The last chapter approaches… it's really short. I guess it's more of a little epilogue than anything.

There is implied sex between two male characters in this chapter. Don't like, don't read.


All pairs of eyes turned to Draco as he climbed through the entrance to Gryffindor after Harry. Draco was pleased to note that there was as much scarlet and gold as he thought there would be, even with gaudy tapestries hanging from the walls.

"Harry, Malfoy! Did it work?" Hermione stood eagerly from her seat in front of the fireplace to wrap her arms around Harry. Draco had to step back to avoid getting a faceful of her fingernails. Ron stood as well, though less energetically, and clapped Harry on the back, sticking his hand out awkwardly for Draco to shake. Harry noticed the development and beamed; simple hand-to-hand contact was more than they had yesterday.

"Yeah, it worked. See?" Harry held up his wrist, grinning at the absence of blue.

Draco cut in. "Now, if you'll excuse us, I must unpack my things, and I will make Harry help me, regardless of his undoubted complaining."

Harry shrugged to his friends, giving them an apologetic smile as Draco pulled him up the stairs to the boy's dormitory. Once inside, Draco cast locking and silencing charms on the door.

"What-" Harry's question was cut off by a pair of decidedly soft lips collided with his own. His eyes fluttered shut as he responded to Draco's kiss. The blond pushed them to his new bed, tearing Harry's shirt off him in the process. Harry smirked.


It was an hour later that the door was finally unlocked, due to pounding and angry grunting from the other side. Ron barged in, stopping short as he took in the two boys' decidedly naked condition, thankfully covered with a sheet and curled up together in Draco's bed. Ron moaned, leaving the room quickly to have Hermione Obliviate him.

Draco, woken by Ron's noisy antics, smiled at the black hair tickling his nose. His arm was once again draped over Harry's waist, but this time no fabric separated them.

Draco, who was unaware Harry was awake, pressed a kiss to his temple. "I love you, you stupid git."

Harry opened one eye. "Love you too, bloody wanker."


The end! I hope you liked it. : )