An alarm blared through the dimly lit room. Sunlight managed to push past the dull white curtains, weakly illuminating the small, bare space. On a bed, in the corner, a girl groaned loudly, shifting. With a fast, though clumsy motion, an arm reached out and smashed down on the alarm, shutting it off.

With another groan, the covers were pushed away. Two teal orbs blinked at the weak light, sometimes closing longer than safe, menacing to toss the girl back into deep, warm slumber.

The girl shook her head violently and nearly pushed herself out of the bed. The loud, dragging footsteps rang through the halls as she entered the kitchen, and the clattering of plates, bowls and other kitchen utensils could be heard.

Managing to remind herself that she didn't have much time, she ate quickly, then trudged back down the halls towards her bathroom. After arriving at her destination, she looked at her reflection.

Her teal hair was a real bird's nest, and her matching eyes barely seemed alive. Bags hung under the tired orbs and her entire complexion was pale.

It was evident this person didn't have a nice, long night of sleep.

Shaking her own image out of her head, she stepped into the shower.

Minutes later, a much more lively early-riser was running through the apartment, searching for her uniform, drying her hair and brushing her teeth all at the same time. Once the latter was done, she grabbed something that looked like a vitamin pill and swallowed it dry. After she found her uniform, she pulled it on, hanging the towel on a rack to dry.

When she stepped outside, she seemed like a different person.

Long, brown hair, straight clothes, and lively eyes had replaced their predecessors.

Her name; Hatsune Miku.

And nobody knew it.

A tall figure stood in the middle of the classroom, chatting happily with a few others. Having arrived early, this proud, striking person decided to just relax during the moments that preceded the morning bell.

Long, elegant pink hair, striking blue eyes, charming smile, pale skin. She was the pride of the class, if not of the school. She was surrounded by other boys and girls, all demanding her attention, a glance from her worth diamonds.

The goddess' attention was grabbed by a smaller figure entering the classroom. She smirked, almost evilly.

Everybody knew the newcomer, but for a totally different reason than the why everybody knew this popularity; this girl was a perfect target. She stands out in the ugliest way. Long, dark brown hair that didn't shine healthily, a deep, almost manly voice, too bright eyes, and she always wore that horribly worn, black jacket. Always. Not only did she look odd, but she acted odd, too. She had no friends whatsoever, never said anything, never got good grades, and always seemed tired and aloof. Plus, she didn't even seem to have a given name. Hatsune, period. The teachers called her that, and the students did too.

The star followed the target with her eyes as she walked towards her seat, which happened to be right in front of the smirking model.

Hatsune knew she was in trouble; why wouldn't she be? It was the same every day.

The tall girl sighed sadly when the bell rang, but sneered at the brunette's back. Saved by the bell, but doomed by the next.

The halls grew empty quickly as the lunch bell echoed along the walls. Constant chattering was heard as the building was evacuated; most headed outside; the spring having come nice and early this year, they wanted to take advantage of the warm sun. Others headed for the lunchroom, though most likely to head back outside afterward.

Once the final steps faded, silence invaded the space, interrupted only by the faint calls and cheers from the cafeteria or from the fields outside.

After a few long minutes, though, a quick pitter patter interrupted this quiet. The noise was quick and uneven. Soon, 'that' girl with long brown hair could be seen running through the corridors, and quickly disappear into the girls' bathroom.

As she collapsed on the tiled floor after having locked the door, the girl broke into a fit of sobs.

She needed a breather….

'Hatsune' wastrying to follow the teacher's words as she wrote down the notes. She wanted to succeed in the tests, but she didn't have much time. Paying attention in class was the least she could do.

But she couldn't. Those bullies kept throwing things at her. Erasers, pencils, paper planes. And the teacher never saw. Maybe he couldn't see past the fatty mounds that composed his eyebrows.

When a pen was launched at the girl's back, she almost cried out when she saw the stain the writing utensil had caused on her shirt.

A shiver ran up her spine when a voice spoke in her back. It was sweet, but it didn't fit the words that were ushered past two pink lips.

"Don't worry, your shirt could only look better. I'd say that was an improvement. No worth complaining, right?"

The victim bit back tears. She really liked thatshirt, and that stain was there to stay. Ignoring the snickers, she continued writing, biting her lip.

She was eating the meager snack she prepared this morning. Having had no dinner the previous night, and the breakfast only a meager excuse for a filling meal, she was starving.

Suddenly a shove in her back pushed her forward, making her sandwich fall in the sand.

"Oops? Didn't look tasty anyways"

The same sweet voice. The girl just quickly walked away.

At lunch, she was pulling her heavy bag filled with her homework to her locker, crossing the field outside. Nothing had happened so far during the lunch hour, so shehadfelt a bit relieved.

An invisiblefoot in front of her crushed her hopes for peace.

Papers fell all around, and they were snatched away by the wind.

"Eesh, sorry"

Finally giving up, she ran for her refuge.

That is why I'm crying now, she thought.

That pest never left her alone. That torturer made her life another type of hell in itself. Every single day, hour after hour, every time teachers were absent, she, along with her band of friends, managed to make her see long night's work fly away or slowly starve to death. every tactic she had attempted was useless effort. She couldn't run, she couldn't hide. She was never too early or too late to be missed.

It felt so bad; it tore at Hatsune's heart. She felt less than a human being, less than an animal. She was treated like undesired dust, like the fly that just happens to be bothering you on your worst day of the year.

It hurt so badly, because she had chosen to live with this hell. She had practically given herself this exile, this torture, not willing to repair the damage being done.


She was the most famous girl in Japan. Miku, the diva everybody wishes to meet, see and hear. She's the girl who is a role model for half of the globe, who makes other singers envious of her impossible range and incredible talent.

What was such a respected star doing in a girls' bathroom, sobbing?

Simple; if anybody knew who she really is, her ordinary life would be literally crushed. Goodbye, timely mornings of the average student. Goodbye, calm and peace as she walked the streets. And goodbye, life.

Nobody would see her as a PERSON. She would be seen as a goddess, an extra-terrestrial being...

She didn't want that. The stunning diva wanted a regular life. And all that took was an unknown address, hair paint, pills, and a few people of confidence.

But…such an ordinary life paid its toll.

Every day, she is treated like a three-headed rat, simply because she can't do anything against it.

Tell the teachers? What proof did she have? And besides, if she did, they would only give her a breather for about a week, two weeks tops. Then they would be back, armed to their teeth.

Talk back? Tell them that she refuses this treatment?

No…for some reason, she couldn't bring herself to do that. Miku wasn't particularly shy, not at all. Just…

Seeing her smile…made her day. For some reason, seeing that goddess smile at her, no matter how cruelly, made her feel good, in the most twisted, painful way. Hearing her laugh, no matter how mean it is, no matter what she may be laughing at, made the diva just agree even more to this torture.

Miku couldn't explain it…it was too confusing. It hurt to have that beauty harm her, but…if she could make her laugh, then, in some impossible way; it made her think it was worth it.

As long as she created happiness, she was fine. Wasn't she an entertainer, after all?

Miku sat in her wooden chair a few minutes before the bell. Her tears were wiped away and her face was rid of any clue of what she had just suffered.

Being the school mocking-target, practically nobody sat around her. Even though she was seated on the third row, nobody was in front of her. Only the silver-haired Haku and blonde Neru sat to her right. Those two were pretty neutral, but still avoided Miku at all costs.

Miku tensed as the group behind her laughed. She knew who was in the middle of that miniature crowd, who was making all these people have fun. It was the person she feared, and admired the most…Luka.

Megurine Luka.

It hurt to be silent, and alone the whole time, thought Hatsune. Not only wasn't she able to be close to the goddess right behind her, and not only was she incredibly lonely, but she also heard things. Being invisible the whole time let her accidentally eavesdrop on conversations, and being the singer she is, she had very sharp ears. So, in consequence, she knew of all events she would miss (though most of the times, she couldn't care less…for example, the soccer practice), and all the secrets foolish students would trust to their friends.

So, she knew that most people surrounding the source of her conflicting emotions were all just there for the fame. Being around her meant that you knew her, and that was at least a bonus 50 points on the unwritten popularity scale.

Megurine Luka was being used, and it hurt the diva in disguise. Once again, she couldn't place exactly why. Why would she feel bad when her torturer is being used? Luka wasn't the only popular person at the school, and all where being abused to a certain extent. So why did Luka's case in particular strike out to Miku?

The questions flying through her head disappeared when a particular phrase stood out from the laughing crowd behind her.

"Hey, Luka! You got those tickets for the concert this evening?" asked a tall boy with long purple hair.

His name was Gakupo, and on the contrary of most of the students around him, he was a real friend for Luka. Though sometimes he acted like a complete fool and sometimes he was a little selfish, he always meant well. Well, 'well' in Luka's eyes. Miku could swear the boy had a crush on the pink-haired girl. But, for his legitimate respect and care for his friend, Miku appreciated him in her own strange way. And she had to hand it to him, he had a chance. His features, although a bit feminine, were strong. He was very well built, and was brave.

"Of course I do, Gakupo!" replied Luka. Miku closed her eyes by reflex, like she did whenever Luka spoke. She didn't know if it was from holding back tears from her long teasing, or from the beauty of the sound.

Yes, Luka really had the voice of an angel. It hurt.

"Who do you think I am; a loser like Hatsune?" the group laughed at this, while Miku only pressed her eyelids even tighter shut. "Also, I bought one for each of you, so that you can all be spared of ridicule!" she cheered, handing out more tickets. Miku cringed.

Why was she selling herself out like that? Those tickets cost so much…those 'friends' weren't worth their price. The room started to reek from treason…

"So, you have any tickets, Hatsune?" sneered a brunette. Miku knew her as Meiko; Luka's best friend since birth, or something. Just like the purple-haired prince, this girl is a real friend, and would follow Luka to the death.

Why couldn't Miku have such great friends?

Bringing her mind back to the question, Miku cringed internally. That concert…she was the one singing. She, 'Hatsune', the loser, was going to be singing at the concert they were all so anxious to go to. The people who were now pestering her would be her biggest fans in only a few hours. Miku felt her gut clench; it all felt so odd.

"Meh, I guess not. Anyway, what beggar has the money for a top-class concert?"

Hatsune put up with the chorus of laughs that followed Meiko's insult. She had heard those laughs, those sneers, for so long; she had seen those sneering eyes and pointing fingers for months; they still hurt.

The entire crowd surrounded the girl's chair. Some sat on the table behind her, others planted themselves in front of her, and the rest filled the gaps between tables. She had no time to move. No time to escape.

The lack of space made it difficult for Hatsune to breathe, and the tension was killing her. No matter how many times this happened, she never got accustomed to it. She looked down, hoping to avoid their eyes.

Trying the keep herself calm, and trying to breathe despite the uncomfortable atmosphere, Hatsune tried to think of something else, and ended up pondering what the brunette had just said. They had a reason to believe she was a beggar; she always made sure she ran in circles when going home. Not only to avoid the followers, but to distract any other body with reputation. The press had been searching for her house for years, and still it is unknown to the world. Also, she always wore the same dull clothes. Nothing she did encouraged any kind of thought that she was wealthy.

The unknown diva was on the brink of tears. If only she could tell them…if only…

Her heart stopped when a finger pushed her chin upwards, forcing her damp eyes to look directly into two icy, mocking blue orbs. They were the most beautiful things she had ever seen, despite the mocking aura swimming through the blue irises.

Deep, ocean blue. The sea and sky put together, and locked into those two pearls.

And they were looking at her with a freezing disgust and superiority.

"So, Hatsune, ever been to any of Miku's concerts?" whispered the girl, not five inches away from her face.

Miku found herself, as usual, unable to answer the question.

Such proximity…was killing her.

Luka sneered after a few seconds, and let Hatsune's chin fall. She walked away, leaving Miku frozen and lost.

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Luka was confused.

"There is something odd" she pointed out.


"She seems oddly resistant" mentioned Kaito. The fact that Miku still hasn't spilled their acts towards any adult hasn't eluded any of the group.

"Or she's just stupid" replied Meiko.

"Or, really smart!" Gakupo tried. Luka grit her teeth. This was frustrating her more than it should…why?

"And how the hell can she be that imperfect?" demanded Meiko. Luka raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"That hair doesn't fit, those eyes don't fit, that voice doesn't fit, and that jacket she wears every single day is just wrong!" the others nodded.

"She may be hiding something"

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