A/N: Originally written for LJ's kh drabble community's challenge [265] Darkness. Enjoy.

Wasn't this funny? Or should he say 'pretty sad' here?

Everyone who knew Sora, from the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee to Mushu, always said and thought that the Darkness couldn't affect him in any possible way. After all, this happy-go-lucky kid was the Keyblade's Chosen One. He wasn't chosen without a reason. Only the seven Princesses of Hearts had purer Hearts than he did… Or so they said.

Boy, they had never been more wrong about anything! Everyone seemed to be forgetting that Sora was just your average boy. Nothing more, nothing less. He had grown up on a small island where everyone knew everyone. He had a father and a mother. He was an only child, but his best friends were the siblings he had never had. He had lived a normal life that involved school, family, friends, homework… until those dark creatures from hell attacked his home-world, that is.

And that cursed night (he could still remember it, oh so well) was the first time he had come into contact with the Darkness.

The Darkness was a strange and terrifying thing. No, it wasn't a thing, because it could breathe. Yet, it couldn't be described as a human, either. Actually, now that Sora thought of it, a spider was the perfect epitome of it, and it wasn't that hard to imagine why.

It could quietly seep into your cold body, mind and soul, without you even noticing it. At least, not before it was far too late. It always happened quietly, much like a sneaky raven-haired ninja (Sora knew that well enough).

And once it got a hold of you… nothing would ever stop it. It had happened to the strongest of people. Sephiroth was a mere example of it; once a beloved general, now a maniac that wanted Cloud… His intentions were probably just as bad and wrong as that sounded.

This Darkness was like some crazy, psycho scientist, with your brains serving as his lab, while your body was the place where his sinister experiments took place. Somehow, it knew your darkest, deepest desires and it wouldn't hesitate to turn and twist those wishes into something so vulgar that it would mentally scar you for life.

The Darkness wouldn't stop until it had ground your whole life and all you could do was pine away at the mere sight of it. Sora was scared, so scared that it had affected him, too. He had noticed it only a few days ago, when he realized that he was a murderer, and it made him feel sick. All those Heartless and Nobodies that he defeated, they were all human once, right?

Sometimes, he didn't know the difference between reality and imagination anymore. The lines that separated those two ends of the spectrum were long gone, disappeared.

Sometimes, he couldn't look anyone in the eyes anymore, ashamed of himself.

Sometimes, he would wonder what the purpose of everything was…

And it was all the Darkness's fault.

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