The Tower

Ch 2

Daniel "Danny" Fenton sat at his desk that he occupied during Mr. Lancer's English class at Casper High. The almost sixteen year old was practically dead on his feet, so to speak, as he wanted the damn bell to ring so he could leave. He did not have any energy to try and finish the day out with only an art elective after this class, he could go to it and doze a bit or he could pack up and go home for the day, he was leaning towards the latter. Lately it seemed that Danny didn't have any sort of energy in his human side, though it seemed that his ghost half was sucking it up, willing him to turn and stay in his ghost half. He didn't know why this was going on, did Vlad have this problem? Did Vlad experience this fatigue and will to change into his ghost half or was it just him?

He didn't know nor did he care as he heard the heavenly bell ding about to signal their ability to leave the class. Danny stood and grabbed his bag before heading to the door so he could catch up to Sam and Tucker when a voice caught him from the class.

"Mr. Fenton stay for a bit" he heard Mr. Lancer's voice say. Danny turned and looked at the bald and slightly overweight man while deciding if he should go or not before thinking of not pissing off his English teacher and went back to the class, to the front where Lancer was sitting and grading some papers. Why did the man want him to stay after when he had a planning period and Danny had an art elective was in the back of his mind, but he did know why he was to stay and he dreaded it as it had to deal with his home life and how it was going and yadda, yadda, yadda, really the man took it upon himself to be his guidance counselor and somewhat of a therapist when he had first caught Danny being fatigue and unresponsive for most of, if not all, of the school day.

Danny stood in front of Lancer's desk, sitting on one of the front row desks in the action of waiting, and waited to be acknowledged or when Lancer was finished with whatever it was he was doing besides grading. Danny began to count his breaths and lulled into a light sleep when he felt his legs give out and he fell to the floor, narrowly missing Lancer's desk and a would-be nasty head wound, all the while startling Lancer out of his work to hop over to him.

"Daniel!" Lancer shouted as he helped Danny up off the ground and into a nearby desk so Danny could account for his wounds, which was just bruising and a slightly sprained wrist from trying to catch himself. Danny pushed Lancer away with a quick 'I'm alright' and a look of embarrassment as he berated himself for collapsing like a blushing maiden, and a maiden he was not, virgin yes, maiden no. Lancer checked him over anyway before grabbing his chair and pulling it up to where Danny was sitting and started the oh so familiar questioning.

"Daniel is anything wrong at home?" the dreaded first question that dealt with home.

"No, Mr. Lancer nothing is wrong at home" Danny said in almost a mono-mock voice, 'Nothing is out of the ordinary other than me being sucked into my ghost form to have a little bit of energy that doesn't count for me to try and stay awake in my human form' he said in his head as he wasn't going to finish saying it out loud for the school to hear.

"I know, I have to ask since I'm your teacher and notice these thing, you're tired all the time and act like a mindless zombie most of the time from being tired. So if anything is wrong, tell me and let me help" he said firmly. Danny nodded as he understood, he found kind of funny really that the man who didn't really like him was worried and helping him out the most. At first it weirded him out by the man's worry, but after months of him doing the same routine he got used to it and found it sort of comforting that someone noticed his predicament in a way.

"Mr. Lancer, I'm fine! Really! Nothing is wrong other than fatigue from going to bed late is all" he lied to his teacher like before, he knew that Lancer didn't believe the lie at all, but wouldn't press further as Danny knew that he would shut down and refuse to answer Lancer's questions and end up making him frustrated with small answers that weren't even truthful.

"Alright then, here's a pass to your next class" Lancer said while scribbling down a quick note to the Art teacher and handing it to Danny. Danny took it an nodded his head to Lancer before getting up and walking out of the room, never seeing the look of concern that Lancer gave him, nor the cell phone that the balding man pulled from his pocket and started dialing a number into the device.

"Hello Adam*, what is it do you need?" a familiar voice came from the other end after two rings. Lancer rolled his eyes at the tone the person used, knowing that they were waiting for some sort of news from him, after all that's why they hired him to look after Danny.

"He's getting worse; I'm not sure what to do other than keep him from the other students and make sure he doesn't crack open his head. I'm afraid your "great and wise" plan has to go into action soon or something bad will happen" Lancer told the voice while checking the clock for the time.

'2:18, great Daniel already left by now' he growled mentally as the person was taking forever to reply.

"I need to check with a source to see if I can take him" the voice replied. That didn't bode well with Lancer.

"Damn it Vlad that's not good enough! He's nearly gone! I believe that in a week, he'll be forced to change if from what you tell me is accurate and he doesn't even know what's going on!" Lancer growled angrily to Vlad.

"Don't you think I know that! There is only so much I can do for him at the moment until I get him into the Ghost Zone!" He said while pounding a fist against his desk, creating a good sized dent and cracks in the process.

"While he remains in Amity Park, I can't do a damn thing without getting a large target painted to my back unless I have a good reason for doing it. Until I get Daniel out of Amity Park or into the Ghost Zone, I can't do a thing in public" Vlad said while sounding a little defeated. The man blinked a little as he listened to Lancer speak to him a bit more before deciding to break the conversation.

"Yes I know, just make sure he isn't seen for a while longer, give him detention or something and let him sleep, that's all you can do for now" he said before cutting the man off and running a hand over his face. His eyes were tired looking as they looked at a picture of Danny that he had from when the boy stayed at his mansion in Wisconsin, back when things were simple and almost carefree.

"My little badger...I hope you will understand that this is to help you, I don't want to do this, but I have no choice" Vlad said sadly to the picture before transforming into his alt form Plasmius, making himself intangible and going down through the floor to his lab, he had a meeting to go and make with a certain ghost of time.


Danny wined pitifully as he lifted his eyelids to the knocking on his door. He hadn't even slept for ten minutes! He wanted to sleep damn it! He groaned as he did his own version of a barrel roll off his bed and staggered over to his door. Opening it, he was relieved to see that it was Jazz with a plate of dinner for him, though he doubted he could eat that much at the moment, he was just too tired.

"Eat as much as you can Danny, I'll cover for you if Mom asks" she said, both knowing that their father was clueless as a dead light bulb with these things.

"Thanks Jazz" he said before taking the plate and silverware from his sister. He closed his door and went over to his desk, weakly leaning against the wall so he didn't fall, keeping most of his strength for holding the plate up. He sat the plate down and then lowered himself into a boneless heap on his chair. He sighed as he tried to keep his eyes open long enough to eat just a fork full of chicken before sleeping, he hadn't eaten all day or the past two days due to his tiredness and he was afraid his body would shut down if he didn't eat something. So he willed the last of his energy to stay awake and eat.

'I can't keep doing this, I need help' he thought to himself as he munched on a piece of chicken and gravy. His tiredness was taking its toll on him, his grades were slipping badly, not that it wasn't much of a difference from his C's and D's before, now though they were going to straight F's as his body shut down. He opted to call Vlad, but chucked the idea right away.

'Yeah, let's call your father's psycho college buddy and let him know about your weakening body, that'll bode well in the long run' Danny thought to him with heavy amounts of sarcasm dripping from the thought. He looked at the plate a saw that he had eaten nearly all of his dinner for once and all that was left was some corn and a dash of gravy. He picked up the plate and moved to his door, opened it and put the plate on the floor for Jazz to get later, before slumping over to his bed. He bounced when he landed and found his head against his pillow, his eyes were heavy with solid gold weights pulling them down, he couldn't stay awake, but he couldn't sleep just yet as a wisp of blue came out of his mouth.

'I'm going ghost' he whispered in his head just as his eyes closed and his brain died. Two rings of blue ran the length of his body and swapped the color of his hair with its opposite and made his clothes disappear so they could be replaced with a Hazmat black suit. His once baby blue eyes opened to show radioactive green orbs staring at the ceiling, both dancing with life and full of awareness. Danny smiled a little before going through his wall and out to the town so he could find the ghost that set his senses off. It was as easy as it sounded as he found a familiar ghost dog running around in the park without a care in the world.

"Cujo!" Danny called out to get the small pup's attention. The green puppy turned and wagged his tail when he caught sight of his master and ran over to him. He had missed his master and wanted to see him, so what other way then going into the human world and getting his attention? The pup bounded over to Danny and hopped onto his chest, yipping happily when Danny held him close.

"What are you doing here you silly dog?" Danny asked affectionately and scratched behind Cujo's ear. He laughed when Cujo leaned into his scratching and had his tongue hanging off to the side of his mouth.

"Come on let's get you back to the Ghost Zone before anyone sees you and calls the men in white or alert my parents, hell I bet Valerie would be around here if she wasn't out of town for the time being" Danny rambled a bit before shooting off to his house and down to the Fenton portal, only to stop and silently curse when he saw his parents down in the lab. He held Cujo's mouth closed and made them invisible so he could throw the dog in when they left without being seen.

"Jack I'm worried about Danny" Maddie said to her husband as she worked on one of her new gadgets.

"Huh? What's wrong with Danny?" Jack asked as he tinkered with the portal, seeing if he could make it stay open longer than just a few seconds.

"Well I got a call from one of his teachers saying he's been sleeping in class and not doing work, 'he shows signs of fatigue' is what they say. He doesn't eat, not matter what Jazz does to show that he does, and he seems to be apathetic as well" she said while stating facts to Jack.

"Danny's just adjusting to his new schedule, he'll be fine" Jack said while blowing off everything that Maddie told him.

"I hope you're right, something isn't right though, I can feel it" she said before going back to what she was doing.

Danny blinked and sighed as he registered what his parents just did. They didn't care enough to even ask if he was alright! They threw it under the rug and hoped everything would be alright in the end, never even going to the source of the problem. What hurt the most though was that they weren't even trying to see if he needed help. He looked down sadly to Cujo and petted the dog as he softly whined to Danny's pain. Once his parents left, Danny opened the portal and put Cujo in it and let the dog go home, after promising to go and see him when he could and play fetch.

Not wanting to go back to bed just yet, Danny floated up to the top of Fenton works and sat on the roof, looking out towards the full moon that shined in the lonesome sky.


Me: Here's Chapter 2! I hope you like and dabble a little further into Danny's mind and situation that I've set up for him. Hope you keep reading!

*I only know that his name starts with an A so I took a wild guess at it.