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Chapter 25: School Festival

It was raining on the day they crossed paths again.

It was nothing too terrible, it wasn't a down pour but it wasn't a light rain either and he had been caught in its sudden arrival on his way home. Preferring not to take the long journey home soaked and shivering he took shelter before the nearest building with a roof over its entrance. He stood there teeth chattering and trembling slightly when she breezed past.

Like a ghost in white she moved with such slow grace, one hand tightly gripped the hand of her cute T-cup umbrella while the other was outstretched allowing the rain to bathe it and soak it. It really was a surprise to meet her again and after such a long time since they first met one would think he would forget her but he never did. He had thought she was beautiful then and he thought she was beautiful now in her own right.

She looked unnaturally pale for a girl her age as if she had never seen a day of sun in her life or was very ill but that only made her look more supernatural, her skin almost looked to glow. As she was about to pass him she turned her head in his direction and he looked into her big brown eyes. Recognition flashed through her lovely face and she smiled brightly at him turning towards where he stood cold and shivering.

It was here that they properly introduced themselves to one another and she, after noticing how he shook, offered him a place under her T-cup umbrella until he got home. With both of them there was just enough room for them to fit under the domelike umbrella and though they didn't know each other well there was an odd sort of comfort between the two of them like they had done this before.

They became friends quickly on this rain day.

It was quiet this morning.

So much so, actually that those who rest in bed continued to sleep soundly long after the first rays of sun peeked through the curtains of the window. When it was getting close to lunch time the peaceful slumber was disturbed by the ring of a cell phone. It pulled the couple within the room from their peaceful slumber and after a few minutes of grumbling and moaning the male of the two rose from where he lay just enough to snatch his phone off the nightstand and flip it open.

"Hello?" Yabuki Hayato, who let his girlfriend sleep on the side of the bed that was against the window last night, grumbled sitting up and letting his feet touch the floor rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he pressed his phone to his ear.

"Xiao is gone" it took him a moment but after a few seconds of trying to pull together a coherent thought Hayato recognized his friends voice and then tried to understand what he had just said.

"…huh?" he didn't mean to sound like an idiot when he asked that, really he didn't, but Hayato just woke up so hearing that someone was gone was like teaching calculus to 3D at six in the morning, it just wasn't going to happen. He heard Ryu sigh in frustration from his end.

"Xiao" he repeated himself, slowly, so Hayato could understand "I can't find her anywhere"

"Wouldn't she be where she always is?" Hayato questioned rubbing his eyes again. Honestly of all the places in town there really was only one place she could be… you know considering it was Xiao, the petite young woman really didn't have many options when it came to traveling on her own.

"She went to the hospital to have a checkup" Ryu explained, his tone of voice laced with sounds of utter panic and anxiety. If Hayato had to guess his friend was pacing right now. "I came to pick her up but she isn't here"

"Maybe she's still with her doctor" Hayato suggested

"She isn't, I checked" Ryu replied quickly "I've been looking for Umeki but I guess she's still mad at me because she won't answer her phone and I can't find her. Can you call her and ask her is she's seen Xiao?"

"She not at work" Hayato answered, as if cued the bed shifted and he glanced over his shoulder at the other inhabitant of the bed who rolled over and shuffled about to get comfy again "I told you she's been recovering all week"

"Right…" Whatever Ryu said after was a blur to Hayato because a gentle hand had found its way to his back and was trailing up his spine slowly hooking his shoulder. Hayato lowered the phone and looked over his shoulder again as Umeki sat up and wrapped her arms around him. The couple locked eyes and Umeki offered the coyest of smiles "Are you listening?" Ryu's voice came back to Hayato and suddenly he remembered he was on the phone. He would have answered his friend but Hayato was just too busy staring at Umeki.

"I've got to go" Hayato remarked "Good luck man" and so he hung up before his friend had the chance to argue with him and prolong the conversation. He snapped his phone shut and set it on the nightstand before returning to the embrace of his girlfriend, the two grinned at one another "…Hi" he mused to her.

"Hi" Umeki's smiled grew as she brushed messy bed head out of her face "Who was that?" her eyes strayed to Hayato's phone on the night stand briefly before returning to look him in the eye. Hayato shook his head.

"No one important" he decided

"What time is it?" Umeki asked on checking the clock on the stand beside their phones and noting it was almost lunchtime "What do you want for lunch?" she inquired stretching her arms out in front of them and drew away from him. Hayato watched her crawl around him to get off the bed where she would, more likely than not, head downstairs to make lunch for them. He hummed slightly as if he were thinking over what he wanted for lunch but even if he had been thinking about it Umeki stepping off the bed and standing before him in nothing but one of his t-shirt and her underwear, black lace if his eyes saw correctly, stretching her muscles was enough to change his mind. When he didn't answer her Umeki stopped her stretching and looked back at him "…what?" she tipped her head at him curiously letting messy bronze hair fall before her face. Hayato smirked reaching out and grabbing one of his girlfriend's wrist, the girl squealed out when he yank her back to him and onto the bed "What are you doing?" she yelped out with a slight laugh letting Hayato pull her close. The couple grinned at one another Umeki wrapping her arms round Hayato's neck and Hayato securing a hold around Umeki's waist. Hayato dropped back onto the bed pulling his girlfriend with him not getting any argument from her as she easily fell on top of him. In the past three years that Hayato had known this fiery girl he knew once Umeki was up and about there was no stopping her and if Yankumi, or the hospital for that matter, called her once she was up and about she would defiantly go to help in whatever problem there was and of course Hayato didn't want that. Umeki knew her orders, she was to rest and he was going to make sure she did…and besides…Hayato was feeling selfish today, he wanted Umeki all to himself even if it was just for today.

"Lunch can wait" he remarked drawing his girlfriend in for a kiss.

It was a good thing Hayato was able to distract Umeki. If she had been left to go about making lunch like she intended Umeki would have noticed the missed call her phone had received from Yankumi and heard her message requesting help with what would, undoubtedly, be another crazy adventure for Akadou's class 3D. However, Hayato had succeeded and so that day, or at least until the pair exhausted themselves into another sleep, Umeki spent blissful moments with Hayato completely unaware of what she was missing at Akadou.

What, per say, was happening at Akadou? Well the school festival of course! Oh yes! Every 3D student's 'favorite' school event…you know… when they actually bother to remember that their school held one. None of the boys really cared much about the event, they would have much rather not participated like any other year but with Yankumi being the ever so persistent person she was and some help from Yamato, who had mentioned casually that high school girls would be attending the festival, everyone was easily on board and before someone like Kou could blink 3D was getting ready to transform their classroom into a café. Unfortunately…the guys weren't much for acting as charming as they liked to think they were. Kou observed from the back of the classroom as Yankumi re-entered the room acting like a customer so the class had experience. She was greeted with disinterest and boredom and treated with a mild neglect. Long story short, the first trial was a complete disaster.

Kou wasn't really surprised at this, the mock customer was Yankumi after all and not a pretty girl like the guys were hoping would be coming to their 'Hottie Café' so what reason did they have to play into the role of charming waiters. Yankumi had tried calling Kou's sister in an attempt to get the boys more enthusiastic about what they were doing; they all loved her so much after all so the teacher had figured that they'd be more eager if she were a customer. However Umeki wasn't answering her phone so Kou had a much better idea.

Telling everyone that he'd be right back he hurried out the school to find his very good idea who, surprisingly enough, happen to be standing outside calmly when Kou had been passing through as if they were waiting for him. With his very good idea on board for "Hottie Café Part 2" Kou returned to the school.

"Oi, Oi….Kou" Honjo leaned against the wall near Kou with his arms crossed keeping his eyes glued to Kou's very good idea from where they were perched on a stack of desk waiting patiently.

"…Mm?" Kou hummed never looking up from the notebook he was currently writing in.

"Where on earth did you find…" he didn't finish his sentence as the very good idea looked their way. They waved at the two boys and Honjo bashfully waved back.

"Where did I find her?" Kou inquired raising an eyebrow at Honjo who nodded eagerly.

"There's no way you just know her" Kura motioned to the very good idea with a look of doubt "you could get us in trouble with the cops for randomly kidnapping an innocent girl off the streets you know"

"I didn't kidnap her off the streets" Kou rolled his eyes

"You sure?" questioned Kura

"Positive" Confirmed Kou

"Good" the boy sighed

"Besides" Kou continued talking in a low mumble that his classmates caught "if I really wanted to kidnap her I wouldn't take her to a high school. She wouldn't even be conscious right now" since he was so busy with whatever it was he was writing Kou didn't see the twisted expressions of distress his fellow classmates were giving him "I'd have her chained to a wall somewhere no one could fine her…or hear her scream" an odd smirk came to his lips "take my victim to a school? Ha, don't be stupid" was it odd that he found humor in the fact they thought he'd ever consider dragging a kidnapped victim to his high school?

"Kou" the seven boys crowded behind him groaned out.

"That's not even funny!" Ren barked out shaking an angry fist at Kou. Kou simply rolled his eyes again.

"I didn't kidnap her alright?" he snapped at his classmates finishing up what he was writing down, a series of questions for his very good idea to answer before she made her guest appearance in 3D, and sent the six boys a glare "Look, I met her a couple of weeks ago and we've been talking a lot since. She came here of her own free will you can ask her yourself" and with that he turned on his heel and walked down the hall towards his very good idea. Her large eyes found his when he drew close enough and they exchanged brief smiles before Kou handed her the notebook that she took gingerly scanning over what was written and writing her own responses. When all was said and done it was time to start the second trail run.

The rest of the class was just as stunned to meet Kou's very good idea as Ren, Yamato, Icchi, Kami, Kura, Honjo and Jun had been. At first they didn't seem to know how to respond, they just stood there in the classroom gaping at the girl until she began to shuffle about nervously. Kou sighed; guess he had to get things started as usual…

"Xiao" His very good idea perked at the sound of her name and the lifted her gaze from her hands to Kou. The young informant motioned to class "These are the guys…Guys" he turned to his classmates and gestured to his very good idea "This is Xiao"

Her full name was Mio Xiao Hung and Kou had been reacquainted with her a couple of weeks ago after meeting her so many days back. He had been telling the truth, he had been talking with her very much since they ran into each other that fateful rainy day and had learned a good deal about her. She hailed from China and her name meant 'little swan', which was ironic considering her nickname seemed to be 'little beauty' and she was in fact very little, and she was 19. She was currently staying in a special hospital ward recovering from some freak accident she had been in a couple a years' back that had left her a selective mute. Before the accident she had been a professional ballerina but she had just recently confided in Kou that she couldn't so much as look at her ballet shoes without having a flashback of the accident and suffering a panic attack. Her doctors had no idea how to approach the problem and she would be in japan until she made a full recovery. None of this seemed to bother Xiao though, she was a cheerful little thing and above all she was one of the most beautiful creatures Kou had ever seen in his life time.

He was smitten and he knew it but when she looked up at him and gave him that adorable smile of hers Kou found that he really didn't care too much that he was.

"Welcome!" at least ten of the guy bow in greeting to Xiao.

"How many guests will it be?" Ren asked flashing Xiao and bright smile. Xiao glanced at Kou and he nodded, she nodded in return and held up one finger indication the number of guests.

"Table for one please!" the greeting party chorused ushering Xiao into the classroom. She smiled sweetly bowing gratefully to the boys as they lead her to the only desk in the room.

"Welcome to the Hottie Café!" Xiao was greeted by a new group of 3D classmates when she arrived at the desk. Kou had to say she was taking all of this well considering she was utterly surrounded by over eager teenagers practically doing flips for her attention. She sat in the seat pulled out for her and offered nothing but smiles as she was swarmed. Kou stood back with Yankumi and Yamato as the rest of the class pushed at one another to get a glimpse of Xiao from where she sat. Yankumi settled herself between Kou and Yamato observing her class with curiosity.

"So they really can do it" she muttered under her breath Kou hummed with agreement and nodded his head.

"They just needed the right motivation; they want pretty young girls so they need to practice on a pretty young girl" the boy explained, it was simple as that and easy enough to understand.

"Speaking of" Yankumi looked from Xiao to Kou with a look of suspicion much like his classmates had moments ago "Where did you find this girl? I hope you didn't go and pull some poor girl off the streets or some-"

"I didn't pull her off the streets" Kou interrupted the teacher with a sharp glare and sharper words. He crossed his arms moodily "Why does everyone keep thinking that kidnapped her?" Xiao waved Kou over in that instant and he pushed off the desk he was leaning against and stepped forward. She signed to him and the rest of 3D watched curiously.

"What is she doing?"

"Something with her hands…"

"Xiao is temporarily mute" Kou explained coolly while Xiao nodded her head in confirmation to this information "She has been able to recover her ability to speak yet so she writes in a notebook or uses sign language" 'Ohs' and nods of understanding circled the room while Kou shoved his hands into his pockets "She said 'The Waiters here are very nice'" That coupled with Xiao pretty smile had the boys gushing.

"No not really" was the bashful chorus her comment was met with. From the back of the classroom where she still sat with Yamato Yankumi curved a brow and went a bit rigid from how humble and all around friendly they were being to this girl in comparison to how they had been when they had practiced with her.

"What's this? They're totally different from how they had been earlier"

"Oi, Oi! Move, move, move" Kura called over his classmates pushing through them as he carried a tray to the desk Xiao sat at "Sorry to keep you waiting" he set the tray down with a parfait on "This is 3D Hottie Parfait special" he placed the bowl down before Xiao who gazed down at it confused.

"She said that she hasn't order yet" Kou translated for the girl

"Don't worry!" Kura shook his head wildly "This is a special service offer for our beautiful customer's only!" It wasn't hard to miss the pink that came to Xiao fair cheeks and the slight widening of her eyes at being compliment in such a way. She smile widely for the boy that loomed over her and with a silent giggle that shook her shoulders she bowed her head in a muted thank you to them that sent them all reeling and gushing about how cute she was.

Kou wouldn't disagree with them, Xiao was adorable. Something about how innocent she looked and acted just drew all those who saw her closer. Her big, brown eyes could such in anyone's soul if the person stared into them long enough. It made Kou wonder if she knew just how easily she melt the male population into puddles of mush and did so on purpose or if this was just her personality she forever remained blissfully unaware of her effect on people. Either way before Kou had any chance to deliberate on this question Yankumi ended the practice with a loud SLAM of her hand against the desk she sat at.

"Stop!" she yelled over them stepping forward going on with this charade "We can't make any money if you go on doing that!" she motioned to the parfait that sat before Xiao "Please start from the top again"


"What do you mean 'Heh'? Come on! From the top!"

And so they started from the top and went through the practice again with Xiao as a will participant. Part 2 became part 3 and part 2 became part 4 and 5 and 6 and finally 7. It was hard to tell if there really any improvement in the performance of the class considering they acted the same each time, the same being like they've never seen a pretty girl before, but Xiao was ever the patient one. If any of these unneeded attention bothered her at all she didn't let it show on her face and she didn't tell Kou, instead she sat quietly like a doll while Kou translated anything she wanted to say. Finally when the sun began to pain the sky outside orange Kou informed his classmates that it was getting late, that Xiao was probably getting tired and that he had to take her back to the hospital she stayed in much to the disappointment of the class. Before they left Xiao had suggested that they boys visit Cafes and watch how the employees acted so they could improve even more and with that advice they left.

"Sorry about that" Kou apologized as soon as they were outside the school gates. The sky was starting to darken by now and night was falling on them, Xiao looked up at Kou curiously "I should have known that they would get over excited about having a pretty girl around and act like that"

"It's Okay" Xiao signed to him before he could finish apologizing and smiled sweetly at him "I had a lot of fun today, thank you for taking me"

"Ah…" Kou lost his words in his throats for a second when Xiao smiled at him again and he grin bashfully back "I-It was nothing" Xiao's grin grew wider and by the shake of her shoulders Kou could tell she was laughing at his embarrassment and it made him ever more embarrassed.

Even after Honjo's need for money had come and pass, Yuni kept her part time job.

She'd never had one before and she had to admit she actually liked the place. The customers were a bit strange but her coworkers, the other young girls who worked with her, were humorous and very pleasant to be around. Yuni worked as a waitress and even though it was a bit draining at times the thought that she was earning her own money with her own two hands was a thrilling one that Yuni like to go to when times seemed impossibly hard. Tonight, however, was looking to be one of those days that the Korean born girl wished she'd never gotten a job in the first place.

"Yun-Yun" Yuni looked up from the table she had been clearing at the call of her working name. All the girls here were given cute nicknames and their usual customers age it up feeling more personal with their waitress of choice when they came. The more at home they felt the higher they usually tipped. The girl who had called was called Mimi, a girl a year younger than Yuni, and she quickly motioned to the café entrance which jingled with the sounds of new customers. Yuni knew the routine, all customers were to be greeted like they were the masters of a grand estate by all their pretty, young, cute maids it was part of the fantasy and all men, no matter what age, drank it like sweet nectar. Being the last of the staff to make it to the door Yuni stood in the very back where could barely see the faces of the people who had entered but it was clear that it was more than three people. No doubt all the girls would be fighting for the tip of this party.

"Welcome back, Master" Yuni mused in her well trained cutesy tone of voice along with the other girls.

"How many will it be?" Nina, who always made it to the door first when a customer came, asked. Almost immediately she received an eager response of 7 which caught Yuni's attention from the back of the crowd. Seven was a large party indeed and whoever got this group would no doubt get a well-paid tip if she managed to live up to the fantasy. Yuni wanted that table but something was off, something in the pit of her stomach in that moment told her that in truth she didn't want that party. For a second Yuni frowned at this odd sensation, something about the familiarity of that voice told her she wanted to call it a night and head home before this party saw her. However, against her better judgment, Yuni ignore this Erie self-warning and it was back to usual business. "Hai!" Nina mused "This way please" like a small army of brainwashed robots the collection of maids, Yuni included, motioned to the tables that scattered the café before ending their signature cat paw and the ever so popular muse of "Nya?" it got new comers every time and this party sounded no different to Yuni's ears, the gaped and gasped and squealed like girls at the cute gesture and were ready to be taken to their table.

Nina was the one to get them seated and when they were all settled in and looking over the menu she joined the rest of the girls in back for the hard decision that was picking the one lucky girl out of all of them that would be serving this party of seven. So far Yuni was proving to be lucky; she was the last girl among three others in a simple game of stupid luck.

"Ready?" Nina asked faced serious and dead set on getting that table; the other girls around her nodded in agreement "Okay…Se no"

"Saisho wa guu, Jan Ken Pon!"

Yuni balled her hand into a tight fist and so did Nina and Mimi, Fuyo was the only one of the three of them to pull a peace sign and when she realized this she pouted letting her hands drop to her side before she turned and went back to work. Yuni held her breath as she realized she was one step closer to getting that party of seven. With Fuyo gone the remaining three huddled together for the next round of rock paper scissors.

"Jan Ken Pon!"

Yuni pulled scissors displaying the two fingers on her palm like a work of art, Nina did the same but Mimi let out a grunt as she quickly realized she had been defeated for the table desired. One more to go, she was so close! All Yuni had to do was out luck Nina's luck and that table, its assured beautiful tip, was hers for the taking. The two girls turned to face each other, the air around them grew dense with how hard they focused on what was about to happen next.

"Jan Ken Pon!"

BINGO! Yuni chose paper and Nina picked rock.

"Acchi muite hoi!" the Korean girl didn't waste time and immediately pointed down when she saw that she had won the round. Not having time to realize that she had lost Nina's eyes followed Yuni's command and the girl's head dropped to look at the ground. That was the game, Yuni had won and the table was hers. Nina huffed at her loss scowling at Yuni who simply smirked at the girl like the smug winner she knew she was grabbing her tray and quickly making her way towards the table of seven, young, teenage boys waiting eagerly to be served.

Now the key to success in the maid café business, as Yuni had quickly learned was to never, no matter what, end the fantasy. From the moment the customer walks in to the very second they walk out they are the master and you are their servant. You are happy to serve them, so happy you can't help but be cute and hyper, and occasionally act a bit like a cat that part was key especially when the customer was an Otaku. The name you are given is your character, you build on it, breathe life into it until it becomes a part of you and a personality you can easily switch on when you clock in for your shift. Yuni, in the short time that she had been working at this café, at quickly created the personality of Yun-Yun after years of practicing changing personas for the sake of her own sanity. She was the best of the best in this café but nothing could have prepared her for what she was to be faced with and for a split moment, between greeting her master for the night and asking them what they wanted, Yun-Yun almost gave way to Yuni and destroyed the fantasy.

"Good evening Master" Yuni chirped happily as she approached the table, they had to push two tables together to make room for the whole party! This was great! The group as a whole were too busy taking in the café to have noticed her approach but her voice was enough to catch this attention, they slowly turned round to face her "Do you know what you'd like to-" Yuni took in the first of her masters to face her and it was enough to almost chase Yun-Yun away and bring Yuni screaming to the surface. For a second she froze and Hazel eyes met a familiar set of brown ones "…night" she finished her sentence in more of a whimper than a happy chirp.

Ever have something you do that you don't want you're closest friends to know about. It could be playing a certain game or doing a kind of activity that you, deep in your core, feel like only your closest, and I mean closest of friends should vaguely be aware of. Most if not everyone has one thing their just too embarrassed to let others know about. Well, have you ever had the one person you would never want to know about this catch you dead in the act? That was exactly was Yuni unfortunately found herself faced with when she met eyes with a surprised Ogata Yamato and his posse of six classmates, Kazama and Jun included, from their seats at the table. Yuni went pale almost immediately, her legs shook from her toes to her knees and for a split second Yuni thought that she was going to faint from the sheer humiliation she had just subjected herself to. An odd silence surrounded the table and Yuni took this moment to recover. She couldn't back down now, she had fought hard for this table and thought these boys were idiots they were paying customers and Yuni wanted to keep her job. Until they decided to leave they were her masters and Yuni…., oh how she hated the thought of this,….Yuni….was their servant.

Keep true to the fantasy, keep true to the fantasy.

"Y-Yuni-chan!" Kura sat up straighter pointing at Yuni as if he couldn't believe she was standing there dressed in a fluffy, pick maids uniform complete with a big, pink bow on her head, fluffy cat ears and a long tail too. The looks on the boys faces as they too came to realize that Yuni stood before them "Wh-what are you doing here?"

"Good evening masters" Yuni replied in a loud, overly girlish voice bowing low to them "My name is Yun-Yun and I will be serving you to the best of my abilities, Nya?" with a tilt of her head she made a cat paw with her right hand and smiled ever so sweetly to the boys sending them reeling without further questioning of what she was doing in a maids café "What would my masters like tonight?"

"Anno" Honjo was the first to respond looking down at the menu probably for the first times since arriving "what's the…'Magic coffee'?" he questioned, his classmates nodded in agreement also curious as to what this drink was. The hand that gripped the Yuni's tray tightened until her knuckles turned bone white and internally Yuni swore up a fit. Of all the drinks they could have picked they had to pick that one!

Keep true to the fantasy, keep true to the fantasy!

"…" another silence followed the question and all the boys, save one, leaned forward expectantly. Yuni and Yamato locked eyes once again and she knew in that instant that he could see through her character. Yamato never was the one to fall to Yuni's charms easily, oh no he saw past the giddy act and fake smile and saw the strained look to the young Korean girl who was trying with everything in her power to not flip the table they sat at and scream at them to get out and Yuni could tell by the slowly forming smirk that he was enjoying every second of it. Yuni took in a deep breath and sighed remembering that she liked this job, she wanted to keep this job…"Magic Coffee" she started "is coffee that you can transform into delicious coffee with a magic spell!" she explained, her smile becoming more and more forced by the second.

"Spell?" confusion was hard to miss among the boy Yuni had come to know so well "but how?" In the back on Yuni's mind she had actually hoped that they wouldn't question it but like all customers they did and that mean that Yuni would have to….demonstrate…

"A…Anno" she could hear her teeth grinding against one another as she tried to keep Yun-Yun on the surface "well…" once again they looked at her with expectation.

Keep true to the fantasy….Keep true…to the fantasy…..

"Well Yun-Yun-chan" Yamato mused with a hint of a chuckle in his voice, if Yuni thought she'd heard him be a smug jerk before then this was a new level of smug amusement. Another silence came to the group while Yuni tried her best to smile "How do you cast the spell?" Yamato asked, Yuni gripped the tray as hard as she could she really thought she would bend the metal. She set the tray down on the able but still clenched her hands in tight fist, she had to keep reminding herself that she liked this job and she wanted this job…she…she really wanted this job….she….really wanted this job…. With a small look of defeat Yuni sighed and shaped her hands so they formed a heart.

"Moe" she moved her hands to the left "Moe" she moved her hands to the right "Do-" she brought the heart close to her chest and "kyun!" pushed it forward towards the table. The stupid spell must have really been magic because the boys broke into giddy smiles and excited yells.

"Moe, Moe Dokyun!" the all chorused mimicking her actions and cheering happily after they did. Yuni didn't pay the giddiness much mind though, hazel was still locked onto brown as Yuni and Yamato still stared at one another.

A red hue was coming to the bridge of Yuni's nose when Yamato surveyed the girl in her cute little uniform and her hands still shaped in a heart. He could see just by the look in her eye if she could Yuni would snap at him and demand to know what he was staring at but she was on the job and they both knew it so all she could do was stand there and be the subject of Yamato amusement for however long the guys wanted to stay and judging on the looks on their faces they would be here a while.

"Does anyone actually order this?" Yamato mused to himself tearing his eyes from Yuni and snorting out a laugh at how ridiculous the whole setup was.

"Thank you for waiting, here's your magic coffee"

Yuni, and her ….masters looked towards the table next to them where two much older men with their backs to them. Glad to no longer have the attention on her for a few minutes Yuni sighed with relief allowing her hands to drop at her sides as she watched Mimi set down the two coffees for her masters.

"Oi, Oi" Kazama stared squinted eyes at the guest "Haven't we seen those guys before?"

"…" Kura broke from his happy daze and looked over at the table as well "Have we?"

"Now that I think about it" Yamato mused as well and Yuni couldn't help but agree with them quietly. The pair were no regulars if they were Yuni would have known immediately. Previously to tonight neither men had ever stepped into this café while Yuni was working but she also couldn't help but feel like she'd heard their voices before.

"Now" Mimi's voice took Yuni out of her thoughts "lets cast the spell together and make the coffee tasty!" she got ready and Yuni, still forced to be in Yun-Yun's personality, happily did as well "Moe, Moe, Dokyun!" Mimi did the spell and Yuni did as well though she didn't have to do the chant this time.

"…" the pair of men looked at one another before bashfully doing it "Moe, Moe Dokyun!" pleased by their efforts Mimi applauded them

"But Master" Mimi added "the spell isn't effective unless you try harder!"

"Hai!" the men nodded eagerly and the chanting began again.

"Ami,Ami! BEAM! Kyun Kyun~" two other maids joined in the chanting with happy giddiness that encouraged the men to try harder on a ridiculous spell that everyone knew wasn't actually real.

"Where have we seen them before?" Kazama groaned in frustration. Yamato shook his head slightly.

"I don't remember…"he muttered but his eyes weren't on the men anymore, with his chin rest in the palm of his hand Yamato's eyes found Yuni again. She wasn't staring back at him anymore because she, along with pretty much the rest of the staff of the café, turned towards the men. With her hands shaped like a heart again she joined her coworkers and chanting happily.

"Lovu, Lovu Dokyun! Nyan, nyan, nyan ,nyan isn't it yummy?" she chanted before cheering with everyone else, on the outside she looked like she was having fun but Yamato saw, she was forcing it like it was no one's business. It was only now that Yamato realized that her happy gestures and personality here were similar to how she acted outside of this place. Yuni hid behind a mask Yamato was starting to realize, there must be something much deeper in the works with this girl. As Yamato spent more time with Yuni and watched her like he was now he could see this, there was an air of sorrow behind the cute smiles and girlish giggles.

Said girl continued to clap like her coworkers but took a moment to gaze at the table she was serving, Yamato found her hazel gaze easily and within seconds Yuni looked away again and the bridge of her nose darkened into a deep scarlet Yamato had only seen on Kyona's face when Ren teased her. Yamato smirked at this.

"Ne, Yun-Yun-chan" he addressed her by her café name forcing her to bashfully look at him again, he grin at her "I look forward to your services tonight" he mused and oh the look of murder that flashed through the girls eyes.

The next chance she got Yamato was sure Yuni was going to kill him, or at least hurt him the best she could.

"Ah, so the festival is this week." The sky had darkened sine Umeki had last been awake. She sat before her vanity trying to tie her hair up in a ponytail while balancing her cellphone against her shoulder at the same time. "I figured as much but I wasn't too sure" she made a third attempt but finally gave up and settled for running her finger through her damp hair "So 3D are going to do something I'm assuming?"

"Mm" Yankumi hummed from the other end of the phone. After waking from her sleep Umeki had taken the opportunity to look at her cellphone and saw that her former homeroom teacher had call her twice at some point of the day and she was just now getting around to calling the woman back after two showers, the second one being the actual shower and the first be more for fun because a certain fool, Umeki hummed in response leaning back in her chair and crossing a leg over the other. Personally Umeki couldn't remember the last time she took part in any school activities such as festivals or clubs. To her they were all stupid and a big waste of time. Why spend more time in school when you could fine much more entertaining things to do in town? She had always thought, but knowing Yankumi even Umeki would end up being roped into all of this…

"Well let's hear it" she encouraged the teacher to speak on "What did they agree to do?"

"A café" the math teacher replied

"If that idea isn't interesting all on its own" Umeki mused trying hard not to snicker on the phone "you know that they don't have the faintest idea how to be waiters right?"

"I'm starting to figure that out" Yankumi replied sighing as she did, it was clear by the sheer frustration in her voice that those class of boys had already driven her up the wall with their antics. The nurse chuckled a bit, Yankumi teaching those boys how to be waiters was probably as easy as it was to teach Umeki and the boy proper etiquette for their graduation ceremony. She thought about it and snickered on; yea Yankumi would have lots of fun with this. "Where were you today? I left you a message"

"Ah" as if summoned somehow Hayato shuffled into the room, his hair was damp and messy from the soak in the bath he probably just came out of and he was currently topless while toweling that damp messy hair of his. The couple locked eyes for a moment before Umeki looked away biting on her lip as she did "doctor's orders" She spoke into her phone "I have to stay home and rest today"

"Since when do you listen to your doctor?" Yankumi questioned in a tone that all but bluntly suggests what both women knew she was suggesting.

"Ojou" Umeki gasped as if the very idea horrified her. "I have the upmost respect for doctors and what they think is best for me"

"Wasn't it you who wouldn't let the doctor put your I.V. in three years ago?" the math teacher questioned, if Umeki could see her face she was sure Yankumi had an eyebrow raised

"I didn't make that big of a fuss" Umeki defended

"Ume-chan, you threw the room's remote at him"

"It's was a really big needle okay?" Umeki all but snapped her cheeks going a faint pink at the memory of her freaking out in a hospital room when she was recovering from that car accident three years ago. She had thrown the remote at the unfortunate doctor, as well as a list of other things she could reach, but the son of a bitch was trying to stab her in the arm with a needle thicker than Ramen noodles could she honestly be blamed? "Either way I'll be in tomorrow so I can help out with anything you need me to" the nurse redirected the conversation preferring not talk about that incident.

"Mm" Yankumi hummed in response on her end "Hey since I have you, some of the teachers and I are heading to the bar to celebrate the coming festival, would you like to join us"

"I honestly think my drinking days are taking a very long vacation Ojou" Umeki replied, just thinking about that mess gave her a slight head ache "I'm just going to stay home" she decided and leaned back in her chair "I'll see you tomorrow"

"Alright, good night Umeki"

"Good night Ojou" just as Umeki was flipping her phone shut Hayato appeared behind her wrapping his arms around her from behind the chair. Hayato's hair looked like a downright mess not only from his attempt to dry it, which had failed apparent because it now dripped water onto Umeki, but in general.

"So how about lunch now?" Hayato mused earning a snort of a laugh immediately from Umeki though it was short lived when he leaned down and gave her bare shoulder a light kiss.

"It's far too late for lunch now" Umeki replied rolling her eyes as she did, count on Hayato to ruin a perfectly nice moment for food "its dinner time now"

"Then let's make it a very…" the male ghosted his lip across Umeki's skin moving from her shoulder to the crook of her neck, an action that caused a shiver to run up Umeki's spine "Very late lunch"

"This is sounding like another lunch that can wait" Umeki giggled under her boyfriend's kisses

"Can it?" Hayato paused eyebrow raised a bit as he eyes Umeki from the reflection of the mirror. She could see the mischief in his eyes as a foxy grin curved his lips upward. Umeki hummed as if she were thinking about it for a moment before shaking her head and wiggling out of Hayato's grip.

"I'm hungry" she replied smoothing her hands over the wrinkles of the very large t-shirt of Hayato's that she wore. Hayato whined in protest to her actions but she ignored them "I'll go and make dinner"

"Uki-chaaaan" Hayato reached out to grab Umeki's hand but she twirled away with a grin on her face "you're so mean" he pouted but Umeki simply shrugged

"I try" she mused turning on her heel and exiting the room and moving down the hallway before bouncing down the steps to the first floor. Flicking the TV on so she could hear today's news while she cooked, Umeki shuffled her way the kitchen.

"- he had no comment to respond to said rumors about his sister's decision" Umeki had caught it just as a story was wrapping up. Something or rather about some heiress living in the area, whatever it was it didn't concern Umeki so she shrugged and turned away. "Moving on, it is now day three of the retrial of Nakamaru Raidon..." this stopped the woman short from her departure from the room.

That too had been circling around town, and Japan for that matter. After seven attempts Nakamaru Raidon was granted audience for a retrial of the accounts he was found guilty of three years ago. If he was found not guilty after this he walked free. Now Umeki didn't think that was possible but they had barely gotten their guilty verdict last time.

Of the almost endless victims that had been prey to the teacher only three testified against him. That had been Umeki, Kyona and some other girl but this third girl did not want to put a face to her voice. Apparently that girl came from a very wealthy family because her name was never mentioned and she never attended a trial, her testimony had been on video recordings where you couldn't see her face or recognize her voice. The testimonies themselves weren't fantastic: Umeki had clammed up half way through, Kyona spoke so softly the jury didn't hear everything she said and the third, unknown, girl had a hard time just thinking about what happen to her.

If it hadn't been for other evidence that man might still be teaching to this day. Now he wanted his freedom back. Umeki leaned against the door way just watching the screen with clenched teeth. She hugged herself, digging her nails into her arms as they showed footage of him leaving the courtroom surrounded by policemen.

"Get off!" Umeki shrieked trying to push the teacher's hands away from their place under her skirt where his fingers had hooked the edges of her underwear. Now in a panic she franticly swatted his hands away from her swinging wildly each time the teacher tried to put them back. He snarled at her to stop but she simply shook her head and continued to fight him but it was useless.

The screen displayed the reactions of those at the trial when Nakamaru was declared guilty. Umeki's reaction had been the most memorable after all; she hadn't waited to be alone to react. She had been so glad, so relieved that such a monster would be taken away that the tears came out of her eyes before she could think to stop them. One minute she was sitting calmly, neutral faced beside Hayato as the charges were read out and then the next, as soon as the word 'guilty' was read out, the screen showed her bursting into tears and covering her face while Hayato held her close. The next shot was of the Taguchi family. Kyona's family had her surrounded with a ring of love and devotion, the girl had her mother in a tight embrace and Umeki could just barely make out her faintly red hair past the protective arms of her older brother who hugged her from behind. Taguchi-san encircled his whole family and held them tightly as if he could shield them from the world.

"Keep still!" he hissed fighting with her still as she continued to push his hands away. When he was fed up with fighting her he took her hands in one of his and held them tightly "The harder you fight the angrier I get, do you want me to be angry Umeki-chan?" but she didn't care. With a grunt and a hard shove at his chest Umeki knocked the teacher back and clean off his chair. Startled by her sudden strength he let her wrist go giving her an opening to get away. Standing up so fast her chair fell over Umeki spun on her heel and made for a quick getaway but stopped short when she felt his fingers wrapped about her ankle.

"If we remember Matsushima Umeki, one of the victims in the case, was once charged with attempted murder on this same teacher" the reporter went on with her story displaying the old footage of the very first time Umeki was arrested. The screen flashed with all the photos being taken of her, the once very young and very innocent Umeki, being walked out of her junior high school in cuffs. Her skin was ghost white and her face was splatter with his blood, that monsters blood, Nakamaru's blood. It zoomed in on her and she showed brief surprise on the screen and then indifference and she was guided through the crowd. The much older Umeki watched this from where she stood, her lips pressed together in a thin line. "It was later discovered, during the trial, that this assault was in fact self-defense"

Umeki yelped loudly as she tripped just as the door was in reach and slammed against the nearest deck hard before falling on her face even harder. She saw stars for a moment as books and paperwork slipped from the deck she hit and rained down on her.

"You're not going anywhere" Nakamaru growled crawling towards Umeki until he loomed over her taking advantage of her disorientation, he rolled her onto her back so she could stare up at him. Her brown eyes flashed with fear and she shook with it as she whimpered out and quietly begged the man to stop but all he did was grin at her.

"Please" Umeki continued to whimper "Please don't do this-"

"Don't worry" he spoke with fake sweetness, he caressed her cheek "It doesn't hurt" Umeki squeaked when he pressed his body flush against her and began planting kisses down her neck. Umeki whined in protest pushing him but he weighed too much "Or at least that's what the others said afterwards" he commented in her ear to her dismay.

"No…" Umeki whimpered out feeling the teachers hands begin to wonder again, the room was quiet besides his heavy breathing until Umeki heard the unzipping of his pants.

"Umeki" a hand dropped onto Umeki's shoulder taking her from her vivid flashbacks and making her nearly jump clean out of her skin. Hayato took a step back from her letting her go and holding his hands up giving her space. He hadn't expected this kind of reaction from her after their actives all day. Her skin had been flush and glowing when she'd went downstairs leaving Hayato to get dressed alone. He'd expected to smell some of her good cooking within minutes but when he didn't he had gotten worried.

Umeki was still on the mend after all, she might have fallen and hurt herself on her way to the kitchen. Worried, Hayato went down stairs to find his girlfriend perfectly fine watching what sounded like the news. He'd called her name but she never answered until finally he placed a hand on her shoulder and scared the life out of her. When she turned to look at him it was obvious she wasn't in the state she had left him in. Her lovely flush skin had lost all color and as Hayato stared into Umeki's face he swore for a moment he was looking three years into the past as the fragile Umeki he remembered asking him to take her away. Something was wrong.

"Hayato…" Umeki breathed out his name, her expression relaxed but her shoulders remained tense even in his presence "you scared me"

"Are you alright?" Hayato questioned watching his girlfriend carefully as she breathed out a sigh and ran her fingers through her hair. She nodded but her eyes looked at everything but into his and once she finished brushing her hair out of her face both her hands made their way down her waist as if searching for something. Umeki may have changed a great deal in the three years since she'd graduated Kurogin but Hayato would always be able to spot Umeki's tells. When she was angry, when she was stressed, when she was nervous or embarrassed even when she was just faking being angry. Of all her tells there was one that Hayato never missed, when she searched herself for some imaginary pockets. It was a habit she had developed in Kurogin; whenever Umeki felt that she was getting too emotional for her liking she would take a shell, given to her by Tscucchi, out of her blazer pocket, press it against her ear and cower into herself. She'd tune the rest of the world out for a while until she felt like she was on stable ground enough to continue on. When Hayato had asked her once Umeki told him she imagined herself on a beach being taken away by the waves until she was actually floating in a sea in her own mind, it centered her and gave her a sense of calm.

Umeki didn't use that shell anymore, there wasn't much reason for her to, but she never was able to drop the habit of searching for it and it only meant one thing… Hayato craned his neck to look into the living room at the program Umeki had been watching before he had come downstairs. It was the news and they were running that damn report on Nakamaru again recounting all that Umeki had gone through because of that man.

"I…I'm okay" Umeki replied quietly her eyes finally finding the floor instead of Hayato's face. He stared at her for a moment before scowling at the TV shuffling into the living room. Umeki turned and watched him walk up to the TV and shut it off right in the middle of the reporter's statement. Silence enveloped the two of them and for once Umeki wanted to break it, she felt like she should "…" she opened her mouth to speak but no words found her as she stared at Hayato's bare back. The silence continued for two more agonizing minutes before Hayato sighed.

"Go lay down Umeki" he told her "I'll make us something to eat"

"…" Umeki continued to stare at his back for a moment more before nodding "Hai…" she turned and hurried back up the steps. Now left in silence again Hayato let out yet another sigh.

And after they had been having such a good day.

Damn that Nakamaru bastard, damn him to hell

"Moe Moe Dokyu, Moe Moe BEAM!"

Yuni was trying her best to keep an ever so calm face right now but she could feel her inner will power slowly beginning to fade on her. Just a few minutes ago Yuni's shift at the café had ended. The costume was taken off and put away, Yun-Yun was tucked away for the next day of work and now Yuni walked with the guy aimlessly. It had grown dark since Yuni had started work but in the tunnels they walked under there was enough light for the Korean girl so at least make out the shapes of everyone around her. It was a far cry from perfect vision but she couldn't complain. Still she kept her grip on Yamato's arm firm and life always he didn't seem to mind at all. He was more amused with the actions of his classmate then he could ever be annoyed with having to take care of Yuni. As they chanted on Yuni could help but let out an annoyed sigh.

"I hate you all" she muttered lowly turning her gaze to the concrete below their feet but still managing to get Yamato's attention. He glanced at her with a smirk that she couldn't see but a chuckle she could heard and that brought heat to her face. The fact that of all people in the universe to see her working at a café it had to be Yamato and his friend that saw her was the ultimate form of humiliation for her. It didn't help that Yamato got such a kick out of all of this, she sent him a furious glare and elbowed him as hard as she could in his side. Not bothered by it Yamato simply chuckled "Shut up" Yuni snapped quietly "It's not funny"

"No it's not" Yamato agreed grinning down at Yuni and her ever so heated glare "it's hilarious-oof!" his chuckle ended in a loud grunt when Yuni elbowed him again only with enough force this time to knock the wind out of him for a moment. "Ow" Yamato whined

"You deserved it" Yuni replied

"How did you end up in a place like this anyway?"

"It was the part time job Nana made me get when we were saving up money for Honjo-senpai" Yuni explained easing her glare and turning her head to look ahead. Her vision was blurry but she could make out the prancing figures of the other boys ahead of them "I liked it so I kept it"

"But a café waitress?" Yamato raised an eyebrow at her

"It's not about the job itself" Yuni replied quietly earning a curiously, she was now looking at her free hand "it's the money that I earned with my own two hands…"

It was a curious answer if Yamato had ever heard one, she was a teenager after all if the money she got from her parents was to take care of the home front then the rest she'd obviously have to earn herself but she talked like earning her own money was something she once thought was impossible. He would have questioned her but they were interrupted by a loud crash. The pair stopped beside the others and Yamato looked to the side down the way they had been about to walk.

"What is it?" Yuni whispered softly now gripping Yamato's arm with both hands instead of one "What was that noise?" whatever it was the guys saw was too far for Yuni to make out even as she squinted her eyes.

"It's a shakedown" Honjo observed watching as a gang of thug surrounded some poor guy bullying him for his money. The group watched as the guy gave up his wallet and all of its content. The gang's leader took it and looked it over before tossing it yelling that it wasn't enough. It was at that point that they looked in the gang's direction

"What are you lookin at?" one of them yelled out making Yuni jump in her place.

"That sounds like trouble" she gripped tighter

"We should run" Yamato advised but it was too late, they thug were heading their way allowing their previous victim space to run away, their leader throwing his money after him.

"You got a problem?" as they drew closer the gang turned to face them while Yamato easily pushed Yuni behind him. It was no use getting her caught up in all of this, Nana would most certainly have his head if Yuni got hurt.

"No, we don't" Kura replied sheepishly waving a timid hand as if to dismiss any misunderstandings between the two of them.

"Wait a sec…" This voice came from behind the gang, from their leader as he made his way through the crowd to stare at the boys.

"Yamato" Yuni whispered peeking from behind Yamato taking in the blurry image of a large group of new people whose voices she didn't recognize "What's going on? Who are they?"

"Be quiet" Yamato muttered back to her pushing her behind him again trying is best to block her from view with his body.

"Oi…" the leader came into view looking the teenager's over "Aren't you from Akadou?"

"Yes, we are" Kura confirmed

"They're Goda-san's Kohai then?" one of the gang members commented from the back of the group.

"Goda…" from her place behind Yamato Yuni muttered the name aloud "Where have I heard that name before…" Yamato tensed up pushing the girl farther behind him.

"They're not lower or upperclassmen" this Goda character jumped in before anyone else from his gang could say anymore "Anyone can get into Bakadou academy"

"That so true!" one of the guys behind Goda added and the gang as a whole shared a laugh but the boys they stood before did not share the chuckle. None of them found it amusing because they actually like the school now. Ask any of them before Yankumi had showed up all enthusiastic and dorky and they would have whole heartedly agreed. They would have said how stupid the school was and what a waste of time it was to be there but that wasn't the case now.

"There's nothing interesting at that school right?" Goda spoke when he was able to stop laughing though he continued to chuckle a bit

"That's not true" silence quickly came after this comment and now Yuni was tense going from gripping his arm to clenching the back of his blazer with both hands tucking her face against his back. After Yamato had silenced the gang he took a couple of steps forward and Yuni, still gripping his blazer, followed.

"Huh?" Goda arched a brow at Yamato

"That school isn't half bad" Yamato spoke on and kept walking until he stood before the gang leader

"That's right" Kazama spoke up now taking a couple of steps until he stood beside Yamato "It's not that bad" Yuni was starting to learn after spending so much time with these guys, one of the thing older thugs seemed to not appreciate is when younger kids try to get smart with them.

Yuni had seen similar things happen in school with Nana and some other girls. Of the countless fight that the young red hair girl had gotten herself into most of them had started because Nana had been acting like a wise-ass to some upperclassman others it was because some lowerclassman was trying to be cute with Nana. Either way when stuff like that happen things tended to get violent very quickly. From the tense silence that followed Yuni could only guess that it would be the same case here. She chanced a peek from behind Yamato. This Goda, of what Yuni could make of the blurry image of his face, didn't look as amused as he had sounded a minute ago.

"Hey fools" he snarled, Yuni tried not to squeak as Goda's gang moved from their place behind him and started to surround them "don't get smart with us or else…" there was a shuffle of feet and the next thing Yuni knew the guys had forced a circle around her keeping her from view and ranched of the thugs surrounding them. Ren took in a deep breath and sighed leaning forward a bit to meet Goda's eye level, goodness he was tall Yuni couldn't help but think.

"What shall we do?" he questioned getting a sigh immediately from Yamato.

"Let's do it" he replied shuffling from where he stood, with a quick shrug he was able to get Yuni's grip from his blazer and judging by the way he looked back at her for a second she was sure he could feel the stare she was burning into the back of his head. Do it? Do what? He didn't mean fight did he? Because Yuni wasn't a very good fighter that was a given! The last time she'd gotten into a fight she'd had he butt handed back to her along with a busted lip a number of nasty bruises and the mother of all headaches. She was about to quietly point that out to Yamato but the words were caught in her throat when the boy reached behind him and his hand found hers gripping it tightly. Yuni let out a slight strangled noise at the action gazing down at their hands. If the situation wasn't so serious she would have flash crimson at this point.

"Oh!" Kazama's sudden outburst broke Yuni's trail of thought and she gave him a started look as he suddenly pointed to the sky. The others looked up as well and so did Yuni but it didn't matter, whatever he was pointing Yuni wouldn't be able to see it.

"A flying pig!" Kura yelled pointing as well.

A flying what?

"Eh?" Yuni scrunched up her face at the statement looking through the black sky above her for any sign of this flying pig. Goda and his gang looked up as well with sounds of doubt and bewilderment and that was the opening they guys needed.

"Run for it!" Before Yuni could even think about what Honjo had just yell the boy around her took off running in a loud chorus of yells that echoed down the tunnel. Yamato ran as well yanking Yuni with him before she had a chance to say or do anything. Keeping his grip on her hand tight, Yamato ran with his classmates and forced Yuni to run with them.

Down the tunnel they went yelling and screaming, their heavy footsteps joining the loud noise echoing around them. Yuni could hear Goda and his crew running after them yell curses and things of the like as they ran. As she ran Yuni looked back but with her limited vision she really couldn't see anything so she looked ahead of her again and just let Yamato take her where ever it was they were running.

The gang made a right around a corner and then another right and another after that one. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were running in a circle but running in a circle was a hell of a lot better than getting caught by Goda. So Yuni held onto Yamato's hand tightly and she kept running thanking the gods that she was so athletic or she'd be dying right now. Suddenly, after another one of their right turns, Yamato yanked Yuni close to him. She fell into him with a soft grunt gripping his blazer to steady herself before looking up at him with wide, partially blind, eyes.

"Wh-wha?!" she stammered out as Yamato back up and dragged Yuni with him. Yuni blinked rapidly feeling her cheeks catch fire immediately "What are you-"

"Shhh" from where they hid a street lamb hung high over their head and Yuni could see Yamato's face perfectly. He held a finger to his lips and shushed her before pointing behind her. Yuni looked; Kazama looked back at them with look of mischief on his face. He, along with the other eyes, held trash bins and bag in their hands facing the opening that they had come from getting ready for something but what?

"Stop you bastards!" Goda's voice echoed from a short distance away. Yuni could hear him rounded the corner they had rounded a few minutes ago.

"Now!" Kazama yelled throwing the bin he had in his hand while the rest of the guys threw what they had in their hands before picking up the rest of the trash and throwing it. The bin Kazama had thrown hit one of the thugs square in the side of his head sending him falling sideways onto the ground and his fellow gang member followed suit. Even Goda tripped over a garbage bag and sent to the ground. At the sight Yuni couldn't help but squeal out in surprise before a laugh bubbled out of her.

"You got tricked!" Icchi declared jumping out of their hiding spot the others followed quickly taking a moment to take in their good work. Yuni had to admit, seeing such scary guys fall for such a stupid trick was very funny and she joined the guys in laughing at them. Kura leaned forward and pinched his nose

"I smell dummies!" he yelled at them before turning round and smacking his butt "Pig ass!" with another chorus of laughter and a few more snide remark for Goda and his gang they teenagers turned tail and started running again. Goda's gang cursed and yelled and chased them down.

It felt like they had been running all night long but Yuni didn't care at the moment. Ducking through crowds and hiding in allies, for some reason all of this, everything she had previously thought would scare the life out of her, was making her smile and laugh and giggle.

That night Yuni ran through town with Akadou's class 3D while holding on so tightly to Yamato's hand.

And for once she felt like she was having the time of her life.

The house was quiet for the first time all day.

The television had been shut off and nothing was running. Nothing that could possibly make a sound was up and running at the moment and that was how it had to be because that was what was needed for Hayato to get Umeki to come out of that room. It used to be her mother's bedroom but since the woman had up and ran it served a different purpose. Hayato didn't know what exactly she did in that room, she always locked the door behind her, but he knew the room served as her quiet place and that she often lost track of time when she was in it. She'd locked herself here as soon as Hayato had sent her upstairs.

"Umeki" Hayato gave the door before him a soft knock to get her attention "It's getting late, you should go to bed now"

Silence, Umeki made no reply or sound to let Hayato know she had heard him.

"Come on Umeki" Hayato urged her "you have work tomorrow, do you want to face those boys half asleep?" there was a shuffling sound from within the room after he said this and moments later the door opened and Umeki stood in the doorway with her head hung so her hair covered her face. The couple stood in utter silence for a couple of seconds before Umeki tipped forward and let all her weight fall onto Hayato. He didn't mind, he welcomed it actually wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly. "Come on" he spoke "let's get you to bed" he bent down and with ease scooped Umeki up and off her feet before carrying her down the hall to their room. When they arrived Hayato set Umeki down before lying down beside her pulling her close allowing her to rest her head in the crook of his neck like she always did as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"He won't get that appeal" Umeki's voice came out softly "but it's been three days..."

"Don't worry" Hayato spoke up immediately his hand went from Umeki's waist to rubbing her bare shoulder "even if he gets out I won't let him get anywhere near you" Umeki took in a deep breath and sighed, her tense muscles relaxed under Hayato's fingers.

"I know..." Umeki replied softly