Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything. If I did, Arthur would be made to run around in a chicken suit for an entire episode.

Summary: The real reason why Sir Leon never dies. And why Camelot never runs out of Knights.

This idea sort of popped into my mind, so I decided to make a short story from it. Hope you enjoy, and please review!

One day, Arthur, Merlin, and several knights (including Sir Leon) decided to go hunting. While they hunted, they were attacked by bandits. Of course, the bandits were soon killed, and Arthur and Merlin were the only ones left alive, like always. Once they returned to the Camelot, Merlin realized that Sir Leon was there, safe and sound. After incidents like this happened several times, Merlin got curious enough to ask.

"How are you still alive? Not that I want you dead or anything!" Merlin asked the very-much-alive Sir Leon.

"Well I guess you're trustworthy enough to tell. Promise you'll keep it a secret?"

"Of course." Merlin assured him. He had the suspicion that it was magic, since that could be the only solution.

"Well, I'm actually a robot." Sir Leon explained.

"A robot? I don't think those have even been invented yet!" Merlin exclaimed.

"Well during the Great Purge, Uther mad a witch mad and was accidently sent to the future. It was a traumatic experience for him. He kept almost getting hit by cars, kept getting lost, and he couldn't figure out how those glowing magic boxes worked. And since he thought they were magic, he kept smashing them, which kept getting him arrested.

But anyway, he brought some robots with him once he figured out how to come back to Camelot. Then he had some engineers examine them and make more of them. I'm one of those copies!" Leon declared proudly. "Oh, and most of the other knights of Camelot are robots too. That's why we never run out!"

"Are robots magic?"

"No of course not. Robots are science! If we were magic, Uther would destroy us!" Leon said with an oddly cheerful manner.

"I see then. Can you prove that you're a robot?" Merlin asked, suspecting that Sir Leon might be playing a trick on him.

"Sure!" Sir Leon said, and proceeded to unscrew his head.

"Okay I believe you! Now put your head back on!" Merlin cried, more than a bit freaked out. Sir Leon did as he was asked, wondering why Merlin seemed so distressed.

"Well okay then. I um, have to go gather herbs for Gaius now. Bye Sir Leon!" Merlin said, desperate to get away from the robot. He planned on going to sleep, and pretending this was all a dream.

This was written in like, 5 minutes so it's not the best. Oh well, hope it was kind of funny :D