Hey everyone. I'm here with a new story. For those of you who have read "The Crest of Love" a few people have asked if that's how Tai and Sora got together before my Digimon 2.5 story. It wasn't but it got me thinking to try and write a story on how they did get together. I kinda had this idea at the back of my mind for a few years and I've only recently decided to write it out. It will be a bit of a challenge as I'm more used to writing action/adventure stories. The Digimon won't be appearing in this story unfortuantly as I wanted it to focus more on the DigiDestined. Anyway I'm not sure how long this is going to be, it could be six chapters at the most if I don't feel it'll be dragged out too long.

Twist of Fate

Chapter 1:Two Years of Hurt

Seventeen year old Taichi "Tai" Kamiya let his soccer ball bounce once on the ground before he performed an overhead kick and watched it sail over his head and into the open goal behind him. After practicing every evening all week he was starting to feel a little exhausted.

This Saturday was going to be the most important soccer game of his life. Talent scouts from some of the top soccer clubs in Japan were going to be attending his game. They were going to select five players from both teams and offer them a scholarship which would guarantee them a place and a career in soccer professionally. So Tai had been doing everything possible to make sure he was prepared for Saturday's game.

After collecting his soccer ball from the back of the net, he let out an exhausted sigh and slid down against the goalpost resting his soccer ball in his lap. The sun was starting to set and a slight breeze blew across the soccer field.

He closed his eyes and allowed the breeze to cool his slightly reddened face. As he sat there relaxing, his mind drifted away from his intense training session and to a certain red-headed girl.

Christmas had just past a couple of months back and it had marked two years since Matt and Sora started dating. They were still going strong, which was killing Tai inside. He wasn't spiteful enough to wish their relationship would crash and burn. But he did sometimes wish it was his arms Sora were in and not Matt's. For the past two years he had been hiding it extremely well from the others, especially Matt and Sora. He'd put on happy face and pretended everything was fine. Sometimes only his sister Kari saw past his fake smile.

But there was another thing that was hurting him. Ever since Sora started dating Matt, their friendship had seemed to fade from what it used to be. They had drifted apart and Tai hardly saw her outside of school anymore, and even in school they hardly talked as Sora was always with Matt. Sometimes he wished things were back to the way they were when they were kids. Tai and Sora used to be inseparable. They played together almost every day. But things were different now they were all grown up. The same could be said for the rest of the group too.

Kari had just started dating TK. They were currently in their second year of Junior High, along with Davis. Yolei was in her last year whilst Cody was still in Elementary school. Ken still lived in Tamachi but he still kept in regular contact with everyone.

Mimi was still living in America, but she was planning on attending university in Tokyo in a few years time so she would be eventually moving back to her home country.

Joe had almost finished his first year at Tokyo University studying medicine. He had moved on campus and only saw the others during the holidays.

Izzy was currently flying through his second year of high school. His plans after school were to attend University and study Computing and Informatics.

As for Tai, Sora and Matt, they were in their final year of high school. Matt was still performing with his band who had gained popularity outside of Tokyo. Sora had taken a sudden interest in fashion and was planning on perusing a career in it.

And for Tai, his future was all planned out after high school. Deep down he couldn't wait for Saturday. If he got one of those five places it would get him away from Odaiba and away from Matt and Sora's relationship. Hopefully, it would mean he could move on from Sora.

Suddenly, Tai shivered as the breeze got a little stronger. He was starting to get cold and decided to head home. He picked up his soccer ball and left the field rather slowly.

Arriving at the apartment buildings he walked across the courtyard and headed towards the main entrance to the building. But as he was about to walk inside, he heard a familiar giggle. Turning around, he noticed a sight he really wished he hadn't.

Sat on a wooden bench on the other side of the courtyard was Matt and Sora. Matt had his arm draped over Sora's shoulder as they sat quite close to each other.

Tai backed up and hid in the shadows and watched painfully as Matt whispered something in Sora's ear which caused her to giggle again. They then turned to each other and leaned in about to kiss...

That's when Tai had decided he'd seen enough and hurried inside the apartment building. He ran through the lobby and into the already open elevator and pressed the button for the 7th floor. As the doors slowly closed he slouched against the wall. He could feel his eyes starting to get a little teary. He quickly wiped them away as the elevator reached the 7th floor.

Upon entering the apartment, Tai could smell something cooking, or probably burning, from the kitchen knowing his mother's culinary skills. He removed his soccer cleats and dropped his soccer ball down beside the coat rack. Walking past the kitchen he glanced in to see his mother at the stove.

"Hi Mom."

Yuuko Kamiya turned around. She was wearing her yellow apron, which already had a few food stains on it. "Oh hey sweetie. Go get cleaned up, dinner will be ready shortly."

Tai didn't bother to reply as he walked towards his bedroom, passing his father who was sat watching television. He couldn't wait to collapse on his bed and relax. He opened his bedroom door and closed it behind him before he noticed Kari stood by his desk.

"Kari, what're you doing?" he asked tiredly.

She had her back to him as she replied. "Mom asked me to get the dirty dishes from in your room." She then turned to face him holding a dirty plate and glass in her left hand and Tai saw she had a small smirk on her face as well. "What's this?" she asked holding a University book up in her right hand.

"Huh? Oh uhhh I was just looking at some courses for a backup in case I don't get this soccer scholarship."

"Yeah but…." Kari paused as she placed the plate and glass down on his desk and flicked through the book to find the pages he had marked off. "Business and Finance?" she giggled. "They are hardly your strongest points."

Tai scowled a little as he walked over to her and snatched the book from her hand. "Get out."

Kari was a little taken back. "Hey what's wrong with you? I was only teasing, lighten up." She said as she picked up the dishes.

"Nothing." Her brother muttered as he dropped the book on his desk, turning his back to her.

Kari sighed. "C'mon Tai you can tell me anything you know. Something's up I know it."

"I'm fine alright!" Tai snapped as he turned to face her. "I'm just exhausted from all the practicing I've been doing okay?"

"Okay…." Kari replied not totally convinced. She knew her brother was hiding something and she had a feeling it had something to do with Sora. She turned and headed for the door. "Just don't overdo it alright? You don't want to be so exhausted you can't play your best on Saturday." She added before leaving, closing the door behind her.

Tai sighed and collapsed in his chair resting his elbows on the desk with his face in his hands. He remained like that for a good few minutes before glancing at the courses book next to him. Picking it up he looked at it before tossing it in the trash can beside his desk. "I won't be needing that." He muttered to himself.

Outside in the courtyard Sora was waiting patiently as Matt talked to a member of his band on his cell phone. She was sat with her leg crossed over and leaning slightly against him. Matt was casually slouched back with his arm draped over Sora's shoulder.

"That's brilliant Kenji." He grinned. "We'll have to set up some more rehearsal times and work on some new material….. Yeah this is huge. I can't believe this time last year we were barely known outside of Japan."

Sora sighed quietly as she stared down at the ground. Since the Teenage Wolves had become more popular Matt had been focusing more time on them. He had told her it wouldn't be forever and they would soon have more time together but Sora didn't know when that would be and by the sounds of the conversation with Kenji it would be even longer now.

As her boyfriend continued his conversation, Sora found herself looking up at the apartment building to the left of her. Her eyes fell on the 7th floor where the Kamiya apartment was. Her thoughts drifted to Tai. She had hardly seen him for quite a while. Even at school the only time she spoke to him was at lunch and the occasional break time. Since they moved higher up in High School they had been taking different classes and didn't share any of the same. She missed the old times when they would hang out every day and play games. Some people said they had been like twins and were inseparable.

Sora looked ahead to the end of the courtyard where there were three parked cars. She smiled to herself as she spotted a black Honda and remembered the time her and Tai were messing around with his soccer ball here although there were signs saying 'NO BALL GAMES'. They had been about nine or ten and Tai was trying to show off how powerful a kick he had when he accidently kicked the ball straight at a car shattering the windscreen at the unfortunate time the owner of the black Honda was walking to his car. Tai had been grounded for a month. The look on his face when he saw the glass shatter was priceless.

The bearer of Love was brought back from her thoughts when she heard Matt end his conversation with his band mate.

"Yeah, okay see you on Saturday Kenji." He said before hanging up.

Sora turned to him. "What's happening Saturday?" she asked casually.

Matt placed his cell phone back in his back pocket. "Oh we could be getting a huge contract so me and the guys are gonna get a full day of rehearsing and song-writing done."

"On Saturday? But that's the day of Tai's soccer game, remember?"

Matt had completely forgotten. "Oh yeah… I'm sure he'll understand babe. This could be a huge step in my career. A representative from SME in America is flying over in July and wants to hear some new songs from us."

"But it's only February." Sora commented.

"I know but this guy wants a full album of songs to sample over in America. It's going to be like our first international album so we need to work extra hard on this. I'll call Tai later and apologise but I'm sure he'll be fine with it. Besides it'll give you a chance to spend some time with him. You were saying the other day you've hardly seen him."

Sora smiled a little. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll hardly see him at all if he gets this soccer scholarship."

Matt stood up and checked the time on his digivice. "Wanna head back to my place and I'll cook us up a late dinner?"

"Sure. It's getting a little cold out here anyway." Sora said as she stood up and grabbed her small bag.

"Oh…. About dinner on Friday night. Could we re-arrange it?" Matt asked, making an awkward but apologetic face. "My manager wants to set up a meeting and plan out the bands schedule for the next few months."

Sora sighed, obviously irritated. "Matt this is the second time we've had to move those reservations."

"I know, I know babe." Matt cut in. "I'm sorry I keep messing you around but once this contract is sorted and I have a clear idea of the bands schedule then we'll have more time together, okay? This is just a busy time for me and the guys at the moment."

This busy time had been happening for almost five months now. "Alright." Sora simply said swinging her bag over her right shoulder.

Later that night it was nearing 9pm and Tai had been lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling ever since he'd finished his dinner at 7pm. He'd skipped dessert, which caused his mother to start worrying and asking if he was sick, which Tai replied he was just watching what he was eating to keep in shape for Saturday's game.

He'd been trying hard to concentrate and think about the soccer game but his thoughts just kept drifting back to his best friend. He needed to clear his head otherwise this was going to distract him at the weekend.

"Argh!" he let out a frustrated sigh and turned over so he was lying on his stomach and buried his head in his pillow.

Unknown to him at this point Kari slowly opened his door and peeked inside. Seeing him lying there she thought he had fallen asleep and decided not to disturb him as he needed plenty of rest.

Tai remained in that position for a few minutes before his cell phone began to ring. The bearer of Courage groaned and pushed himself up and stretched over to grab his cell phone off his bedside table. He thought he had switched this off. But he groaned even louder when he saw who was calling.

Sitting upright he pressed the receive button. "Hey Matt." He said a little glumly.

"Hey you don't sound too pleased to speak to me." His best male friend joked.

"Sorry it's just uhhh… I was just resting. I'm a little exhausted."

"Oh no worries. I was just calling to tell you I can't make your soccer game on Saturday. Something's come up with the band. Sorry buddy."

Deep down Tai was actually glad Matt wasn't going to be there. Even though he was his best male friend Tai really didn't want both Sora and Matt there. It would just distract him and depress him even more and affect his chances in front of the talent scouts. "It's okay Matt. Don't worry about it. I understand."

"Thanks man." Matt smiled. "Well I better go I've paused this chick flick and Sora's starting to grow impatient." He joked and that's when Tai heard Sora's voice go 'Hey!' "Good luck with the game on Saturday."

Tai felt an ache in his heart. Even though he knew it wasn't possible he felt like Matt was trying to rub it in with that comment. "Yeah… thanks… see ya." he hung up and immediately switched his cell phone off before tossing it back on his bedside table. He rolled back over onto his back and stared back up at the ceiling once more.

He really couldn't wait to get away from Odaiba. Saturday couldn't come soon enough….

To be continued...

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