Chapter 5: Fighting Aku at the Citadel

Gordon along with Alyx were still in their prison pods as they watched helplessly as Aku and Jack went into battle.

"There is nothing that'll stop me now from destroying you samurai" laughed Aku as he then ignited his laser eyes and then began to fire at the samurai.

The samurai dodged the lasers and then used his sword to slice open the prison pods holding Gordon and Alyx.

"We have to get to the Combine's portal fast before Wallace escapes!" cried Alyx.

"But what about sending me back in time?" asked Jack to Alyx.

"Sorry, there's too much going on" continued Alyx.

As the two escaped while fighting off some Combine soldiers, Aku continued to shoot his lasers at Jack to which Jack was able to dodge them quite easily. The shape-shifting wizard took out his large claw and tried to swipe it at Jack for which the samurai used his sword slicing Aku making the shape-shifting wizard cry in pain.

"You shall pay for that samurai!" roared Aku.

Aku then changed himself into a rhinoceros and then began to charge at the samurai. The samurai leaped over Aku, and sliced Aku again with his sword. The shape-shifting wizard then changed himself into a scorpion and then tried to use the stinger at the samurai. Every time the stinger tried to target the samurai, Jack was able to leap over it, and then eventually got the chance to slice it with his sword.

"Bah, this has gone far enough!" roared Aku as he then changed himself into a dragon.

Aku breathed fire all over the place, even trying to target Jack who leaped right out of the way in the nick of time. The shape-shifting wizard then charged at the samurai who then swung his sword again slicing the shape-shifting wizard. The shape-shifting wizard was in agony and ended up fleeing the battle preventing Jack from finishing him off.

"Bah, until we meet again samurai!" cried Aku as he floated off.

Jack placed back his sword, and ran toward where Gordon and Alyx were trying to stop Wallace from entering the Combine's portal.

"It's the portal!" cried Jack as he noticed it.

"I do not think you should go in there Jack" said Alyx.

"But there must be a way where we can prevent him from entering through and find me a way back to my own time" said Jack.

"Sorry Jack, but that portal has to go" continued Alyx.

Gordon along with Jack trekked toward the area where Wallace Breen was about to escape the portal. Obviously the portal was generated from a main generator within the Citadel, as Gordon began to fire his weapon at the generator, Jack thought for a moment on what the G-Man said in his dream on what he should do. Wallace was getting closer and closer about to enter the portal.

"There is no way you can stop me" laughed Wallace as he was making his escape through an elevator leading up to the portal.

Jack knew there was one way to help close the portal, so the samurai took out his sword, aimed carefully at the generator and threw it. The sword broke through the shield of the generator, and then hitting the generator itself.

"No, you fool, what of you done?" roared Wallace as he couldn't believe he was entering a portal that was going to self-implode on itself.

Suddenly the rebels along with Gordon and Alyx began to escape the Citadel along with the remaining Combine soldiers. It would soon be all over as there was a large explosion, to which turned the Citadel into rubble, with Wallace Breen gone for good.

"Where's Jack?" cried Alyx as they began to search the rubble of the Citadel.

As the two searched, they found the samurai picking up his sword and placed it back. The samurai then turned to the two.

"I'm sorry, my fight is somewhere else, and it is not here" said Jack.

"We understand" said Gordon.

"Good luck Samurai Jack" said Alyx.

Jack eventually leaves City 17, as the rebels take over it in trying to lead its refugees out of the city to safety. The scene ends with the samurai looking back at City 17 and leaving it for good knowing he'd have to find another way home instead.