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One Year Later

"Edward…I really need to pee!" Bella yelled and she could hear him laughing through the door.

"Okay…okay but I will never get these cream puffs finished if you keep interrupting me!" Edward chuckled as he pushed through the swinging door and jumped out of the way when she ran past him into the back.

"Love you!" She called before she disappeared into the kitchen.

"Silly girl." Edward said under his breath as he took his place behind the counter and crouched down to check how many bagels they had in the display cabinet. The bells above the door chimed and Edward stood up with a smile. The grin fell from his lips when he saw who was standing in front of him.

"Hello, Edward." Kate purred as she leaned her elbows on the counter, pushing her breasts together under the low cut top she was wearing. Her hair was longer than it had been the last time he saw her and she looked harsher and older, but all he could picture when he saw her was how she looked the day he left her.

"Kate." He said, his voice emotionless and his eyes locked on hers. He could not be tempted by her, not with his dream girl in the back.

"I stopped by last year but you were out. You had a little…thing working behind the counter then. Is she still here?" Kate said, picking at her nails as she insulted Bella. Edward could feel his rage building but would not let her words get to him.

"That 'little thing' is my wife, and the best thing that has ever happened to me…show some respect." He growled but inside he was smiling at the memory of their quiet wedding eight months earlier. It had been perfect. Bella was stunning in the delicate white dress and they had both cried as the minister pronounced them husband and wife. They partied through the night and when Edward drove them towards the airport so they could escape to the beachfront hotel in Bermuda for their honeymoon, he thought his life could not get any better. How wrong he had been.

"Oh you silly man. You really should have just waited for me. We could have so much now." Kate said as she walked around the counter on her ridiculously high heels and stood in front of him. Her blood red nails ran down his chest and he wanted to break her hand. When the door swung open, Edward looked over at his wife and saw her eyes widen. Kate followed his gaze and she laughed.

"Wow…you sure did pork up." She giggled, pointing her finger in Bella's direction.

"She's pregnant, you fucking bitch!" Edward snarled as his hands clenched into fists at the sight of Bella's tears. She was so hormonal and sensitive about her size, but she was carrying twins for God sakes. Anyone would be huge at seven months and pregnant with twins.

"Get out. Get the fuck out of my bakery and don't come back." He said, his voice calm but venomous. Kate reached for him, her smile deadly but he side stepped her and pulled Bella into his arms. "You mean nothing to me Kate. It took me a while but I realized you never really did. This woman is worth a thousand of you on her worst day. Now get out before I throw you out."

Kate looked at him with disdain.

"I heard about what happened to her. I hope you enjoy damaged goods. Are you sure that kid is even yours?" She snarled as she crossed her arms over her breasts and smirked.

"Bitch!" A voice called out seconds before Kate disappeared in a mess of hands and blonde hair and screams. Rose had a hold of Kate's hair and was pulling for all she was worth.

"Don't you DARE talk about my sister that way." Rose cried as she tried to gouge Kate's eyes out with her nails, but her belly was too big for her to reach. Edward tried to pull his nine month pregnant sister-in-law off of his ex, but she was not having any of it. Edward held her under her arms and yanked her to her feet as Kate scampered up off the floor, her hair and clothes disheveled. "You don't get to speak to ANYONE like that after the way you treated Edward." Rose whispered as she swatted Edward's hands away and went to Bella. The girls embraced the best they could with their bellies in the way.

Kate gave Edward one last look before straightening her shirt and storming from the bakery. Edward turned around, expecting to see both girls in tears but they were giggling instead.

"Come feel Edward, they're playing." Bella laughed as she reached for his hands and put one on her belly and one on Rose's. He could feel the little bumps and nudges against his hand as his niece or nephew and his children 'played' with each other. He looked down at his wife and the mother of his children and could not help but smile. Kate's little tirade was already behind him. What was in front of him was his future.


"Are you sure you don't want to know?" The doctor asked and both Bella and Edward laughed. Not finding out the sex of their twins was the hardest thing they had done. Everyone wanted to know what they were, but they decided to keep it a surprise.

"We're sure." Bella sighed as she turned further onto her side to try and get more comfortable. At this point it was useless. She was going to be uncomfortable to matter which way she turned. Edward rubbed her back and pushed her hair off her forehead. He wished he could do something to help her, but other than rubbing her feet and making sure she had everything she craved there was little he could do.

He had been scared shitless when they had first found out they were pregnant because it was right in the middle of Mike and Tyler's trial. He was petrified that the stress of having to give her testimony and just be in the same room as those animals would harm Bella or the baby. But she was a warrior on the stand and in the court room. She never waivered, never even gave them the satisfaction of seeing her sweat. And only when they were both found guilty did she let her tears flow, and Edward had held her tight while she cried.

After their appointment with the doctor, they loaded up into the car and headed towards their favorite store, Babies 'R' Us. While they already had most everything they needed, or thought they needed, they still liked to cruise the aisles and check out all the cool gear.

"Bella…look at this!" Edward exclaimed, pulling Bella away from the display of breast pumps. She could only smile at him as he held up the little tiny chef's hat and apron.

"I think it'll be a little while before they can join you in the kitchen Edward." Bella giggled as she threw two sets into their cart. "But we'll get them anyway."

Edward pulled her into his arms and kissed her senseless right there in the middle of the store. She had given him everything he ever wanted. She was everything and he made sure he told her every chance he got.


"Edward…" Bella whined as he dodged her hands. She was uncomfortable and cranky and all she wanted was him. "Please?" She begged as she rolled over onto her hands and knees, her bare belly swaying beneath her, nearly hitting the bed. He tried to hold in his laugh but out it came.

"Are you fucking laughing at me Edward?" She growled and he came up behind her, his hands running up and down her spine.

"Nope…not me." He said as he brought his hand down over her ass cheek and to where she was soaked and needy. She arched her back and pushed against his hand and he could not help but free himself from his pajama pants and thrust into her. He kept his motions nice and shallow and brought his hand around to pull and tug on her nipples. Before long she was crying out and trembling against him and only then did he allowed himself to let go and cum. She collapsed onto her side and smiled up at him. He smirked back as he went into the bathroom to get a warm rag to clean her up, but dropped everything when she yelled for him. He ran back into the bedroom and found Bella kneeling on the floor.

"Bella!" He cried as he skidded to a halt next to her. She looked up at him with so much excitement and fear in her eyes his knees wobbled.

"It's time."


"Come on Mrs. Cullen, only a few more pushes." The nurse encouraged as she held onto one of Bella's legs. She had been in labor for hours and she was exhausted. Edward stood at her head with a cool rag on her forehead, whispering sweet words into her ear but by now she was beyond soothing.

"Please…" She cried as she curled her body up and pushed, trying desperately to push the first twin out. Everything hurt and she just wanted it all to be over. Edward cradled her face in his palms and pressed his lips to her forehead.

"You are the strongest person I have ever known. You can do this Bella. You can bring our children into the world, I know you can. Just a few more." He whispered and he stayed there, their eyes locked with each other as she grunted and pushed and when the room filled with cries they both turned and looked down at their first child.

"It's a boy!" Bella pushed Edward towards the little clear bassinet where their son was being weighed and examined. She laid back and listened to the activity around her. Edward was laughing at something their son was doing and she turned her head to watch. He looked so tiny lying there in the bassinet. Her vision got blurry as her son reached up and grasped hold on Edward's pinky. He was so strong already. Her muscles clenched and she closed her eyes against the pain as their second child demanded her attention. They took the little boy into the nursery and Edward was at her side once again.

"He is so beautiful Bella. He looks just like you. I know you can do this…I want to see our second child." He cooed as he pushed the damp hair off her forehead. She looked up at him as her body rocked with pain and she grabbed tightly to his hand as she followed the nurse's instructions and pushed. This time it was easier and after only a few contractions, more cries were heard.

"You got a matching set…another boy!" The doctor announced and Bella flopped down on the bed. She was exhausted but so damn happy she could burst. Edward went over to look at their other son and Bella closed her eyes and relaxed as best as she could. She was about to be very busy and needed all the rest she could get.


"Shhh…he's sleeping." Bella whispered as Edward walked into the nursery. In his arms was Jackson, the older of the twins. His daddy was the only person that could get him to sleep. His brother Charlie on the other hand could fall asleep anywhere. Bella was standing next to the crib and she watched as Edward gently set Jack down next to his brother and they snuggled together. Six months old and completely inseparable. They only time they were apart was when they were falling asleep, but heaven forbid if they woke up alone. The whole house would be alerted to their unhappiness.

Bella looked up at Edward and could not even begin to describe how happy she was. When her life was turned upside down, she could have never even dreamed that she would one day be standing next to her savior, a man who loved her more than anything else in the world. Or that she would have a family that would do anything for her.

"Alice and Jasper are coming over tomorrow with Max. And Rose and Emmett are planning on bringing Rachel over too." Edward breathed into Bella's ear. She nodded and went through the contents of her pantry in her head. If all the grandchildren were going to be here, it was a sure bet that Carlisle and Esme would be there as well. But she loved it; she loved having everyone in one place.

"Are you happy?" Bella whispered as she turned in Edward's arms and looked up at him. She still had moments of insecurity that Edward was forced into this life after he found her in the bakery. His blinding smile and the moisture in his eyes punctuated his next words.

"I…Bella, what you have given me; our children, your love, this life…I can't even believe that this is real. I love you so damn much it hurts." He said and he bent down to press his lips to Bella's gently.

"So you wouldn't be mad if I told you I was pregnant?"


Bella pulled away and looked up at Edward. His eyes were closed and his lips were pressed together, trying to stop a smile from spreading across his face. When he opened his eyes and looked down at her his eyes were wet.

"How could I be mad? Another baby with you? You've made me the happiest man on the face of the earth. I only have one request." He whispered as he pulled her closer and kissed her temple.

"This time I want a girl."

So there you go…everyone got their HEA. I know some of you are still pissed at Jasper so here is a little alternate ending for you…

Jasper woke up the morning of his 40th birthday feeling strange, different. He reached his hand up to push his hair off his forehead only to have it come out in clumps in his hand. He jumped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom and just stared at himself in the mirror.

His hair was falling out…

Like really falling out.

Alice came running up the stairs when she heard his very unmanly scream and stood in the doorway laughing. He spun around and glared at her, his hands full of his beautiful blond curls.

"Well…I told you one day everything would come back to bite you in the ass. At least you have a nice looking skull."

So there…Jasper goes bald. Karma is a bitch…

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