The Princess of Tennis!

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Rika woke up that morning in her brother's bed to discover she had slept in her tennis clothes. Groaning she decided to quickly change into a pair of her pajamas and go down stairs for breakfast that her mother had already prepared for her. "Hey mom" she yawned happy to be greeted by the smell of pancakes. "Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?" She gave a nod and plopped down in her chair and quickly began stuffing her face.

She managed to finish all her breakfast and was about to go upstairs and figure out how to get outside when her mother called over to her "Rika, are you sure everything is alright?" Rika nodded "Of course mom, I'm fine" "If you're sure" she sighed "It's just we haven't been seeing you around lately, you're away for all hours for the night and when you do get home you're so exhausted that you can't even say hi to us anymore" Feeling a wave of guilt wash over her she smiled "Well of course I feel tired, I have to whip those girls into shape if I plan on catching up to Ryoma" she smiled through her lie.

Understanding and pretty much expecting that kind of reaction from her daughter the older woman smiled and allowed her to ascend the stair way to her bedroom. "I am the worst daughter in the history of forever" she mumbled to herself changing clothes.

Grabbing her school bag and tennis gear, she promptly tossed it out the window just before she climbed down the ladder she had strategically hidden and placed a few nights before she got to the ground. She waited outside on the first corner for her brother as she had done so many times before.

It almost scared her how normal her new routine had been. She was wondering how she managed to hide a 10ft ladder when her brother came up to her.

They headed over to school. "Are you alright?" Ryoma asked her roughly over half way through the trip. "Yea, why?" "You're quiet" he said bluntly "No ranting about people you don't like, no hyperactive jumping around, you haven't even asked to copy the math homework I know you didn't do" Rika's eyes went wide "We had math homework?!" "It's math we always have homework" he responded holding it in front of his sister.

She groaned "Don't worry about it, I've got this" she told him jogging past the school gates. She saw someone "Hey, Ryoma I'll see you inside. He gave a confused look. "Don't worry, I'll be in class before the late bell rings" she said running off. Ryoma decided to let it go and head off to class.

"Fuji-sempai!" she called catching up the guy. "Good morning Riku, I trust you're doing well" She nodded "Yea, good morning to you too sempai" she cleared her throat, opening her mouth to speak "How is that whole Tezuka thing going?" Quickly clamping it shut. "I don't know what you're talking about" he let out a soft chuckle "Valentine's day is coming up next week" he added. "So, what do I care?" Rika tried to play defiant.

"Today's Friday by the way" he walked off but she followed him. "Do you want me to give you some chocolates?" she giggled. "You could but you and I both know who you would rather give the chocolates to" Once again she clamped her mouth shut "Look I'm not saying I do but even if I did Tezuka doesn't like boys" Fuji looked over to her "You're right, but then again you're not a boy" she sighed trying to relive herself of the stress she was feeling.

"Either way Tezuka thinks I'm a girl so it makes the whole argument moot" Tezuka stopped walking and thought "I'm not so sure" her eyes widened "That's impossible, if Tezuka knew he wouldn't have-" "What if he doesn't know yet?" "Fuji-sempai you're not going to-" "Of course not, but think about it" she looked confused. "Aside from the way you look what part of you is a guy and even your look is thinly veiled" she looked herself over "What are you talking about" his eternal smile grew. "Don't worry too much about it" she was about to question him but the five minute bell rang "I've got to go" she yelled running off to class.

Class was boring and Rika had got chewed out for not doing her math homework. At the very least she could take her frustrations out on the tennis ball. Wiping her face of sweat she happily stepped off of the court. Eiji hooked her neck with his arm "Riku, you were amazing today!" he cooed. Rika being herself happily accepted the praise. "Thanks, I'm happy you noticed" she smiled "Between the training I got from you guys and Tezuka I'm better than ever" she beamed. Eiji blinked. "Let's celebrate!" Eiji cheered.

Rika let off a confused expression "After you're done with Tezuka let's go to that arcade we went to last time" Rika eagerly nodded. Oishi called for Eiji and he decided to head off "See you soon?" "Yeah, I'll be there by around 6!" they shared a smile and parted ways.

Now excited Rika went over to Tezuka. "You're problem is simple" He began as she plopped down on the grass. "You know you've always had problem with your endurance" "Yeah I know, people just can't help but remind me every five minutes" she pouted and rolled over onto her back "But my endurance is better than ever. "But you're still falling back into your bad habits" he began silencing her. "To compensate you would always give more than you had at the beginning of a match to make up for the near to nothing you have by the end" Rika was still silent. "So today you'll have to learn how to spread your energy evenly" "Boring" she droned before popping her head up "Hey, why don't we have a match that'll do the same thing right?" Tezuka brought out a water bottle.

"I thought you would act that way, so I had Inui whip up a freh batch of Inui juice just for you" he said handing it to her. "If you can drink that whole thing then you can have a match with me" She looked from the water bottle to Tezuka "I'll be good" she pouted.

Once again leaving the court sore in places she didn't even know existed Rika t to the arcade where Eiji was standing waiting for her. "Eiji-sempai!" she smiled. They were probably about an hour in when Eiji had to stop the girl in the middle of her cotton candy induced sugar high. "Uh, Riku can I ask you something?" She shrugged. "Sure, ask me anything sempai" Eiji suddenly got embarrassed "You're not a boy are you" Panic overwhelmed her. "What are you talking about?" she asked trying to look offended "I didn't really notice at first, but after a while I thought maybe and then I-" he cut himself off face bright red. "What are you talking about "Well, remember when you gave me a hug after I had finished a match?" he asked barely able to speak face only getting a red. She nodded "Well I-I kind might have felt…something" he said softly. Finally understanding Rika's face grew an equal shade if red. "Then I figured out that it wasn't just that, you're face, your behavior and even the way you talked; all of those were just like a girl"

He looked away "We were here when I figured it out and I called you by your real name, Rika" his face was now starting to turn back to its normal color. "Please don't tell!" were the only words she could think of. "I didn't know what else to do and only you, Ryoma and Fuji know" she confessed, her secret wasn't feeling so secret anymore.

"I won't but I thought you should know that I know" he sighed. "I'm not sure why you're doing this but I'm sure you have a good reason, I'll help you if I can" Rika smiled. "Thank you so much Eiji sempai" She smiled at him once again

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