shorts and white ballet flats. Alice leant back in her seat and crossed her arms.

"Why should I? I don't even know you."

The girl replied quite simply, "it'll make you alive, don't you want to be alive?" Alice nodded. "Come with me then." Alice deliberated for a second. What do I have to loose? She thought. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"Okay." Alice got up. The girl smiled as she walked out of the café with Alice in tow.

"Welcome to living, Alice Brandon."

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