Naruto of the x-gene

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything else I put in.

One day in the hidden leaf village we turn to see our friend Uzumaki Naruto. Ugh, why won't I get stronger! Snap! Huh what was that? That was the last thing he saw before a civilians sandal connected with his face. Naruto awakened in his mindscape with a bewildered expression. What is this place? He got up and started down the corridor. He looked up at this giant cage with a seal on it. Who are you? I kit am the mighty kyuubi no kitsune and you kit are my jailor for I am sealed within you. So what's that strange x on your cage for? That my kit is the x-gene in you that was accidentally sealed with me. Aw no fair that's not right. He then walked over to the x and started kicking it. Kit that might not be what! Much to the kyuubi's shock the x started to grow and eventually when it died down his kit had grown a monkey's tail and his hands kept shooting solar energy.