Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

A Duncan/Courtney Story

Written By Cereal-Killa

Beta Reader TrueJackVP408

Published on Saturday, June 25th, 2011

-All the Small Things-

Summary: When Courtney first told people that she and Duncan were having a child, they could only suspect that it was some type of sick, twisted joke.

Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road

Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go

So make the best of this test
and don't ask why

It's not a question
but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial

For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Chapter One: Unpredictable

Duncan knew Courtney for four years before they started sleeping together. That had to mean something.

I mean, Duncan could barely tolerate most girls for more than a month, much less four years, and that's four years without sex.

Let me repeat this.

Four. Years.

It wasn't like they went out or anything, but Duncan did want her in bed. Of course he wanted her in bed; she was hot, sexy, and her fiery personality was sure to be interesting for a romp in the sack.

But for four years, Duncan didn't let her know that he wanted her in more ways than one. He wanted her to be his, and it took another person trying to take her to make him come out and say it. When Alejandro showed up and asked her to go out with him, Duncan made a move. After four stupid, long ass years.

And then they slept together.

Duncan knew Courtney for six years before they started living together. That had to mean something.

Most of the time, once people start sleeping with each other more than once a week, when they end up sleeping over at the others house more often than not, they entertain the idea of moving in together. But for some reason that just never came up with Courtney.

Not until she had gotten her college degree and had then considered moving to Japan to study technology advancements. "How about you just move in with me, okay?"

Courtney had said yes and that she didn't like sushi anyway.

Duncan knew Courtney for seven years before he asked her to marry him. Obviously, this must mean something.

She'd been yelling and screaming at him and just in the worst of moods when Duncan pulled out the ring.

Her angry tears had kept falling and she had wiped a hand across her flushed face, "What the fuck is that?" She spat, her insides tumbling in anger and suspicion.

Duncan shrugged, but his eyes were bright and nervous like. "Will you marry me?" He remembered the whole down on one knee thing and hopped off of the couch, tripping a little but getting there. He gave her a small smile and hoped the ring was big enough, he'd been saving for five months now.

She cupped a hand over her mouth and nodded, a heart breaking smile in her eyes. "O-Okay! Yeah," she had stuttered shakily, falling into him and mumbling about what took him so long.

And that was what it felt like. For Duncan, everything took way too long to do. He could have had Courtney at any time he wanted but his dumb ass had made her wait. He couldn't stand himself for that and even though Courtney never admitted it, he was pretty sure she wondered sometimes why it took four, six, seven years to accomplish what other people did in two.

He hoped it seemed more romantic than stupid.

Duncan knew Courtney for nine years before she mentioned kids. He knew this meant something. But he didn't know exactly how much it meant.

They had been laughing about some movie on TV when Courtney brought them up. "Duncan, how do you feel about children?"

He didn't visibly stiffen, which she took as a good sign but she of course wasn't in tune to Duncan's inner self, who was in fact looking more and more like a solid block of ice as the seconds ticked by.

"They're cool." was his response.

Courtney narrowed her eyes. "They're cool?"

"That's what I said, right?"

"So do you want one?"

Ah, the moment of truth.

"At the moment?"

"Yes, Duncan, at this moment."'



"Are you going to get mad at me?"

"I have nothing to be mad about, Duncan, answer the question."

"…Are you sure?"

"Yes, Duncan. I'm sure."

"…Not at the moment, no, I don't want a kid."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Courtney yelled, and this time Duncan jumped and then the visible stiffening of his body was noticeable. "How can you even say that?"

Duncan pointed an accusing finger to go along with his scowl. "You said you wouldn't get mad!"

"So you don't want a kid?" Courtney yelled, anger, disappointment and total fear in her eyes that Duncan failed to notice at the moment.

"No, Princess, I don't. Not now." He said, calming his voice and trying to lower their conversational volume before the neighbors had another reason to hate them.

Courtney felt tears well up in her eyes. "Well, too bad, jackass, cause you're getting one!"


She growled ferociously. "That's right. I'm pregnant. Your sperm, your baby, so NOT your choice, ass wipe!" She kicked him in the shin before stomping up the stairs, two steps at a time.

Hissing in pain at the wound, he tried to focus on the hurt but his eyes were still left wide and emotionless due to the initial shock.


This had to mean something.

Oddly enough, Duncan did have a heart.

Courtney knew this for a fact, even if sometimes she had to question her sanity for believing it to be true. He was rather anti-social except when it came to flirting with women or acting like an ass. He was always setting things on fire on the back porch for entertainment, and he had yet to shed a tear whenever Courtney watched her depressing documentary films.

He also liked smashing lady bugs and then laughing maniacally.

Yes, at times, Duncan could seem rather heartless.

But Courtney knew this could never be true.

Duncan was always looking out for her and had a soft spot for his mother. He had never missed one of their anniversaries for anything and was the biggest love muffin on Valentine's day. He enjoyed making peek-a-boo faces to Geoff and Bridgette's baby girl, and he loved cats. Yes, Duncan had a heart.

But dammit, if tonight wasn't one of those nights when Courtney was finding it harder and harder to believe, she wasn't sure what was.

The pregnancy test had been sitting inside her top dresser drawer for years and only when she had forgotten to take her pill two weeks ago did she finally move it from the original spot.

She had checked the back of the box six times to check if maybe, just possibly, the plus sign could mean 'yippee, you aren't preggers'.

No such luck.

She didn't really want a kid either, but Duncan, oh dear lord, Duncan; Duncan had just pissed her off to the moon out there. He had straight up said that he didn't want a kid now. And well, it wasn't her choice in the matter, she wasn't going through with abortion or adoption, the baby was a-coming but Duncan… Duncan could leave.

And that really, really hurt to think about.

Duncan had never threatened to leave but he had never confirmed that his presence was a definite. Of course, they were married but that didn't mean that Duncan couldn't just go out and cheat on her! Duncan was a catch, she saw the way girls looked at him when they went out, hell, the way guys looked at him was a bit creepy sometimes. What if Bridgette- or Geoff, that was an option too- decided Duncan was looking rather good one night and ravished him and what if Duncan liked it and forgot about Courtney? She started pulling her hair when the thought of Duncan with anyone, another woman or man, who wasn't her ate at her heart like misery inducing termites.

Her paranoid self wasn't allowed to continue when Duncan slammed their bedroom door open, a large scowl gracing his face.

"Dammit, get out here so we can go some diapers for my fucking kid. And you can plan the baby shower, you got that? I'll change that little idiot, but only because it's ours, and don't expect me to tolerate your mood swings because they are already fucked up as it is, and-"

She fell into his chest, crying tears of joy when Duncan rubbed his hand through her hair and whispered sweet nothings of how it would be alright. It was times like these when Courtney checked. She heard the most wonderful noise- Duncan's heartbeat, fast, fluttery, there. Alive. With her.

Duncan had a heart. She was sure of it.

Of course, now they would have to move. If anything, this was what Duncan really didn't feel like dealing with.

He had lived in the same place for- quote him- five years, his first place he had ever owned by himself and at this tender age of twenty five he really, really didn't feel like investing in an actual house. His apartment was a one bedroom, one bathroom, one small kitchen and dining room with a nice sized living room type of place. Basically, perfect for him, and Courtney had never complained about the size as well. They had one couch for them both to sit on, a tall table with bar type chairs that didn't let her feet touch the floor, and they had enough food in their fridge for two people.

So now everything had to be bigger.

Courtney had made a list of things for Duncan to look for. While she was busy telling everyone about the baby, calling people about the baby, hell, he wouldn't be surprised if she was making advertisements on television and billboards about this god damned thing, she had made Duncan a list of things to look for in their new house.

A list that ran on into different thoughts, the way Courtney tended to do if you gave her a piece a paper and allowed her to rant. A list that wasn't even a list, it was long enough to be the fucking constitution and dictionary all rolled up into one.

Because a bigger dining room ran into a longer but smaller table which lead to highchairs which led to baby food which led to the option of either breast feeding or formula which led to going to the doctor to ask questions which led to paying for the bill which led to Duncan having to work extra hours while he was also contemplating this thing Courtney dared to call a list.

He rubbed a palm across his face as he approached the seventeenth house he had observed today. He had not been having good luck with this whole 'house touring' thing. Every single time he called Courtney about one, something would come up that wouldn't meet her standards.

The first house had apparently used to be a grave site. ("I am not having our baby turn into a demon or something or other! I am not horror movie material like you.")

The fifth one was the old home of some serial killer who had used to work at Chuck-E-Cheese. ("Duncan, what part of that sentence can you even find remotely funny? Stop laughing, jerk!")

The eight was actually pretty nice looking, but the house had three floors. ("The higher we go, the risk of suicidal thoughts increase! When there is somewhere to jump, our kid might just say, 'Why not?'")

The twelfth? Oh, dear, don't even get Duncan started on that one. ("A slanted driveway? A SLANTED DRIVEWAY? You're trying to kill me, aren't you? You know I HATE hills, Duncan, why the hell should I have to deal with one every time I come home?")

Let's not even mention the one before this one. ("Fuck that! Duncan. Duncan, no, listen to me, Duncan, Duncan! No. Garage. No garage! That's so wrong. It just… Dear lord, NO. I refuse. No. Don't you dare even walk in that house. No, Duncan, I won't! You understand my car is precious, right? What if it storms? Snows? A sandstorm? Huh? Yes, I know we live in Canada. So? There could still be sandstorms, Duncan! If something happens to my car, I'm going to kill you, which will leave the baby fatherless which will result in counseling and therefore an extreme doubt which will always cloud their thoughts which leads to an unsuccessful life and no following in their gracious mother's footsteps. That is the reason why we must have a fucking garage. No, Duncan, I'm not crazy.")

So, finally, at this seventeenth house, the realtor smiled at him, told him the same thing he had at the sixteen other houses ("Trust me, this one is perfect,") and opened the door to the foyer.

And Duncan didn't even call Courtney. It was fucking perfect. The realtor grinned at Duncan's reaction. "So we can start discussing the paper work?"

Duncan's face turned into the biggest shit eating grin ever. Take that, demon baby.

When Courtney first told Bridgette and Gwen about her baby, they could only suspect it was some type of sick joke.

Duncan had ten brothers, three of them younger who, no matter how much he tried to deny it, he loved and cared for. He had changed a diaper before, dealt with babysitting his siblings before, and his mother ran a daycare. He had been around children his entire life.

Courtney had not.

She was an only child and had never had much of a soft spot for anybody except Duncan, if you could call that a soft spot. She wasn't exactly loving, or nurturing, and she liked to pretend that she didn't care most of the time. Plus, Courtney had never even held a baby in her arms before.


In her twenty three years of living, she had never cradled one in her arms before. And now she had one coming.

It had to be a joke.

To think of Courtney with a baby was like thinking of Satan coming down the chimney acting like Santa Claus. It was just fucked up. Courtney was always able to take care of herself, she was independent and knew how to live to the fullest.

So there was no way she could learn to love something so dependent, so needy, and so freaking unlike her.

But they both couldn't deny that they had to have faith. They hadn't seen Courtney this excited since…

"Wow, guys! A lime green colored one-sy! They'll match their daddy… Aww, I bet Duncan was a cute baby. I hope the baby has his eyes. But they should have freckles too. And soft skin and wispy hair… it's gonna be perfect."

…Well, ever.

Geoff looked to Duncan like he had just said the whole world was ending. "A baby."

"Yup." Duncan leaned back on his couch and toed the power button to the X-box 360, loading Call of Duty: World at War and pressing the middle button on the controller to start it up. Geoff waiting for him to clarify but it was a waste. Duncan was too busy throwing a grenade at some animated Korean dude.

"So… you're cool with it?"

"…Yeah. It's my kid. Of course I'm cool."


"…Are you?"

Geoff had always been Duncan's best friend since the beginning. They'd known each other since they were in diapers and even if Geoff was kind of retarded sometimes, that didn't change the fact that he was Duncan's best buddy ever. He'd been his partner on every science project, his roommate during his short time in college as well as his best man during one of the most memorable days of his life.

Geoff had always been Duncan's go to guy.

But the kid was going to change that, wasn't it? Duncan would be too busy teaching his son how to play baseball to talk to Geoff. He'd be Duncan 'number one guy' in his life now.

"Hell yeah, bruh! This is awesome." Duncan smiled.

Geoff held in his pout and put on a grin instead.

Duncan chewed his lip, biting hard enough that the inside of his cheek was bleeding. It was an odd habit he had taken up at a young age and that he had yet to grow out of. He did it whenever he was thinking, like, deeply thinking.

Whenever Courtney saw him doing that, it tended to scare the shit out of her. Nothing good ever came from the words 'deep thinking' and 'Duncan' in the same sentence.

He had been sitting at the kitchen table with that dazed, out of this world look on his face, one cheek placed firmly upon two knuckles in order to push the inside skin near his teeth so he could chew in contemplation.

The only question was over what, exactly.

She sat the food down on the table with a loud bang from the plate, startlingly Duncan and making him curse. "What the hell?"

"What are you thinking about?" Courtney said, taking a seat beside him and shoving a bite of food in with haste. Though she hadn't gotten a baby bump yet this early in to the pregnancy (it has only been three weeks), she could feel something in there, and dammit, if that something wasn't hungry as a mother fucker at all times.

Duncan picked up his fork and took a bite as well, regretting the action instantly. "What is this?"

"You're avoiding the question." She spoke softly, but it was obvious that she was getting annoyed.

"Is that… is that cheese? In sweet potatoes? With pineapple? Okay, we seriously need to talk about the menu-"

"Duncan, god dammit, what were you thinking about?" She yelled, making him swallow the disgusting meal in surprise, his eyes wide. She sighed, running a hand over her face. "Just talk to me, okay? You're making me worried."

His looked softened and he managed a nervous smile. "Just realized that we forgot to our parents about little Princess Junior."

It was Courtney's turn to gain the wide, scared eyes. "Oh, shit."

"Oh shit is right, darling," he frowned, looking down at his plate again. "How about keeping your weird ass cravings to yourself?"

He couldn't say that the sweet potato to the head was unexpected, more like anticipated.

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