Hey there! I have thought up a plan that will make me finish a story before starting a new one (: Hopefully, it will work. It's taking awhile to get over my writers block, so I will put in a filler story. The title pretty much says it all so here it is. Junjou Chatroom:

ILoveMyHiro-San has signed on.

KamijouTheDevil has signed on.

ILoveMyHiro-San: Hiro-San!

KamijouTheDevil: Ugh! I hate your screen name! Why the hell did I let you talk me into this? I feel like a highschool child!

ILoveMyHiro-San: Oh come on Hiro-San. It's fun!

KamijouIsMySweetHoney has signed on.

ILoveMyHiro-San: -_- My Hiro-San! MINE!

KamijouTheDevil: Damn it, Miyagi! What the fuck is this! I told you, I would, not only have Nowaki kick your ass, but tell the dean you're dating his son if you don't stop sexually harrassing me!

KamijouIsMySweetHoney: I'm not afraid of your gentle giant, and Shinobu told his father yesterday. He guilted him into not over-reacting.

ILoveMyHiro-San: You're not afraid of me? Have you forgotten that day when I caught you touching my Hiro-San? I would've bashed your head in if he hadn't have stopped me.

Miyagi'sBrat has signed on.

IAmNotARabbit has signed on.

Miyagi'sBrat: I'm giving you 30 seconds to change your screen-name Miyagi, or no sex for three months.

IAmNotARabbit: Oh my, this kid's serious. I'm not sure what I would do if Misaki restricted sex from me. Oh wait, I'd get it anyways. He wouldn't have a choice.

ILoveMyHiro-San: Gosh, What did you ever see in this guy, Hiro-San?

IAmNotARabbit: We all know you have jelousy issues. Don't judge me for how I choose to run a relationship.

KamijouTheDevil: Seriously Nowaki, I chose you didn't I?

KamijouIsMySweetHoney has changed their name to SickOfCabbage.

SickOfCabbage: Happy now, Shinobu-chin?

ILoveMYHiro-San: Yes, and I constantly thank you every single second for that. I love you Hiro-San, and always will.

Miyagi'sBrat: -_- BRB

IAmNotYourMaid has signed on.

KamijouTheDevil: Don't say suck embarrassing things! Baka!

IAmNotARabbit: I know you ment such, but for hilarity sake: What 'embarrassing things' are you sucking, Hiroki?

IAmNotYourMaid: Usgai-San! Don't be a pervert!

SickOfCabbage: Oh shit! Why the Hell did I let him live with me!

SickOfCabbage has been disconnected and is most likely getting the shit beat out of him.

KamijouTheDevil: Oh shut up!

ILoveMyHiro-San: Not much Akihiko, the only time he did that was on my birthday this year.

IAmNotARabbit: Seriously? Wow. I get one from my Misaki almost everyday!

IAmNotYourMaid: Usagi-San! Fine! I'm not giving you any sex! There! How do you like that?

KamijouTheDevil: Nowaki, I am warning you. IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY UNWISE TO COME HOME TONIGHT!

has signed on.

: Damn brat.

IAmNotARabbit has signed off.

ILoveMyHiro-San: I wouldn't be able to sleep without having my warm Hiro-San in my arms.

Miyagi'sBrat: (: Back!

has changed their name to I'dRatherHaveKamijou,

IAmNotYourMaid has been disconnected and is probably getting raped.

KamijouTheDevil: Cheesy baka!

Miyagi'sBrat has changed their name to FuckYouMiyagi.

ILoveMyHiro-San: It's true.

FuckYouMiyagi has signed off.

KamijouTheDevil: Damn it, Miyagi!

I'dRatherHaveKamijou: *sigh* Shinobu-chin...

ILoveMyHiro-San: My break's over. I have to go. Love you my beautiful, amazing, Hiro-San. I'll be thinking of you!

ILoveMyHiro-San has signed off.

I'dRatherHaveKamijou: Now it's just you and me... damn it. I can hear Shinobu crying in the next room.

KamijouTheDevil: You really do treat him badly.

KamijouTheDevil has signed off.

I'dRatherHaveKamijou: Wait! What's that supposed to mean!

I'dRatherHaveKamijou: Damn!

I'dRatherHaveKamijou has signed off.