"I love you" I said between kisses. I could feel Kurt smile into the kiss.

"I love you too." Kurt said, and I connected our lips once again.

We sunk deeper into the sheets and the springs of the mattress groaned in protest. I bit Kurt's lip and he moaned.

"I hear inappropriate noises!" Finn yelled from the door.

Kurt pulled away and groaned. He sat up and glared at the door. He sighed and went to open the door.

"Why were standing outside my door anyway?" Kurt asked, annoyed.

"Burt asked me to get you. He said he needed help with something." Finn said, amused.

"We were in the middle of something." I said, hoping to make Finn embarrassed. I wiggled my eyebrows for effect.

Finn shuttered and Kurt and I laughed. Kurt sighed.

"I'll be back, Blaine." Kurt said, starting to walk down the hallway, Finn walking behind him.

I ran my hand through my curls and fell back into the sheets. I put my head into the sheets, and the smell of Kurt's lotion filled my nose. I smiled.

I looked around the room and saw Kurt's iPod on his dresser next to my pink sunglasses. I smiled and walked over there. I brought the items to the bed and unlocked the iPod.

I clicked the camera, and my face popped on the screen. Kurt always used the front camera. I put on my sunglasses and smiled to the camera. Click.

I laughed. Click. I took off my glasses and winked into the camera, my lips puckering. Click.

Oh, this is fun.

I blew a kiss into the camera. Click. I kept doing different poses, taking tons of pictures.

Hmm, 21 pictures. I smiled when I got a idea. I switched to the video mode and held the camera to my face.


"I love you Kurt. I really do. Right now your helping your dad with something, and I already miss you. I miss your warmth, I miss your smile. I miss the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. Your so adorable. Whenever were apart, you can watch this video, and know that I love you."

I blew the camrea a kiss and hit the button. I looked to the door, Kurt wasn't back yet. I guess I could take more pictures.

I put my glasses on, and stuck my tongue out at the camera. Click.

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked.

I jumped and looked at Kurt. He was leaning on the door frame, his blue scarf a little crooked. He smiled at me.

"I was messing around with your iPod." I said.

Kurt walked over to me, and sat on my lap. I put the iPod in front of us so we could both see. I showed him the pictures, and the video.

Kurt turned around and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't heated. It showed the love we shared. Kurt pulled away and laid his head on my chest.

I pulled the iPod in front of us, and snapped the picture. The next half hour was spent taking goofy pictures of us.

Burt POV (Later that day)

Kurt and I were watching tv in the living room. Kurt was sitting next to me on the couch on his tpucj screen thing.

He smiled and pressed a button. He nudged me. I looked at him.

"Can you put that next to the lamp?" Kurt asked, and handed me the thing. I held it in my hand.

"I don't understand this thing." I said. Kurt laughed.

I pressed the front button and it came on. It said to slide to unlock, so I hesitantly used my finger to move the bar.

A screen came up with a lot of boxes with different pictures.

"Just swipe your finger." Kurt said, rolling his eyes.

I swiped my finger. It moved to the next page, and you could see the background better. It was Kurt and Blaine. Kurt was curled up on Blaine's chest and Blaine had his arms around him. Blaine rested his head on Kurt's.

I smiled. I was happy, that my son was happy.