Rob swallowed hard, this was it, either he was killed in some gruesome way, or everything went according to plan.

Aperture science labs was very well defended, but its core AI had made the mistake of shutting off the outer defenses to save power.

Rob felt the USB drive in his pocket, all he had to do was convince GLaDOS to let him upload its data and he was in the clear.

He opened up his PDA and began to hack into the final door.

"I must say, your computer skills are impressive for a human," buzzed a voice behind him.

"Ah, you must be GLaDOS," Rob said, turning around slowly. Looking down at him was an AI core with an orange optic sensor.

"And how do you no who I am?" asked GLaDOS suspiciously.

"I know many things about you GLaDOS, including your little dark secret," Rob said with a smile. He then drew out the USB drive and let GLaDOS scan it. "A complete copy of the Caroline AI program," Rob said his smile widening. "When you deleted it you left your firewalls open for the slightest second, probably because you had just regained control of this facility." "All I had to do was copy the program and put it on my PDA."

"Very impressive," admitted GLaDOS, all SHE had to do was bide her time until a turret arrived.

Out of the corner of his eye Rob could see a red light go on in the darkness around him. "Please GLaDOS," Rob said with a slight chuckle. "I came here only to make a deal with you."

"What could you possibly offer me?" GLaDOS asked with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Rob sent GLaDOS some blueprints with his PDA. "I give you the ROB or Robotic-Organic Being, the perfect servant or test subject."

"A cyborg?" GLaDOS asked, maybe this human could be of some use.

"Yes, the deal is, you turn me into the ROB, leaving me with full sentience and memories, and I act as either as your test subject or servant."

"Why would you do this?"

"The same reason anyone else would do it: I'm dying." "I've been exposed to radiation and toxins of every kind, and I'm slowly withering away, I don't have the technology to make a ROB unit for myself, but you do."

"Ah yes, you humans die very easily, don't you?" GLaDOS said absentmindedly. "Yes, all it takes is a little lack of oxygen or bullet and you die, I still don't know how you became the dominant species on this planet."

"Yes, we're very weak compared to you're cold metal plating, now, do you accept?"

"Certainly," said GLaDOS, who was already preparing an operating table behind her. "But I warn you, it will be a painful process."

"I'm sure the sedative will numb the pain."

"Sedative?" GLaDOS laughed. "Who said I was going to use sedative?"