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So I decided to add this A/N with a Table of Content, the warning and everything. If you are new to the story, please read it, but if you know what is to come jump ahead.

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Table of Content

Prologue – Where the Secrets begin... Word count: 1452

Chapter One – Midnight Mending - Word count: 3671

Chapter Two – Midnight Meeting - Word count: 2319

Chapter Three – Midnight Madness - Word count: 6292

Chapter Four – Midday Magic - Word count: 8135

Chapter Five – Evening Exposure - Word count: 8083

Chapter Six – Late-night Love - Word count: 11861

Chapter Seven – Eventide Envy - Word count: 20270

Chapter Eight – Dawn Desolation - Word count: 24029

Chapter Nine – Morning Memories - Word count: 13465

Chapter Ten – Meridian Mutuality - Word count: 10279

Chapter Eleven – Aurora Affinity - Word count: 15783

Chapter Twelve – Sundown Strike - Word count: 11989

Chapter Thirteen – Daybreak Dive - Word count: 10404

Chapter Fourteen – Afternoon Abduction- Word count: 11671

Chapter Fifteen – Dusk Devastation - Word count: 9051

Chapter Sixteen Bedtime Banter - Word count: 15157

Chapter Seventeen - Sunrise Secrets - Word count: 11935

Chapter Eighteen - Midnight Marriage - Word count: 12394

Epilogue - Where the Secrets End... For Now - Word Count: 1412

General Important Information:

1. This story is SLASH with loads of hot gay sex so if you don't like man on man thing, Harry Potter, me or this story please just go away. I don't want flaming. Of course if you have some negative CRITIQUE (!) it is always welcomed. So is positive feedback. Moreover, positive feedback is very encouraged. (In the name of improving, of course.)

2. This story starts during the fifth book. Idea came from the movie, when Rickman said 'Tut, tut Potter.' Dont look at me like that, it was sexy :3 After the fourth chapter however, we will start jumping forward in time and the finish will be about five years after the war.

3. WARNINGS: There's a bit of I dont know what to call that thing in the first two chapters and a few people asked me if Severus is indeed a vampire. No he's not a vampire you gonna see why he's doing what he's doing. PAIRINGS: Besides the obvious Severus/Harry, there's also Sirius/Remus, mention of (past) Severus/Lucius and mention of Ron/Hermione in later chapters (kissing getting married, etc) . If not your cup of tea, we shall bid farewell now. Also, light BDSM in one of the further chapters and when I say light I mean it because I get awkward around BDSM and I probably messed up the whole stuff. But I'll put warning in each chapter if there's some serious stuff. And of course, there's the sex. Between men. Two of them, usually. Detailed smitty-smutty hot wet naked sex.

4. Though he will grow up in the later chapters, at the beginning of this story Harry is underage. He's fifteen. And he shortly will be having sexual intercourse with an adult twice his age. This is fiction. If in real life something like this happens to you, run. Run and dont look back. Nah, I'm just joking. But keep in mind that this is indeed a felony!

5. THIS STORY WAS SUPPOSE TO HAVE THREE CHAPTERS! THREE! And one extra. That's why it may seem a bit rushed at the beginning. But the responses were so overwhelmingly adorable and positive and amazingly lovely and hyper-super cute that I went on with writing. It's probably going to have eighteen chapters now, plus the Prologue and an Epilogue. AND DONT WORRY I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER ABANDON THIS STORY EVER.

6. I AM NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER. HULLA WHAT YOU DONT SAY. Yepp that's the thing. So I apologize for all my terrible mistakes in advance. Thank Merlin, Sexy. Lil. Emo helped me edit this and made it readable! Thank her :)

7. I simply love every each and one of you guys. There's just no way of saying how much the love on this story means to me. You hold on and stick with me even when you haven't heard of me since ages and it's amazing. I just can't say how much this means to me. I love you all. If you every have a question, would like to talk to me or anything at all feel free send me a note here or on Tumblr (I'm under the same name)

8. Oh and one more thing: translations. YES AND YES AND A MILLION TIMES YES! Feel free! OF COURSE! ABSOLUTELY! God I feel honoured every time someone asks me if they can translate some of my fics. Feel free do it and if you have some questions let me know. I just ask one thing. If you post it online please send me a link so that I can post that link on my profile page. Thank you! Other related artworks, fics, or even just a song that you thing would fit to a chapter are all warmly welcomed as well.

9. IMPORTANT. Very much so. So you know how this site doesn't allow fics rated MA? Surprise, this is an MA rated story. Wow I'm such a rebel. But this means, there's a chance that one time this story will be edited to be only M rated. If you would rather follow this on a page that will not do this, check AO3 (Archive of Our Own). I have the same username and also the story has the same title too. (Surprising, isn't it?)

10. The Magnificent Universe of Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling. I'm merely playing with a few of her characters and in no way am I making money out of this.

11. If you are still here, congratulations and thank you! Have fun my dear!