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A.N: I've always wanted to do this story. I always had the ingredients I wanted to include, if you will, but not the recipe. It never flowed, until now! I was so happy when I sat back down and for probably the 5th or 6th try, it started flowing.

I'm not gonna say what the points I wanted to combine to make this story, cause then I'd give it away, so I'll probably talk more on that, at the end. But I will, say, major Edmund angst! Major, major Edmund angst. He's torturable and I'm harping on that as much as I can. Also there are a lot of Biblical parallels, so if you catch them, no you aren't crazy, that's exactly what I want, congrats. If not, just enjoy the story as it is.

Also, this is my 50th fanfic I've uploaded on this site! I joined tail end of 2009 and I finally arrived at 50 stories. I always assumed it would be a Supernatural story but lo and behold it's a Narnia story. Seems a little fitting as well. *throws confetti*

And if you've read some of my other fanfics, you know that I always clean up the mess I made and that the story is written out just give me awhile to upload. Might long while, since this is a long story. So without any further ado, I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Takes place during the Golden Age. The most unthinkable has happened. Could some good come from such an act? Perhaps it would be enough to light the way home.

Prologue: The Letter

Dear False "King" Edmund:

This should come to no surprise to you. This isn't the first letter you've gotten is it? We know you haven't told your siblings about the letters. You probably think this is just an aggravating thing, but it seems you have some sense after all. We want to let you know your days are numbered. If you really think that you can get away with your sins you are gravely mistaking.

Believe me or not, but I'm here to tell you that it's the truth. You know very well that you are not the favorite king, you aren't even the favorite sovereign. You know that most Narnians are warier of you at best. Even after a year of reign and with good reason. Even you cannot dispute this fact.

A boy who was in league with the White Witch all of a sudden want to turn into a do-gooder and to add insult to injure, he was crown one of the four sovereigns? That is not our idea of justice. We have not a problem with your siblings, as you probably figured out since we've said nothing about them before now, but believe me, but we have a problem with you.

You've got 48 and some odd hours.

Your days are numbered.


Narnians who wishes to see true justice prevail!






Ten minutes after the letter was read, it was burned in the fireplace.

And 48 and a half hours later an arrow was released.