When Perry Mason held his daughter in his arms for the first time, he smiled at the first signs of dark curls on the top of her head. Her deep brown eyes. Her mother's bewitching smile.

"She's so beautiful," he uttered and placed a lingering kiss onto Della's tired lips. "I love you, Ms. Street."

Della chuckled and gazed at the briefcase on the table by the window. "I'm sorry we interrupted your hearing."

"You know you didn't," Perry sat on the edge of the bed and caressed his daughter's cheeks with tender hands.

"I put everything you need in the Anderson file," Della nodded at the table.

"So you told me late last night," Perry answered her, still marveling at his precious baby girl. "That's your mother all right. My girl Friday."

"You're due in court," Della ignored his playful remark and smiled at her husband's new-found love.

"The case was adjourned for the day," Perry averted his gaze from his daughter's for a beat and pulled his wife into a lingering kiss. "The defense has other obligations."