A Della Street / Perry Mason Romance


Disclaimer: Della Street and Perry Mason belong to Erle Stanley Gardner.

Setting: Late 1950s/early 1960s Los Angeles. Rating: PG-13. Pairing: Della & Perry (obviously).

Summary: Work is taking its toll on Perry and Della especially. Or is their secret finally creeping up on them? Warning: FLUFF!

Chapter One

The morning had started early at Perry Mason's office. A client's emergency call at 4am, Lt. Tragg's expected and thoroughly unwelcome visit two hours later. Paul Drake's short-lived arrest. Perry's appeal to the DA. One of the less unusual mornings. Everything well-rehearsed over the years. Everybody knew their place, their part. Except for Della Street. She was strangely unbalanced and sound asleep on the couch when the attorney-at-law returned with his newly released private eye.

Paul smiled at the sight of her sleeping form. A bunch of unruly curls embellished her face, emphasizing her content smile when Perry knelt down to her and whispered her name.

"Della," Perry brought his hand gently to her face to caress her cheek. "We're back."

Della grumbled. "Right." Her voice was rough and tired. Her eyes still closed, her body hadn't moved an inch.

"Let her sleep," Paul suggested with a chuckle.

"I let her sleep all week," Perry answered concerned.

"Maybe she needs a vacation," the detective gave back and slouched in his favorite chair. "It's been a hell of a month. She must be worn out."

Perry nodded. He knew Paul was right. That past month had taken its toll even on him.

"What time is it?" He asked after a while, still kneeling by Della's side.

"Past seven," Paul answered through a yawn.

"Good," Perry returned and slowly got up. He opened the door to Della's office and walked across it to the reception area. "Good morning," he greeted Gertie with a sleepy smile.

"Good morning Mr. Mason," Gertie hummed in her usual cheerful voice.

"No calls for me or Ms. Street this morning, Gertie." He told her matter-of-factly, his plea acknowledged by a nod.

"Another long night?" Gertie asked sweetly.

"Another early morning," he replied with an affirming smirk. Then he disappeared in Della's office only to return a short time later. "Do you know if we have any blankets around here somewhere?"

Gertie looked at him for a beat, then shrugged. "I'm sorry, Mr. Mason. Ms. Street takes care of these kinds of things. I presume she has one stored for you in your closet."

"Of course. Thank you Gertie." Perry nodded his head and closed the door behind him as he walked back to his office.

"What are you looking for?" Paul asked with an amused gleam in his eyes when Perry Mason searched through his own closet and cabinets.

"Found it," the attorney exclaimed after a while and revealed a comfortable looking blanket and pillow. Returning to the couch, he gently tugged the pillow under Della's head and pulled the blanket over her fast asleep form. His back turned to Paul as he leaned over his secretary, Perry shielded her just enough to move his fingers from her neck down to her waist in an intimate caress. "Let's go," he said quietly as he turned away from Della in her peaceful slumber.

"Whereto now?" Paul moaned and stifled a yawn.

"Let's get some breakfast," he answered with a boyish smile and grabbed his coat. "Della may want some when she wakes up."

A couple of hours later, Perry Mason was sitting at his desk, sifting through the mail his secretary had left for him, sorted by priority. A thermos jug of coffee was standing on the table by the window, a bag with sandwiches, fruit and muffins. Down at the shop, Perry hadn't known what she would care for so late in the day.

He raised his head when he heard her move, glad to find an excuse to avert his gaze from the pile of paper. He smiled as he saw her waking up. Slowly coming to her senses. Her hair a mess of curls, her limbs stiff and groggy as she stretched them. Her purr familiar to his set of ears.

"Good morning, sleepy." He said softly while he got up to join her on the couch.

Della smiled at him, barely able to open her eyes. "Are you back from the police station?"

"For quite some time now," Perry answered gently and placed a tender kiss onto her cheek.

"What time is it?" Della tried to switch into her secretarial mode and failed when she sat up a little too fast.

Perry moved his arm around her, steadying her. "It's almost noon."

Della leaned in to him, her eyes now open wide. "Why didn't you wake me?" She asked embarrassed before she noticed the blanket and pillow he had gotten to make her more comfortable. "Where did you find these?" She queried, easing into his embrace.

"My head of office keeps those stuffed in my closet for precarious situations," he smiled and fondled her back.

"Does she?" Della smiled and placed a lingering kiss onto his neck.

"U-hm," Perry hummed and closed his eyes. "She's attentive like that."

"Now aren't you easy to please?" Della purred against his skin and teased him with her lips.

"Not as easy as you may think," he gave back and pulled her into a deep kiss.

"My, counselor," Della gasped when she broke free from him. "You make me feel all dizzy today," she said and steadied herself against him once more.

"What's wrong?" Perry asked and tried to assist her getting up while she ignored his concern.

"I'm not used to sleeping in like that," Della tried to shrug it off – both his worry and the wave of nausea that had made her rest on the couch in the first place.

"You need a break," Perry held her close to him as she struggled to find her footing. "It's been a busy month."

"It's been a busy year," she replied with a laugh. "It always is."

"The last time I saw you wobbly like this was..."

"...when you infected me with your flu," Della interrupted him with a frown.

"You should see a doctor," Perry insisted.

"Don't be ridiculous," Della dismissed his suggestion. "I'll be fine in no time." And she freed herself from his arms, equally annoyed at her unsteadiness and her growling stomach. "I just need a hearty breakfast."

"Brunch," Perry quipped, succeeding at lifting her mood.

"Right," Della chuckled and found her eyes resting on the take-out on the dining table. "What's this?"

"Brunch," Perry Mason answered as he passed her to pour them each a cup of coffee.

"Isn't that your secretary's job?" Della asked quietly as she sat down.

"So she says," the attorney answered with a quick kiss onto her lips. "But I don't mind fixing it for her on a day like this."