"LINDA!. no. END OF DISCUSSION." oh god. This was serious. My mother was doing her death glare. Did she hate me? Ok, I probably sound like any other over-dramatic teenager,but there's a reason behind this, I swear. allow me to backtrack to the beginning. Here goes:

It was the day before Metro-con,florida's biggest anime convention as well as my first, and predictably,I didn't remember to buy the essentials until the last second. Thank god for my local costume store that almost never closed according to store hours. Good to know I can depend on people being as irresponsible as I am. Out of some strange miracle,I managed to get my mom to drive me with the promise that I "would get in, buy what I need,and get out". And I was doing that. There I was, minding my own business,looking for the right shade of zombie flesh for my medium brown skin while avoiding the pervy shop owner who liked to make cute girls try on the sexy costumes, when lo and behold, it appeared. The most beautiful mask I'd ever seen. It was deep purple with a bit of sparkle that you could only see up close. Frayed white lace embroidered half of the mask and it was cut in a way that made it look kind of worn and vintage. This mask was meant for me!I could just see myself dancing at the masquerade ball with some mysteriously handsome cosplayer. without a word he would take me in his arms and we would move to the music with ease.I need this mask! But before I could meet my destiny, My hope was crushed by some unseen,villainous force-my mother.