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Tidus' POV

Well, after all of that we had an uneventful trip back to the islands. True we warped, but hey. Anyway, we left the gummi at the very outskirts of the world and teleported to the Secret Place. It was one of the few places we knew would be empty, especially since it was sunrise. We headed to the pier and waited for Selphie and Wakka's inevitable arrival. They arrived at the same time as each other, surprised to see us. We just smiled and pretended we'd spent a few days at the back of the island. Theat is, before they noticed mine and Sora's eyes.

"Hey, why have your eyes changed colour?" Selphie asked. We glanced at each other uncertainly.

I've got it! I thought. "We found some people doing some kind of experiment. Me and Sora watched, then they ran away. After that it exploded. Some chemical got into our eyes, changing the colour." I explained.

"That makes sense, ya." Wakka said. "Did it hurt?"

"A little. It was surprisingly painless. Anyway, what have you been up to?"

Well, I got to go abroad for the week." Selphie said. "It was freezing there! Seriously, you should go to warm places for summer, not cold ones!"

"I was out of town. Blitzball tournament, mon." Wakka said. "What about you guys?"

"We didn't do anything special. We just hung out." Riku said.

"What was really strange though, is that I couldn't actually contact you. I must have called like twenty times!" Selphie said, a puzzled look on her face. "Why not?"

"Well, you get really bad signal here and we spent the week camping on this island." Kairi lied, grinning. "Anyway, did either of you find someone?" They both blushed.

"Well...? Sora asked.

"Well, we kinda both did..." Wakka said nervously.

"You fell in love with each other, didn't you?" I asked, grinning. They opened their mouths. "No, no, no. Don't bother denying it. It's kinda obvious." They blushed an ever darker shade. Hey, that means we've all fallen in love!"

"Really? I'm sure that Sora and Kairi are a couple, but what about you two?" Selphie asked.

"Actually, it's Riku and Kairi who fell for each other." Sora said. "And as for me and Tidus, well..." He kissed my cheek. Selphie gave out a little shriek.

"OMG! I never realized you two were gay! Oh, that is so hot!" She was hyper. And, a fan-girl? That was something I never expected.

"Yes Selphie." I tried to calm her down. All of us did. She was too hyper.

We spent the rest of the day spread across the island. Wakka and Selphie were in the tree-house, Riku and Kairi on the second, smaller beach. Me and Sora sat next to each other on the oddly shaped Paopu tree. He threw me something. "Tidus! Catch!" I caught it. It was a Paopu fruit. "Fancy one between us?"

I grinned, then took a bite, giving it to him for the next. We ate it like that until it was all gone. "You do know the myth about the Paopu fruit, right?" I asked.

"Yep. Our destinies are now even more intertwined than before. I find it hard to believe they could be though." Sora said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there must be something about our Keyblades. You know, Remembrance and Forgiveness. And don't forget about our time as Tidora."

"True. Anyway, let's get down to it." I said, then pulled him off the tree and pinned him to the ground. I kissed his lips gently, then smashed my lips into his. While he ran his hands up and down my back, I tried to pull him even closer than he already was. We lent away from each other for air, then I kissed him again, this time getting my tongue in his mouth. I played with his tongue before finishing my exploration of his mouth. The kiss must have lasted five minutes before we had to break it, panting. When I regained my breath, I grinned again. "Ready for more?" I asked. He nodded, then I started to pull off his shirt... (A/N Did you really think I would write about that? Seriously, this isn't M rated.)

The years passed, all of us happy. The four of us had visited Aqua and Ventus once their world had been repaired. It was called The Land of Departure and was quite nice place. There was even another friend of theirs there now, a man called Terra. He was apparently the one who let Riku use his Keyblade. If that was the case, I still had no clue as to who let me use it. That is, until a night a couple of months later. But that's another thing. We also visited Caasi and co. whenever we could. Caasi and Caixsa's relationship was much more...involved now and both Ettol and Nagem had fallen in love. Their lives had all wound up quite well.

As for us, well, we were all happy. Riku had gone into journalism while Kairi wrote poetry. They had married pretty much as soon as they could. They now had a lovely pair of twins, Stephanie and Andrew. Both were two years old. I'd bought a house for me and Sora from my profits as an author, writing sci-fi stories that were surprisingly popular. He had become a primary school teacher, working with five year old's. They all loved him and were sad when they had to move on. None of them loved him more than me though. Every day, I greeted him with a cuddle. Then while he marked all of the work they'd done, I continue working on whatever book I was writing. We normally finished by six, at which time one of us started to cook. We alternated weeks for cooking. Then, we settled down to watch a film for the night, or read together, or did something to pass the time for which we could cuddle up next to each other. Then, late at night, we headed up to our bedroom, we made sure James was asleep, then went to bed ourselves, often ending up with a very nice event occurring.

James was our seven year old son. We'd adopted him soon after we moved into this house. He was four when we adopted him. He was a quiet boy, but still seemed popular. We loved him with all our hearts. And he loved us, though I think he preferred Sora to me. He always called me 'Mum' too, but that was probably so it wouldn't be so confusing.

I sighed at looked back at my work, the result of two trips to another world, two years of racking my brains and twenty years over which our tale took place. Twenty chapters, the story of how I fell in love with Sora and our subsequent adventure. A tale I had to tell. The door opened and I smiled as Sora walked in. "Finished?" He asked.

"At long last." I yawned as Sora massaged my shoulders. "Twenty chapters, retelling our life, the more exciting parts anyway, I skipped the time before you arrived back at the islands. I had to get some things from the others but I did it." He rubbed my neck.

"You do remember that this will be passed as fiction, right?"

"So long as it's published, I don't really mind." I leaned back and kissed his chin, grinning. "Anyway, your turn for making dinner tonight. What do you have planned?"

"Well, since James is at a friend's house, I made something special, just for the two of us." He smiled and kissed my forehead. So no going into the Dining Room 'til I call you." I stood and took both his hands in mine, the matching rings on our fingers shining in the light from the computer.

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