Chapter three.

"W-w-w-where are w-w-we going Rose?" Alice stuttered and stumbled in a drunken haze that would most definitely not be remembered in the morning. Alice was completely and intolerably wasted, Rose on the other hand, who was used to drinking alcohol, was completely fine.

"To a place."

"You never tell me anything, I thought we were best friends." Rose rolled her eyes and sighed as Alice walked into a bush and fell into it. She made no attempt to get up, but simply laughed at her own drunken stupidity. Rose didn't make any attempt to help her up either, but watched Alice in embarrassment. Thank God it's dark and nobody is around, Rose thought whilst cringing at Alice.

After a minute of laughing Alice finally got up and, somehow, managed to hoist herself up in one attempt. Rose carried on walking, aware Alice was stumbling after her. Soon enough they arrived at the destination, an unknown underground bar. Rose opened up the doors and (unwillingly) helped Alice down the stairs, knowing full well that she would have broken her neck falling down the stairs without Roses assistance. After half carrying Alice down the stairs she left her at a seat on the bar and sat next to her. She ordered herself another drink and ordered Alice a water, in an ill attempt to sober her up.

"I didn't fucking know she was a complete lightweight. Fucking hell." Rose muttered to herself as she slightly downed her drink, completely ignoring Alice.

Alice didn't care. She was in a world of her own. She noticed things. Lights. Music. People dancing. It all meant so much more now.

"Want another drink?" It took Alice a moment to process the fact that someone was actually attempting to talk to her. Alice slowly looked at the man who was sitting beside her. He was quite good looking man who looked reasonably older than Alice. She guessed he was about 30 or so.

"I think that I have had enough alcohol todayyyyy." Alice slurred the last words and laughed at herself. The man beside her smiled too. Not in a friendly way though.

"One drink won't hurt you." Alice deliberated this for a second and then shrugged. What harm could it really do her? And anyway, who would turn down free drinks? The man smiled, "Good girl. Bartender, vodka and coke for the lady?" The bartender nodded and walked away to prepare Alices drink. "So Alice, tell me a little about yourself." The man asked and reclined his back slightly so he can look at Alice in full view.

"Nothing really-"

The man broke off Alice, "Your drink is here. Drink it." His voice was fierce and demanding. The kind of voice that would have scared Alice if she was not intoxicated. The bartender put the drink down slowly and backed away, never meeting the mans eyes. Alice nodded and downed her drink. The drink no longer burned her stomach or her throat, she couldn't feel anything. "Carry on dear Alice."

"Well there isn't much to s-say really..w-wait, how did you know my n-name?" Even though she was drunk, Alice sensed something was not right. How did he know her name? She hadn't told him her name, had she? She was sure she hadn't.

The man raised an eyebrow chuckled, "That is your name right?" Alice nodded. "You told me your name but minutes ago Alice." Alice narrowed her eyes and leant back, forgetting she was on a stool. The man grabbed her and lifted her up. "How about enough sitting down? Follow me."

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