Title: Forces of Destiny

Summary: When Thor is banished to Earth, he seeks redemption and along his journey he finds his much more then he bargained for... Xmen/Thor _

Chapter One

An: This is my attempt to tie the movie/comic version of Thor to Xmen and the paring is going to be Ororo/ Thor friendship...maybe some romance. On a random note, this chapter was inspired by the song "Hunter" by Dido. Very awesome song. Anyways, don't be shy and leave a review letting me know what you think. Enjoy!


Deep in the heart of Brazil, the sound of a tortured womanly scream, filled with rage and pain, could be heard echoing through an massive rainforest causing several tropical animals resting in nearby trees to scatter frightened. Moments earlier, the evening sky had been clear and filled with stars, but now dark clouds were beginning to roll in followed by the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning. A tall, petite, pale skinned woman stood on a dark beach nude with her damp blonde locks falling limp around her trembling frame as she stared up at the heavens with an devastated expression on her face. The warm, salty ocean water washed across her bare waist as she stood deep inside of the tide. Anyone who was observing the scene could all agree on one thing. The hauntingly beautiful creature that was now standing in all of her naked glory on the sand bank was no mortal woman. She was a living breathing goddess that appeared to have leapt to life off the page of some ancient fairytale book.

Her name was Gaea, goddess of the Earth and she was filled with an unadulterated rage.

As she walked deeper into the ocean, she inhaled deeply as she felt her connection with nature strengthen, slightly calming her down. Earlier that evening and she had been bathing in the ocean and playing with several of her pet companion dolphins when she felt her chest tighten with anxiety. Seconds later a pain ripped through her heart and she had felt the most intense pain that she had ever known. Only one thing could make her feel such a heart wrenching pain. Something bad had happened to her son. She could sense his life force slightly, but the connection she had with him was very weak and very faint. Around her, the ocean raged violently mirroring her emotions. She had to find out what happened to her firstborn son, Thor. It was time for her to pay a visit to Asgardian.

Less then a minute after deciding to pay an impromptu visit to the realm of her former lover, Odin of Asgardian, she arrived gracefully at the entrance of the bridge. The blue eyed goddess stopped short when she came face to face with the very tall and very present black man who was keeping watch. He bowed his head in respect to her being a goddess and she forced a smiled in acknowledgement. She had met him a handful of times over many millenniums. She knew that he wouldn't allow her any access to the kingdom unless he received King Odin's expressed permission.

"Hello, Watch keeper," she greeted softly, "I request an audience with Odin."

Gaea blushed as he gazed upon her with reverence and admiration as he bowed once again. The goddess long blonde previously wet hair was now completely dry and fell in soft curls touching the midsection of her back. She was a bright white toga covered her lithe muscular body, hugging her body like a second skin, and golden sandals adorned her beautiful delicate feet. Sitting on the crown of our head was a reef made of baby breath and rose petals. She was very beautiful and was revered as being one of the most beautiful goddesses in all of the realms.

"Welcome to Asgardian, Jord. King Odin has been anticipating your arrival," he informed stoically," These soldiers shall escort you to see the king."

"Thank you," she murmured before following behind the soldiers leading her to Odin's throne room.

As she headed down the long marble halls of the impossibly beautiful and eloquent palace, she couldn't help but think about the last time she had walked those very halls. Back then, she had been holding a small bundle wrapped tightly in exotic silk held close to her chest. Losing herself in her memories of the past she recalled that the small bundle that had been in her arms had been her first born son, Thor. Like a quiet and gentle lamb, he had been sleeping peacefully in her arms and despite her strong reluctance to hand her child over to the Frigga, wife of Odin, and goddess of marriage, she knew that it was the best thing in Thor's interest. The destiny that Odin had offered him was far greater then a destiny could ever be offered on Earth.

While it had broken her heart to give up her beautiful son, she knew that he would live an great life as his father's heir to the throne. Placing a tender kiss on his forehead, she had followed a middle aged Odin into his throne room where his wife was waiting with two demi goddesses, who were smiling excited as they awaited the arrival of the young child. Gaea suspected that Frigga had been privy to her husband's intentions to woo her, and she had known the reasons had been to produce an ultimate sir not because he bore any feelings towards her. As she grew closer to King Odin's chambers, she recalled the memory she had of Thor leaving her arms forever.


"He is such a beautiful baby boy," the goddess of marriage had gushed amazed as she and the other women gathered around her and the child.

Jord couldn't help but to smile as her son stirred and cooed sleepily in her arms. She knew that the time had come to hand over her child, but despite knowing she was doing it all for the right reasons, her heart couldn't help but break as she stared down into his tiny perfect angelic little face.

"Promise that you will take good care of our son," she whispered tearfully.

Frigga smiled warmly.

"I promise."

*Flashback Ends*

Gaea was snapped back to the present as the sound of the heavy doors leading to the throne. King Odin instantly rose from the magnificent crystal carved throne and slowly made his way down the stairs to meet her in the middle of the room. The room was filled with a blaring silence as she fixed her steely gaze. Despite his aged face and the silver hair she could spot in his beard, he was still as handsome and his presence was just as commanding as it had been the day he had come to Earth and wooed her, which led to her carrying his first male offspring, the rightful heir to the throne of Odin's kingdom.

He greeted her with a chaste kiss on the cheeks.

"You look more beautiful every time I lay eyes on you, goddess," Odin started.

Gaea could hardly contain the resentful sneer that was threatening to spread across her pretty face as she stood with her arms folded across her ample chest.

"Please do insult me by choosing a tactic as weak as flattery. We need to speak. It is about our son," she said scathingly.

Suddenly the beautiful gold lace curtains in the north entrance of the room parted and the Odin's wife walked in accompanied by four heavily armed warriors. Once she was standing before King Odin, the men disappeared from the room leaving the god and the two goddesses alone.

The earth goddess smiled faintly as she turned to greet Frigga, the beautiful goddess of marriage. The two women stared at each other, both women wearing the same grim expressions on their beautiful faces. The pained expression on the other goddess face showed that she was taking the loss of Thor just as hard as she was. Even Thor had been an adoptive son to Frigga, she loved didn't love him any more or any less then she did her own biological sons.

"Jord, it is a blessing to see you again," Frigga greeted the other goddess with a warm smile as she kissed her on both of her cheeks.

"Same here. I only wish it was under better circumstances," she said quietly.

Odin's wife nodded in agreement.

"Thor's fate bought you to this place," Loki said quietly.

Jord glanced up sharply noticing for the first time that there was another presence in the room. Laying eyes on a pale, smirking perspiration Loki, a frown was suddenly appeared on her lips. There was something about the young man that made her skin crawl. She couldn't place her finger on exactly what it was, but she could sense their was a darkness lurking inside of him. A darkness that she didn't particularly like or cared for. Before she could entertain these thoughts any longer, Odin spoke snatching her back to reality.

"I find it odd that you have managed to show up here so swiftly. Tell me, Gaea, just how was it that you come across the knowledge of Thor's banishment?" King Odin inquired with a grey eyebrow arched suspiciously.

Jord glared at him evenly. She wanted nothing more then to take her wrath out on her former lover and the father of her son, but she reluctantly kept her temper in check. She wasn't impulsive, and starring at Odin, she knew the weary elderly King wasn't foolish. He knew what the consequences would be if any harm came to Thor, but she thought it would be best if she reminded him. Moving closer to the king, she noticed Odin's other son Loki stepped towards her apprehensively, but one cold glare from her piercing blue eyes made him stop cold in her tracks. Smirking, she turned her attention back towards Odin, and glared at him coldly.

"I bore him out of my own wound. A mother knows when her child is in great peril. What has become of my son?" she asked evenly.

Frigga stepped between King Odin and Jord hoping to keep the peace between the two.

"I know that you are angry, Gaea, but you must try to be calm," she tried to reason.

While the two women had been friendly in the past, the glare Gaea was giving the goddess of marriage was nothing less then hostile.

"You promised that you would keep him safe, Frigga. You swore to me that you would never let anything happen to my son," she said quietly.

Frigga blinked back hot tears as she turned away from the other goddess feeling heavy hearted. When she had first learned that Odin had banished Thor from Asgardian, she had instantly been overcome with guilt and sorrow. Despite her feeling angry with her husband, she knew that it was her duty as his wife to stand by the decisions that he made, no matter how much it pained her to do so.

"Gaea, please," Frigga tried reasoning with the other goddess, but she knew that it was all in vain.

"This is unjust! You cannot simply banish him to Earth. He isn't just a mere god. He is Thor. He is the son of Odin, the offspring of a god and goddess. He is our son!" she roared angrily.

"Gaea, he defied me! He is too driven by his emotions. He is not ready to rule as King of Asgardian," he growled evenly.

"So you punish him by banishing him?" she demanded coldly, "You stripped him of everything! His memories, his abilities are gone! How is he suppose to survive?"

"He is going to survive by proving to me that he is worthy of the throne," he explained curtly.

Jord narrowed her sapphire tinted eyes annoyed.

My son is worthy to be king. Instead you relinquishing the throne to him, you banished him to make room for one of your own biological sons to take the throne. You turned your back on him as if you never cared for him at all," she hissed.

"I loved Thor more then anything in this realm. He is my first born, and the throne is his birthright. If he isn't ready to rule, I will not subject the people of this realm to his potentially disastrous reign," Odin growled.

"He was doing what he thought was for the best of your kingdom. He is a warrior. The is fierce and proud. He has our blood coursing through his veins. Why do you expect him to be anything more then what he already is?" Gaea cried desperately.

Odin scoffed rudely.

" Thor was nothing more then an hot headed fool. He deliberately disobeyed me and took on the Frost Giants nearly bringing war to this realm. Only Fools going rushing in and that is exactly what our son was. A fool," he said angrily.

Jord eye's narrowed annoyed as she bared her teeth menacingly.

"The only fool I see before my eyes is you, oh mighty god of Asgardian," she mocked nastily.

"Bite your tongue, Gaea," Odis thundered warningly.

"Do not speak to me as if I was just a mere mortal woman. I am a goddess," she said defiantly.

"You may be a goddess, but you rule is in the realm you call Earth. Not here in my kingdom. I banished him to your realm because the safest place he could be if not at the side of his father, is in the realm of his mother," he said gruffly.

Gaea blinked back her tears stubbornly.

"If you won't be a father to him, I will be his mother. Tell me where my son is so I can go to him and provide him with the means to at least protect himself," she pleaded.

Odin sighed and shook his head reluctantly.

"As much as I can sympathize with your grief over our son, you know that I cannot do as you ask. I can not reverse his fate. I cannot change that which I already put in motion," he said firmly.

Jord knew this to be true as a law that ruled that gods, but that did not do anything to soothe her mounting rage.

"If something happens to Thor, there is nowhere in heaven or hell where you can hide from my wrath. I swear to you that I will turn this universe upside down and sees that everyone and everything suffers the same pain I will feel if I have to suffer the loss of my son," she warned coldly, before turning and disappearing out of the throne room.

As she stormed towards the bridge, she was beginning to think there wasn't any possible way that she could aid her son, when a thought suddenly occurred to her bringing an smile of comfort to her lips. She had been so consumed with anger and worry that she hadn't consider an option of saving her son that wouldn't anger the other gods and protect Thor in the process. There was one way that Gaea could make sure that her son was safe, which meant doing something she had done only once in her entire time of being a goddess and that had been putting her faith in humans.

A long time ago, the Celestials, a mysterious, alien race, came to Earth to perform experiments on man's ancestors. The experiments were genetic in nature, and because of this genetic engineering all humans have the potential to have superhuman abilities written in their genetic code. Nearly a thousand years ago, the Celestials again visited the Earth, but this time was met by a union of the gods who looked after Earth such as Odin of Asgardian. The gods knew that the Celestials would eventually return to judge humanity, and if they were deemed unworthy, the Celestials would destroy the Earth. As the male gods made plans to go to war with the Celestials, the goddesses decided on a different course of action. They decided to use the time they had to find nine human subjects and released the latent genetic potential within them.

Out of the nine human subjects, one of them had been a young African girl who belonged to a very small and reclusive tribe in Africa. When the goddesses had come to her, she had been half dead in the middle of the desert trying to escape an rival tribe who had murdered most of her family. While the other goddesses had been uncertain of whether the young girl was worthy or would live long enough to receive their gift, there had been no doubt in Gaea mind that they had find the perfect vessel. Being so touched with how fierce and stubbornly the young girl had fought to cling to life, the earth goddess had personally poured some of her abilities into the dying child along with a promise, unlike the other humans the goddesses. Gaea promise to the young girl, Keya, had been that all of Kenya's descendant's would bear the same abilities as she would from that day forth.

Closing her eyes, Gaea knew what she had to do. She had to find the woman who would save her son and restore him back to his rightful place in the house of Odin.